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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Re-Sign Stage

Boston Independents
The Independents seem determined that this group is going to work, so they were heavily focused on keeping a lot of the talent they had last year, especially in the veteran department. They would extend last year’s big trade acquisition, DL Wayne Baxton to a lucrative 2-year deal worth $75,000 total. They would also bring back DL Bjorn Sigmarsson and the breakout S Ernie Osborne. Of the younger talent, they would keep OL Carlton Vanderbilt on a 4-year deal and WR Tyreek Flores on a 2-year deal. The only name that is notable from free agents is DB Moredecai King, who was unable to agree to terms on a new deal with the team, leading to Boston signing DB Tim McGovern to cover the spot. 

Buffalo Blue Wings
After taking a step back from their dynastic play with the injury riddled 1971 campaign, it looks like the Blue Wings are determined that the core is still strong and brought back most key players. DL Ned Hedman would get the most per year with a 3-year deal worth $32,500 a season, while OL Artem Sobakov would get the biggest deal overall (4 Years, $27,000 a season). Veterans, LB Randall Lambert, WR Julis Drake, and safeties Wesley Jones and Eric Willis also all re-signed. After being the stand-in starter last season, RB Yancy Harrison is ready to test the market and see if he could land a full-time starting job. His brother Clancy Harrison is joining him in free agency with the two likely wanting to land with the same team.

Calgary Predators
The Preds had a pretty quiet re-sign stage, only bringing back 5 players. The most notable being DL Roger Barrett, twin brother to captain DL Chris Barrett, who inked a new 1-year deal with $19,000. The team looks to be trying to continue to mold the team into the Wild West offence so a lot of players that didn’t fit in last season were let go, but even then, not many notable names are heading to the open market.

Edmonton Rangers
The Rangers are a team that loves tradition. They are also very loyal which is evident by their 4 biggest extensions going to players 32 and older (LB Frank St. John, DL James Chambers, OL Phillip Caron, and LB Herb Landry). Their youngest extension went to OL Lenny Barrigan at 2 years, $21,000. As for free agents, DL Quinton Hextal, who had joined the team just this past year from Winnipeg, would head back to the open market, along with him would be DB Paul Clement who has been with Edmonton for many years, but saw a sharp decline in playing time last season.

Halifax Mariners
A year into the rebuild, some big names were expected to head to free agency, however, to the shock of most, a lot of these veterans stayed put. Captain, DL Pat Butler, and DB Joe Robinson would stick around on new 1-year extensions worth $32,000. WR Shane Steadman would stay put as well on a new 2-year deal worth $30,000 a year. Some younger talent was sticking around as well with LB Frederic Macnamara, OL Graeme McDouglas, and DB Lance Lee staying put. There are still a couple of names heading to free agency to test the market in OL Millard Streety, LB Walker Colson, and, as expected, QB Lyle Painter, who is on the lookout for a starting opportunity but is open to returning to Halifax if one doesn’t come up.

Indiana Victors
The Victors are in a tough spot following a late-season collapse that left them outside the playoffs. They clearly can be a playoff contender, but they aren’t exactly pushing to be a championship contender. With that said, they were intent on keeping a lot of pieces. OL Taylor Alexander is back along with veteran WR Ed Edwards. They also secured a couple of key younger players in DL Eugene Case and LB Maxwell Trevorrow. However, not everyone was on board to stay and hope the team improves again. DB Neville Falkner is out after 3 seasons with the team as the future Hall of Fame corner is still looking for an elusive championship. Also heading out the door are a couple of failed experiments from Henderson with RB Jimmy Golden who was a shell of his former MVP self and QB Edwin Hunt who looked lost anytime he touched the field. Finally, one of the bigger surprises is TE Eric Peterson heading to free agency. The 28-year-old is ready to see what else is out there after playing his entire career with the Victors. 

London Tigers
Under new GM Martin Gagneaux, some weren’t sure what to expect with the Tigers’ decisions this offseason. So far, it seems that Gagneaux is willing to shake it up a little. They did have many young, high-potential players to lock up, which they did, landing new contracts with LB Reuben James and LB Everett Lynch. They also signed RB Jeremy Royal to a new 2-year deal, however, some expect the lower deal is due to his injury history over the last two seasons. WR Cole Fletcher is also back after his best season in the league. On the way out are a couple of veterans in RB Austin Andrews, who has seen a lot of the field with Royal’s injuries, as well as TE Tranquille Rousseau who has battled countless injuries over the last several seasons. Another reason for Rousseau’s departure is the rise of TE Pete Mayfield who has played well in his absence. 

Long Island Raiders
GM/Owner Wayne Tillman is ready to shake up the roster after missing the playoffs in the team’s attempted title defence. Many of the big-name veterans the team brought on who were in the hunt for a competitive team were not going to be returning. S Garet deVale is the most surprising one, considering he had a solid year last year. OL Taylor Forbes and LB Bear Donnelly were not quite on the same level. However, the team did maintain a lot of the core pieces, including captain LB William Washington II, his brother WR Otto Washington, DB Rutherford Winters, and WR Larry Mossholder. RB Scott Norton would look to be heading to free agency, but just before the deadline, he signed a new 2-year deal that would pay him $28,000 a season.

Louisville Thunder
The McCallister Cup champions did a good job of maintaining a lot of key pieces to their success this past season. Several of their young key pieces inked new deals in OL Gordie Hammarstein, DL Gavin Shaw, and DB Oswald Murray. They also retained DL Lucas Kipling for another season. However, success can come with a cost, especially when you have a lot of talent, some players get lost in the shadows of others. That was the case for WR Lloyd Lane, whose injury this season opened the door for a breakout season from WR Ben Graham. Lane, who was already being overshadowed by WR Casey Coleman, was ready to at least see what is out there as many would argue that he could be a #1 receiving on almost any other team. DB Alonzo Gray will also join him in free agency. The former 2nd round pick has just not gotten a chance to play very much. Some eyes will also be on QB Xerxes Wynn, who impressed in his backup snaps this season and could be an option for teams looking for a change at the position.

Minnesota Serpents
It was a tall task for Minnesota GM Calvin Carpenter to maintain a lot of the Serpents’ key young talent. The biggest name was 1971 OPOY RB Tyler Kuhn, who would stay on a 4-year deal worth $145,000 in total, locking in as the workhorse of the offence. Former 1st overall pick, LB Garrett Roberts would return on a 4-year deal as well (worth $132,000). DL Ferris Kane and S Gérard LaCroix also stayed put. However, the key signing was at QB with Martin Keller getting a 3-year deal worth $35,000 a season, which would also convince Keller’s best friend, WR Ferdinand Matthews to stay put at $25,000 a year for 3 years. They also kept veterans in OL Elias McCarren, RB Hugo Hughes, and DB Jayson Klyde. The Serpents cleaned up quite well, but they still left some names on the free agency board in DL Ryan Sargent, S Calvin Hobbes, and WR Evan Clanton, with the amount of talent the team retained, I don’t think they are too worried about the aging veterans.

Montreal Rouge
GM Jon Neal was in an interesting spot as the Rouge came off of a McCallister Cup appearance. The first focus for the team was on a couple of younger pieces in DB Jean Paul du Pont and TE John Schall, who both signed onto new deals for 3 years and 2 years respectively. They also brought back longtime WR Taylor Karis on a one-year deal. However, all the real focus was going to be on QB Gene Bishop, who, at the start of the year, looked like he was going to be moving on in the offseason, but after a resurgent year, he is tougher to get rid of. GM Neal felt the same way and ultimately extended Bishop to a 2-year deal worth $35,000 a season, which is down from his previous salary, but the 36-year-old proved he can still play. While Bishop is staying, some others are moving on like, RB Raymond Green who was traded to Montreal last season, but eventually lost the starting job to rookie RB Bo Frazier. WR Yahui Sun is going to be out there looking for a new position after losing his position in the lineup to rookie WR Antonio Villanueva, and then LB Willie Stetson is gone after his rookie contract was up. Stetson has battled injuries and underwhelming play since being drafted 4th overall in 1969. 

Ottawa Royals
After back-to-back early playoff exits, the Royals are determined to make some more significant adjustments. They would only hand out 8 extensions. The most notable ones being to All-Star WR Marshall Leonard, LBs Sam Wheeler and Tuukka Tariitt, and WR Matthew de la Cruz. Leaving the team are a couple of long-time veterans DL Zane Tannith and WR Colby Bancana. Tannith is getting into his 30s and the D-line was rough when Ottawa was without DL Bernhard Hartmann. So They are looking to rebuild the position. Bancana on the other hand, is also getting older but saw a reduction in play last season with a couple of injuries and the rise of de la Cruz. Other veterans like S Clarence Sale and DB Adam Levesque are also moving on. QB Ulysses Lawyer is at least going to test the market after doing a fine job down the stretch last season in relief of QB Drake Young.

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
Success has a high price and the Blacksmiths are certainly feeling it. GM Cooper Ellington had the tough task of choosing which players to keep and which to extend and for how much. IT would lead to some expensive contracts. OLOY OL Erik Nelson would ink a new 2-year deal worth $30,000 a season, making him the highest-paid O-lineman in the league. OL Jan Baptiste Francoise would also get a 3-year deal worth $25,000 a season. TE Jesse Butler is staying put for another 2 years at $25,000. The longest negotiation would go to DL Matthias Hartmann who proved his value when DL Arthur Bradshaw was taken out and Hartmann would go on to have an All-Star season. He would land a new 2-year deal worth $32,000 a season. Of course, they couldn’t pay everyone, so there are some veterans on the way out. WR Orlando Barrack is going to hit the open market along with S Peter Sellers and OL Jeffery Uduike. The vets are understandable losses, but DB Chandler Gage could be a little tougher to swallow as the former 6th overall pick was starting to show some improvements this season, but in the end, they have a lot of depth at the position already. 

Providence Gold Stars
The Gold Stars are looking to head in the same direction as they have been for the last couple of years, maintaining a lot of key pieces. DL Newton Dalton inked a 3-year deal worth $35,000 a season, S Tom Parrish has proven himself and earned a new 2-year deal worth $33,000 a season, and WR Owern Paisley and LB Victor Falkensteig are back again on one-year deals. The biggest signing, however, would be in WR Justin Palmer, who would land a new 4-year contract worth $140,000 total. On the way out, is OL TJ Overton after a disappointing season following the trade from Indiana, veteran OL Herman Mecklenburg after some frustrations about personality, and TE Dylan Chowder with the drafting of TE Kairos Knight last season. The team will also be looking for a new backup QB with Landon Ross also testing the market.

Regina Wheat Kings
With a new man in charge of the Wheat Kings, it wasn’t surprising to see that there could be a decent number of changes to the roster this season. The team extended just 6 players this year, which did include WR Jimmy Franks, who they picked up in a midseason trade with Toronto. On the flip side, the team is leaving a lot of roster spots open in hopes of building a better overall roster this season. A lot of the players on the way out are in-depth roles like backup QBs Rusty Lamb and Michael Benedict, RB Joseph Cook, OL Ian Robertson, and DB Tim Fox. A new direction that should leave Regina fans hopeful.

Toronto Steelheads
After a miserable first year at the helm, GM Reginald McMahon is ready to make some significant changes. They had the lowest number of extensions signed in the entire league, with only 3 players re–signed. Those players being DB Dwayne James, S Charles Clerk, and DL Irwin Anthonyson. Some figured Clerk might be interested in moving on being 29 and not necessarily wanting to go through a rebuild, but he was pretty quick in signing a new deal. Overall, the large group of players leaving the Steelheads isn’t all that impressive, outside of one big name. DL Johnathan Ellison, the team’s captain and one of their best defenders, is heading out to test the market. He’s been in Toronto for his whole career but is open to a new and potentially more competitive opportunity. Outside of Ellison, the most notable players are a pair of O-linemen, Mason Fitzpatrick and Robin Beard, as well as veteran RB Théodore Lemieux. The team also has already given up on the QB Matt Fletcher experiment as he is also entering free agency after the Steelheads made the trade for him during the season. 

Vancouver Wolves
Some were looking at Vancouver as a team that may make some more dramatic changes after last season’s overall disappointing performance. However, they were pretty tame. They locked up important pieces like DB Christian Allen, S Nick Parker, and TE Johnny Temple, keeping a lot of the core pieces the same. There is a decent amount of depth on the way out, but no one is super integral to the team’s outlook. The only notable players were DB Vern Nowitski, who led the team in interceptions last season, and QB Mike Key who is viewed as a reliable backup. 

Winnipeg Falcons
Just like a few other of their fellow WFU teams the Falcons didn’t have many extensions signed. WR Ryan Conway and LB Nathan Davidson were the key re-signings, as both players are experienced and solid depth pieces. There are a lot of pieces heading out the door. Much like the Wheat Kings, it is a lot of depth pieces as the Falcons seem to be looking at developing the depth they have on the roster. They will especially be focused on the D-line. DB Lawrence Ralph, the big free agency acquisition from last season, is heading back out to the market potentially to look for a competitive spot, but didn’t rule out a return to Winnipeg. DB Alain Archambault, a long-time Falcon, is also on the way out, as they are looking at restructuring the secondary. QB Jerome Sheppard is also gone as some expect the Falcons to be in the QB market this season.

Top 25 Free Agents
1 - WR Lloyd Lane - LOU
2 - DB Neville Falkner - IND
3 - DL Johnathan Ellison - TOR
4 - WR Orlando Barrack - PIT
5 - DB Chandler Gage - PIT
6 - OL Amos Sewell - MIN
7 - QB Landon Ross - PRO
8 - LB Willie Stetson - MTL
9 - WR Yahui Sun - MTL
10 - TE Eric Peterson - IND
11 - OL Paul O’Doherty - MIN
12 - OL Millard Streety - HFX
13 - QB Ulysses Lawyer - OTT
14 - OL Clancy Harrison - BUF
15 - QB Lyle Painter - HFX
16 - WR Colby Bancana - OTT
17 - DB Mordecai King - BOS
18 - DB Vern Nowitski - VAN
19 - S Garet deVale - LI
20 - S Peter Sellers - PIT
21 - S Calvin Hobbes - MIN
22 - QB Xerxes Wynn - LOU
23 - QB Mike Key - VAN
24 - DL Ryan Sargent - MIN
25 - DB Lawrence Ralph - WPG


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Great to see Xerxes potentially get a starting job, it would be cool in either Halifax or Toronto to me.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 ACFL League Meetings

Following the completion of the 1971 season, the ACFL took a big hit with the Pittsburgh Hammers losing control of Riverfront Stadium of Pittsburgh, meaning they must pay the Blacksmiths of the NAAF to play in the city. The increasing severity of the issues now surrounding the Hammers would have to be put on the back burner for now as the ACFL was in deep talks about the acquisition of the Southern Football League.

First, a little background on the Southern Football League (SFL). The SFL is one of the weakest and smallest leagues in North America. The league only has 6 teams, the Atlanta Redtails, the Birmingham Ironclads, the Jacksonville Admirals, the Miami Rays, the New Orleans Crescents, and the Tampa Tropics. They have seen a decline in talent in recent years with adjacent leagues (the ACFL and Texas Football Championship) poaching some of the top talent. The owners of the SFL are not very concerned with the status of the league. In the simple point of view, the fans seem to enjoy the product, regardless of the decline in skill, they still sell decent tickets, and the teams just add to the bottom line of several owners who own much more successful franchises in other sports. 

When the ACFL approached the SFL, there wasn’t much to discuss on the overall plan as it was clear that the ACFL intended to get the SFL teams into their league. All they really had to do was put some money down and the SFL owners were all over it. It was an overall win for the SFL owners who would get a little payday and then likely see an increase in profits with more eyes on their product with the ACFL on their side and hopefully an injection of talent back into the teams. It’s a marvel that the deal didn’t happen sooner, though that may have been because of the passing of late Atlanta Owner, Greg Blackwood, who was pretty attached to the league as the commissioner up until his passing a few years ago. With that, the ACFL officially has obtained the SFL teams and is expanding to 14 teams for the 1972 season. The 6 SFL teams will form a South Division while the other 8 teams will remain in their respective division alignment as before:

Brooklyn Guardians
New Jersey Chargers
New York City Bulls Football Club
Philadelphia Rebels

Richmond Lions
Baltimore Lancers
Washington Stars
Pittsburgh Hammers

Atlanta Redtails
Birmingham Ironclads
Jacksonville Admirals
Miami Rays
New Orleans Crescents
Tampa Tropics

Since Commissioner Don Soriano took over the ACFL from Stephen Van Fossen, the changes to the league have pretty much been to undo the mistakes of Van Fossen, primarily by retracting teams from the unsuccessful expansion into Boston and Rochester. Now that the ACFL has stabilized a little under Soriano, it is time for the new commissioner to execute his plan for the future. The first big move to get the SFL and bring the league up to 14 teams could very well be the comeback move the league needed to remain near the top of the pecking order when it comes to talent and TV deals. 

However, Soriano is not stopping there. Unlike Van Fossen, he is willing to concede that Ryan Jameson and the NAAF have done a great job in growing their league to be the biggest football organization in North America. He sees how competitive the NAAF is and hopes to get the ACFL moving in the same direction. The first step comes in the season’s format. Not only will the league expand its schedule to match the NAAF’s 14-game season, but also expand the playoffs to 8 teams, copying the NAAF’s current format. Soriano hopes the additional game and playoff spots will foster more competition. 

The next step for the ACFL may be to improve how talent moves around in the league to allow smaller/weaker teams to start to catch up to the juggernauts at the top of the league, something that has been difficult with the spending ability of NYC, Brooklyn and Philadelphia who have been the dominant trio with Baltimore and Washington usually being the contenders out of the other division. 

Overall, this next step will likely be tough to convince, some of the owners, mainly Van Fossen, to go along with a more significant core operational change, as well as figure out a plan for the now rent-paying Hammers. Regardless, a lot more eyes are on the ACFL as they begin taking steps back towards the top despite some setbacks. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Design Changes
Entering the 3rd year of the NAAF’s partnership with Patterson Athletics, it isn’t a surprise that we aren’t seeing any changes to the uniforms. However, there is a minor addition a team is making this season. The Long Island Raiders’ are adding an Anniversary patch to their home and road uniforms this season. The Patch is to honour the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Hartford Football Club. The Hartford Football Club was founded in 1922. They competed in the New England Football Championship for many years, eventually being named the Hartford Maroons shortly after their founding. They kept the name until 1942 when the team and the NEFC had to be suspended due to WWII. After the war, the team was taken over by Johnathan Sampson, who renamed the team the Hartford Hawks. They would join the NAAF in 1949. Unfortunately, Sampson would eventually pull out leading to the team being purchased by Wayne Tillman, who moved the team to Long Island where they currently reside as the Long Island Raiders. Tillman is grateful for the opportunity that the Hartford franchise and the NAAF have given him to keep his dream and team alive. He has continued to honour the history of the Hartford franchise, with their founding year in the team’s primary logo, and is once again doing so with this patch. 

As for the design of the patch, it is pretty simple but combines a couple of the eras from the team’s history. The patch features the “Hartford” script that was from the Hawks’ logo from their time in the NAAF. The logo is coloured in the team’s original maroon and cream colours from the team’s original look back in 1922. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Nice of Tillman to Honor the Hartford Hawks.  Also, Texas Football Championship, is there promotion and relegation with that league (TFC, TFL1, TFL2, TFL3)


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

ZO82 wrote:

Nice of Tillman to Honor the Hartford Hawks.  Also, Texas Football Championship, is there promotion and relegation with that league (TFC, TFL1, TFL2, TFL3)

No there is not, just a different naming convention to mix it up.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 Free Agency Part 1

The first big splash of 1972’s free agency period was the Raiders landing a new top-tier defensive lineman. Johnathan Ellison elected to move on from the Steelheads after 6 seasons in Toronto, which included an All-Star nod in 1967 and was easily the top free agent at the position. Long Island and Ottawa would be the top two teams that were in on Ellison, however, the Raiders were more determined to land the 28-year-old and would get him to sign a 3-year pact that pays him $34,500 a season. Ellison will fill the hole left by DL Pionk Bjorkkstrand, who retired due to injuries sustained in 1971.

The Royals, who came close to landing Ellison, would have to fall back to plan B and would land DL Ryan Sargent out of Minnesota. Sargent joins the Royals on a 1-year deal worth $22,500. Overall Sargent is a pretty lateral move by the Royals who moved on from DL Zane Tannith, who had been with the team for 9 seasons. In the end, Tannith would sign on with the Blue Wings on an identical 1-year, $22,500 contract. 

The other notable D-linemen signed would see DL Brandon Hall remain with the Gold Stars after being traded there at the deadline and DL Quinton Hextal would return to Winnipeg after one season in Edmonton.

The long-time Thunder WR is taking his talents North of the border to play with the London Tigers. Lane, who has been a key contributor for the Thunder over his first 7 seasons, wanted a new opportunity where he could shine as the #1 option in the passing game, being overshadowed by WR Casey Coleman and eventually rookie, WR Ben Graham, when he was hurt last season. Lane inks a 3-year deal with the Tigers that will pay him like a top target, earning $32,000 a season. The Tigers are stoked to have Lane, as they have been searching for a true #1 receiver for several seasons now. They had spent a couple of 1st round picks on Cole Fletcher and Leon Hudson in their search. While Fletcher showed flashes of #1 talent last season, hence his own 3-year contract extension, neither has really been consistently a top target. Lane should easily provide a big boost for a young team with a veteran presence and a new target for 1971 2nd overall pick, QB Henry Johnsson. 

Louisville was quick to find a replacement for Lane, as they snatched up Blacksmiths’ WR Orlando Barrack on a 1-year deal. While he won’t have the same impact as Lane, he’s still a great veteran option to help take some pressure off of WR Ben Graham. With Barrack heading to the division rival, the Blacksmiths would look for a replacement and would get the Hong Kong product out of Montreal, Yahui Sun. Sun is looking for a fresh start with the Blacksmiths and could add a new dynamic to the Blacksmiths’ offence. Elsewhere, longtime Royals’ WR Colby Bancana would head to Minnesota to join up with a couple of old Royals’ teammates in QB Martin Keller and WR Ferdinand Matthews. This did leave Serpents’ Alternate Captain, WR Evan Clanton, without a spot, but he found a new/old home, heading back to Boston where he spent the first 6 years of his career.  

After a 4-8 campaign in 1968 to make a 4th playoff miss in 5 seasons, DB Neville Falkner decided to leave the Providence Gold Stars in search of a championship. He would land with the Victors, who had made the McCallister Cup in 1968, and spend the next 3 seasons with the club in search of a title. Unfortunately, Falkner was unsuccessful in the venture. Now, with Indiana looking like they are heading in the wrong direction, Falkner set out again to find a new contending team. There were many teams interested in the 3-time Defensive Player of the Year. The Thunder, Raiders, and Wolves all made strong pitches that Falkner considered. However, the most aggressive team was the Boston Independents who were determined to add another superstar to their ranks in their desperation to win another cup before QB Nathaniel Braddock is gone. As hard as Boston tried, they were in an uphill battle with Falkner still having ties to Providence. Once the Gold Stars caught wind of Boston’s interest, they also inquired about bringing Falkner back. Despite leaving 3 years ago, Neville was always going to be a Gold Star first, and he quickly came to a deal with his old team, signing for more than Boston would’ve been able to offer under the cap at $30,000 over the next season, which is still a pay cut from his previous contract.

After missing out on Falkner, Boston turned to plan B, which was “what is old, is new again” aiming to bring back both DB Mordecai King and DB Lawrence Ralph. King would sign a new deal to stay in Boston, while Ralph, who was still not over Boston cutting him last offseason, so he signed in Vancouver instead. Any other options also found other locations. Former Wolves DB Vern Nowitski, headed to his home province to join the Winnipeg Falcons, while former 1st round pick, DB Chandler Gage would look for a fresh start and head out to Minnesota on a 2-year deal. The 25-year-old is likely to see the field more in Minnesota than during his time in Pittsburgh.

The QB market is always one that is interesting to watch during the offseason. However, some years are more exciting than others. This year was one of the down years. Heading into the offseason most teams either were committed to long-term QBs or ready to move onto other younger players. Both Halifax and London would likely be looking towards last year’s top 2 picks, Todd Sparrow and Henry Johnsson to be the guys this season, Calgary was willing to give Emmitt Jackson another shot, as well as both Jesse Essex and Mitch Boland taking the other two spots, and Edmonton looked like they were headed towards Ken Myers to take over for the recently retired Blair Collins. Finally, last offseason, many would have pegged the Rouge as a team that might be in the market this year, but they squashed any real likelihood of that with the 2-year extension to QB Gene Bishop following a run to the McCallister Cup. With all of those teams’ minds practically made up, only Toronto and Winnipeg seemed like teams that were in the market for new QBs. 

Toronto would be the first to grab a new QB, signing QB Landon Ross to a 2-year deal. Ross has 29 starts under his belt including some solid play for both the Raiders and Gold Stars under OC Kerry Holder who moved to Toronto this offseason. Clearly, Ross and Holder have a good relationship and want to keep working together. Toronto also still has QB David Simmons under contract and after some solid play in the last few games last season, he may get another shot. 

Out in Winnipeg, there was more uncertainty about who may start for the team next season. Despite how much the team and coaches like QB Emerson Thompson, there is an understanding that he may not be the long-term solution for the team with his inconsistent play over the last two seasons. So the Falcons were out to bring in some new options. They first wanted to add a veteran with starting experience. They would ultimately land Ulysses Lawyer for the role on a 2-year deal. Lawyer has 17 starts under his belt, although with a 5-12 record, but had a decent performance in relief for QB Drake Young in Ottawa last season, going 2-1. Certainly, a veteran that can at least bring some stability. Now, they were not done there, as they also decided to take a gamble on QB Xerxes Wynn. Wynn showed flashes of potential last season throughout about a game's worth of snaps with the Thunder, where he threw a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions. The 27-year-old didn’t have a lot of options when it came to teams interested in giving him a shot at being a starter, so he’s ready to head to Winnipeg and take the opportunity to prove himself. Both guys would get a 1-year deal as Winnipeg wants all 3 QBs to show what they got this year to earn a contract next year.

Over the last few years, the Toronto Steelheads have had a major problem on the O-line, with one of the worst groups in the league in almost every season in recent years. GM Reginald McMahon was determined to right the ship and would go out and spend big money to improve the line. He would pick up two of the top O-linemen free agents in Minnesota teammates, OL Amos Sewell and OL Paul O’Doherty. The two signed matching 2-year, $27,000 contracts. They have been teammates both in Ottawa and in Minnesota and wanted to take the opportunity to stick together. Toronto wasn’t done there, also adding veteran OL Taylor Forbes. 

The rest of the O-line market would shake out with OL Millard Streety heading back home to Providence where he went to school at Rhode Island State. Indiana also made a bit of a splash by bringing in both of the Harrison brothers, Clancy (OL) and Yancy (RB). The two wanted to stay together after leaving Buffalo, looking for a good opportunity for both of them. Yancy could be a starting option for the Victors who are looking for a new starting RB, after Yancy played most of the season as the starting back with Jasper Dickerson injured in Buffalo. 

A few safeties would pull the old switcheroo. Garet deVale, Peter Sellers, and Calvin Hobbes would simply swap the teams they were on between each other. deVale would move from Long Island to Pittsburgh, Sellers would go from Pittsburgh to Minnesota, and Hobbes would go from Minnesota to Long Island. The most interesting of the group is probably deVale heading to Pittsburgh as the former MVP looks to finally capture a championship before his career runs out.

Top 25 Free Agents
1 - WR Lloyd Lane - LOU -> LDN - 3Y, $32,000 - NTC
2 - DB Neville Falkner - IND -> PRO - 1Y, $30,000 - NTC
3 - DL Johnathan Ellison - TOR -> LI - 3Y, $34,500 - NTC
4 - WR Orlando Barrack - PIT -> LOU - 1Y, $26,500 - NTC
5 - DB Chandler Gage - PIT -> MIN - 2Y, $22,500
6 - OL Amos Sewell - MIN -> TOR - 2Y, $27,000
7 - QB Landon Ross - PRO -> TOR - 2Y, $19,500
8 - LB Willie Stetson - MTL -> BUF - 2Y, $18,500
9 - WR Yahui Sun - MTL -> PIT - 2Y, $22,500
10 - TE Eric Peterson - IND -> LI - 2Y, $20,000
11 - OL Paul O’Doherty - MIN -> TOR - 2Y, $27,000
12 - OL Millard Streety - HFX -> PRO - 2Y, $24,000
13 - QB Ulysses Lawyer - OTT -> WPG - 1Y, $20,000
14 - OL Clancy Harrison - BUF -> IND - 2Y, $24,000 
15 - QB Lyle Painter - HFX -> HFX - 1Y, $22,000 - NTC
16 - WR Colby Bancana - OTT -> MIN - 1Y, $20,000
17 - DB Moredecai King - BOS -> BOS - 1Y, $23,500
18 - DB Vern Nowitski - VAN -> WPG - 2Y, $20,000
19 - S Garet deVale - LI -> PIT - 1Y, $18,000 - NTC
20 - S Peter Sellers - PIT -> MIN - 1Y, $19,000
21 - S Calvin Hobbes - MIN -> LI - 1Y, $20,000
22 - QB Xerxes Wynn - LOU -> WPG - 1Y, $18,000
23 - QB Mike Key - VAN -> MIN - 1Y, $16,500
24 - DL Ryan Sargent - MIN -> OTT - 1Y, $22,500
25 - DB Lawrence Ralph - WPG -> VAN - 1Y, $23,000 - NTC


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Hopefully Xerxes can prove himself this year in Winnipeg and get a bigger contract next year! Can't wait for the draft!


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Neville back with Providence
Garet deVale in Pittsburgh


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1972 College Hybrid Football Results

Canada East Hybrid Conference

(3) Toronto Dukes
(10) London Foresters
Hamilton Howlers
St. George Maples
Sudbury Provincial Miners
Dominion Knights
Kitchener-Waterloo Provincial Beavers

(5) St-Laurent Cavaliers de Riviere
(8) Majeure Montreal Insulaires
Rideau Rams
Nova Scotia Armada
Montreal Provincial Panthers
UPNB Pirates
Mont-Bellevue Geais Bleus

CEHC Playoffs
(3) TOR 23-21 (10) LDN
(5) ST-L 29-10 (8) MMTL

CEHC Championship
(3) TOR 14-24 (5) ST-L

The CEHC’s 1971 season was run by the Toronto Dukes and St-Laurent Cavaliers de Riviere. Toronto would control the West Division led by a solid defence. UHamilton and St. George would have down years leaving way for a surprising University of London team to roll in and nab their first playoff spot, led by QB Shawn Jolly. St-Laurent would return to the top of the East Division, led by RB Axel Vandal. Majeure Montreal kept pace with their solid team. Rideau and Nova Scotia would battle to try and catch Majeure Montreal, but both fell short, however, a 3rd place finish was a strong performance for Rideau. Montreal Provincial was the most disappointing team having a bit of a dip in talent this year. 

In the playoffs, London would fall just short of a great comeback against Toronto, while Vandal would run all over Majeure Montreal’s defence to give St-Laurent the win. In the championship game, it was more of the same from Vandel who would lead the Cavaliers de Riviere to their first Hybrid Championship since 1965.

America East Hybrid Conference
(1) New England Cardinals
(2) Haynes Colonials
(4) Western New York Whitetails
(6) Maine State Acadians
(7) Rhode Island State Bulldogs
(9) Upstate Bluebirds
Cambridge of Boston Cubs
West Mass State Rangers
Concord-Manchester Fighting Pike
Vermont Republic Mountaineers
Erie Sailors
WNY-Rochester Eagles

AEHC Playoffs
(1) UNE 24-20 (6) MSU
(2) HAY 18-13 (4) WNY

AEHC Championship
(1) UNE 31-28 (2) HAY

Down in the AEHC, New England led the way. QB Ryan Alexander and WR Eric Norris would dominate offensively to finish the season ranked #1. The Haynes Colonials would manage to stay with UNE, led by their own QB Mitchell Nash, finishing ranked #2. Western New York would grab 3rd lead by their twins in the secondary DBs Oswald and Lawrence Martell. The final playoff spot would come down to the final week of the season with Maine State shocking Rhode Island State on a last-second field goal to capture the playoff ticket. RISU had one too many close losses this season, missing the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row, despite being ranked 7th. Upstate, in their final season in the conference, would finish 6th, with Cambridge of Boston not far behind. 

In the playoffs, UNE would take care of MSU in a much closer game than some expected. While Haynes would win a defensive game against WNY. In the championship, Ryan Alexander and Mitchell Nash would clash in a great game, but it was Alexander who got the final say in the game, securing a ticket to the Hybrid Championship

Hybrid Football Championship
(1) UNE 33-24 (5) ST-L

A rematch of the 1965 championship would see the Cardinals capture their first title since that very season, defeating St-Laurent again. DL Sam Reinkemeyer was the one able to stop Axel Vandal in this one, while Alexander and Norris did their thing. 

Champions: New England Cardinals (2nd)

Previous Hybrid Football Championships
1965: (1) New England Cardinals - 35-24 - (6) St-Laurent Cavaliers de Riviere
1966: (2) Hamilton Howlers - 27-17 - (1) New England Cardinals
1967: (1) Hamilton Howlers - 30-20 - (2) Western New York Whitetails
1968: (2) Rhode Island State - 24-17 - (3) Toronto Dukes
1969: (1) Toronto Dukes - 24-13 - (2) Western New York Whitetails
1970: (1) Toronto Dukes - 33-28 - (2) Western New York Whitetails
1971: (1) New England Cardinals - 33-24 - (5) St-Laurent Cavaliers de Riviere

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