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2/02/2020 8:29 pm  #61

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Goodness this vote has the outcome of the Pacific Conference and the “Keep Hockey In Hockey Markets” Conference. I get the concept of having what a hockey city looks like in our heads, but I was hoping the fiction would break that! Before the TYHDA I was thinking about doing a series where the NHL started in the Southwest  and see how it grew over time. I think that would really mess with some people’s heads on the boards haha!


2/02/2020 11:39 pm  #62

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

In the Future, this league might have to look at making a northern and Southern conference 


2/03/2020 11:35 am  #63

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Round 3 | Name the Team Contest

It is time to name our franchises! We are going to vote one group at a time.  For the next week, when inspiration hits you, propose a team name for one or more of the eligible cities.  You can choose to nominate one name for each of the cities.  I will keep track of the submissions to make sure we give credit for when the time comes.  

Through our rating system we will decide the type of league that we want the AltHL to be.  Will we lean towards classic and iconic identities? Or will we have teams that are cutting edge with singular names?  Perhaps a mix of the two.  I am excited to find out.  

With that said, let's cover the ground rules.  No matter what the answers are to the questions above, we without a doubt want the AltHL teams to be unique to our league.

The ground rules:
1. Geographic Indicator: When you submit your team name, provide both the location and team name.  For example, differentiate between the St. Paul, Minneapolis, or Minnesota North Stars.  
2. Name Explanation: If you would like to elaborate on the name that you chose with a brief explanation please feel free to include it.
3. Nothing Vulgar or Inappropriate: It hopefully goes without saying but we are here to create a real and authentic league.  This means we can leave the bad puns to other fantasy leagues.  As an 8th grade teacher, I do not mind shutting nonsense like that down.
4. Make it Unique: Do not nominate a team that...
          A. Is used by any NHL, WHA, or AHL team.
          B. Is used by any Icethetics' IceHL team (they were our inspiration, we don't want to steal from them)
          C. Is used by a local team from the ECHL, CHL, NCAA, NFL, NBA, or MLB team.
              For example, let's avoid the Detroit Wolverines or the Columbus Buckeyes.  However, if the college is out of                       the market then they can use the nickname.  An example would be the Seattle Wolverines or Portland Buckeyes.
          D.  If used by any user on AHSports.  The goal is to respect users' projects as sacred.  LEt's make our teams unique to the AltHL.
          E.  Avoid duplicates.  Read through the other nominations before you submit yours.  If your name has already been submitted take that as an opportunity to submit a second name.  Both names will be included in the voting.

This will be the basic process for how we are going to name the teams...
Step 1: Today opens the nomination process for GROUP A.  That submission process will roll until Friday.  I will then put together the nominations AND 
Step 2: On Sunday, I will post the link to the poll.  The poll will be on a rating scale of 1-10 so we don't have to worry about people only voting for their submissions.  
Step 3: On Monday, we will release Group B and the process starts over again!. 

After we are finished with the naming process we will move on to the Logo stage! We have a strong group of contributors thus far and we appreciate it. 

And now onto Group A! From our southern most franchise we have Los Angeles.  To honor the Beanpot College Hockey Tournament that starts today we have Boston.  Then up to Montreal and all of the way west to Calgary.  Get nominating! Be creative!


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2/03/2020 12:45 pm  #64

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

So yeah, this actually is gonna be tougher than I thought!  If I accidently use a team name that's already been used, my apologizes in advance!

Boston Shamrocks: With the strong Irish influence in the city (from I what I know anyway of Boston), I feel this could be a fitting name that I think would be available to use!  

Los Angeles Stars:  I like the idea of using Hollywood as a theme for a sports theme and Stars to me is a good team name.

Montreal Royals:  I know very little about canada.  So I figured for Montreal, I'd go with the landmark that the city is named for, Mount Royal.  Plus, Royals to me has a nice French flair to it.

Calgary Outlaws:  This might be cheating a bit, as there was a Calgary Cowboys team in one of the leagues you mentioned.   However, the Wild West theme was one I really wanted to use for Calgary, so Outlaws seem like an easy out.


2/03/2020 1:11 pm  #65

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Boston: Unicorns. Were you aware that when the Boston Celtics were named, they also considered the Whirlwinds, Olympians, and Unicorns?

Los Angeles: Wolves. The La Brea Tar Pits have yielded over 200,000 specimens of Dire Wolf.

Montreal: Dragons/Dragonnes. I feel a name that works similarly in both English and French is important for Montral. There's no real reason for Dragons/Dragonnes aside from that, and that Dragons are pretty awesome.

Calgary: Railers. With the city being the headquarters for the Canadian Pacific Railway, this gives an option that is unique to most designs/names for the city.

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2/03/2020 2:15 pm  #66

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Boston Siege: The siege of Boston is when George Washington expelled the British from Boston so it has a big historical significance and is a unique name.

Los Angeles (Black) Mambas: In honour of Kobe.

Montreal Union: Based on the Act Of Union 1840 (aka the British North American Act) which merged upper and lower Canada into one Province and was essentially the groundwork for the Country. Pays homage to the Canadiens name but is far enough away from being a rip off.

Calgary Hart: After the famous Hart wrestling family and Hart dungeon in the city. Plays off of the Calgary Hitmen and has potential for some really cool logos IMO. 

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2/03/2020 2:27 pm  #67

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Boston - Crusaders, the heavy Catholicism in the city of Boston, plus the reference to the biggest raids conducted by any form of a Christian Church.

LA - Hammerheads. The ocean wildlife is something that other teams in the market haven’t tapped into, so let’s pioneer that idea with this shark that hangs around the California coasts.

Montreal - Tomahawks. The Algonquin Tribe has deep history in the province of Quebec and currently there are 9 reservations for the people of the tribe.

Calgary - Wranglers. The Canadian Wild West is infamous, and Calgary is the hotspot for that culture, so kind of a no brained to grace the team with said name.

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2/03/2020 4:13 pm  #68

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Boston Dragons - reference to the Green Dragon Inn, where Paul Revere's ride began
Los Angeles Riptide - piggybacking off the Oceanic idea
Montreal Musketeers - Famous French duelist plus the motto works for Hockey
Calgary Tyrants - Nearby Drumheller has discovered countless fossils including those of the Tyrannosauridae Family


2/03/2020 4:26 pm  #69

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Boston Rovers: Going with the Irish theme, Rovers has a classic feel to it and I feel like it fits Boston well with all the history in the city.

Los Angeles Golden Eagles: There is a golden eagle on the seal of Los Angeles, I also think it lends itself well to California with a yellow heavy color scheme.

Montreal Mohawks: Same reasoning as the Tomahawks above, I just like the alliteration.

Calgary Bighorns: Provincial mammal of Alberta.


2/03/2020 5:20 pm  #70

Re: The AltHL - Group C Voting & Owner Application!

Boston Rovers - I second Section30's suggestion., with the "HC" club to add some old-school class to it.
Los Angeles Meteors - Meteors are "shooting stars," fits in with the Hollywood and hockey motifs.
Montreal Pirates - The St. Lawrence Seaway does have a history of pirate attacks, the modern-day Voiles en Voiles theme park is themed around pirate culture, and "Pirates" is spelled the same in English and French.
Calgary Sharpshooters - Another Bret Hart tribute, this time using his signature finishing move as their namesake.


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