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7/10/2023 6:55 pm  #61

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

This may be my first post in this topic, but I am really enjoying this league so far! Although I haven’t decided on my favorite team yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Omaha move to the bigger market such as Kansas City in the offseason. This is just speculation on my behalf however. Also, are MLA games televised at all?

Anyway, keep up the good work, Jayhawk!


7/10/2023 10:59 pm  #62

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

Slapshot Kirby wrote:

This may be my first post in this topic, but I am really enjoying this league so far! Although I haven’t decided on my favorite team yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Omaha move to the bigger market such as Kansas City in the offseason. This is just speculation on my behalf however. Also, are MLA games televised at all?

Anyway, keep up the good work, Jayhawk!

Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoy! As far as games being televised, it is something that I haven't really thought about yet. I'm assuming some teams with bigger checkbooks would get on television, but smaller teams probably would not. I figured every team would at least be on the radio though.

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7/12/2023 1:21 am  #63

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

1972 Offseason
Manhattan, New York

-Overtime Rules
The owners sat around the table together and all mutually agreed that overtime will be settled by a so-called "Sudden Death" period. The same time as a regular quarter but when a shot is made, the game will end. As of now they all agreed that it will continue until a team scores. This will ultimately will eliminate ties from occuring.

-Name for the MLA Trophy
Simon spoke up a lot on this topic and wanted to call it the "Griebel Cup" named after himself. The other owners hated this, thus, ruling it out. They just decided to call it the "MLA Trophy".

-The Draft
This was brought up by all of the owners. They noted that the draft was pointless because most of the teams would just draft local players. For instance, Manhattan only drafted and targeted players from New York. So it was figured if they would only target local players, why draft? Just have signings in the off season. It once again and surprisingly a unanimous vote to terminate the draft and potentially bring it back in the future. 

-Omaha Union
Simon looked up at his fellow owners and announced the sale of the Omaha Union. Crate was in financial trouble, the stadium was falling apart and he was not well liked within Omaha. Simon introduced the new owner named Fisher McCorkle. McCorkle was far different from Crate, he cared about his appearance, he seemed to care about his city and his players. McCorkle was actually well liked in Omaha too and the city couldn't be more excited to get another shot at a lacrosse team. 

The new Omaha identity will be announced at a later date.

These were the agreed upon terms that came with the sale:
1. The Union name would stick with the Ton family. 
2. The new Omaha team would be treated as an expansion team.

The biggest thing that was transferred in the sale was the rights to a lacrosse team in Omaha.

What do you think about the whole Omaha situation?


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7/27/2023 9:56 pm  #64

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

Omaha's new team will be the Omaha Roadrunners. Fisher McCorkle chose the name Roadrunners due to the swiftness and speed of the game of lacrosse. 

When the uniforms were shown off, everyone questioned the stripe on the pants of the home jerseys. McCorkle said this was because of an error, it was added on mistake. McCorkle opted to keep it as something that could be their thing.

The Roadrunners will play at Roadrunners Field (originally called Omaha College Field). The stadium is on the campus of Omaha College and it has room for 2,000 fans. The Roadrunners will play here until a new 10,000 seat stadium is finished being constructed. 

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8/17/2023 9:28 pm  #65

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

1972 Offseason Continued
This Free Agency was significant because of the draft getting terminated, so any players out of college were free game.

On the offensive side of things, the Omaha Roadrunners wasted no time and signed Cardinal Mooney product, Hunter Wildgoose at Midfield. Hunter's brother Chase Wildgoose and cousin Cole Tirkee are offensive players for Chicago. 

Boston adds another local player from Boston Cathedral. Attackman Quincy Markitt looks to shake up the competition and lead Boston to a title. 

On the other side of the field, the Thunderbirds found a diamond in the rough with Cole Ridge-Bernard from the University of Cleveland.

Louisville added Defenseman Franklin Furnace from Indianapolis State. Interestingly, Franklin Furnace is from Franklin Furnace, Ohio in which he was named Franklin after. Louisville lost their 31 year old Goalie Colby Jack to a rebuilding Philadelphia Rattlesnakes team. This in turn means that 23 year old Noah Guy will get the nod.

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8/31/2023 10:18 am  #66

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

1973 Midseason

Wowza its been a hot minute, but I am back (not really). I've had this graphic done for a while but have yet to have time to actually post it to the boards. Well, live from Jayhawk's dorm room we have the 1973 MLA Midseason standings.

The East
Boston and Manhattan are off to a fantastic sports. Boston's offense is lighting up the field with the Boston Cathedral duo of Spencer Olson and Quincy Markitt. Manhattan's offense has not been quiet either, opening game one with a 17-7 wallop of the Jackals. DC still takes the cake as the most MID team in the league, they are expected to finish at .500 once again. However, DC's defense is solid with Noah Zark in goal. The Rattlesnakes just look like the same old mess. The Rattlesnakes are looking to make some splashes in the next round of free agency to develop young players under their aging team.

The West
The West is no shootout with Chicago at a 6-1 record at the midseason point. The Cardinals' offense just has it all put together. Chase Wildgoose, Cole Tirkee, and Austin Dingle look good while running the offense. Omaha is doing a lot better under the new ownership and new name. The Roadrunners owe it all to the rookie Hunter Wildgoose who has helped put the team right in the win column. The Jackals coming into midseason with a 2-5 record may seem bad, except they played Manhattan, Boston and Chicago in the first half. The St. Louis Otters just look the same. The Otters could be on the verge of a relocation or folding if they can't get it together.

The Central
The absolute gauntlet that is the central division. Louisville is only leading the division because they have beaten Cleveland and Toronto so far. Louisville's offense has been electric on the field and the defense is holding up nicely in games. As well as Noah Guy getting the nod at goalie. Cleveland's defense is by far the best in the division. The addition of Cole Ridge-Bernard has been a blessing. Toronto comes into midseason at a 4-3 record as well as Cleveland and Louisville. Toronto's offense is what keeps them in games, the defense is slowly crumbling. Lastly, we come to Golden Horseshoe, who is having a sloppy season once again. This is likely due to all the older players they have on the team and the lack of young talent to develop. 23 year old Attackman Max Powers has stated that he wants out and wants to play for a better organization. If Golden Horseshoe wants to keep Powers then they'll have to start picking it up.


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10/18/2023 4:14 pm  #67

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

WOAH!!!! I am making a post?!?!?!?! Who would've guessed? This post comes from a new computer in my dorm room.

The 1973 regular season has concluded. Manhattan just barely beat out Boston to win the East and Toronto made it out of the Central. Meanwhile, Chicago steamrolled the West but Colorado and Omaha did way better than expected.

The 1973 playoff picture would consist of the following:
1. Chicago Cardinals would host the 4. Boston Seawolves
2. Manhattan would host the 3. Toronto Falcons

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10/18/2023 8:19 pm  #68

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

ooh, boston vs chicago a) should be fun and b) leaves me very conflicted as to who to root for. either way, whoever wins that game better win the whole thing. good to see omaha doing well, too


10/24/2023 8:25 pm  #69

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

The Boston Seawolves traveled to the Cardinal Grounds as a rematch of their 1972 semifinals match.

CHI: Goal scored by Attackman Chase Wildgoose
BOS: Goal scored by Midfielder Matt Shovel
BOS: Goal scored by Attackman Spencer Olson

BOS: Goal scored by Attackman Quincy Markitt

CHI: Goal scored by Attackman Chase Wildgoose
CHI: Goal scored by Attackman Nicolas St. Jean

BOS: Goal scored by Midfielder Renard Kaleb
BOS: Goal scored by Defenseman Joe Cactus

Joe Cactus scoops up the ground ball and runs it past the midfield line, he rips the shot, Chicago defenders slam Joe on the ground. The Seawolves have won the game with a POLE GOAL! The final seconds ticked down and the clock officially hit zero. The Seawolves bench swarmed Joe Cactus, he had sent the Seawolves to the championship game!

An unbelievable ending, the Boston Seawolves have defeated the Chicago Cardinals at the Cardinal Grounds! The Boston Seawolves have punched their ticket to their first MLA Championship Game! The Seawolves will take on the winner of the Manhattan Vs Toronto game.

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10/24/2023 9:35 pm  #70

Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

yeah baby seawolves baby yeah

forgive me if I'm just being lax in my lax knowledge but how is it a walkoff if boston was already winning?


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