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9/13/2023 11:26 am  #51

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Magical_Kittenz wrote:

Welcome to Week 2! I think we all did quite well... wait a minute. Who missed the field goal? Edgeworth, it looks like you missed the extra point, so we have to say goodbye to you this week (maybe have some confidence in your own team next time, just saying).

Also thanks IDM for offering to make graphics. I appreciate it dude.

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9/13/2023 8:45 pm  #52

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Let's see, 8 out of 10 of us (and by us, I mean you all because I forgot to join this contest... whoops) picked the LA Sabercats to lose.   I'd gloat, but if not for a late game 3 yard TD catch by Garrett Wilson, we'd have lost by a whopping .1 points... soooo, yeah that wasn't that bad of a prediction.

This is to say that the Sabercats are gonna pull out the pro wrestling white meat babyface promo by promising to do our best, give it 110%, and that we're gonna get those dirty Bandits!   

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9/13/2023 8:48 pm  #53

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

Unfortunately, the Destroyers could not hold on to the lead against Birmingham, resulting in a 0-1 record after the first week of the season. Despite the disappointment, San Diego is determined to bounce back as they prepare to face off against the undefeated Explorers in St. Louis. For this game, we will don our navy helmet, white jersey, and white pants as we highlight our star running back, Tony Pollard, who nearly secured us a victory with his impressive performance as Pollard managed to score two rushing touchdowns, gained 70 rushing yards, and also made 12 receiving yards. #BattleReady


9/13/2023 9:46 pm  #54

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

The Steelheads got of to a bit of a rocky start, but righted the ship to cruise to a big win over Arizona. Now, we get an actual divisional matchup, as we travel inland to face the Raptors. Last week, we saw a strong connection born between QB Mac Jones and WR Tyreek Hill, the latter of whom led the entire league in points after amassing 215 receiving yards and finding the end zone twice. If we can get production that in any way resembles that for the rest of the year, Seattle will be tough to stop. We're wearing the standard away set for our first road game of the season.


9/13/2023 10:25 pm  #55

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

The Cyclones thought we had a fairly decent start to the season, until Philadelphia decided to run up the score and handed us a loss to begin the year. We will have a second chance to win our first game of the year against the Bolts at home. Newly signed LB Bobby Wagner was a menace on the defense, totaling 19 tackles on Sunday to provided the boost to the defense that we needed. We'll be wearing the standard home uniforms for week 2 of white helmets, maroon jerseys, tan pants, and red socks. #StormWatch

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9/14/2023 8:39 am  #56

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

A disappointing loss at home to start the year, but it wouldn't be a New York Emperors season without starting 0-1. We're going to look to get back on track this week as we host those Spooky Bois from the Great Plains, as the Kansas City Scarecrows are coming to town. This is only our second game against them in the modern era, so we're looking to get our first win over the Scarecrows in the modern era. We're featuring top running back Christian McCaffrey for this one, as we get out the standard home outfits for this one, with the gray helmet, yellow jersey, and gray pants. #ImperiumSineFine

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9/14/2023 5:46 pm  #57

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

A great start to the season for the Brawlers. This week the Brawlin' Bens are sporting the W-W-W look as they head down to Alabama to take on the Vulcans. 

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9/14/2023 7:29 pm  #58

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

The Galactics escaped the home opener with a narrow win over the Boston Nightriders. Now, we head across the country to the desert to take on the newest member of the South Division, the Arizona Scorpions. DL Danielle Hunter was a key factor in last week's game so he's ready to shine on the graphic this week. As we head into the heat of the desert the Galactics will be repping a mostly white look this week with purple socks being the only coloured element.
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9/15/2023 10:42 am  #59

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

So we're going to take a look back at Week 1, since no one else was doing Power Ranks, I will. Full disclosure, they may have the same issue as the Baseball Power Ranks. But... we've tweaked some things, so we'll see if they change things. I was testing it anyway with Football, so we'll just make it public.

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9/18/2023 11:26 am  #60

Re: The AltFL Season 2023

So week 2 is not off to a great start, as several players decided not to show up this week after we lost to Kansas City last week. We have two players left tonight and hopefully they can bring in a win for the Stallions against the Nightriders. One of them is the featured player this week. 

Graphic Credit to Wallflower

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