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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1982 WCLH Playoffs

Round 1
1st west Lethbridge Cougars vs. 4th east Moose Jaw Wings
In game one, the Wings had the Cougars on the ropes with a 4-0 lead going into the third, but Jack Burk made 2 goals and 4 points to tie the game 4-4. 12:17 into overtime, Wes Roy scored the O/T winner in front of a sold-out crowd in Lethbridge as the Cougars win game one 5-4. After game one, it all went downhill for the Wings as they barely scored at least 3 goals within the last three games. As the Lethbridge Cougars swept the Wings and moved on to 2nd round. The Cougars win the series 4-0.

1st east Kenora Pioneers vs. 4th west Abbotsford Forest Kings
The Kenora Pioneers got their revenge on the Abbotsford Forest Kings from last season 2nd round playoffs, it may take them six games to do it but to the Pioneers' head coach Chuck Patton it was well worth it as the two losses they took were overtime. The Pioneers win the series 4-2.

2nd west Billings Trains vs. 3rd east Portage la Prairie Magic
Both teams will do anything to win their first playoff series, but it was all Trains in the first three games. With the series 3-0 in their hands, the Billings Trains believes they are going to win game four, but the Magic have other ideas as they forced overtime and won game four; in games five and six, the Magic are on a roll with wins to force game number seven. Both went back and forth all the way to the 3rd overtime with 2:23 minutes left with a 5-5 tie game when Frank Colton scored the winner as the Trains punched their ticket to the 2nd round. The Trains win the series 4-3.

2nd east Swift Current Battalion vs. 3rd west Medicine Hat Hawks
This series was a back-and-forth in a weird way as each win was shutout; in game seven, the Battalion got the last shutout over the Hawks with a 2-0 win to win the series and move on to the 2nd round for the second year in a row. The Battalion wins the series 4-3.

Round 2
1st west Lethbridge Cougars vs. 2nd east Swift Current Battalion
A rematch from last year’s playoffs became the same this year, only this time the Battalion won both games one and two, but after that, it was all Cougars as they blew them away four straights to win the series and move on to the Jade Trophy finals. The Cougars win the series 4-2.

1st east Kenora Pioneers vs. 2nd west Billings Trains
Game one was a not-so-pretty one for the Pioneers as referees made many bad calls throughout the game as the Trains took it 5-2; 4 out of 5 goals the Trains made were powerplays. The Pioneers turned it around as they dominated the Trains in four straights to win the series and head off to the Jade Trophy finals again. The Pioneers win the series 4-1.

Jade Trophy Finals
1st west Lethbridge Cougars vs. 1st east Kenora Pioneers
The Kenora Pioneers, in their third Jade Trophy final in four years, are hoping for a second title in team history, while the Cougars, making their second straight finals, are gunning for a back-to-back. In game one, the Pioneers had the Cougars right where they wanted with a 4-2 score until late in the third, Jack Burk scored two goals for the Cougars to tie it up 4 a piece, and five minutes into overtime, Cougars Karl Fuhr scored the O/T winner to take game one 5-4. It was the same in game two, The Pioneers had the lead, the Cougars tied it up, forced overtime, and the Cougars won it in overtime, but the difference is it took 12 minutes into the O/T and scored by Wes Roy. The Cougars stomped the living daylights out of the Pioneers with a 9-1 game-three win; Karl Fuhr and Jack Burk scored a hat-trick in that game. In game number four, the Cougars scored five goals in the first period and held on to that lead until the Pioneers rookie Jason Classen scored a hat-trick. Still, it wasn’t enough as the clock hit zero, and the Lethbridge Cougars won game four 5-3, the series and the 1982 Jade Trophy championship for the second year in a row. At the press conference, Cougars' head coach Edward Smith said, “Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we rest up, and the next day we are heading to Sherbrooke for the 1982 Valor Cup tournament. The Cougars win the series 4-0.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Round Robin
Fans came together from all over Canada and even the U.S.A. for this year's tournament in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The Lethbridge Cougars top the tournament with a perfect six wins for a 1st place finish. Coming in 2nd place is the tournament host Sherbrooke Loups, as they are 2-3-1 with a total of 5 points, mainly with a 4-2 win over the Highlanders. The Buffalo Bees lost four games to the Cougars and the Loups, but they got two critical wins over New Glasgow to finish 3rd place and move on to the semi-finals. Ending the tournament last is the New Glasgow Highlanders; even though they got one win, it isn't enough as the tournament rules go that you need two wins to advance.

The Cougars got a bye to the finals, meaning they will see who will face them. The Loups have beaten the Bees twice in the round-robin, but in the semi-finals, the Bees got payback as Floyd Currie made two goals and 4 points to lead the Bees to a 6-3 win and have a date with the Cougars for the Valor Cup.

Valor Cup Finals
Lethbridge Cougars vs. Buffalo Bees

First Period: The Bees gave the Cougars a sting as they scored first by William VanDean and Greg Dahlstrom, who scored a goal five minutes before the period ended. The Bees took the lead with a score of 2-0.

Second Period: Within six minutes, the Cougars bounced back as Jack Burk and Karl Fuhr each scored a goal to tie the game up; it would take almost four minutes left into the period for a goal to be made, and that's what Jack Burk did with his second goal of the game to break the tie, and as the period ended the Cougars know that come the third period it'll be a war.

Third Period: With the Cougars leading 3-2, the Bees were shooting all over Greg Finley as he was a brick wall for the Cougars; over the other end, Sam Dempsey was holding his end very well for a rookie goalie, 1:10 left into the final period the Bees choose to pull Sam for an extra attacker, halfway to the bench Sam got hit on the helmet from a puck and a referee called too many men on the ice penalty which gave the Cougars a powerplay, and took advantage as Jack Burk scored his third goal and the Cougars celebrates as the clock hit zero with the score of 4-2 and for the second time in team history the Lethbridge Cougars are the CIHA Valor Cup Champions with Karl Fuhr hoisted the cup. At the same time, Jack Burk hugs the Valor Cup MVP trophy.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1982 CIHA off-season

Expansion Draft

Four teams joined the CIHA (2 in the OMJHA and 2 in the AQHL) as they put their team together, hoping to get great results two to three years later. In the OMJHA, the Brantford Skyflyers didn’t take any top players in their picks, only some 2nd liners that want a crack at the 1st line. The only best pick they got is goalie Dale Hulse, the backup for the Waterloo Maroons in his third season in the league. Dale is hoping to get noticed by the scouts. Orillia Lakers picked up some good forwards, but they hit an excellent defenceman from the Kitchener Generals, Greg Ford, who could put the Lakers on target for a deep run for the playoffs. For Rouyn-Noranda Firebirds, they got their hands on forward Rich Johansson from Manchester. Val-d’Or Monarchs' top pick was Mark Tremblay from New Glasgow, who could help lead the team to a decent first season.

Brantford Skyflyers
1. Dale Hulse, G (Waterloo)
2. Alex Darby, F (Legionnaires) 
3. Edward Murry, D (Oakville)
4. Shawn Imlach, D (Buffalo)
5. Anton Riley, D (Tor Hornets)

Orillia Lakers
1. Peter Washburn, F (Tor Neon)
2. Nick Osgood, F (Oshawa)
3. Greg Ford, D (Generals)
4. Jamie Mills, F (Barrie)
5. Frank Cole, F (Oakville)

Rouyn-Noranda Firebirds
1. Rich Johansson, F (Manchester)
2. Leo Klee, D (Drummondville)
3. Keith Lapointe, F (Cape Breton)
4. Chris Rochefort, G (Verdun)
5. Norman York, F (Sherbrooke)

Val-d’Or Monarchs
1. Trent Yake, D (Sherbrooke)
2. Mark Tremblay, F (New Glasgow)
3. John Riendeau, F (Shawinigan)
4. Steph Raymond, G (Portland)
5. Robert Flower, D (Manchester)

1982 AQHL Draft
For the first time in 15 years (before the establishment of the CIHA), a defenceman got picked 1st overall and that D-man is Aaron Mellanby from Montreal, QC, drafted by Trois-Rivieres last season Aaron made history by scoring 40 goals in a season; by a defenceman while playing for the Montreal AAA club. Drummondville scored a forward from Chatham, NB Shawn Merkosky; he improved scoring between last season and two seasons ago while playing for the Moncton Jr C club. One of the big head turners made in the draft, New Glasgow drafted Aleksey Filimonov, a forward who lived in Halifax, NS, for most of his life after his family left their home in Moscow. But their hockey blood lives within, and he played very well; that caught many scouts' eyes. He could be the next big star in the pros, and the Highlanders is the team built for him to be part of it. The dark horse of the draft is the Sherbrooke Loups, who drafted a goalie named Timothy Moreau from Rimouski, QC, after talks that after next season, Lenny Tardif could go pro into the pro draft when he was named number 3 of the top 10 goalie prospect for the pro league with Lenny gone that could hurt themselves in the goalie department more than two seasons down the road.

1. Trois-Rivieres Titans – Aaron Mellanby, D (Montreal, QC)
2. Drummondville Les Rouges – Shawn Merkosky, F (Chatham, NB)
3. New Glasgow Highlanders (from Manchester) – Aleksey Filimonov, F (Moscow, USSR)
4. Portland Clippers – Tom Hislop, G (Shawville, QC)
5. Laval Tigers – Matt Nasreddine, F (Shawinigan, QC)
6. Shawinigan Voltages – John Orlando, D (Terrebonne, QC)
7. Cape Breton Warriors – Franklin Olson, D (Moncton, NB)
8. Fredericton Vikings – Wayne Daoust, F (Rouyn-Noranda, QC)
9. Laval Tigers (from Verdun) – Alan Mallaby, D (Hull, QC)
10. Moncton Bears – Shawn Metcalfe, G (Moncton, NB)
11. Sherbrooke Loups – Timothy Moreau, G (Rimouski, QC)
12. Portland Clippers (from New Glasgow) – Frank Orr, F (Saint John, NB)

1982 OMJHA Draft
With the Metros gone, the first round is only 13 teams drafting players; many teams felt different without the Metros, but they had no choice but to move on. The Generals started by presenting their new GM, William Darby, who had grand experience as a GM for the Minnesota Pro Hockey Club for 10 years. The reason for his departure from them was that he wanted to be close to his hometown of Woodstock, Ontario, and the Kitchener Generals is where he can bring them back to the glory days of winning championships. The plan begins with drafting Matthew Bellows from Hamilton, a real solid defenceman who can help the Generals with their defence issues. The Toronto Hornets took forward Tim Bear, who made a name for himself as one of the top scorers in the Metro Toronto area hockey league and could be the one the Hornets need to move them up to playoff contenders next season. Buffalo strikes a trade deal with the Toronto Neon to receive the third overall pick, and they choose Todd Zemlak as part of the improvement to the defence core in the hope of a back-to-back title for the Bees.

1. K. General – Matthew Bellows, D (Hamilton, ON)
2. T. Hornets – Tim Bear, F (Penetanguishene, ON)
3. Buffalo (from T. Neon) – Todd Zemlak, D (St. Catharines, ON)
4. Oshawa – Jason Yoke, F (Sudbury, ON)
5. K. Legionnaires – Terrence Wright, G (Orangeville, ON)
6. Peterborough – Herb Wyrozub, D (Omemee, ON)
7. Owen Sound – John Wylie, F (Mount Forest, ON)
8. Barrie – Joe Wilson, F (Markham, ON)
9. Milton – Travis Warrener, G (Brampton, ON)
10. Orangeville – Alex Richmond, F (Woodstock, ON)
11. Oakville – Vince Olson, F (Oakville, ON)
12. Buffalo – Mark O’Reilly, F (Niagara Falls, NY)
13. Waterloo – Vernon Fetisov, D (Barrie, ON)

1982 WCLH Draft
The WCLH draft this year was almost all forwards, with 10 in the first round; also, there are two players from the Euros. Saskatoon takes Matthew Goodfellow from Winnipeg to give more scoring depth within the roster. Clint Abgrall won many faceoffs during his time with the Prince George Jr.B club; that ability is what Chilliwack needs to improve compared to last season. The Surry River Dogs picked Pat Lemelin after turning heads at the WCLH training camp in Vancouver with his stick handling that could help the team move up and get into the playoffs. The Dark Horse of this year's draft was Mike Lessard from Portland, Oregon, who was named top goalie in all Oregon states for the second year in a row; it was good enough for the Forest Kings to pick him and could lead them back to the top of the mountain.

1. Saskatoon - Matthew Goodfellow, F (Winnipeg, MB)
2. Chilliwack – Clint Abgrall, F (Prince George, BC)
3. Surrey – Pat Lemelin, F (Red Deer, AB)
4. Medicine Hat (from Fargo) – Henry Richardson, F (Edmonton, AB)
5. Nanaimo – Isaac Schmidt, F (Regina, SK)
6. Brandon – Clarence Langkow, D (Moose Jaw, SK)
7. Abbotsford – Mike Lessard, G (Portland, OR)
8. Moose Jaw – Kurt Lscroix, D (Seattle, WA)
9. Portage la Prairie – Mark Daneyko, F (St. Paul’s MN)
10. Swift Current – Jake Benoit, G (Calgary, AB)
11. Medicine Hat – Max Gustafsson, F (Umea, Sweden)
12. Kenora – James Matthews, F (Kindersley, SK)
13. Billings – David Lemay, F (Fargo, ND)
14. Lethbridge - Anders Krzysztof, F (Berlin, Germany)


The Canadian International Hockey Association Announced that the Medicine Hat Hawks will be the host for the 1983 CIHA Valor Cup tournament. Medicine Hat tops the votes to be the host over Lethbridge, Swift Current, Billings and Fargo. With such great news, Hawks owner Jack Grin could offer deals with the city about putting good money into a new arena soon to replace the old Medicine Hat Auditorium.

Many from other leagues were shocked over the Burlington Metros departure, which means there is a whole new voting to determine which OMJHA team to host the 1984 Valor Cup Tournament; the candidates are Oshawa, Orangeville, Oakville, Barrie, and Buffalo.

The CIHA is in talks of putting patches on teams to represent their leagues; normally, patches are on the upper left chest; however, others wish to have them on the shoulders, which most teams don’t have secondary logos on them, for now, the tenth-anniversary Valor Cup patch will be on the Medicine Hat Hawks jersey and three other teams that make it to the tournament.

There were other talks that all three leagues could make their season from 50 to 60 games, but the increase won’t happen until the 1985-86 season if the votes are unanimous. As of the 1982-83 season, all players must have visors on their helmets to protect their eyes from injuries. Lastly, the league decided to go with a trial run with long pants from a company called “Lite-sonic” that was made only for roller hockey, but they sold it to six CIHA teams, the Manchester Americans,  Val-d’Or Monarchs, Peterborough Bolts, Toronto Neon, Kenora Pioneers and Moose Jaw Wings will wear them 1982-83 season.

Rumours about the Manchester Americans cleaning house became true as John Rome let go of everyone in the office and started building it from scratch by hiring Nick Yankton as the team’s GM, who had good GM experience in the lower tier junior A team in Concord, New Hampshire. Nick wasted no time as he had a good knowledge of the Manchester hockey program and hired Randy Reinhart, who was a big star in both Manchester Minor Pro and Boston Pro club’s heyday in the ’60s; Randy started coaching many teams and stacking up wins along the way with his coaching skills and bringing his assistant coach Trever Wales and goalie coach Mitch Zachary into the mix the Americans will have a good run down the road.

With both Val-d’Or Monarchs and Rouyn-Noranda Firebirds ready for their first season to start in the 1982-83 season, a new team is ready to set up shop, and that is the town of Charlottetown P.E.I. They will be ready for the 1983-84 season as they announced they are called the “Charlottetown Greens,” named after the Island’s story, Anne of Green Gables. The team’s colours are green, blue, and red; they will show off the logo and the jerseys next year off-season.

The Rouyn-Noranda Firebirds showed off their logo and the jerseys at the re-opening of the upgraded Centre Firebird as it once had a seating cap of 1000, now 3000, as team owner Vincent Maurice presented to the crowd team’s GM Willie Bouhard, Head Coach Frank Allen and some players that got picked up from the expansion draft. The logo is the bird's head with wings and a fire sitting on top of the bird’s head in red, light red, yellow and black. The jerseys have thick stripes on the arms and hem with thin black trims in red, gold, and black.
Bill Lamoureux, the owner of the Val-d’Or Monarchs, is ready for their inaugural season by showing off their gear. The Monarch's logo is the giant “V” with an “M” on top of it in navy as the team’s colour. The jerseys have simple trims, nothing too over the top.

With the Metros no longer part of the league, it is now a 15-team league, including Brantford Skyflyers and Orillia Lakers. As for the division, the Skyflyers are part of the Hero division, while the Lakers are in the Steel division.

From ending one drama to the next one, it’s the Kitchener Legionnaires, as they haven’t received any total payout from the league’s bank, just part of it. Once again, questions were all over Tom Van Ryan as he has been dodging reporters and owners about these problems which if he doesn’t find a way to fix it, chances are the Legionnaires will fold after the 1982-83 season.

The Micmacs could leave Milton soon as Harold MacFarland is planning on retiring, but his plans on handing over the team to his son Mitch MacFarland turned upside down as Mitch offered a GM deal from the Calgary Pro Hockey Club after spending eight seasons with the club as assistant GM if he signs this deal than Harold will put the team up for sale to any local business will have 1 or 2 years to buy and keep the team in Milton if not he will sale to anyone that will buy and move the team to their location.

The only good news for President Tom Van Ryan was he contacted two businessmen named Isaac and Abram, the Wall brothers, putting a team in Niagara Falls; they are working on getting land to build an arena for a team to play in.
The Brandford Skyflyers showed off their set. Angle stripes on the arms while the hem are standard, all in green and white.

The Orilla Lakers have four shades of blue to represent water. All four blues are on the home jersey. On the road jersey, however only show three, the only forth blue you can see on the road is the trim around the numbers.

After letting go of Edward Gore, the Saskatoon Cats looked for a new head coach. They got themselves a former Saskatoon Cats top player, Shawn Billiton, who was part of the Cats dynasty that won three titles in a row from 1966, 1967 and 1968 (years before the Est of the CIHA); after the juniors, he had success in the pros winning three pro hockey championships with the Montreal Pro hockey club in the 70s, then he went on doing coaching jobs around the Quebec City area in hopes of getting a job with an AQHL team, but it didn’t happen until a job open from the Cats came in, and he took it. “I am happy to return to a team where I got my career started in the biggest way possible; once I get my staff put together, the build for a dynasty begins.”

With being named the host of the 1983 Valor Cup Tournament, the Medicine Hat Hawks are putting together their roster better than before. “All I can say is the pressure is on for us to enter the tournament with momentum on our side; if our season doesn’t go well, we will be in trouble.” Hawks GM Leon Franklin said in an interview with a local radio station.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1982-83 OMJHA Season

As the new season began, there were silents around the league in the aftermath of the departure of the Metros. The next problem was the Kitchener Legionnaires, whose owner, John Rupert, had been in the league. President Tom Van Ryan asked how many teams haven’t received any money to question his role. The rent for the Kitchener Memorial Centre went up this season, and Generals owner Todd Holmes claims that he is paying more than John Rupert Todd threatened to sue, but Tom tried to fix the problem, but the city demands more money from Todd than John, with that Todd Holmes file a lawsuit on John Rupert, even thou John had better evidence, but for some unknown reason there were no payment records, John Rupert said that it was stolen but the court found John Rupert guilty. The Court forced John Rupert to hand over the Legionnaires team to Todd Holmes; after that, Todd announced that after this season, both the Generals and the Legionnaires would merge into one team, and the Generals would add red to their jerseys soon down the road. Unhappy with the outcome, many fans in Kitchener have made it clear that they won’t go to any Generals home game until Todd Holmes tells the truth that he is stealing money from other teams, but there is not enough proof that others will start supporting the Waterloo Maroons next year.

The Orillia Lakers are also in the news that their first home game of the season was a dud. The attendance wasn’t good for the Lakers, who had an average of 300 out of 1500 capacity Orillia Arena seating. “This is a joke. Not even our fans came along with us to play against the Lakers; it is sad to tell you the truth,” Milton Micmacs Jesper Nelson said in an interview with a radio station in Milton.

The 1982 Smyth Cup Champions Buffalo Bees finally topped the Steel division for the first time, also for the time they topped the league. “It was the best season we ever had, and let me tell you, we got plenty more to show.” Bees GM Ryan Byron Jr. said at a press conference after the last game of the season. The Waterloo Maroons had a slow start after losing Nick Ross to injury at the beginning of the season. Nick made up for it by finishing this season with 29 goals and 56 points run within 35 games, but the Maroons finished 2nd place. With the right moves and good coaching by Warren Coyle, the Toronto Neon jumped from last to 3rd place, and they are hoping for a deep run in the playoffs. After a challenging number of games, the Owen Sound Arrowbirds took 4th place, and hopefully, they will be in better shape come playoff time. Rounding off the Steel Division are the O’s in 5th place, Legionnaires in 6th place, 7th place belongs to the Bolts, and last place is the Lakers.

Over at the Hero Division, the Oakville Oaks made it to 1st place after making 12 a game-winning streak helped by Jake Dahl’s 38 goals 75 points. The performance did wonders and showed everyone that this team is going back to the Smyth Cup finals, and this time, they will win it. Taking 2nd place is the Barrie Admirals, as they had a slow start with losing 8 of the first 10 games, but Ty Joly finally shows why he should be in the top 10 NIHA draft this year. With news about the team being up for sale soon the Milton Micmacs is showing their value by finishing third place, hopefully they have a buyer will have the idea of buying the team and keep it in Milton. The Toronto Hornets won 10 of the last 15 games to finish 4th place, making their first playoff appearance in team history. Brantford Skyflyers in 5th, Oshawa 6th, and the Kitchener Generals in last are rounds off the division.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1983 OMJHA Playoffs

 Round 1

Hero Division

Oakville Oaks vs. Toronto Hornets
The Oaks had a tough time winning the first two games and losing game three 3-2 in overtime to the Hornets. However, they got in a groove in game four, 4-1 and finished the Hornets off in game five, 4-2, to win the series in five games. The Oaks wins the series 4-1.

Barrie Admirals vs. Milton Micmacs
The first two games were close, but after the game two overtime loss, the Admirals fell apart as the Micmacs won both games three and four to complete a game sweep and, for the second time, beat the Admirals in the first round. The Micmacs wins the series 4-0.

Steel Division

Buffalo Bees vs. Owen Sound Arrowbirds
The Arrowbirds couldn’t find any answers to win against the Bees until game four, where they had the lead 4-2 going into the third period when William VanDean finally started scoring goals for the first time since December 6th, and he did it with three goals to give the Bees game four wins and the sweep to move on to the next round. The Bees wins the series 4-0.

Waterloo Maroons vs. Toronto Neon
The Maroons had some hiccups in the first two games at the hands of the Toronto Neon, but they would turn it around, win four straight, and head to the Steel Division finals. The Maroons wins the series 4-2.

Hero Division Final

Oakville Oaks vs. Milton Micmacs
Both teams had been back and forth most of the series; in game five, trailing 3-1 going into the third period, the Oaks went tooth and nail to come back with Jake Dahl’s two goals within 30 seconds out of 1:20 left in the third to tie the game at three apiece. In overtime, Oaks rookie Vince Olson made an opportunity moment as one of the Macs players made a weak pass; Vince took the puck, got a breakaway to the net, and scored the overtime winner to take game five 4-3. The Macs ran out of gas in game six as the Oaks shut them out 4-0 to win both game six and the series to punch their ticket to the Smyth Cup Championship. The Oaks wins the series 4-2.

Steel Division Final

Buffalo Bees vs. Waterloo Maroons
The Maroons got themselves in a challenging situation as Adam Newhook and Larry Arsenal got called up to their pro teams for a playoff push. At the same time, Tom Zehr and Vernon Fetisov suffered an injury bug, and even Nick Ross was on a cold streak since losing games one and two in the first round with the Toronto Neon. The Buffalo Bees took advantage and shocked the whole league with a sweep of four straight games, only allowing just four goals. The Bees wins the series 4-0.

Smyth Cup Finals

Buffalo Bees vs. Oakville Oaks
“The Rematch,” which everyone has been waiting for since last season between the Bees and the Oaks. In game one, the Bees William VanDean scored two goals and 5 points to give them a win 5-2 over the Oaks. Game number two William scored only one but made four assists for 5-3 win once again. In game three, the Oaks had a good lead, but Greg Dahlstrom and Floyd Currie each scored two goals to give the Bees a 4-3 win over the Oaks. Things turned around for the Oaks as Jake Dahl scored two goals within 3 minutes left in the third period, forcing the game into overtime. Then Jake scored the OT winner to take game four 4-3. The Oaks didn’t have enough gas as the Bees took game five thanks to Mark O’Reilly’s five assists with the score of 5-1 final, and once again, the Buffalo Bees are the 1983 Smyth Cup Champions and taking a trip to Medicine Hat for the Valor Cup Tournament. The Bees wins the series 4-1.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1982-83 WCLH Season

History is made by the Lethbridge Cougars as the unthinkable became for real as they went perfect 50 wins, no losses, no ties, and 100 points; they became the first team in the CIHA era to pull it off, and the Cougars became the third team to do it. The first was the 1955-56 Lethbridge Cougars and the 1966-67 Saskatoon Cats that did it, but both those seasons were only 30 games at that time.

Tragedy stuck on January 16, 1983, at 3:40 left into the third between the Moose Jaw Wings and the Kenora Pioneers, where Wings forward Paul Phillips went too fast to get the puck only to fall onto the ice and crash to boards badly that left him on a stretcher ending the game. A week later, it was announced that Paul suffered an injury that put him in a wheelchair, ending his hockey-playing career. Since then, the NIHA, a pro hockey league that used the Lite-sonic pants, decided to ban them from their league; with that, the WCLH will follow along with it, and hopefully, the rest will, too.

The East division was a tight race in the first 25 games, but the last 25 it was far apart as the Swift Current Battalion took first place with 87 points, the team’s highest in history, a big thanks to their highest 18-game unbeaten streak (16-0-2) and for the first time since 1967-68 season (formerly North Battleford Crusaders) that a player is on the top ten goal scorer in the league and Eric Wilcox made that happen, with his 14 points (6G-8A) in the last ten games to be placed in 7th. Portage la Prairie Magic took second place by winning 18 of their first 25 games. They stayed as close they could behind the Battalion but lost the season series to Swift Current four in a row. However, the Magic would get some good numbers of critical wins to keep their momentum high come playoff time. Finishing third place was a surprise to many of the Fargo Owls after a challenging rebuild; the Owls had a rough start in the first half, but they turned it around and won 10 of the last 15 games to take the spot. After four years of finishing 4th in both the west and east divisions, the Wings had good momentum, thinking that they would finish third place for the first time since the 78-79 season, but losing 15 of the last 20 games to make things worse for them they finished forth just 8 points behind the Owls even thou the Wings swept Fargo in season series but lost too many critical games down the stretch. Rounding out the East division are the Kenora Pioneers, their first playoff miss in team history, the Brandon Buffalos, and the Saskatoon Cats.

The Lethbridge Cougars are top both the West division and the league with a perfect 50 wins in 50 games, a history in the making, as they have the confidence to go all the way. The Billings Trains improved from third to second place in the West with the right players at the right time, hoping that it would lead to a deep playoff run. The host of the 1983 Valor Cup tournament, the Medicine Hat Hawks, takes third after finishing the last intense 15 games (10-3-2) to keep their momentum going into the playoffs; the fans hope that this team keeps their “A” game for the tournament if they get an exit out of this season playoffs. The Abbotsford Forest Kings may be short one win behind the Hawks, but finishing fourth is good enough for them. It is also lucky for them that they are in a playoff format and did not have to face the Cougars. The last three spots are Chilliwack, Surrey, and Nanaimo.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1983 WCLH Playoffs

Round 1
1 west: Lethbridge Cougars vs. 4 east: Moose Jaw Wings

The Cougars showed no mercy on the Wings, as they would win the series in four games to add more salt to the wound. The Wings couldn’t score as they became the first team in the WCLH best-of-seven-game series era to get swept without scoring a goal. The Cougars wins the series 4-0.

2 west: Billings Trains vs. 3 east: Fargo Owls

The Billings Trains had high hopes to move on to the second round, but the Fargo Owls had other ideas as both went back and forth all the way to game seven, where the Trains led 3-1 going into the second period as they did everything they can to hold on to that lead and the defence duo of Drew Eastwood and Glen Sasakamoose really gave the Owls offence a hard time all game, in the third period the Trains added two more goals to win game seven 5-1. The Trains wins the series 4-3.

1 east: Swift Current Battalion vs. 4 west: Abbotsford Forest Kings

The Battalion did not waste any time and took the Forest Kings down within 5 games, as the only loss for the Battalion was in game four in overtime; Eric Wilcox made 9 goals and 12 points in that series, which was the best he showed after going through last playoffs on a cold streak. The Battalion wins the series 4-1.

2 east: Portage la Prairie Magic vs. 3 west: Medicine Hat Hawks

The Magic had everything going their way, winning the first two games over the Hawks. However, in game three, the Magic lost Zachary Natyshak (knee) and Mark Daneyko (upper body) to injury. The Hawks took an advantage and won four straight to move on to the second round. The Hawks won the series 4-2.

Round 2

1 west: Lethbridge Cougars vs. 3 west: Medicine Hat Hawks

The battle between the undefended Cougars and the Valor Cup Host the Hawks. The Cougars got the sweep, but all those four games were overtime, including a 5-4 overtime win where the Cougars came back from a 4-2 behind late in the third period; Jack Burk got the hat-trick on that game including the overtime win. The Cougars wins the series 4-0.

1 east: Swift Current Battalion vs. 2 west: Billings Trains

With being the only east division team still in the playoffs, things were not looking suitable for the Battalion as the Trains took the first three games of the series until the Battalion won game four in overtime and would win two more games to force a game seven, ultimately Frank Colton scored the overtime winner as the Billings Trains is going to the Jade Trophy finals for the first time in the club history. The Trains wins the series 4-3.

Jade Trophy Finals

1 West: Lethbridge Cougars vs. 2 West: Billings Trains

The Lethbridge Cougars kept their foot on the gas pedal as they dominated all four games, even being behind by two goals and coming back and winning game two. The Trains got no answers at all; as the clock hit zero in game four, the Lethbridge Cougars won the Jade Trophy for the third time in a row, becoming the second team to pull it off; the last team to do so was the Saskatoon Cats (1966,1967,1968) including their 1966-67 season were perfect. As the Cougars players hoist the trophy, the coaches are putting together strategies for the grand prize, the Valor Cup.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1982-83 AQHL Season

The Atlantic Division may have only six teams, but five took over the league’s standings, while the Quebec Division fell flat to everyone’s expectations. The Moncton Bears finally took the top spot in the league for the first time in team history, including past leagues that the Bears used to play in before joining the AQHL. Their 77 points prove that they are ready to go deep once again and, this time, hopefully win the Bronz Cup. In second place, the Sherbrooke Loups, for the second season in a row, the same record as last season (33-11-6), for 72 points. After hitting 5th place last season, the improvements that the Fredericton Vikings made off-season helped them immensely as they finished 3rd place. A big thanks to Dave Messier, who led the league with 43 goals and 95 points. With that, the Vikings hope for a deep run into the playoffs before Dave gets drafted this year. Shawinigan Voltages have been working up the ladder, finishing 4th place, but it got overshadowed by team owner Pierre Leflar, who is trying to put good money into a new arena for the town of Shawinigan but having financial issues to make it happen; many members of the councillor’s questions Pierre’s promises and it could result in a fall out down the road. After rebuilding from the ground up, the Manchester Americans had one the best records for the first time in history, 29-18-3, 61 points to finish 5th place and may have a chance of a good run in the playoffs; mainly critics predicted that the Americans could beat the Volts this playoffs after sweeping them in season head to head in four games. Taking 6th place is the Portland Clippers after missing the playoffs last season due to losing key players; their current core has grown up and played very well enough to get back in the playoffs; the concerning part now is will Ron Renaud end up getting the call up to the pros as the Saskatchewan pro club trying to get in the playoffs as they are in a three-way tie for the 8th place in the western conference. From being in the top 4 for 5 seasons to finishing 7th place, the Verdun Knights had a 1st place spot in the first half this season but went downhill, including having a head-to-head season match-up with New Glasgow for that spot going into the playoffs; they lost to them 3-1 season series but lucky for them they had some key wins against some top teams to claim the 7th spot. Speaking of New Glasgow, the Highlanders may win the season series over the Knights, but after that, they had a cold streak in the last ten games (2-7-1), but they had enough points to clinch the 8th and final spot.

To round off the rest, Laval, Drummondville, Trois-Rivieres, Cape Breton, Val-d’Or, and Rouyn-Noranda. Both Val-d’Or and Rouyn-Noranda had their debuts in their own representative way. Both first home games they had were losses, and both had a winless streak (0-11-2) until both won when the Monarchs beat Cape Breton 3-1. Two nights later, the Firebirds got their victory over the Les Rouges 4-2.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1983 AQHL Playoffs

 Round 1
Moncton Bears vs. New Glasgow Highlanders

New Glasgow swept the Bears in the season series, but Moncton got the last laugh as they swept the Highlanders in four games; all of them were blowouts, with game three being the only game that was a blowout, but at least the Highlanders got three goals, in that game the rest were only a goal. The Bears wins the series 4-0.

Sherbrooke Loups vs. Verdun Knights

The Sherbrooke Loups have the advantage of winning this series over the Knights, but both Shawn Thomas and Lenny Tardif got called up by their own reprehensive minor-pro hockey clubs, so the Loups call up some players from lower-tier level leagues to fill some holes in one of them is Jesse Matthews, a tough forward from St. John, Newfoundland. The crowd at Arena Commemorative de Sherbrooke was shocked to see that Jesse is a girl. Some felt uncomfortable with this, but after she gave Knights Tom Acomb a clean hit in game two and added two assists for a Loups win, the crowd started cheering for her. In game six, history was made as Jesse scored an overtime winner, which would be her first AQHL goal, and she became the first female hockey player to be named player of the game; many fans now got warmed up and hoped that the Loups could go all the way. The Loups wins the series 4-2.

Fredericton Vikings vs. Portland Clippers

The Vikings got some luck on their side as Ed Thibault returned from playing most of this season with the Minnesota Pro Hockey club; with the team right now out of the playoff picture, the team decided to send Ed to the Vikings to finish off this season. On paper, it's an even series match, but the Vikings did everything right, while the Clippers did everything wrong as Dave Messier made five goals and 11 points within five games as the Fredericton Vikings took the series and moved ahead to round two. The Vikings wins the series 4-1.

Shawinigan Voltages vs. Manchester Americans

Both the Volts and the Americans went back and forth throughout the series all the way to game seven, but many Volts fans wish the series should have ended in game five as the team was falling apart; even some reporters saw the Voltages owner Pierre Leflar at the Casino Manchester, one asked an employee from the casino of how long he's been there, the employee said that he has been making stops during the Volts games with the Americans both season and playoff games without letting anyone know about it. In game seven in Shawinigan, the Americans were winning 4-2 late in the third. Some fans look up and see Pierre Leflar acting unprofessionally throughout the game, too, even throwing beer cups on the ice; as the game comes to an end, the Manchester Americans win their first-ever playoff series in their first-ever playoff appearance while the Volts got eggs on their faces with the owner's bad behaviour. The Americans wins the series 4-3.

Round 2
Moncton Bears vs. Manchester Americans

The Manchester Americans came in Moncton with momentum on their side, but as the puck dropped to start game one, the Bears dominated that game in game two, both game three and four; however, the Americans fought back and only fell short in overtime. After being eliminated from the playoffs, the crowd at the Manchester Forum gave the team a standing ovation, thanking the Americans for a wild ride and hoping for a better result next season. The Bears wins the series 4-0.

Sherbrooke Loups vs. Fredericton Vikings

The Vikings almost had the Loups on the ropes after winning the first two games in Sherbrooke, but in game three, however, Timothy Moreau was finally back from injury before the playoffs started and became a brick wall with Jesse scoring a goal to win it 1-0 to turn this series around. In game four, the Loups were on a scoring frenzy all over the Vikings, winning it 8-2. Both games, five and six, were all Loups as they won 5-2 and 6-2 and went on to win the series and headed to the Bronz Cup for the second time in three seasons. The Loups wins the series 4-2.

Bronz Cup Finals
Moncton Bears vs. Sherbrooke Loups

For the third season in a row, the Moncton Bears are back in the finals and hope for a third time of charm. In game one, the Bears got themselves in a groove as Andrew Jones scored a hat-trick for a 4-2 win and became the first player in the AQHL history to score a hat-trick from each round of the playoffs. The Loups would get their payback in game two as Shawn Thomas scored two goals to tie the game, and Jesse became the first female to score a goal in a Bronz Cup finals as the Loups took game two 3-2. In game number three, the Bears took down the Loups in a blowout way with a 6-0 win, but the big news was that the Bears' defence, John Handley, elbowed Jesse, but she got back up ready for a scrap, but John got off the ice after the hit, many Bears fans question the hit, luckily Jesse background is she also play hockey with her brothers that's how she got toughness in her. As game four came, Jesse got her payback on John from the check by playing hockey, scoring a goal off John's skate and in the net, and putting in 3 assists to give the Loups a 5-3 win. In game five, the Bears thought they had it in hand, but the Loups turned it around by scoring to tie the game, and in overtime, Shawn scored the winner to give the Loups one win away from claiming the Bronz Cup. In game six, the Bears did everything they could to even the series, but the Loups had all the answers with three goals in the third period for a 5-2 final, and the team celebrated after the clock hit zero; the Sherbrooke Loups are the 1983 AQHL Bronz Cup Champions there was a happy moment were Shawn received the Bronz Cup he handed the Cup over to Jesse Matthew as she was the reason the Loups went all the way to the Bronz Cup, as the Bronz Cup event ended the Loups have to be ready for a trip to Medicine Hat for the Valor Cup Tournament.

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