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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

Hm, i'm invested.

I like how that alternate history is America but divided, I love the idea of seeing new states with different outcomes, I like the flags, gives them a charm.

And I also like the fact that you are using different cities with lower populations but are still kind of well known as capitals and cities with baseball teams, gives it something unique. Hope this series goes well!

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

GoosetavoMan wrote:

Hm, i'm invested.

I like how that alternate history is America but divided, I love the idea of seeing new states with different outcomes, I like the flags, gives them a charm.

And I also like the fact that you are using different cities with lower populations but are still kind of well known as capitals and cities with baseball teams, gives it something unique. Hope this series goes well!

Thanks, I was kinda unsure about making it AU at first, funnily enough the whole concept as I kinda decided, figured it out, and made the mod for it all within 1 night lol. Though I have changed plenty of things from the original post (some borders and capitals have moved). But its been pretty fun actually making up the lore and history as I go on. Hopefully this can last awhile and will be something for you to enjoy! 

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

2103 Pre-Season Preview

Pacific Conference:
last season 73-89, 5th in Pacific
12th ranked farm system (RF Russ Pettaway #12, RF Dave Sharpes #40, C Jorge Pulido #66)
Payroll $1,622,979 - 9th
Lineups and Pitching

C Armando Garcia, Susquehanna, .230/.292/.333 75OPS+
1B Ken Grant, Quebec, less than a dozen games played last year in Trois. Career 77OPS+
2B Juan Garcia, Venezuela, .283/.333/.362 in 32 games last year
3B Adam Moore, Virginia, .210/.259/.319 in 39 games last year
SS Kevin Jones, The Dakotas, .160/.231/.214 excellent defender though
LF John Stark, Cascadia, .175/.267/.277 in 65 games last year
CF Ryan Lowery, California, .243/.318/.307, 68SBs
RF Tyler Kilbarger, Susquehanna, .315/.346/.448, 36SBs won Deshayes award
DH Alex Estrada, Mexico, .241/.338/.357, 95OPS+ (closest to average hitter besides Kilbarger)

1 Andrew Redepenning, Virginia, 11-14, 3.22ERA, 176Ks
2 Eddie Weimer, Cascadia, 7-8, 4.43ERA
3 Rogelio Rodriguez, Cuba, 3.63ERA in 86 innings
4 Bill Van Auken, Susquehanna, 4.86ERA in 76 innings
5 sh-t Otani, Cascadia, 4-8, 6.46ERA (out for 2-3 months with injury)
CL Angelo Juarez, Dominican Republic, 32Saves, 2.49ERA, 9.6K/9
Other notable bullpen arms: Nick Ashley, Benjamin Platt, Rogelio Victoria

The front office says they are not rebuilding, but I see nothing but a rebuild. Juarez is a FA after this season, and with most of the pitching staff being relievers I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose 100 games. Kilbarger and Redepenning are locked up long term, but it may be for the best to trade them for pieces. 

last season 81-81, 3rd in Pacific
1st ranked farm system (3B Jayden Royal #1, LHP Jim Vogel #9, RHP Daniel Ojeda #30, CF Joseph Wallace #37)
Payroll $1,547,667 - 11th
Lineups and Pitching

C Kevin Edwards, Georgia, .223/.293/.299 won Deshayes and Castaneda last year
1B Tony Cummings, Louisiana, .233/.313/.365, 13HRs, won Deshayes in Huron
2B Emilio Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, .280/.402/.432, 134OPS+
3B Dave Chatwin, Maritimes, .277/.321/.380 96OPS+
SS Luis Rico, Venezuela, .164/.262/.228, 2.0WAR won Hernandez in Florida
LF Jake Herold, California, .278/.379/.509, 147OPS+, 31HRs with Galveston
CF Joseph Wallace, Rocky Mountains, no stats, rookie season. #37 ranked prospect
RF Matthew Wagoner, Great Lakes, .294/.362/.534, 149OPS+ won Frey award
DH Chris Edgar, The Dakotas, .270/.345/.357, 95OPS+ with Florida

1 Ruberto Ticao, Venezuela, 16-14, 3.83ERA, 143Ks
2 Ahmed Mathis, Rocky Mountains, 9-10, 4.46ERA, 116Ks 
3 Jason Skelly, Cascadia, 10-6, 4.44ERA, 3rd in Castaneda voting
4 Omar Saldana, Venezuela, 10-17, 4.28ERA, 181Ks with Florida
5 Joel Acrsio, Venezuela, missed season due to injury
CL  Ken Laubach, Virginia, 25 Saves, 1.47ERA, 12.1K/9, 269ERA+
Other notable bullpen arms: Graham Lawlor, Ryan Sumner, and Jason Walker

If things come together, they could really make a playoff push. But they still lack a lot of depth. Ticao and Mathis have both underperformed in their careers so far but both have ace potential. 2101’s 3rd Overall pick Ben Black is the 4th outfielder and has legitimate potential (though did lose the starting CF battle to rookie Joseph Wallace who is 4 years older). I see them being a around .500 team this year.

last season 87-75, 2nd in Pacific. Lost Pacific Series to Dakota
8th ranked farm system (RHP Jose Guerrero #7, 2B Ricardo Rodriguez #19, LHP Teyo Leon #22)
Payroll $1,895,958 - 7th
Lineups and Pitching 

C Eric Titus, Great Lakes, .337/.415/.519, 48Doubles, 161OPS+ won Frey award
1B Justin Adler, Quebec, .258/.328/.373, 95OPS+ with Trois Rivieres
2B Ricardo Rodriguez, California, no stats, rookie season, #19 ranked prospect
3B Edgar Morales, California, no stats, rookie season, #89 ranked prospect
SS Dan Harbin, New England, .238/.270/.326, 66OPS+
LF Bobby Clark, New England, .300/.350/.397, 109OPS+
CF Kevin Meyer, Rocky Mountains, .254/.349/.432, 34SBs, 118OPS+
RF Richard Kriegel, Rocky Mountains, .259/.368/.349, 102OPS+
DH Ken Jones, Rocky Mountains, .264/.375/.451, 131OPS+

1 Marty Hodge, Australia, 17-9, 2.90ERA, 1.08WHIP, 137ERA+ 3rd in Taylor voting
2 Steve Francen, Rocky Mountains, 17-9, 2.91ERA, 166Ks, 136ERA+
3 Jose Serrano, Dominican Republic, 5-3, 2.62ERA, 9.4K/9 in injury shortened season
4 Jeffrey Simon, The Dakotas, 12-10, 3.30ERA, 0.2HR/9
5 Beau Schulte, Cascadia, 12-13, 4.79ERA, 83ERA+ with Astoria
CL Ben Nickel, 16Saves, 3.99ERA, 100ERA+
Other notable bullpen arms: Warren Bourdon and Jose Guerrero make rookie debuts (ranked #28 and #7, respectively)

Pitching wise, The Buffalo continue to be a dominant force, even if the bullpen is lacking. Offensively they are still quite weak, but with lots of new blood could help break the mold. Without McClary they really seem to lack all pop. Could still be a playoff team but need a lot to go right. Especially with Rafael Santa Cruz likely out all season (again) 

last season 102-60, 1st in Pacific, won NABF Championship Series
4th ranked farm system (LHP Bobby Brooks #8, RHP Quan Hang #17, RHP Pat Dow #26)
Payroll $2,509,200 - 1st (salary cap is 2.5mil)
Lineups and Pitching

C Scott Vander Ark, The Dakotas, .267/.336/.362, 96OPS+
1B Larry Adair, Arctic Circle, .351/.456/.475, 162OPS+ won batting title and Frey award
2B Jesus Delgado, Cuba, .278/.364/.340, 99OPS+ 
3B Ji-hu Seol, California, .274/.356/.386, 109OPS+ won Frey award
SS Ian Brinley, Texas, .258/.344/.452, 122RBIs, 122OPS+ won Deshayes and Hernandez
LF Jon Magallanes, Rocky Mountains, .285/.375/.454, 132OPS+ won Deshayes award
CF Ron Young, The Dakotas, .247/.326/.339, 87OPS+
RF Scott Purkis, The Dakotas, .289/.356/.453, 126OPS+
DH Trevor Reardon, .286/.398/.422, 124Runs, 74SBs, 130OPS+ won Frey award

1 Felix Hernandez, Dominican Republic, 16-11, 2.22ERA, 277Ks, won 2 straight Taylor awards
2 Adam Harless, Great Lakes, 10-10, 3.79ERA, 105ERA+
3 Juan Donate, Mexico, 10-16, 4.76ERA, 84ERA+ with Plymouth
4 Doug McFarland, The Dakotas, 4.86ERA in 46 innings
5 Bobby Brooks, Texas, no stats, rookie season. #8 ranked prospect
CL David Pugh, The Dakotas, 25Saves, 1.64ERA, 241ERA+ 2nd in Gervais voting
Other notable bullpen arms: Mike Kohn, Eddie Hall, and Joel Martin, and prospect Pat Dow

The defending champions come back looking quite the same, except missing their 2nd ace, Ben Denman. Without him their rotation definitely struggles, though Brooks could easily become his replacement. I expect them to make a run for the playoffs, especially since the offense that scored the most runs last year is essentially kept the same. 

last season 78-84, 4th in Pacific
2nd ranked farm system (C Ismael Mendez #6, RHP Tillman Tamayo #13, 2B Cor John #16, LHP Brian Shupe #24)
Payroll $2,445,698 - 2nd (salary cap is 2.5mil)
Lineup and Pitching 

C Ogai Hara, Japan, .226/.304/.274, in 51 games with Dakota
1B Mel Velez, Guatemala, .302/.369/.489, 139OPS+
2B Jorge Rodriguez, Dominican Republic, .224/.296/.352, 81OPS+ won Deshayes award
3B Bobby Tippett, California, .191/.241/.323, won Deshayes award
SS Fernando Solis, Dominican Republic, .251/.350/.399, 110OPS+
LF Antonio Garza, Dominican Republic, .327/.424/.660, 50HRs, 200OPS+ won Frey award
CF Bob Beals, Quebec, .287/.343/.409 110OPS+ in injury shortened season
RF Rhett Aberle, California, .253/.337/.356, 84OPS+ 
DH Ritter Ammann, Susquehanna, .267/.342/.420, 113OPS+

1 Ben Denman, Florida, 21-5, 2.81ERA, 7.1WAR 2nd in Taylor voting 2 straight years with Dakota
2 Jake Hale, California, 17-11, 3.53ERA, 112ERA+
3 Ian Strauss, Susquehanna, 12-15, 4.45ERA, 89OPS+
4 Raul Crespo, Puerto Rico, only played 5 games due to injury
5 Todd Luquette, California, 7-11, 4.19ERA, 95ERA+ with Huron and Florida
CL Jake Pawlowski, California, 40Saves, 1.60ERA, 13.1K/9, won Gervais award with Huron
Other notable bullpen arms: Oscar Torrez, Dave Meisel, Tim Dagesse

Now with a bona fide ace starter and lockdown closer in their midst the Redwoods look to finally strike the Pacific. They theoretically match up very well against Dakota, but matchups aren’t won on paper. As long as they can stay away from the injury bug that has historically hurt them, they should be fine. However, their salary is absurdly high, and with many prospects on their way up it could end up hurting them once payday rings.

last year 71-91, 6th in Pacific
3rd ranked farm system (RHP Rich Platte #4, LHP Paolo Barreau #11, RHP Greg Cone #25)
Payroll $1,686,476 - 8th
Lineups and Pitching

C Justin Harris, Texas, .185/.296/.240, 52OPS+
1B Dave Rhein, Great Lakes, .247/.388/.401, 122OPS+ won Deshayes award, entering age 42 season
2B David Millan, Mexico, .245/.323/.381, 96OPS+ won Deshayes award with Plymouth
3B Angelo Alonzo, Mexico, .310/.394/.487, 145OPS+ won Frey award with Astoria
SS Ryan Irvin, Texas, .181/.273/.295, 60OPS+
LF David Moran, Texas, .305/.370/.472, 135OPS+
CF Katsumi Canio, Brazil, .344/.387/.481, 232Hits (record), 73SBs, 10.1WAR won Deshayes, Frey, and Baxter
RF Paul Butler, Rocky Mountains, .290/.366/.476, 135OPS+

1 Jeremy Kiely, Susquehanna, 14-20, 4.68ERA, 85ERA+
2 Juan Manjarrez, Texas, 12-18, 4.95ERA 80ERA+
3 Johnny Martinez, Texas, 2.87ERA in 15 innings
4 Josh Berenson, Florida, 8-15, 5.14ERA, 77ERA+
5 Bobby Crocitto, Louisiana, 4.07ERA in 60 innings last years #4 prospect
CL Kyle McMurphy, Rocky Mountains, 25Saves, 1.30ERA, 306ERA+ won Gervais
Other notable bullpen arms: Alex Schepers, and prospects Greg Cone and Rich Platte

The LaunchSquad is back, this time with Frey winner Angelo Alonzo. The young Canio is coming off a historic season and Galveston has had the first to Baxter winners in the Pacific despite not making the playoffs. Last year their pitching was a HUGE weakness, this year really doesn’t look much better besides the addition of Schepers. But with 2 rookies and Crocitto’s first full season could come plenty of surprises. Irvin and Millan are both former Hernandez winners so even though they lack offense they make up for it with their gloves. Honestly, I don’t think even this offense can overcome their dismal pitching “core”.

Atlantic Conference
last season 80-82, 3rd in Atlantic
5th ranked farm system (RHP Matt Frizzell #5, RHP Keith Badey #10, RHP Geoff Bolen #35)
Payroll $2,183,200 - 4th
Lineup and Pitching

C Alex Respighi, Venezuela, .256/.324/.324, 81OPS+
1B Ray Tolbert, Cascadia, .302/.432/.488, 155OPS+ 
2B Corey Kruskamp, Rocky Mountains, .291/.353/.465 in 33 games
3B Brian Sky, Virginia, .258/.333/.347, 89OPS+
SS Ben Baier, The Dakotas, no stats, rookie season. #86 ranked prospect
LF Randy Golden, Virginia, .247/.314/.339, 82OPS+
CF Gary Urbanczyk, Susquehanna, .266/.385/.579, 27HRs in 79 games
RF Tom Mackey, Great Lakes, .316/.372/.515, 145OPS+
DH David Westland, Cascadia, .307/.397/.413, 125OPS+

1 Brian Van Winkle, 14-13, 3.72ERA, 109ERA+
2 Lee Ray, The Dakotas, 16-12, 4.67ERA, 86ERA+
3 Roberto Gomez, Texas, only pitched 4 innings last year due to injury
4 Matt Richardson, Suusquehanna, 14-11, 4.13ERA, 98ERA+
5 Danny Loyola, Dominican Republic, 9-8, 4.15ERA, 97ERA+
CL Steve Williamson, Virginia, 12saves, 3.93ERA
Other notable bullpen arms: none

Urbanczyk has played exactly 79 games each of the last 2 years, combining to a 10.1WAR. If he stays healthy, the Admirals may have a chance… well, that and 20 other things have to go right. I’m honestly surprised anyone can have a worse pitching situation than Galveston. At least they have prospects to hope for, Chesapeake doesn’t have any ready for at least another year, even then might be too soon. Tolbert, Mackey, Van Winkle, Westland, and Kruskamp are all FAs after next season, Urbanczyk the season after that. Only Lee Ray is locked up long term. For a team that has to win now, they really don’t look like they are trying.

last season 79-83, 4th in Atlantic
7th ranked farm system (LHP Mario Anguiano #14, RF Savion Jones #15, C John Alcock #34)
Payroll $1,498,458 - 12th
Lineup and Pitching

C Ashton Smith, Georgia, .220/.309/.288 in 63 games
1B Blake Caldwell, Great Lakes, played 8 games with Astoria and Florida
2B Juan Torres, Florida, .298/.350/.420, 113OPS+
3B Chris Shepherd, Great Lakes, .260/.405/.403, 125OPS+
SS Bill Ashton, Arctic Circle, .210/.317/.312, in 54 games
LF Jesse Haskins, California, .243/.339/.351, 37SBs, 92OPS+ won Deshayes award
CF Jerome Shackelford, Florida, .208/.274/.292, 57OPS+
RF Savion Jones, Georgia, no stats, rookie season. #15 ranked prospect
DH Mike McIntyre, Texas, played 18 games with Galveston

1 Steven Dorsey, Susquehanna, 9-12, 3.32ERA, 122ERA+ won Castaneda award
2 Alejandro Escarcega, Dominican Republic, 9-2, 2.71ERA in injury shortened season
3 Steve Fortman, Florida, 16-16, 4.23ERA, 96ERA+
4 Craig LeBlanc, Florida, 10-9, 3.84ERA, 103ERA+ with Dakota
5 Jose Orozco, Dominican Republic, 17-12, 4.30ERA, 94ERA+
CL Mike Hilger, Rocky Mountains, 35Saves, 1.72ERA, 16.4ERA+ 2nd in Gervais voting
Other notable bullpen arms: Harold Sykes, Pat Paul, and Philip Auricchio

After a surprise near .500 season the Orange Birds look to reach .500 just 2 seasons after losing 105 games. As always with many young players, this year highlighting Savion Jones, who is considered to be the future of Georgia baseball. Steven Dorsey, after winning the Castaneda award looks to lead this highly underrated rotation and bullpen in what could be a surprise playoff run. I would say they have more of a chance than Chesapeake… but honestly I don’t see either happening unless the unexpected happens. 

last season 63-99, 6th in Atlantic
10th ranked farm system (CF Jeremy Cooper #3, 1B Roger Huseinovic #32, LHP David Gonzalez #41)
Payroll $1,622,839 – 10th
Lineup and Pitching

C Keith Lopes, California, .289/.351/.464, 128OPS+ won Frey award
1B Howard Faxon, Arctic Circle, played 23 games last season
2B Brent Gomer, New England, .262/.354/.363, 102OPS+
3B Bobby Russell, Susquehanna, .229/.302/.350 83OPS+
SS Ben Cintron, California, .224/.271/.335, 70OPS+ (injured achilles, out 3-4 months)
LF George Powers, Quebec, .275/.389/.415, 127OPS+
CF Peter Keith, Florida, played 33 games last season
RF Sam Boyd, Great Lakes, .265/.314/.426, 107OPS+ won Deshayes award
DH Danny Hill, Susquehanna, .231/.297/.324 in 74 games with Chesapeake

1 Adam Minke, Susquehanna, 12-17, 4.46ERA, 89ERA+
2 Bernie Rosado, Susquehanna, 12-12, 4.06ERA, 98ERA+ with Astoria
3 Ross Whitehead, Maritimes, 20-10, 3.35ERA, 120ERA+ with Huron
4 Josh Dorshorst, Susquehanna, 9-18, 4.71ERA, 85ERA+
5 Rich Lowder, Hawaii, 6-13, 5.59ERA, 71ERA+
CL Anton Latorre, Dominican Republic, 27Saves, 1.55ERA, 17.7K/9
Other notable bullpen arms: Josh Burford and Walker Green

Germantown is in a surprisingly good spot for a quick rebuild. While they really don’t have a lot in terms of prospects, what they do have is money, young stars locked down (Minke, Rosado, Powers, Cintron, and Boyd all here for at least 4 more seasons) and plenty of good domestic talent. With domestic players locked up long term it allows the team to have more freedom to spend on FA foreigners to help bolster the lineups. Given another year or 2 once Cooper is playing they can make another run for it.

last season 90-72, 2nd in Atlantic, lost Atlantic Series to Trois Rivieres
11th ranked farm system (SS Ron Mudd #21, RHP Ivan Ramirez #39, RHP Eric Reed #43)
Payroll $2,392,076 - 3rd
Lineup and Pitching 

C Kevin Magid, Rocky Mountains, .244/.349/.357, 98OPS+
1B Jose Pineda, Louisiana, .250/.323/.425, 28HRs, 108OPS+ with Baton Rouge
2B Tom Phelan, Quebec, .290/.341/.385, 103OPS+ won Frey award
3B Rio Carr, New England, .217/.282/.322, 69OPS+ won Deshayes award
SS Mike McClary, Texas, .311/.384/.414, 124OPS+ with Cheyenne
LF Alexis Hernandez, Cuba, .273/.353/.362, 101OPS+
CF Robby Roberto, Texas, .238/.298/.377, 88OPS+
RF Ray Toth, Hawaii, .275/.379/.420, 123OPS+
DH Fernando Criado, California, .249/.339/.451, 120OPS+ in injury shortened season

1 Josh Newcomer, Great Lakes, 16-11, 3.25ERA, 123ERA+
2 Jaylin Wallace, Great Lakes, 11-13, 3.44ERA, 117ERA+
3 Julio Sanchez, 16-11, 2.75ERA, 146ERA+
4 Anthony Bunting, Great Lakes, 2.04ERA in 57 innings
5 Jaivin Cano, Louisiana, 5-10, 4.57ERA with Germantown
(ace  Mario Olmedo, is out the entire season)
CL Eric Reed, Susquehanna, no stats, rookie season, #43 ranked prospect
Other notable bullpen arms: Shane Carothers, Kevin McConnell, Sergio Villalta

Huron’s contract room is amazing to look at. Criado and McClary are locked up until the end of the decade, Newcomer, Sanchez, Robberto, Phelan, Magid, and Carr are here for 3-5 years. While 38 year olds Jaylin Wallace and Mario Olmedo who make $166k each are set to be FA this off-season taking a load off the books to help sign younger talent. Though, this means this is probably the end for Olmedo in Huron. They definitely have a shot at the who shebang even if the cards don’t fall.

last season 69-93, 5th in Atlantic
6th ranked farm system (RHP Matt Kenney #2, LF Matunde Simai #18, CF Jonathon Parsons #27)
Payroll $2,166,040 - 5th
Lineup and Pitching

C William Roehm, New England, .221/.297/.364, 84OPS+
1B Oscar Morales, Puerto Rico, .298/.375/.547, 37HRs, 153OPS+ won Frey with Florida
2B D.W. Manning, Georgia, .305/.405/.409, 128OPS+ with Huron
3B Matt Bentz, Virginia, .226/.272/.318, 65OPS+
SS Marty McDuffie, Susquehanna, no stats, rookie season. #78 ranked prospect
LF Nick Parsons, Louisiana, .313/.394/.491, 146OPS+
CF Jonathon Parsons, Great Lakes, no stats, rookie season. #27 ranked prospect
RF Tom Paddock, Cascadia, .298/.375/.460, 132OPS+ won Frey award
DH Eric Hughes, New England, .230/.353/.365, 101OPS+

1 Vince Benbow, Australia, 18-6, 2.50ERA, 0.1HR/9, 161ERA+
2 Matt Mauck, Texas, 15-14, 3.04ERA, 200Ks, 132ERA+
3 Brent Wilson, New England, 13-4, 2.65ERA, 150ERA+ with Dakota
4 Jay Bloodworth, New England, 8-12, 3.79ERA, 106ERA+
5 Ben Mann, Susquehanna, no stats, rookie season. Unranked and undrafted
CL Nick Hartle, The Dakotas, 29Saves, 2.04ERA, 197ERA+
Other notable bullpen arms: Bobby Barela and Christian Love

I’m not sure why OOTP ranks them so poorly this year. The additions of Morales, Manning, and Wilson are perfect for what they need. Jonathan Parsons looks to be a Castaneda candidate as well with Kenney potentially making appearances later into the season. I could easily see them fighting for the 2nd spot in the Atlantic regardless of luck.

 last season 99-63, 1st in Atlantic, lost NABF Championship Series to Dakota
9th ranked farm system (RHP Eddie Salazar #20, CF Jon Buckley #23, SS Christian Dubois #29, RHP Jorge Franco #31)
Payroll $1,961,054 - 6th
Lineup and Pitching

C Gilbert Cove, The Dakotas, .181/.261/.235, with Eureka
1B Kyle Thompson, California, .322/.416/.684, 61HRs, 169RBIs, 202OPS+ won Frey and Baxter
2B Kyle Carlton, Susquehanna, played 2 games last year
3B Andy Rico, Venezuela, .292/.373/.470, 134OPS+ won Frey award
SS Jason Martin, Susquehanna, .280/.358/.422, 15Triples, 117OPS+
LF Hervé Barthélémy, Quebec, .305/.415/.621, 157RBIs, 185OPS+ won Frey award
CF Mark Chapman, Quebec, .313/.352/.447, 123OPS+ with Baton Rouge
RF Ron Peterson, Arctic Circle, .298/.373/.470 in 54 games, won Atlantic Series MVP
DH Joe Delli Santi, Virginia, no stats, rookie season. #68 ranked prospect

1 Leon Lopez, Puerto Rico, 18-6, 2.91ERA, 240Ks, 138ERA+
2 Danny Avila, Colombia, 21-8, 3.06ERA, 132ERA+ won Taylor 
3 Jorge Franco, Panama, no stats rookie season. #31 ranked prospect
4 Jesse Conway, Quebec, 15-12, 4.81ERA, 84ERA+
5 Jorge Garcia, Dominican Republic, 10-14, 5.02ERA, 79ERA+ with Galveston
CL Ryan Nixon, Cascadia, 40Saves, 1.85ERA, 218ERA+ 
Other notable bullpen arms: Bob O’Brien and Johan Mathieu

Coming off one of the best seasons ever, the Harfang do a quick retool. Trading Adler and signing Chapman. As well as bringing up prospects Delli Santi and Franco (and first full season for Peterson) adds more youth to the lineup at the cost of some depth, but that could be fixed by signing an unsigned veteran if needed. Speaking of, depth really is their main issue. Outside of their main stars they really don’t have much besides fringe backups and loose prospects. But with the 2-Headed Beast (Thompson and Barthélémy) it might never matter for a long time. 

OOTP Pre-Season Predictions
Pacific Conference:
Eureka Redwoods 95-67
Galveston Launch 91-71
Cheyenne Buffalo 90-72
Dakota Eagles 82-80
Baton Rouge Cajuns 76-86
Astoria Osprey 74-88

Atlantic Conference:
Huron Gryphons 95-67
Trois Rivieres Harfang 93-69
Florida Flamingos 80-82
Chesapeake Admirals 74-88
Plymouth Pilgrims 64-98
Germantown Pretzels 60-102

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

Seems interesting, definitely curious on what sort of event would cause the whole of North America to fracture in such a way.


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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

Darknes wrote:

Seems interesting, definitely curious on what sort of event would cause the whole of North America to fracture in such a way.

So I don't have all the lore figured out, but there wouldn't be a singular event to cause it like one may expect. My current running idea is that after the American Revolution, many of the 13 Colonies couldn't adapt to one another and either elected to become their own country (Georgia, Virginia) or combined with a few fellow states (New England, Susquehanna). So from about 1790-1950 everything would be completely different; Manifest Destiny wouldn't be as impactful, Canada fights a war against everyone else, and the French and Spanish colonies last much longer before getting their own independence (California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and sorta the Rocky Mountains). And most of present time to 2100s where this takes place is pretty normal, the only other country I added was the East African Federation but i doubt they will show up at all besides maybe some dual-citizenships with Georgia. I may go more into detail with countries during the World Cups or when talking about expansion teams. 

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

2103 Regular Season

Florida would get to a hot start winning 7 straight, led by rookie Savion Jones who hit over .500 in those games. However, their streak would end when RHP Steve Fortman would tear his UCL, the 38-year old would be out the rest of the season and may end his career. Despite that, Florida would stand atop the Atlantic by the end of April. Dakota, Trois, Germantown, and Huron would all reach 6 game winning streaks in the first month. With Galveston and Baton Rouge having a pair of matching losing streaks. For the Cajuns their issue was mostly hitting, however they would figure it out in the second half of April, led by Herold and Wagoner who hit 9 and 10 home runs, respectively. Dakota’s Trevor Reardon would have 21 stolen bases in April, he is on pace for 126. The Eagles would soar, starting the season 20-7. Plymouth would collapse in April, with only 2B Manning posting a respectable stat line. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC - Jake Herold .326avg, 9HRs, 18RBIs (BR)
AC - Gary Urbanczyk .274avg, 9HRs, 22RBIs (CHS)
Pitchers of the Month: 
PC - Felix Hernandez 4-0, 1.64ERA, 51Ks (DAK)
AC - Mike Hilger 8 saves in 8 opportunities, 1 run in 15 innings and 28Ks (FLA)
Rookies of the Month:
PC - LHP Bobby Brooks 2-1, 3.10ERA, 22Ks (DAK)
AC - RF Savion Jones .290avg, 3HRs, 10SBs (FLA)


May would be a month of triumph or despair for many teams. Eureka would go 22-8 in May, ending the month a game above Dakota. Cheyenne would enter the month with an 8 game losing streak and sit below .500 for what feels like the first time ever. Florida would fall hard, going 6-23 and yet sit tied in 3rd in the Atlantic after Germantown matched them 8-22. Huron would dominate going 22-6, only losing 1 game to a team under .500. So far it looks like the league may be a 4 pony race again. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC - Eric Titus .405avg, 4HRs, 19RBIs (CHY)
AC - Kyle Thompson .442avg, 15HRs, 40RBIs and 35Runs (TR) (only 1 MLB hitter has had more since 1960)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC - Ben Denman 5-1, 1.38ERA, 35Ks (EUR)
AC - Leon Lopez 5-0, 1.10ERA, 45Ks (TR)
Rookies of the Month:
PC - LHP Bobby Brooks 4-1, 3.11ERA, 26Ks (DAK) x2
AC - RHP Eric Reed, 9 Saves in 11 opportunities, 1.26ERA, 13Ks (HUR)


Horrid news for the Buffalo, after climbing to be within 1 game of .500, LHP Steve Francen would tear his UCL and be out until the middle of next season. He is the 3rd major starter for Cheyenne to get injured this season. Cheyenne really needs to put money into their training staff. In an amazing duel, 39-year old Brad Fenimore charges the mound on 22-year old Bobby Brooks after he complained that the veteran was taking too long to get into the box then threw very inside. After Fenimore, who has 93 career home runs, decided to clock about just as many right hooks into the rookie. Both were suspended 6 games by the league. When asked about the altercation, Fenimore said “All that happened was I slipped and fell due to my age and punched him 37 times.” In the same press conference, Fenimore announced his retirement as well. Brooks before the incident had a 3.10ERA, in the 5 games since he has an 11.77ERA. I think it's safe to say Fenimore permanently disfigured him. Despite being well in first place, Huron decides to experiment with bringin DH Criado back into the field at second, and moving 2B/SS Tom Phelan to center field, a position he has never played. But this allows Philippe Thomas to become their daily DH, Thomas is currently leading the team in OPS+ but has had limited playing time due to 1B Pineda and DH/2B Criado. Criado won a Deshayes at 2B in 2101. While Huron’s starting CF Roberto is currently injured for the rest of the month. Astoria, who were in 3rd and 2 games above .500, would go on a horrid 1-14 streak to close out the month, falling to last in the Pacific. 
Hitters of the Month: 
PC - Eric Titus .468avg, 4HRs, 16RBIs (CHY) x2 brings his season avg above .400
AC - Hervé Barthélémy .409avg, 10HRs, 25RBIs, 35Runs (TR)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC - Felix Hernandez 5-1, 1.23ERA, 48Ks (DAK) x2
AC - Jorge Franco 6-0, 2.72ERA, 27Ks (TR)
Rookies of the Month:
PC - CF Joseph Wallace .289avg, 13RBIs, 13Runs (BR)
AC - RHP Jorge Franco 6-0, 2.72ERA, 27Ks (TR)


By the All-Star game it appears that the playoff teams have already been decided. Dakota and Eureka have a 15.5 game lead over 3rd place while Trois and Huron have a 16.5 lead over 3rd. It appears the “drama” of this season will come down to home field advantage, 1st overall draft position, and player stats. During the All-Star break, Eureka would extend CL Jake Pawlowski, 4 years with AAV of $106k, the largest contract for a reliever to date. In shocking news, Chesapeake 4th outfielder Chris Salazar, who has been one of their better hitters this season, would retire on the spot in order to donate his kidney to his brother.
Here are the standings as of the All Star Break
Eureka Redwoods 59-31
Dakota Eagles 57-31
Cheyenne Buffalo 43-46
Baton Rouge Cajuns 42-47
Astoria Osprey 39-49
Galveston Launch 39-50

Trois Rivieres Harfang 54-33
Huron Gryphons 52-37
Florida Flamingos 38-50
Chesapeake Admirals 38-51
Plymouth Pilgrims 36-52
Germantown Pretzels 35-55

In the HR Derby, Chesapeake’s Gary Urbanczyk would beat Huron’s Fernando Criado in the finals. 
Dakota’s 1B/2B Larry Adair would win All-Star Game MVP, helping the Pacific win for the 3rd straight time. 

In other news, there would finally be a deadline deal, as Dakota would trade 2 prospects (#16 CF Ivan Najera and unranked 2B Julian Reynolds) to Germantown for reliever Josh Burford. Dakota looks to shure up their bullpen which is mostly held together by 2 pitchers. Germantown would continue to trade off assets, this time reliever Alex Garcia to Huron for 3 prospects, headlined by Susquehanna native reliever Eric Reed who has been phenomenal for Huron this season, but also #54 RHP Ryan Hoskins and unranked C Andrew Vandivier. Surprisingly, Germantown did not trade CL Anton Latorre, ‘El Loco’ has been in an infamously infuriated mood since last season due to the Pretzels struggles, constantly ripping every facet of the team. Yet, Latorre is still on the team, and still their closer. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC - Jake Herold .383avg, 11HRs, 28RBIs (BR) x2
AC - Ray Tolbert .304avg, 6HRs, 16RBIs (CHS)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC - Juan Manjarrez 4-1, 3.16ERA, .211opponents avg (GAL) (guess they got tired of Hernandez)
AC - Julio Sanchez 4-2, 1.99ERA, 32Ks (HUR) 
Rookies of the Month:
PC - Bobby Brooks 3-0, 3.15ERA, 27Ks (DAK) x3 (guess the scars healed)
AC - Jorge Franco 4-2, 1.93ERA, 24Ks (TR) x2


Cheyenne began the month by throwing poo against the wall to see if it sticks. Moving CL Ben Nickel and relievers Warren Bourdon and Jose Guerrero to the rotation due to all the injuries they keep having, currently 5 different starters are out with significant time (2 will miss most if not all of next season). Maybe it’s time to start blaming the altitude. Though I’d rather blame team trainer Jake McCullough. Despite this, Cheyenne would grind their way to .500, which normally would just be a feel good story, but no, they are the first team to reach a .500 record (besides the obvious playoff teams) since JUNE 21st. Almost 2 whole months ago. Though, they are still 17 games behind Dakota. Cheyenne would end the month with an 8 game winning streak. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC - Jake Herold .330avg 9HRs, 20RBIs (BR) x3
AC - Hervé Barthélémy .363avg, 10HRs, 33RBIs (TR) x2
Pitchers of the Month: 
PC - Sebastian Moore 6-0, 1.89ERA, 35Ks (CHY)
AC - Josh Newcomer 4-1, 0.94ERA, 40Ks (HUR) 
Rookies of the Month:
PC - Bobby Brooks 3-1, 2.45ERA, 24Ks (DAK) x4
AC - Jorge Franco 3-2, 3.09ERA, 20Ks (TR) x3


Barring an otherworldly collapse, the main storylines this month would be stats. CHY Eric Titus is currently batting .393. Galveston’s Katsumi Canio is on pace to shatter his own hit record he set last season. CHY Brad Fenimore, who is in his farewell tour, is 5 home runs away from finishing with 100 for his limited career. DAK Felix Hernandez has already broken his own strikeout record, and is set to have the greatest pitching season ever, with a 1.32ERA. In the Atlantic an ERA battle is going on between Huron teammates Josh Newcomer and Jaylin Wallace entering the month with 2.19 and 2.20ERA respectively. Despite their dominance, the current pitching WAR leaders in the Atlantic are both relievers-GER Anton Latorre and FLA Mike Hilger. The latter has only given up 5 runs the entire season, 4 of them being solo shots. TR Ryan Nixon and GAL Kyle McMurphy similarly have only given up 5 runs, though both have half the WAR. McMurphy also has not given up a home run yet, and actually, has only given up 1 in his 229 career innings pitched. Both McMurphy and Hilger have an ERA+ in the 600s, I can’t believe they are both on sub-.500 teams. Of course I’m writing all of these with a whole month left so who knows what could happen. Halfway through, Titus’ average would drop to .377, and out of the hunt. Hernandez broke 300Ks. Newcomer takes a short lead in ERA. In a surprising game, Harfang rookie pitcher, Jorge Garcia, threw a no-hitter. Against none other than Eureka, one of the best offenses in the league. It is also the second time a Harfang rookie has thrown a no-hitter. This would be during an 11 game win streak for the SnowBirds which would give them their first commanding lead of 1st in the Atlantic. While Eureka would go 2-11 which gives Dakota a 3 game lead with a week left in the season. Horrible news in the final week for Gryphons fans, SS Mike McClary would break his hand and will miss the playoffs. Other than Titus’ pursuit of .400 and Fenimore’s goal of 100, basically every other insane milestone or stat would be accomplished. Personally, I would like to highlight Felix Hernandez, who finished with a 12WAR. The highest in modern MLB history? Roger Clemens with 11.9, and he was taking a balanced breakfast. Bob Gibson’s 1968 which forced a rule change? 11.2. Surprisingly, no team finished with 100 losses, and Germantown was just barely able to avoid being the worst in the league with a 5 game winning streak to end the season… which screwed them out of the 1st overall pick so maybe not the best choice. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC - David Moran .343avg, 6HRs, 22RBIs (GAL)
AC - Fernando Criado .344avg, 7HRs, 23RBIs (HUR)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC - Ben Denman 5-1, 1.41ERA, 38Ks (EUR) x2
AC - Ryan Nixon 9 Saves, 15Ks in 13 innings, 0 runs allowed (TR)
Rookies of the Month:
PC - Pat Dow 16Ks in 14 innings of relief, 3.68ERA (2.83ERA for the season) (DAK)
AC - Keith Badey 8 Saves, 6Ks in 9 innings, 0.96ERA (CHS)

2103 Regular Season Standings" style="max-width:100%;">

League Stat Leaders:

Batting Average
PC: (CHY) Eric Titus .367 (record), (GAL) Katsumi Canio .347, (GAL) Paul Butler .318
AC: (TR) Hervé Barthélémy .332, (HUR) Mike McClary .332 (4 ten-thousandths of a difference), (CHS) David Westland .318
Home Runs
PC: (BR) Jake Herold 50, (BR) Matthew Wagoner 46, (EUR) Mel Velez 37
AC: (TR) Kyle Thompson 49, (TR) Hervé Barthélémy 47, (CHS) Gary Urbanczyk 43
PC: (BR) Jake Herold 137, (GAL) Paul Butler 129, (BR) Matthew Wagoner 129
AC: (TR) Hervé Barthélémy 131, (HUR) Fernando Criado 130, (TR) Kyle Thompson 128
On-Base + Slugging
PC: (BR) Jake Herold 1.013, (CHY) Eric Titus 1.003, (GAL) Paul Butler .934
AC: (TR) Hervé Barthélémy 1.115 (record), (TR) Kyle Thompson 1.105, (CHS) Gary Urbanczyk .985
Stolen Bases
PC: (GAL) Katsumi Canio 62, (DAK) Trevor Reardon 62, (AST) Ryan Lowery 53
AC: (FLA) Savion Jones 58 (rookie), (PLY) Jonathan Parsons 40 (rookie), (PLY) Tom Paddock 38
Batting WAR
PC: (DAK) Ian Brinley 9.0, (GAL) Katsumi Canio 8.8, (CHY) Eric Titus 8.6 
AC: (TR) Hervé Barthélémy 10.0, (CHS) Gary Urbanczyk 8.9, (HUR) Mike McClary 8.1

PC: (DAK) Felix Hernandez 25 (record), (EUR) Ben Denman 25 (record), (BR) Omar Saldana 17
AC: (TR) Leon Lopez 22, (TR) Jesse Conway 20, (TR) Jorge Franco 20 (rookie)
PC: (DAK) Felix Hernandez 328 (record), (CHY) Marty Hodge 225, (BR) Omar Saldana 187
AC: (TR) Leon Lopez 257, (GER) Adam Minke 207, (HUR) Josh Newcomer 195
PC: (DAK) Felix Hernandez 1.33 (record), (EUR) Ben Denman 2.26, (AST) Andrew Redepenning 2.71
AC: (HUR) Josh Newcomer 2.43, (HUR) Jaylin Wallace 2.64, (HUR) Julio Sanchez 2.65
PC: (GAL) Kyle McMurphy 41 (ties record), (EUR) Jake Pawlowski 35, (DAK) David Pugh 28
AC: (TR) Ryan Nixon 36, (PLY) Nick Hartle 32, (GER) Anton Latorre 31
Pitching WAR
PC: (DAK) Felix Hernandez 12.0 (record), (EUR) Ben Denman 9.6, (CHY) Marty Hodge 9.3
AC: (FLA) Mike Hilger 7.3, (GER) Anton Latorre 7.1, (HUR) Jaylin Wallace 6.9 

If there are any other stats you would like to see at the end of the season, just ask.

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

2103 Playoffs

Pacific Conference Series
First time the Eagles don’t have to face the Buffalo in the Conference Series. The defending champs (Dakota) feature the highest scoring offense in the entire league and the triple crown winning, record-setting ace, Felix Hernandez. Other than Hernandez, their rotation is a little weak, Adam Harless and Juan Donate have ERA in the low 4s, while rookie Bobby Brooks has a 3.60. However, their bullpen is essentially a who’s who. Pat Dow, Eddie Hall, Mike Kohn, Josh Burford (since in Dakota), and David Pugh all have an under 3 ERA. Eureka features the best pitching in the Pacific (according to runs against), led by Ben Denman and Jose Lopez. With an equally as good bullpen with Jeff Caron, Oscar Torrez, Xiao-yan Kang, and the Butcher, Jake Pawlowski. Despite the Eagles leading the NABF in runs, their HR leader is Ian Brinley with 21, Eureka has 3 players above that total (Velez 37, Garza 31, Krug 22). 

Game 1: EUR Ben Denman (25-5, 2.26) vs DAK Juan Donate (12-10, 4.54)
Eagles would score first, against their former ace, with an RBI triple by Trevor Reardon. But Donate would begin to fold as Eureka kept hitting RBI doubles against him. The Eagles could not mount a comeback.
EUR 7 - 3 DAK

Game 2: EUR Jose Lopez (8-6, 2.78) vs DAK Felix Hernandez (25-3, 1.33)
In the 4th the Eagles would score 6, on the back of a Brinley 3 run home run. Which was plenty enough for ‘El Rey’ Hernandez. He would only allow 1 run on 5 hits with an NABF record 12Ks in a dismantling of the Redwoods.
EUR 1 - 9 DAK

Game 3: DAK Adam Harless (10-9, 4.15) vs EUR Jake Hale (12-14, 4.00)
After trading blowouts, the series finally calmed down. A 1-1 pitchers duel entering the 7th. Harless would give up 2 home runs (Garza and Beals). Then entered the 8th and gave up 3 runs without an out. Harless would get pulled and Pawlowski would come into the 9th and secure the win for Eureka.
DAK 1 - 7 EUR

Game 4: DAK Bobby Brooks (13-7, 3.60) vs EUR Todd Luquette (13-7, 3.35)
Dakota would score early with a 3-run homer by Brinley. But in the 4th, Brooks would completely collapse, a bases loaded hit by pitch and 4 other runs would score that inning. A home run by Garza in the 7th would seal the game for the Redwoods, now only 1 win away from their first championship series.
DAK 4 - 8 EUR

Game 5: DAK Doug McFarland (8-11, 5.30) vs EUR Ben Denman (25-5, 2.26)
Many were speculating that Hernandez would pitch on 4 days rest, but instead Dakota would use McFarland who had been their 5th arm in the rotation. Many criticized the move, but McFarland would enter the 8th without giving up a run. And due to a Ron Young sac fly the Eagles were up 1-0. Normally, you would think Dakota would switch in a reliever or even CL Pugh for a 6 out save, but no they kept McFarland out and… he got the first 2 outs. But then surrendered 2 straight singles. So now this is when you would bring in the closer… nope. Ritter Ammann would hit a go-ahead 2-run double. All the Redwoods needed to do was send Pawlowski out for the 9th, and he cleaned house. Eureka wins and goes to their first ever Championship Series. 1B Mel Velez would win series MVP.
DAK 1 - 2 EUR

Atlantic Conference Series
Rematch of the previous season. Trois has made the Conference Series in all of their seasons, but has not been able to win the title yet. Despite the Harfang winning more games, the Gryphons have won the season series 9-6. Both feature the 1st and 2nd ranked Offense/Defense in the league. Huron has the rotation of nightmares in the playoffs, their “worst” starter is Steven Crossman with a 3.27ERA, the rest are all below 2.65. Their mid-season acquisition of CL Alex Garcia has paid dividends, the Colombian is throwing 1.64ERA with 11.7K/9 rate since joining. However, they are facing injuries to Mike McClary, Jorge Baez, and Mario Olmedo. The latter of which has missed the entire season. Trois will out Ron Peterson and Jesse Conway. Though the Snow’Birds don’t have the notoriety of Huron’s rotation, they have former Taylor winner Danny Avila, plus Atlantic strikeout king Leon Lopez, and rookie Jorge Franco. However, it is their bullpen of real note. CL Ryan Nixon has given up only 5 runs all season, with an ERA+ of 672. He is flanked by Bob O’Brien, Johan Mathieu, Dale Peterson, and Farid Garcia. I don’t think I have to elaborate on their offense? Led by the 2-Headed Beast of Kyle Thompson and Hervé Barthélémy, who have combined for 205HRs over the last 2 seasons. Paired with strong rookie performances from C Josh Lemon, SS Christian Dubois, 2B Kyle Carlton, and DH Joe Delli Santi make for a venomous lineup with ageless potential. 

Game 1: HUR Julio Sanchez (20-9, 2.65) vs TR Leon Lopez (22-6, 2.69)
The table would be set, fans in attendance, the only thing missing would be the food. Don’t worry Julio Sanchez would bring all the meatballs. Barthélémy would hit 2 homers (2 more than last playoffs) and score 4 runs. Thompson would have a homer of his own, while Delli Santi had a bases loaded, base clearing double. Rico, Martin, and Dubois would record RBIs of their own in an absolute blowout. Lopez and Garcia would combine to only allow 4 hits all game.
HUR 0 - 12 TR

Game 2: HUR Jaylin Wallace (17-10, 2.64) vs TR Danny Avila (11-17, 4.40)
The 39-year old southpaw would match last year’s Taylor winner. Both pitched 8 innings only allowing 4 hits and 1 walk. However, Wallace happened to give his up seemingly in the same inning. With rookies Dubois and Carlton hitting back to back RBIs singles to squeeze out a win.
HUR 0 - 2 TR

Game 3: TR Jorge Franco (20-7, 3.35) vs HUR Josh Newcomer (19-7, 2.43)
The Trois rookie would be phenomenal, only mistake was beaning Ray Toth would come around to score. Which would tie the game 1-1 entering the 9th. Huron would put in CL Alex Garcia to send it to extras, he would give up a leadoff single to Andy Rico who would be pinch ran by rookie Jon Buckley. Within 4 pitches, Buckley would be standing on third. A single from pinch hitter Fabrice Jean would score Buckley to take the lead. Jean would also come into score following a fielding error and another single. In all the rookie Franco would toss 8.2 innings, only giving up 5 hits. Once again, the Harfang are looking to destroy Huron to reach the championship.
TR 3 - 1 HUR

Game 4: TR Jorge Garcia (13-8, 4.71) vs HUR Steven Crossman (4-6, 3.27)
Heading into game 4, the story was how Huron had only mustered 1 run this entire series. While the loss of SS McClary was sure to be a damper to their offense, it was not expected to cause this much damage, or lack thereof. They would score at least 1 thanks to a solo shot by Ray Toth in the first. Followed by 3 more solo shots in the 6th and 7th (Magid, Sharman, and Criado (first hit of the series)). Which would give the Gryphons a 4-2 lead heading to the 8th. They would hand the ball over, once again, to Alex Garcia. With a roughly 80% chance of winning, pinch hitter Fabrice Jean would launch a 2-run jack to tie the game. Naturally, the Harfang would put in their closer, Ray Nixon. Nixon would strike out leadoff hitter Roberto. Then get Cook to ground out. Rio Carr would get a double thanks to an outfield bobble. Tom Phelan would crank a screaming line drive to right, but Serrato would be able to grab it to end the inning. Garcia back on the mound in the 9th. He would get Barthélémy to ground out. But walked Rico on 4 pitches. Martin would get a single and Rico easily got to third. With 1 out and runners on the corner, rookie C Josh Lemon would come to the plate. In a 1-1 count, Garcia would shank a slider so far it nearly rolled into the Gryphons dugout, Rico would score easily. Nothing else would happen that half-inning. Now it is all down to the Gryphons offense. Nixon had not given up a run since August. Huron would lead it off with a single up the middle by Weber. Criado would then fly to center, 1 out. Thomas would fly to left on the first pitch, 2 out. Jose Pineda would strikeout on 3 pitches to end the game and advance Trois Rivieres to their second straight finals appearance. Barthélémy would win the series MVP. (despite Garcia’s chokes this series. Gryphons would sign him to a 2 year extension the following week)
TR 5 - 4 HUR

2103 NABF Championship Series

The Harfang outscored and allowed less runs than the Redwoods did during the regular season, and won the season series 9-5. They were the favorites entering into the series. But so far no Atlantic team has been able to win the Championship. 

Game 1: EUR Jose Lopez (8-6, 2.70) vs TR Leon Lopez (22-6, 2.69)
Eureka would have 3 home runs in the opening match, however, they were all solo shots and were the only runs they could muster. While Trois would score 10 off 7 total bases for Chapman, 2 doubles for Dubois, and a Thompson home run. Leon Lopez would tie the NABF record for strikeouts in a playoff game with 12. 
EUR 3 - 10 TR

Game 2: EUR Jake Hale (12-14, 4.00) vs TR Danny Avila (11-17, 4.40)
Eureka would take a 1-0 lead after the first inning and hold it until the 7th when they rocked Danny Avila for 6 runs. The Harfang would not be able to mount a comeback against Hale who threw a complete game.
EUR 8 - 2 TR

Game 3: TR Jorge Franco (20-7, 3.35) vs EUR Ben Denman (25-5, 2.26)
Both teams would trade 1 run innings in the second and third. The rookie and the veteran would take hold of the rest of the game before handing it to their closers in the 8th. Heading into the 10th inning. Harfang’s Carlton would fly out. Then Chapman would reach on an error. Chapman would advance all the way to third after a Delli Santi single. With runners on the corners, 1 out, Thompson and Barthélémy due up. Thompson would ground out to first (Delli Santi to second), would not be able to score Chapman. The Redwoods elect to intentionally walk Barthélémy, bringing Andy Rico up with 2 outs. Rico would rocket a single to right, easily scoring Chapman to take a lead in the 10th. Next batter would strikeout to lead into the bottom of the 10th. Eureka’s leadoff hitter, Kachmar would strike out. SS Tipton smacks a soft grounder to 1st. With 2 outs, Velez would get walked on 4 pitches. Ritter Ammann would strikeout to end the game, a thrilling victory for the Harfang.
TR 3 - 2 EUR

Game 4: TR Jorge Garcia (13-8, 4.71) vs EUR Todd Luquette (13-7, 3.35)
Barthélémy and Martin would each hit a solo home run in the 2nd to take a 2-0 lead. Eureka would bounce back with 3 runs in the next 2 innings. In the 5th, with the bases loaded Barthélémy would get hit by a pitch to drive in a run. Game would be tied 4-4. In the 7th, Mel Velez would demolish a ball for a 3 run home run to take the lead. Redwoods would bring in Pawlowski who would shut the Harfang down; he has not allowed a run in 9 postseason innings so far.
TR 4 - 7 EUR

Game 5: TR Leon Lopez (22-6, 2.69) vs EUR Jose Lopez (8-6, 2.78)
The battle of the Lopez’ would end up being an offensive showcase for Garza, Ammann, and Rico. Each of them having 3 hits a piece. Garza would have 2 two-run home runs. In the 7th, down by 3, Trois had the bases loaded with 1 out, but RF Jason Martin would ground into a double play. Into the 9th, still down by 3. Leading off would be Thompson, who would smoke a linedrive single on the first pitch. Barthélémy would be walked. Andy Rico grounds into a fielder’s choice, Thompson on 3rd. Martin flies out on the first pitch. 2 outs now, C Josh Lemon would smash a double down the right-field line, but could only score 1. Danny Serrato would come to pinch hit, and would get walked. Gilberto Moreano would come to pinch hit but would fly out, Redwoods win, and are 1 game away from their 1st Championship.
TR 4 - 6 EUR

Game 6: EUR Jake Hale (12-14, 4.00) vs TR Danny Avila (11-17, 4.40)
In a do or die series for Trois, they would go down early and well stay down. California native Jake Hale would lock down the Trois batters, besides a solo shot from Thompson, Hale would only allow 4 hits the entire game. Before handing the ball to fellow Californian Jake Pawlowski who would lock down the 8th and 9th sealing the championship for the Redwoods. Ritter Ammann would get series MVP.
EUR 6 - 1 TR 

Eureka Redwoods win their first Championship Series and put the Pacific up 3-0 all time.

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

2103 Awards:

Jean Frey Awards (silver slugger equivalent)
C - Eric Titus, .367/.448/.555, 19HRs, 175wRC+, 8.6WAR (CHY) 3rd straight award
1B - Mel Velez, .297/.368/.536, 37HRs, 116Runs, 112RBIs, 5.5WAR (EUR) 
2B - Juan Garcia, .275/.345/.409 11HRs, 113wRC+, 4.4WAR (AST)
3B - Angelo Alonzo, .285/.374/.454, 22HRs, 133wRC+, 6.3WAR (GAL) 2nd award (first while playing 3rd)
SS - Ian Brinley, .290/.378/.463, 21HRs, 126RBIs, 9.0WAR (DAK) 
LF - Jake Herold, .293/.401/.612, 50HRs, 116Runs, 137RBIs, 6.4WAR (BR) 2nd award
CF - Katsumi Canio, .347/.380/.476, 234Hits, 62SBs, 120Runs, 8.8WAR (GAL) 2nd award
RF - Matthew Wagoner, .289/.352/.572, 46HRs, 129RBIs, 6.2WAR (BR) 2nd award
DH - Ritter Ammann, .304/.375/.449, 18HRs, 134wRC+, 4.4WAR (EUR) 

C - Ashton Smith, .289/.389/.415, 133wRC+, 3.0WAR (FLA)
1B - Kyle Thompson, .316/.412/.693, 49HRs, 121Runs, 128RBIs, 8.1WAR (TR) 3rd straight award
2B - D.W. Manning, .295/.443/.387, 115Walks, 140wRC+, 4.1WAR (PLY)
3B - Chris Shepherd, .276/.417/.380, 134wRC+, 3.8WAR (FLA) 2nd award
SS - Mike McClary, .332/.392/.473, 11HRs, 147wRC+, 8.1WAR (HUR) 3rd straight award (first in Atlantic Conference)
LF - Hervé Barthélémy, .332/.445/.670, 47HRs, 127Runs, 131RBIs, 10WAR (TR) 3rd straight award
CF - Gary Urbanczyk, .263/.386/.599, 43HRs, 33SBs, 175wRC+, 8.9WAR (CHS) 
RF - Tom Mackey, .300/.360/.487. 24HRs, 136wRC+, 3.8WAR (CHS) 2nd award
DH - Fernando Criado, .280/.384/.530, 38HRs, 130RBIs, 6.1WAR (HUR) 2nd award (first at DH)

Laurent Gervais Award (reliever award)
Pacific - GAL Kyle McMurphy, 41 of 43 Saves. 0.56ERA (5 runs allowed), 705ERA+ 2nd in career, 11 of 12 first place votes
EUR Jake Pawlowski, 35 of 37 Saves, 1.54ERA, 136Ks, 258ERA+ got 1 first place vote

Atlantic - FLA Mike Hilger, 22 of 22 Saves, 0.59ERA (6 runs allowed), 16.8K/9, 677ERA+ unanimous win

Sidney Ross Award (manager award)
Pacific - Cassy Ehrismann of Eureka. 100-62 record, won Pacific Series and NABF Championship.
Atlantic - Rob Noble of Trois Rivieres. 105-57 record, best record in Atlantic, won Atlantic Series. 2nd career award win.

Dimitri Deshayes Awards (gold glove equivalent)
P Ruberto Ticao (BR)
C David Tyson (AST) 3rd career
1B Larry Adair (DAK)
2B David Millan (GAL) 3rd career (with 3 different teams)
3B Angelo Alonzo (GAL)
SS Kevin Jones (AST)
LF Jon Magallanes (DAK) 3rd career
CF Katsumi Canio (GAL) 3rd career
RF Richard Kriegel (CHY)

P Brian Van Winkle (CHS) 3rd career
C Josh Lemon (TR)
1B Ray Tolbert (CHS) 2nd career
2B Juan Torres (FLA)
3B Rio Carr (HUR) 3rd career
SS Mike McClary (HUR)
LF Jorge Baez (HUR)
CF Gary Urbanczyk (CHS) 2nd career
RF Savion Jones (FLA)

Raul Hernandez Award (platinum glove equivalent) (so I was stupid and forgot to vote for this award and there’s no way to go back and fix it, so here’s who I would’ve voted for to win)
Pacific - CF Katsumi Canio (GAL) would be his first win but has always finished in top 3 voting
Atlantic - 3B Rio Carr (HUR) same as Canio, the best defensive 3B in the league.

Pedro Castaneda Award (rookie award)
Pacific - CF Joseph Wallace, .262/.324/.361, 10HRs, 25SBs, 93OPS+ (BR) 11 first place votes
LHP Bobby Brooks, 13-7, 3.60ERA, 130Ks, 110ERA+ (DAK) 1 first place vote (honestly was robbed)

Atlantic - C Josh Lemon, .264/.341/.370, 7HRs, 100OPS+, won Deshayes award (TR) 6 first place votes.
1B/DH Joe Delli Santi, .270/.378/.377, 10HRs, 106Runs, 113OPS+ (TR) 3 first place votes
RHP Jorge Franco, 20-7, 3.35ERA, 121Ks, 119ERA+ (TR) 3 first place votes
Honorable mention to FLA Savion Jones, led league with 58SBs, 11HRs, won Deshayes award, 85OPS+ but no 1st place votes (was arguably better than Wallace in the Pacific)
(pretty scary to think the consistently best Atlantic team has the top 3 Rookies and 5th place rookie as well.)

Matt Taylor Award (pitcher award)
1 Felix Hernandez, 25-3, 328Ks, 1.33ERA, 11.2K/9, 298ERA+, 12WAR (triple crown and all records as well) (DAK) 3rd straight award win, and unanimous
2 Ben Denman, 25-5, 175Ks, 2.26ERA, 1.8BB/9 (only thing he beat Felix in) 9.6WAR (EUR) dude switched teams yet finished 2nd for the 3rd straight time.
3 Marty Hodge, 14-8, 2.87ERA, 225Ks, 138ERA+, 9.3WAR (CHY) (only Cheyenne pitcher to stay healthy all season)

1 Leon Lopez, 22-6, 2.69ERA, 257Ks, 148ERA+, 6.6WAAR (TR) 11 first place votes
2 Josh Newcomer, 19-7, 2.43ERA, 195Ks, 163ERA+, 6.6WAR (HUR) 0 first place votes
3 Jaylin Wallace, 17-10, 2.64ERA, 128Ks, 150ERA+, 6.9WAR (HUR) 0 first place votes
(only other player with a first place vote was FLA CL Mike Hilger who finished 5th in voting)

Willie Baxter Award (batter award)
1 Ian Brinley, .290/.378/.463, 21HRs, 126RBIs, 9.0WAR (DAK) 7 first place votes
2 Eric Titus, .367/.448/.555, 19HRs, 181OPS+, 8.6WAR (CHY) 2 first place votes (robbed)
3 Jake Herold, .293/.401/.612, 50HRs, 137RBIs, 182OPS+ 6.4WAR (BR) 3 first place votes

1 Hervé Barthélémy, .332/.445/.670, 47HRs, 127Runs, 131RBIs, 209OPS+, 10WAR (TR) unanimous
2 Kyle Thompson, .316/.412/.693, 49HRs, 121Runs, 128RBIs, 205OPS+, 8.1WAR (TR)
3 Gary Urbanczyk, .263/386/.599, 43HRs, 33Sbs, 172OPS+, 8.9WAR (CHS) (still not a full season for the Glass Man)

2103 Draft: (covering just the first round)

1st Overall, Plymouth Pilgrims select, RHP Mike Kulbeth from Louisiana out of college. Scout Grade of 80.
2nd Overall, Florida Flamingos select, LHP Dan Miles from Texas out of high school. Scout Grade of 60.
3rd Overall, Germantown Pretzels select, CF Ernest Mott from Quebec out of college. Scout Grade of 60.
4th Overall, Astoria Osprey select, CF David Westfall from Texas out of high school. Scout Grade of 55.
5th Overall, Baton Rouge Cajuns select, CF Milt Scovell from Great Lakes out of college. Scout Grade of 55.
6th Overall, Galveston Launch select, CF John Bunkley from Susquehanna out of high school. Scout Grade 50.
7th Overall, Chesapeake Admirals select, SS Douggie Clarke from Virginia out of college. Scout Grade of 55.
8th Overall, Cheyenne Buffalo select, SS Valentin Pernot from Louisiana out of high school. Scout Grade of 50.
9th Overall, Huron Gryphons select, RHP Brad Vedder from Great Lakes out of college. Scout Grade of 60.
10th Overall, Eureka Redwoods select, RHP Dustin Cloud from The Dakotas out of college. Scout Grade of 60.
11th Overall, Dakota Eagles select, OF/1B Nestor Rivas from Rocky Mountains out of high school. Scout Grade of 50.
12th Overall, Trois Rivieres Harfang select, 3B Tom Newman from Arctic Circle out of college. Scout Grade of 50.

2103 International Rookie Signings: (just the top 6)
2B Alex Campos, Curaçao. Scout Grade of 55. Signs with Dakota.
C Han-seung Park, South Korea. Scout Grade of 55. Signs with Germantown.
LF Oscar Aguilar, Venezuela. Scout Grade of 50. Signs with Galveston.
RHP Oscar Barrera, Panama. Scout Grade of 50. Signs with Astoria.
RHP Carlos Padilla, Mexico. Scout Grade of 50. Signs with Cheyenne.
RHP Roth Reiter, Germany. Scout Grade of 50.Signs with Baton Rouge.

Roster Moves:
Top FAs
LF Hervé Barthélémy exercised his player option to leave early. The Quebec native won the Baxter this year.
RHP Felix Hernandez. The best pitcher in the league hands down. The Dominican won the triple crown and Taylor this year.
LF Paul Butler. Vastly underrated Rocky Mountaineer.
1B Ray Tolbert. A more contact/on-base first baseball and a great glove, possibly the best Cascadia player right now.
CL Anton Latorre. The Dominican has a 19.7WAR as a closer with a career 17.8K/9.

Losses: 2B Juan Garcia 4.4WAR, CL Angelo Juarez 2.9WAR, RP Rogelio Victoria 1.4WAR, SP Matt Prunier 1.2WAR
Signs LF Hervé Barthélémy, 8 years with AAV of $301k. Barthy goes back to the team he was with during the inaugural season. He also has a player opt out after year 2 just like his contract with the Harfang, doubt he will play out this contract.
Signs 1B Ray Tolbert, 4 years with AAV of $228k. The Cascadian is a 2-time Deshayes winner and has been one of the best hitters in the Atlantic with Chesapeake. 
Trades reliever Benjamin Platt to Eureka for #28 prospect SP Dusty McCord. McCord is a native of Cascadia and looks to be in their rotation next season.
Signs CL Ken Laubach, 2 years $81k each. Laubach has consistently been one of the best closers in the league despite playing his whole career in Baton Rouge.

Tired of being in last, the Osprey threw money at the wall to see if it will work. At first I really wasn’t sure of the moves as they entered the off-season with like 5 pitchers on their roster but were only signing batters. But it appears through minor trades and smaller signings they have at least enough pitchers to not totally fail like Galveston and Germantown have done in the past.

Losses: SP Ahmed Mathis 3.5WAR, SP Omar Saldana 2.2WAR, 2B Chris Edgar 1.9WAR, RP Graham Lawlor 1.5WAR, CL Ken Laubach 1.3WAR
Trades reliever Ryan Sumner to Eureka for 1B Matt Thompson. Cajuns needed a 1B and Eureka didn’t have a need for Thompson. Both have 1 more season left.
Signs CL Angelo Juarez, 1 year $102k.

Really not a good look for a team that has been fighting to be .500. They are essentially going to rely on their 2nd year prospects despite none of them really showing off last year.

Losses: 1B Ray Tolbert 4.4WAR, LF Randy Golden 1.4WAR

Umm, you okay Chesapeake? Their biggest addition is just 1 round draft pick Douggie Clarke and… William Tworek? Who hasn’t played in 2 seasons due to being awful. They have the money to go sign more, maybe by the start of the season they will… you know do something.

Losses: 2B Justin Adler 2.7WAR, LF Bobby Clark 2.3WAR, LF Ken Jones 1.0WAR
Extends RHP Rafael Santa Cruz, 5 years with AAV of $132k. Injuries have always hampered his seasons, but has a career 154ERA+. Voids 3 years of arbitration.
Extends C Eric Titus, 8 years with AAV of $229k. Titus is easily the best catcher in the league and placed 2nd in Baxter voting this year. Deal voids 2 years of arbitration.
Signed aging star RHP Mario Olmedo to a minor league deal, Olmedo missed all of 2103 and most of 2102 with injuries, the 39 year old looks to have 1 more shot.

Extended 2 of your stars to avoid arbitration is a huge win. They still have some holes in the lineup (mainly third and short). But if everyone can stay healthy, they should still be a playoff team.

Losses: SP Felix Hernandez 12.0WAR, CL David Pugh 3.4WAR, RP Eddie Hall 1.9WAR, RP Josh Burford 1.3WAR
Extends 2B/1B Larry Adair, 2 additional years at $242k AAV. The 38-year old looks to finish his career in Dakota.
Signs 3B Chris Shepherd, 4 years with AAV of $198k. 2 time Frey winner and an above-average defender. 

For a team that had relied on their pitching, they really have had a number done to them over the last few seasons. But, they make up for it by having one of the most balanced and great offenses in the league. I see no weaknesses for the offense. But, their new “ace” is rookie Bobby Brooks who has shown multiple times that he doesn’t seem to be someone that can be relied on in the big moments. CL Kohn is finally back from injury and is arguably as good as Pugh, and with good 2nd years from relievers Pat Dow and Ryan Leonard, the Eagles should still soar as usual. 

Losses: SP Jose Lopez 3.8WAR, SP Ian Strauss 3.3WAR, C Simon Krug 2.5WAR
Resigns SP Jose Lopez, 5 years with AAV of $164k. Lopez is a Californian native and was key to their championship this year.
Signs LF Jesse Haskins, 1 year $67k. Haskins is a former Deshayes winner and one of the better base-stealers in the Atlantic.
Signs RHP Felix Hernandez, 6 years with AAV of $258k. 3 straight Taylor awards and won the triple crown. They now have the only players to finish 1st and 2nd in the Taylor voting on their team.
Trades backup 1B, Matt Thompson, to Baton Rouge for reliever Ryan Sumner. Sumner has a career 2.55ERA. 
Trades #28 prospect, SP Dusty McCord to Astoria for reliever Benjamin Platt. Platt has a career 3.14ERA. 

Win the Championship, check. Build a dynasty by building up the bullpen and signing the best pitcher in the league? Check. They still have a few holes on the offense, but with the best farm system it may not affect them much. What will affect them is that they currently sit about $100k over the salary cap, something will have to be changed. Potentially trade 2B Ritter Ammann to make room for prospect Cor John?

Losses: 3B Chris Shepherd 3.8WAR, LF Jesse Haskins 2.6WAR, SP Alejandro Escarcega 2.5WAR, SP Craig LeBlanc 1.5WAR

I know they are rebuilding, but not a single player after losing 3 of your best? It’s not like they’re Trois or Eureka with tons of NABF ready prospects. Well, looks like Florida will continue their losing ways for a while.

Losses: LF Paul Butler 6.1WAR, 1B Dave Rhein 3.8WAR, 2B David Millan 2.9WAR

My complaints are similar to Florida, except Galveston still has multiple stars and multiple NABF ready prospects so this was more of a salary dump off-season. Next year will be a splurge of free agency most likely.

Losses: CL Anton Latorre 7.1WAR
Extends IF Ben Cintron, 5 years with AAV of $65k. Cintron won the Castaneda in 2101, the deal will void 3 years of arbitration. 
Extends SP Ross Whitehead, 4 years AAV of $206k. The Maritimer finally gets a long-term deal.
Signs RHP Steven Crossman, 2 years with AAV of $89k. This will be his 4th team already.
Signs CL Josh Burford, 1 year $59k. Looks to be the replacement for Latorre.

Nothing huge, but they are still rebuilding. They have a lot of pieces, if it can all come together they may have a shot at the playoffs, though I expect them to just have another rebuild year.

Losses: SP Jaylin Wallace 6.9WAR, SP Steven Crossman 1.8WAR, RF Ray Toth 1.5WAR, RHP Mario Olmedo (was injured but had been one of their best pitchers)
Resigns LHP Jaylin Wallace, 2 years with AAV of $170k. The 39-year old decides to come back again for another chance at the title. 

At the salary cap but were still able to bring back home-town favorite Wallace. Not a lot to say, they are still expected to be among the top in the Atlantic.

Losses: CL Nick Hartle 3.6WAR, RP Bobby Barela 1.4WAR, SP Brent Wilson 1.3WAR
Signs LF Bobby Clark, 2 years with AAV of $154k. The New England native will enter his age 38 season, he has a career 113OPS+ while with Cheyenne.

What do you do when your pitching implodes on itself and you have almost no options left? Just draft a whole bunch of NABF ready pitchers and toss them into your rotation!!! No serious, outside of Benbow, their entire rotation and bullpen were either drafted this year or last, or are career minor leaguers. Even with their promising offense, I really don’t think they can manage much this year.

Losses: Hervé Barthélémy 10WAR
Extends LHP Leon Lopez, 4 years with AAV of $208k. Deal voids 1 year of arbitration. Lopez has led the Atlantic in strikeouts all 3 years.
Signs 2B Justin Adler, 3 years with AAV of $184k. The Quebec native played for the Harfang in 2102, seems to be a weird signing as Trois had multiple rookies that could play SS/2B that did well last season.
Signs RHP Graham Lawlor, 3 years with AAV of $72k. The Quebec native looks to get his first chance in a closer role, he has a career ERA of 2.48. 

Barthy went from one of the most beloved Quebecois players to one of the most hated. The Adler signing is a bit weird as it currently looks like he won’t even start. They will most likely still have a great season, but may not be as dominant as the past 2 seasons. The Atlantic may finally be interesting.

Even more unsigned FAs than last year, definitely glad I moved up the expansion date to after this season.

Eventually this will be a part of a separate Hall of Fame post but obviously won’t happen until there’s players to vote for on the ballet. But wanted to highlight Brad Fenimore who retired, as he will be the first player honorarily selected to the Hall of Very Good (basically just good but not HOF-worthy, or guys like him who just didn’t play enough due to his age).
1B/LF Brad Fenimore, Rocky Mountains, drafted 7th overall by Astoria in the inaugural draft. He played 3 seasons (2 in AST, 1 in CHY). He was selected to 3 All-Star Games, slashed .258/.344/.504, 130OPS+ and 8,5WAR. He finished his career with 400 hits and 95 home runs. He holds Astoria’s franchise record for most home runs. 

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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

2104 Pre-Season Preview
Pacific Conference:

last season 71-91, last in Pacific
7th ranked farm system (RF Russ Pettaway #7, CF David Wesfall #16, RHP Oscar Barrera #36)
Payroll $1,829,743 - 8th
Lineup and Pitching

(no showing ages as well)
C, 33, Armando Garcia, Susquehanna, .294/.360/.403, 113OPS+ in 57 games
1B, 34, Ray Tolbert, Cascadia, .285/.399/.477, 147OPS+ and won Deshayes award with Chesapeake.
2B, 22, Dustin Coghill, Virginia, no stats, rookie season. #99 ranked prospect
3B, 29, Brian Sky, Virginia, .219/.313/.326, 81OPS+ with Chesapeake
SS, 25, Kevin Jones, The Dakotas, .221/.282/.348, 75OPS+ won Deshayes award
LF, 27, Hervé Barthélémy, Quebec, .332/.445/.670, 212OPS+ won Baxter award with Trois Rivieres
CF, 28, Ryan Lowery, California, .264/.333/.357, 53SBs, 92OPS+
RF, 30, Tyler Kilberger, Susquehanna, .316/.372/.458, 131OPS+
DH, 23, Adam Moore, Virginia, .216/.290/.353, 79OPS+

1 28, Andrew Redepenning, Virginia, 14-7, 2.71ERA, 173Ks, 147ERA+
2 34, Rogelio Rodriguez, Cuba, 9-8, 5.06ERA, 79ERA+
3 29 Joel Acrsio, Venezuela, 4-9, 4.07ERA, 98ERA+ with Baton Rouge
4 23 Eli Lawson, Texas, no stats, rookie season. #98 ranked prospect
5 37, Eddie Melanson, California, 3.41ERA in 29 innings with Germantown
CL, 36, Ken Laubach, Virginia, 38Saves, 3.43ERA, 116ERA+ with Baton Rouge
Other notable bullpen arms: Nick Ashley, Melvin Perez, and #90 ranked prospect Dusty McCord.

Huge splashes in free agency, but almost no depth. The offense may be able to pull them along but the pitching is looking to be an anchor despite how good Redepenning and Laubach are.

last season 72-90, 5th in Pacific
5th ranked farm system (RHP Roth Reiter #13, CF Milt Scovell #15, RHP Daniel Ojeda #22)
Payroll $1,606,138 - 10th
Lineup and Pitching

C, 26, Kevin Edwards, Georgia, .209/.285/.281, 59OPS+ 
1B, 29, Matt Thompson, California, .263/.356/.445, 123OPS+ with Eureka
2B, 34, Emilio Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, .273/.384/.371, 112OPS+
3B, 21, Jayden Royal, Florida, .189/.256/.287, 52OPS+ (last years #1 ranked prospect)
SS, 24, Philip Fievet, Quebec, .233/.293/.313, 69OPS+
LF, 26, Matthew Wagoner, Great Lakes, .289/.352/.572, 46HRs, 129RBIs, 154OPS+ won Frey award
CF, 24, Joseph Wallace, Rocky Mountains, .262/.324/.361, 91OPS+ won Castaneda award
RF, 21, Ben Black, Georgia, 5OPS+ in 41 games last year. Former #6 ranked prospect.
DH, 30, Jake Herold, California, .293/.401/.612, 50HRs, 180OPS+, won Frey award

1 28, Jason Skelly, Cascadia, 8-14, 5.23ERA, 76ERA+ (injured, out 14 months)
2 29, Jaivin Cano, Louisiana, 6-6, 4.87ERA with Huron
3 36, Ruberto Ticao, Venezuela, 10-15, 4.11ERA, 97ERA+
4 30, Josh Eastman, Louisiana, 8-12, 5.74ERA with Trois Rivieres
5 23, Chris Munden, The Dakotas, no stats, rookie season. #95 ranked prospect
CL, 30, Angelo Juarez, Dominican Republic, 27Saves, 2.22ERA with Astoria
Other notable bullpen arms: Farid Garcia, Philip Auricchio, Eddie Hall, Jason Walker, and prospects Jim Vogel and Léo Marie.

Another year of the rebuild for the Cajuns. The Herald contract continues to look like a weird decision; they continue to not sign anyone to help him. They have plenty of NABF ready hitting prospects but both Reiter and Ojeda look to be in the minors for several more seasons. #FreeHerald&Wagoner.

last season 80-82, 3rd in Pacific
12th ranked farm system (RHP Carlos Padillo #24 and 1B Valentin Pernot #26)
Payroll $1,681,934 - 9th
Lineup and Pitching

C, 26, Eric Titus, Great Lakes, .367/.448/555, 179OPS+ 3 consecutive Frey awards
1B, 28, Dave Chatwin, Maritimes, .288/.351/.458, 124OPS+
2B, 23, Dan Harbin, New England, .234/.291/.332, 74OPS+
3B, 22, Edgar Morales, California, .198/.260/.263, 47OPS+
SS, 22, Dean Monahan, Cascadia, no stats, rookie season. Unranked
LF, 30, Ken Jones, Rocky Mountains, .258/.342/.379, 101OPS+
CF, 32, Kevin Meyer, Rocky Mountains, .252/.327/.410, 38SBs, 105OPS+
RF, 35, Richard Kriegel, Rocky Mountains, .199/.307/.266, 62OPS+ won Deshayes award
DH, 23, Ricardo Rodriguez, California, .196/.307/.287, 67OPS+ in 73 games

1 26, Rafael Santa Cruz, Florida, 2-3, 3.30ERA, 120ERA+ hasn’t been able to stay healthy for a whole season yet
2 27, Marty Hodge, Australia, 14-8, 2.87ERA, 225Ks, 139ERA+
3 28, Jeffrey Simon, The Dakotas, 6-4, 2.92ERA, 136ERA+
4 36, Steve Francen, Rocky Mountains, 4-5, 3.17ERA, 125ERA+ (out for first 2-3 months recovering from Tommy John)
5 24, Jose Serrano, Dominican Republic, 5-3, 3.15ERA, 126ERA+
CL, 23, Warren Bourdon, Quebec, 10Saves, 4.45ERA, 89ERA+ first full closer season
Other notable bullpen arms: veteran Mario Olmedo and knuckleballer Jose Guerrero

Bad news, they really only have pitching (that can’t stay healthy). Good news, they are extremely young. Meyer and Titus will really have to scratch and claw to give them a shot, especially if they continue to have injury issues like they have had the last few seasons. Despite that, I expect them to make a dominant playoff push.

last season 102-60, 1st in Pacific, lost Pacific series to Eureka.
6th ranked farm system (2B Alex Campos #20, LF Nestor Rivas #27, RHP Quan Hang #29)
Payroll $2,433,054 - 3rd
Lineup and Pitching

C, 30, Scott Vander Ark, The Dakotas, .244/.331/.358, 93OPS+
1B, 29, Trevor Reardon, The Dakotas, .250/.372/.409, 62SBs, 118OPS+ 
2B, 38, Larry Adair, Arctic Circle, .308/.406/.401, 126OPS+ won Deshayes award at first base
3B, 34, Chris Shepherd, Great Lakes, .276/.417/.380, 127OPS+ won Frey award with Florida
SS, 33, Ian Brinley, Texas, .290/.378/.463, 134OPS+ won Baxter award
LF, 29, Jon Magallanes, Rocky Mountains, .293/.370/.451, 128OPS+ won 3 consecutive Deshayes awards
CF, 31, Ron Young, The Dakotas, .279/.337/.411, 108OPS+
RF, 33, Scott Purkis, The Dakotas, .289/.366/.444, 126OPS+
DH, 30, Jose Zarate, Venezuela, .258/.346/.398, 108OPS+

1 23, Bobby Brooks, Texas, 13-7, 3.60ERA, 111ERA+ 2nd in Castaneda voting
3 31, Adam Harless, Great Lakes, 10-9, 4.15ERA, 96ERA+
3 32, Doug McFarland, The Dakotas, 8-11, 5.30ERA, 75ERA+
4 30, Andy Blanchard, Quebec, 1-11, 8.76ERA idk how he got a job
5 20, Danny Tatman, Great Lakes, no stats, rookie season. #52 ranked prospect (actually played 3 years in the minors unlike a lot of these other rushed prospects)
CL, 27, Mike Kohn, Cascadia, pitched 3 innings due to injury, had 294ERA+ in last full season
Other notable bullpen arms: Ryan Leonard and Pat Dow enter sophomore seasons after having impressive rookie showings.

Unfortunately, they lost both Denman and Hernandez in the last 2 seasons. But they rebounded by building one of the best all around offenses in the league. While I admit that I think they should’ve signed a pitcher instead of Shepherd during the off-season, he is still one of the best third basemen in the league and could be enough to push them further.

last season 100-62, won NABF Championship 
1st ranked farm system (RHP Dustin Cloud #3, RHP Tillman Tamayo #4, 2B Cor John #11, C Ismael Mendez #17, RHP Trent Pullin #25)
Payroll $2,613,267 - 1st (technically over the salary cap, not sure what they will do)
Lineup and Pitchers

C, 27, Ogai Hara, Japan, .243/.347/.347, 95OPS+
1B, 37, Mel Velez, Guatemala, .297/.368/.536, 37HRs, 150OPS+ won Frey award
2B, 28, Ritter Ammann, Susquehanna, .304/.375/.449, 129OPS+ won Frey award
3B, 27, Bobby Tippett, California, .204/.301/.345, 80OPS+
SS, 23, Jamie Tipton, California, .237/.320/.335, 89OPS+ in 70 games
LF, 29, Jesse Haskins, California, .248/.359/.353, 102OPS+ with Florida
CF, 25, Jonathan Humphrey, California, -1OPS+ in 78 games where he was mostly a defensive replacement
RF, 24, Ken Kachmar, Maritimes, 50OPS+ in 61 games where he was mostly a defensive replacement
DH, 31, Antonio Garza, Dominican Republic, .273/.380/.524, 150OPS+ his “worst” career season

1 30, Felix Hernandez, Dominican Republic, 25-3, 1.33ERA, 328Ks, 300ERA+ won triple crown and Taylor award
2 31, Ben Denman, Florida, 25-5, 2.26ERA, 175Ks, 176ERA+ only 2nd to Hernandez
3 33, Jose Lopez, California, 8-6, 2.78ERA, 143ERA+
4 30, Jake Hale, California, 12-14, 4.00ERA, 99ERA+
5 25, Jeff Caron, California, 2.47ERA over 98 innings 
CL, 28, Jake Pawlowski, California, 35 Saves, 1.54ERA, 259ERA+
Other notable bullpen arms: Ryan Sumner, Benjamin Platt, Todd Luquette, Dave Meisel, and #25 prospect Trent Pullin

The defending champs undeniably got WAY better. Haskins adds speed that they were missing and Hernandez is easily the best pitcher in the NABF. And they have the #1 farm system? They definitely have a number of questions in terms of their salary as most of their highest paid players are locked up long term (Tippett, Ammann, and Velez are the only notable FAs after this season who rank 8-10th in terms of most paid). But nonetheless, should easily be the Pacific champs this year.

last season 75-87, 4th in Pacific
4th ranked farm system (LHP Paolo Barreau #5, LF Oscar Aguilar #19, CF John Bunkley #28)
Payroll $1,444,356 - 11th
Lineup and Pitching

C, 24, David Kleinschmidt, Virginia, played 5 games last year
1B, 23, Jose Orozco, Dominican Republic, played 20 games last year
2B, 28, Bryce Cleveland, Texas, played 3 games last year
3B, 32, Angelo Alonzo, Mexico, .285/.374/.454, 131OPS+ won Frey and Deshayes awards
SS, 29, Ryan Irvin, Texas, .198/.283/.291, 61OPS+ one of the best defenders in the league
LF, 32, David Moran, Texas, .301/.371/.498, 141OPS+
CF, 24, Katsumi Canio, Brazil, .347/.380/.476, 138OPS+ won Frey and Deshayes award
RF, 20, Melvin Navarrete, California, played 37 games last year
DH, 30, Ian Mosher, Georgia, .271/.336/.394, 104OPS+

1 28, Jeremy Kiely, Susquehanna, 2-7, 5.52ERA, 72OPS+
2 23, Rich Platte, New England, 6-19, 5.65ERA, 70ERA+
3 33, Juan Manjarrez, Texas, 16-14, 5.44ERA, 80ERA+
4 31, Josh Berenson, Florida, 11-15, 5.73ERA, 69ERA+
5 29, Dale Cremers, Virginia, 8.49ERA in 35 innings with Chesapeake
CL, 26, Kyle McMurphy, Rocky Mountains, 41 Saves, 0.56ERA, only given up 1 home run ever, 709ERA+ won Gervais award
Other notable bullpen arms: Alex Schepers and Johnny Martinez. Also former top prospects Alain Thomas, Bobby Crocitto, and Greg Cone

An obviously difficult team to predict. One of the best hitting cores surrounded by a whole bunch of unknowns. But with a pitching staff who’s best ERA is 5.44, I don’t think it will matter much. With most of their top prospects not being NABF ready and with David Moran and Angelo Alonzo both wanting out, the situation in Texas could get a whole lot messier before it gets better.

Atlantic Conference:
last season 76-86, 3rd in Atlantic
8th ranked farm system (SS Douggie Clarke #12, RHP Geoff Bolen #30)
Payroll $1,944,556 - 6th
Lineup and Pitching

C, 29, Alex Respighi, Venezuela, .230/.301/.290, 68OPS+
1B, 25, Chris Conway, Virginia, .217/.305/.288, 69OPS+
2B, 27, Ramiro Ruiz, Colombia, no stats, rookie season. Unranked
3B, 31, William Tworek, Virginia, .235/.284/.332, 72OPS+ with Eureka 2 years ago
SS, 22, Douggie Clarke, Virginia, no stats, rookie season. #12 ranked prospect
LF, 28, Mike McIntyre, Texas, .235/.346/.396, 21HRs, 109OPS+ with Florida (first time hearing of this dude lol)
CF, 26, Gary Urbanczyk, Susquehanna, .263/.386/.599, 43HRs, 175OPS+ won Frey and Deshayes awards
RF, 30, Tom Mackey, Great Lakes, .300/.360/.487, 138OPS+ won Frey award
DH, 31, David Westland, Cascadia, .318/.391/.417, 129OPS+

1 31, Lee Ray, The Dakotas, 16-14, 3.31ERA, 120ERA+
2 31, Brian Van Winkle, Texas, 13-16, 3.29ERA, 121ERA+ won 3 consecutive Deshayes awards
3 37, Roberto Gomez, Texas, 10-15, 4.66ERA, 85ERA+
4 31, Matt Richardson, Susquehanna, 11-9, 3.49ERA, 114ERA+
5 29, Brent Wilson, New England, 11-19, 5.29ERA, 75ERA+
CL, 22, Keith Badey, Great Lakes, 4.31ERA across 64 innings, former top 10 prospect
Other notable bullpen arms: Chris Spomer, Sergio Villalta, and Charlie Symmonds who looks to be a 2-way player

The Admirals are the team that confuse me the most. They have a lot of top players but lack a lot of crucial depth. They look to be great… honestly nowhere. The top 4 batters and the top 3ish pitchers all look good but there really isn’t much behind that. Even the bullpen is just average. One thing they definitely lack is native talent, something that Eureka, Dakota, Trois, and Cheyenne have all used effectively. Hopefully Clarke will fix some of that.

last season 65-97, 6th in Atlantic
2nd ranked farm system (LHP Dan Miles #2, LHP Mario Anguiano #6, RHP Oscar Noriega #23, RHP Ted Bass #31)
Payroll $1,294,858 - 12th
Lineup and Pitching

C, 31, Ashton Smith, Georgia, .289/.389/.415, 127OPS+ in 86 games, won Deshayes award
1B, 29, Ken Grant, Quebec, .218/.319/.347, 86OPS+ with Astoria
2B, 33, Juan Torres, Florida, .272/.332/.368, 98OPS+ won Deshayes award
3B, 23, Chris Bachert, Louisiana, .248/.319/.343, 87OPS+ in 84 games
SS, 22, Tom Helms, Rocky Mountains, no stats, rookie season. #63 ranked prospect
LF, 24, Zachary Clement, Florida, no stats rookie season. Unranked
CF, 32, Jerome Shackelford, Florida, .238/.2989/.343, 81OPS+
RF, 23, Savion Jones, Louisiana, .258/.288/.378, 58SBs, 87OPS+ won Deshayes award
DH, 30, Cameron Johnston, Maritimes, played 24 games with Galveston

1 25, Jose Orozco, Dominican Republic, 11-18, 3.91ERA, 101ERA+
2 24, Steven Dorsey, Susquehanna, 9-21, 5.28ERA, 75ERA+ 
3 22, Bill Mowry, Susquehanna, no stats, rookie season. #38 ranked prospect
4 39, Steve Fortman, Florida, pitched 2 games last year, 96ERA+ in 2102
5 26, Ricky McDonald, Great Lakes, 4-16, 6.78ERA, 59ERA+
CL, 28, Mike Hilger, Rocky Mountains, 22 Saves, 0.59ERA, 674ERA+ won Gervais award
Other notable bullpen arms: Pat Paul, Matt Johnston, and Harold Sykes

After leading the Atlantic after the first month of last season, they fell all the way to be tied in last. Good news is a lot of their prospects are only 2 seasons away, bad news. They are all pitchers. Their top hitting prospect is their 8th overall prospect, Tom Helms. They still have Tyler Hammerich who is only 20, but has been riding the bench for 3 years and even if he does suddenly develop he will only be under contract for 2 more seasons. Another rebuild, hope for a top hitting prospect.

last season 67-95, 4th in Atlantic
10th ranked farm system (LF Ernest Mott #8, C Han-seung Park #40)
Payroll $2,070,561 - 4th
Lineup and Pitching 

C, 38, Keith Lopes, California, .253/.321/.351, 93OPS+ 
1B, 31, Bobby Russell, Susquehanna, .229/.312/.387, 100OPS+
2B, 31, Brent Gomer, New England, .264/.344/.352, 100OPS+
3B, 22, Derrick West, Cascadia, no stats, rookie season. Unranked
SS, 26, Ben Cintron, California, .259/.307/.413 105OPS+ in 48 games 
LF, 26, George Powers, Quebec, .339/.455/.623, 207OPS+ in 93 games
CF, 22, Jeremy Cooper, Georgia, .199/.273/.337, 74OPS+
RF, 29, Sam Boyd, Great Lakes, .195/.266/.308, 65OPS+
DH, 24, Howard Faxon, Arctic Circle, .227/.297/.413, 102OPS+

1 30, Adam Minke, Susquehanna, 14-15, 3.02ERA, 129ERA+
2 34, Ross Whitehead, Maritimes, 12-18, 3.66ERA, 107ERA+
3 31, Bernie Rosado, Susquehanna, 10-16, 3.43ERA, 114ERA+
4 35, Ben Nickel, Rocky Mountains, 7-7, 9 Saves, 4.21ERA with Cheyenne
5 32, Steven Crossman, California, 4-6, 3.27ERA with Huron
CL, 30, Josh Burford, Susquehanna, 3.96ERA across 63 innings with Germantown and Dakota
Other notable bullpen arms: Robby Barela, Eric Reed, Bob Molina, Juan Medel

Still struggling to stay relevant after a Championship appearance 3 years ago. They fully overhauled their pitching, but their success will depend on if Boyd, Cooper, and Lopes can have bounce back seasons. Their only good decisions is keeping Mott and Park in the minors to actually develop instead of rushing them like some other rebuilding teams (cough Galveston cough)

last season, 94-68, 2nd in Atlantic, got swept in Atlantic Series
9th ranked farm system (RHP Brad Vedder #14, SS Ron Mudd #18, RHP Ivan Ramirez #33)
Payroll $2,507,308
Lineup and Pitching 

C, 30, Kevin Magid, Rocky Mountains, .205/.316/.295, 75OPS+
1B, 29, Philippe Thomas, Quebec, .268/.354/.428, 122OPS+
2B, 28, Tom Phelan, Quebec, .292/.358/.378, 110OPS+ 
3B, 29, Rio Carr, New England, .267/.331/.390, 105OPS+ 3 consecutive Deshayes awards
SS, 29, Mike McClary, Texas, .332/.392/.473, 145OPS+ won Frey and Deshayes awards
LF, 22, Diego Lopez, California, no stats, rookie season. Unranked
CF, 31, Robby Roberto, Texas, .260/.337/.367, 101OPS+
RF, 28, Nick Cook, Great Lakes, played 38 games last season
DH, 28, Fernando Criado, California, .280/.384/.530, 38HRs, 158OPS+ won Frey award

1 26, Josh Newcomer, Great Lakes, 19-7, 2.43ERA, 162ERA+
2 39, Jaylin Wallace, Great Lakes, 17-10, 2.64ERA, 149ERA+
3 29, Julio Sanchez, Dominican Republic, 20-9, 2.65ERA, 148ERA+
4 34, Alex Garcia, Colombia, 18 Saves, 1.70ERA in 79 innings with Huron and Germantown (not sure why they moved him from closer)
5 31, Jose Cervantes, California, 3.23ERA in 86 innings with Dakota and Plymouth
CL, 31, Oscar Torrez, Great Lakes, 1.45ERA in 43 innings with Eureka
Other notable bullpen arms: none

Huron continues to bolster their team. Though, they severely lack bullpen depth with moving Garcia to the rotation. Though both Vedder and Ramirez could be called up to help if needed. Their strong offensive core and debatably best rotation should easily carry them to at least a playoff spot if not further with Trois being weakened

last season 65-97, 5th in Atlantic
3rd ranked farm system (RHP Mike Kulbeth #1, 1B Matunde Simai #9, RHP Felike Ipo #21, Roberto Corral #37)
Payroll $1,928,947 - 7th
Lineup and Pitching 

C, 28, William Roehm, New England, .207/.312/.286, 71OPS+
1B, 30, Oscar Morales, Puerto Rico, .266/.349/.503, 35HRs, 140OPS+
2B, 22, D.W. Manning, Georgia, .295/.443/.387, 138OPS+ won Frey award
3B, 23, Matt Bentz, Virginia, .224/.292/.330, 77OPS+
SS, 29, Chris Edgar, The Dakotas, .316/.363/.388, 110OPS+ with Baton Rouge
LF, 37, Bobby Clark, New England, .275/.339/.393, 104OPS+ with Cheyenne
CF, 23, Jonathan Parsons, Great Lakes, .225/.296/.317, 40SBs, 75OPS+
RF, 36, Tom Paddock, Cascadia, .263/.341/.415, 38SBs, 114OPS+
DH, 31, Nick Parsons, Louisiana, .297/.367/.504, 146OPS+

1 35, Vince Benbow, Australia, 9-13, 3.87ERA, 102ERA+
2 30, Matt Mauck, Texas, 11-3, 3.06ERA, 129ERA+ (out entire season with Tommy John)
3 22, Mike Kulbeth, Louisiana, no stats, rookie season. #1 ranked prospect
4 22, Matt Kenney, Rocky Mountains, 4-13, 5.22ERA, last years #2 ranked prospect
5 23, Roberto Corral, Curaçao, no stats, rookie season. #37 ranked prospect
CL, 24, Dan Wells, Texas, 4.08ERA in 17.2 innings
Other notable bullpen arms: none

Definitely stuck between the old guard and the young guns. They would easily have a chance, but with the worst bullpen, I really don’t think that’s gonna be possible. They could sign some of the unsigned reliever free agents and be a surprise. Kulbeth, Kenney, and Corral could make for an interesting show for the future. Plymouth’s biggest weakness is the lack of good New Englanders in the league, possibly the weakest country right now.

 last season 105-57, first in Atlantic, lost Championship Series to Eureka.
11th ranked farm system (RHP Eddie Salazar #10, 3B Tom Newman #35)
Payroll $2,004,854 - 5th
Lineup and Pitching 

C, 24, Josh Lemon, Great Lakes, .264/.341/.370, 102OPS+ won Castaneda and Deshayes awards
1B, 31, Kyle Thompson, California, .316/.412/.693, 208OPS+ won Frey award
2B, 28, Jason Martin, Susquehanna, .278/.341/.403, 110OPS+
3B, 30, Andy Rico, Venezuela, .240/.338/.438, 119OPS+ 
SS, 24, Christian Dubois, Quebec, .238/.303/.349, 84OPS+
LF, 25, Ron Peterson, Arctic Circle, only played 14 games due to injury
CF, 23, Jon Buckley, Great Lakes, .195/.244/.249, in 71 games
RF, 30, Mark Chapman, Quebec, .324/.383/.438, 132OPS+
DH, 24, Joe Delli Santi, Virginia, .270/.378/.377, 115OPS+

1 26, Leon Lopez, Puerto Rico, 22-6, 2.69, 257Ks, 147ERA+ won Taylor award
2 31, Danny Avila, Colombia, 11-17, 4.40ERA, 90ERA+
3 24, Jorge Franco, Panama, 20-7, 3.35ERA, 118ERA+
4 29, Beau Schulte, Cascadia, 8-8, 5.08ERA with Cheyenne
5 37, Jesse Conway, Quebec, 20-7, 3.28ERA, 120ERA+
CL, 34, Ryan Nixon, 36 Saves, 0.59ERA, 668ERA+ (out 3-4 months with a back injury)
Other notable bullpen arms: Johan Mathieu, Bob O’Brien, Dale Patterson, and Graham Lawlor (who will be the closer until Nixon comes back)

Despite losing the Baxter winner, Barthélémy, I wouldn’t say that the Harfang look lost. Maybe that’s due to the explosion of rookie talent they had last season and the comeback of Ron Peterson. I expect them to once again, win the Atlantic. 

OOTP Pre-Season Predictions
Eureka Redwoods 106-56
Cheyenne Buffalo 96-66
Dakota Eagles 91-71
Astoria Osprey 89-73
Baton Rouge Cajuns 60-102
Galveston Launch 54-108

Trois Rivieres Harfang 95-67
Chesapeake Admirals 86-76
Huron Gryphons 86-76
Germantown Pretzels 76-86
Plymouth Pilgrims 76-86
Florida Flamingos 60-102

Reminder, next season in 2105 there will be 2 new teams! A full announcement and expansion draft post will follow the end of the playoffs. Be prepared for the Alaska Avalanche and the Rome Gladiators!

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Runs the highly unsuccessful PSC project featuring the Premier Soccer League and National Baseball Federation
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Re: North American Baseball Federation 2: 2104 Season/Playoffs

2104 Season


First game of the season would be full of dominant pitching performances. 2nd year Launch pitcher Rich Platte would throw a complete game shutout against the reigning champion Redwoods. As well as #1 prospect Mike Kulbeth would throw a complete game shutout of his own against Chesapeake. Kulbeth would follow it up with a 10 inning 1 run masterpiece. Despite his success, Plymouth would drop 8 in a row and be one of the worst teams in the league. Germantown would go on a torrid 8 game winning streak to open out the season, led mostly by their pitching. Cheyenne and Eureka would go on long streaks of their own.
Hitters of the Month:
PC: Kevin Meyer .324avg, 5HRs, 23Runs (CHY)
AC: Fernando Criado .316avg, 6HRs, 17Runs (HUR)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC: Ben Denman 5-0, 1.20ERA, 34Ks (EUR)
AC: Alex Garcia 4-0, 1.64ERA, 39Ks (HUR)
Rookies of the Month:
PC: Danny Tatman 4-1, 3.35ERA, 39Ks (DAK)
AC: Mike Kulbeth 3-2, 3.24ERA, 43Ks (PLY)


On May 7th, former Cheyenne closer, Ben Nickel, now on Germantown, would throw a no-hitter against his former team with 11Ks and only 1 walk. Germantown would continue their success despite having a negative run differential. Baton Rouge, despite having an alright hitting core and a top 3 bullpen, are doing absolutely atrocious through May. Their starters ERA combined to a  6.76. Cheyenne and Eureka would meet for a 3 games series, both teams entered at 24-9, Eureka would barely scratch out a series win after a 19 inning battle. Germantown, who are just barely holding onto a lead in a tight Atlantic race (all 6 teams are separated by only 5 games) decided to go out and sign a ton of the unsigned free agents. Including former closer, Anton Latorre who left in the off-season due to hating it in Pretzel-land. They would also sign LF Paul Butler (140 career OPS+), SP Alejandro Escarcega (113 career ERA+), RP David Pugh (204 career ERA+), RP Rogelio Victoria (159 career ERA+), and RHP Ahmed Mathis (93 career ERA+ but still has young ace potential) all 1 year contracts. Plymouth would win 8 straight putting them toe-to-toe with the leaders in the Atlantic. Astoria went only multiple winning streaks of their own in May, they currently have more wins than any team in the Atlantic, yet rank 3rd in the Pacific due to the otherworldly dominance of Eureka and Cheyenne. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC: Hervé Barthélémy .327avg, 16HRs, 34RBIs (AST)
AC: Kyle Thompson .330avg, 13HRs, 33RBIs (TR)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC: Felix Hernandez 5-1, 1.01ERA, 42Ks (EUR)
AC: Matt Richardson 4-1, 2.42ERA, 18Ks (CHS)
Rookies of the Month:
PC: Eli Lawson 3-2, 3.00ERA, 24Ks (AST)
AC: Bill Mowry 4-2, 3.40ERA, 40Ks (FLA)


Chesapeake would go on a 9 game winning streak to barely smidge out first place in the Atlantic. By this point the Atlantic would start with open up with Chesapeake, Trois, and Germantown well above the rest. While the Pacific was still easily Eureka and Cheyenne (now sitting about 50-20 a piece). The rest of the month was about as you’d expect, though it appears despite as decent start of the season, both Florida and Plymouth will begin to tank alongside Baton Rouge for the top draft picks, which due to Alaska and Rome joining the league means that the top few picks will be worth more as the expansion teams automatically get 3rd and 4th pick. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC: Antonio Garza .419avg, 11HRs, 27RBIs (EUR)
AC: Chris Conway .439avg, 2HRs, 14RBIs (CHS)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC: Felix Hernandez 6-0, 1.37ERA, 53Ks (EUR) x2
AC: Bernie Rosado 4-1, 0.96ERA, 35Ks (GER)
Rookies of the Month:
PC: Joe Jones 3-1, 2.96ERA, 13Ks (GAL)
AC: Mike Kulbeth 3-2, 2.82ERA, 48Ks (PLY) x2


Germantown would open up the month with a trade for Harfang backup 2B Kyle Carlton. They traded reliever Jeremy Phillips, and 2 unranked prospects 3B Derrick West and 2B Archie Mansfield. Galveston would also lock up CF Katsumi Canio to a 8 year deal averaging about $180k a year, it would void 3 years of arbitration as well. After the break, Germantown would sweep Chesapeake, outsourcing them 31-8 in the three games. The Pretzels would continue to bolster their team for 2104, trading 4 prospects (RHP Aaron Odle #57, RHP Ryan Hoskins #67, and unraked RF Isaac Martin and RF Manny Guzman) to Dakota for CL Mike Kohn. Making their bullpen truly a who’s who of arms. Though this does mean their future (which was already bleak) may be even worse. 
Standings as of the All-Star Break
Eureka Redwoods 65-24
Cheyenne Buffalo 61-27
Astoria Osprey 44-44
Galveston Launch 41-48
Dakota Eagles 41-49
Baton Rouge Cajuns 28-61

Trois Rivieres Harfang 50-37
Chesapeake Admirals 48-40
Germantown Pretzels 45-43
Huron Gryphons 41-48
Florida Flamingos 34-55
Plymouth Pilgrims 34-56

In the 2104 Home Run Derby, Chesapeake’s Gary Urbanczyk would win it over Plymouth’s Oscar Morales.
The Pacific would win the All-Star Game 3-1, making them still undefeated in the Mid-Summer classic. Eureka’s Antonio Garza would get MVP honors. 

Hitters of the Month:
PC: Dave Chatwin .312avg, 6HRs, 26RBIs (CHY)
AC: Kyle Thompson .337avg, 10HRs, 29RBIs (TR) x2
Pitchers of the Month:
PC: Marty Hodge 3-1, 1.83ERA, 42Ks (CHY) 
AC: Jorge Franco 5-0, 0.84ERA, 19Ks (TR)
Rookies of the Month:
PC: Eli Lawson 3-1, 2.83ERA, 17Ks (AST) x2
AC: Mike Kulbeth 5-1, 2.25ERA, 58Ks (PLY) x3


CL Mike Kohn, who Germantown had just traded much of their future for, would go down with a torn rotator cuff. They are currently 1 game above Chesapeake for the 2nd spot but have one of the hardest schedules left, the Pretzels may have wasted everything on nothing. Astoria would fall hard, going 2-16 since July, and have been passed by Dakota for 3rd in the Pacific. Also would like to note, due to some injuries, Cheyenne’s closer for most of the season has been Jose Guerrero, the only knuckleballer in the league. The team’s rotation has a combined ERA of 2.58. Baton Rouge’s Masao Suehiro, has pitched in 2 total games this year, and has been ejected for starting a fight in each game. Which is honestly just impressive. 
Hitters of the Month:
PC: Antonio Garza .306avg, 9HRs, 21RBIs (EUR) x2
AC: Oscar Morales .310avg, 5HRs, 21RBIs (PLY)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC: Ben Denman 6-0, 1.61ERA, 28Ks (EUR) x2
AC: Roberto Corral 5-0, 2.98ERA, 40Ks (PLY)
Rookies of the Month:
PC: Eli Lawson 3-3, 2.54ERA, 16Ks (AST) x3
AC: Roberto Corral 5-0, 2.98ERA, 40Ks (PLY)


Entering the final month, Eureka and Cheyenne are all but guaranteed to meet in the Pacific Series. While Trois will make it to the Atlantic Series. Germantown enters with a 79% chance, Chesapeake with 19%, and Huron, somehow, with a 0.7% despite never being .500 yet this season. But to open and end the month will be a series between Germantown and Chesapeake that will most likely be the main deciding factors. The first series would have each game decided by 1 run, with Chesapeake managing a sweep to pull even. With 2 weeks left to go, Eureka would break the single-season wins record of 105, just how far can they stretch it. They would finish with 112 wins, this would secure the Pacific crown and be the first time a team other than Dakota would finish with the best record in the Pacific. With 2 series left, Germantown and Chesapeake would face each other once again, the Pretzels with a 2 game lead for the final spot. Germantown would take the first game, then Chesapeake would win the last 2. With 1 final series left, Germantown sits a game and a half above Chesapeake, and Huron miraculously is a game behind that. Chesapeake and Huron play 3, while Germantown has to go to Trois Rivieres for their final set. The Harfang would take the first 2 against the Pretzels, while Huron would dominate Chesapeake, only a game back of the Pretzels now. Huron would complete their sweep of Chesapeake, leaving Germantown’s fate in their own hands. GER Paul Butler would have 3 RBIs and a 2-run home run to barely take the game and give Germantown their first playoff appearance since 2101. Huron fans were devastated after coming so close, they finished the season on a torrid 16-4 stretch. Chesapeake would end up finishing the season in a frustrating 4th place, the Admirals still have not made it to the Atlantic Series. Baton Rouge would finished the best of the worst and secure a #1 draft pick to help their rebuild, hopefully the Loui-franchise can draft a solid pitcher… or at least an average one geez.
Hitters of the month:
PC: Ritter Amman .356avg, 3HRs, 23RBIs (EUR)
AC: Robby Roberto .286avg, 8HRs, 22RBIs (HUR)
Pitchers of the Month:
PC: Felix Hernandez 5-0, 2.11ERA, 56Ks (EUR) x3
AC: Brad Vedder 5-0, 2.45ERA, 31Ks (HUR)
Rookies of the Month:
PC: Dustin Cloud 3-0, 2.91ERA, 16Ks (EUR)
AC: Brad Vedder 5-0, 2.45ERA, 31Ks (HUR)

2104 Season Standings

League Stat Leaders

Batting AVG
PC: (EUR) Ritter Ammann .346, (GAL) Katsumi Canio .330, (CHY) Eric Titus .320
AC: (HUR) Tom Phelan .305, (CHS) Tom Mackey .305, (TR) Justin Adler .302
Home Runs
PC: (AST) Hervé Barthélémy 47, (EUR) Antonio Garza 44, (BR) Jake Herold 44
AC: (TR) Kyle Thompson 56, (CHS) Gary Urbanczyk 42, (PLY) Oscar Morales 26
PC: (GAL) David Moran 131, (BR) Matthew Wagoner 122, (EUR) Ritter Ammann 117
AC: (TR) Kyle Thompson 140, (CHS) Gary Urbanczyk 125, (PLY) Oscar Morles 103
On-Base + Slugging
PC: (AST) Hervé Barthélémy .963, (EUR) Antonio Garza .959, (DAK) Trevor Reardon .926
AC: (TR) Kyle Thompson 1.017, (CHS) Tom Mackey .863, (CHS) .851
Stolen Bases
PC: (DAK) Trevor Reardon 74, (GAL) Katsumi Canio 67, (AST) Ryan Lowery 54
AC: (FLA) Savion Jones 42, (TR) Jon Buckley 41, (PLY) Jonathan Parsons 40
Batting WAR
PC: (DAK) Trevor Reardon 8.6, (GAL) Katsumi Canio 7.7, (CHY) Eric Titus 7.4
AC: (CHS) Gary Urbanczyk 8.5, (TR) Kyle Thompson 7.8, (HUR) Tom Phelan 5.8

PC: (EUR) Ben Denman 25, (EUR) Felix Hernandez 23, (EUR) Jake Hale 18
AC: (TR) Jorge Franco 21, (PLY) Kyle Kulbeth 19, (GER) Adam Minke 17
PC: (EUR) Felix Hernandez 286, (CHY) Marty Hodge 260, (AST) Andrew Redepenning 214
AC: (PLY) Mike Kulbeth 288, (TR) Leon Lopez 280, (HUR) Alex Garcia 209
PC: (EUR) Felix Hernandez 1.84, (CHY) Rafael Santa Cruz 2.31, (CHY) Jose Serrano 2.43
AC: (GER) Bernie Rosado 2.58, (TR) Leon Lopez 2.63, (HUR) Alex Garcia 2.65
PC: (CHY) Jose Guerrero 32, (EUR) Jake Pawlowski 25, (BR) Angelo Juarez 24
AC: (TR) Graham Lawlor 34, (CHS) Keith Badey 33, (FLA) Mike Hilger 26
Pitching WAR
PC: (CHY) Rafael Santa Cruz 11.0, (EUR) Felix Hernandez 9.6, (CHY) Marty Hodge 8.6
AC: (TR) Leon Lopez 7.3, (PLY) Mike Kulbeth 7.1, (HUR) Alex Garcia 6.8

Runs the highly unsuccessful PSC project featuring the Premier Soccer League and National Baseball Federation
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