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12/08/2023 5:07 pm  #1

Professional Women's Hockey League Nicknames

I have been anxiously awaiting word from the PWHL about team nicknames. The league's regular season starts on January 1 and there has been no news. I completely understand that this is a new venture, and by their own admission they have worked with a tight timeline in getting things going, so I'm prepared to cut them a little lack (not that they need my blessing).But, I'm kind of geeky about nicknames and was hoping they would be in place by now. There have been some names filed, but, in my opinion they are underwhelming at best.
The names that have been filed are:

Toronto Torch
Montreal Echo
Ottawa Alert
Minnesota Superior
Boston Wicked
New York Sound

I have a hard time with all of them because none of them have an "S" at the end, and that seems to be the norm with most women's sports nicknames, but I don't like it. Again, they don't need my blessing.

So now I ask all of you - "Name the Teams".
I have three criteria, although none are written in stone. 1. Location specific; 2. With the female gender in mind; 3. Please have an "S" on the end. Some of the listed names above would work. The Ottawa Alerts, were a female team from the 1920's, so I like the historical value, but why Alert and not Alerts.
Thank you in advance. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts.


12/08/2023 5:39 pm  #2

Re: Professional Women's Hockey League Nicknames

Boston Banshees (another name that ties into the city's strong Irish heritage)
Minnesota Miracles (name invokes the numerous natural wonders to be found in the state)
Montreal Olympiennes (honors the '76 Montreal Olympics and all the Canadian Olympic hockey players)

New York Colossus (honors Lady Liberty and the poem on her base, "The New Colossus")
Ottawa Geckos (honoring the lizards found in Little Ray's Nature Center...Gecko is spelled the same in English and French-a must for any Ottawa team)
Toronto Towers (an oft-proposed name for Toronto teams, this city enjoys its stature as the first Canadian city to embrace the modern era of women's pro hockey)


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