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9/06/2023 12:42 pm  #21

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

Tough week 1 loss has the Big Blue in a desperate situation as they travel to Minnesota. 


9/06/2023 12:51 pm  #22

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

After a tough trip to Florida Panhandle, the Moose head home to Dutton Stadium to take on the defending champions! Classic uniforms. 

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9/06/2023 1:39 pm  #23

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

Following a big week one win over Yellowstone in Pensacola, we're heading out on the road to take on the Fightin' Muskrats of Ohio A&M. We had a big day at the quarterback position with Jordan Travis lighting it up, but backup Shedeur Sanders looked good in his playing time as well, so he's our featured player this week. We'll be in the standard sapphire helmets, white jerseys (with sapphire yoke), and mint pants.

Hawaii State came out firing on the road, as we lead the nation in scoring in week one. We saw returning senior wide receiver Tre Harris have 133 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns, so clearly we're going to feature him for our first home game of the season. We're at home in this one as we host Queen City State, and we'll be wearing the whites at home, with the white helmets, white jerseys, and white pants.

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9/06/2023 7:21 pm  #24

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

After jumping out to a huge lead, the Angels' season nearly started with disaster in front of our home crowd, but we were able to hold on to start things off on the right foot. This week, the Island meets the Beach - the King one, that is - as we take a trip out to Playa for our first road game of the season. We also had a big day at the quarterback position, as QB KJ Jefferson threw for 3 TDs and added another on the ground for a monster day. Despite the change in scenery, the fit is the same, as we're green-white-gold from top to bottom. #HeardOnHigh

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9/06/2023 8:44 pm  #25

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

Unfortunately, during our game against Wichita A&M, our defence crumbled under pressure in front of our home fans, causing us to lose despite having the lead late in the game. With a current record of 0-1, we're now preparing to face off against the Riel Rebels, who are also 0-1, in what promises to be an exciting Canadian Clash in Winnipeg. This week, we'd like to highlight the impressive performance of wide receiver Jalen McMillan, who managed to secure two receiving touchdowns, one rushing touchdown, 95 receiving yards, 19 rushing yards, and nine passing yards. During the upcoming game, the St. Laurent Patriotes will sport their red helmets and white jerseys, pants, and socks. #GoPatsGo


9/06/2023 9:28 pm  #26

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

A tough start to the season with a loss to Hallows, however, we aim to bounce back in a Canadian duel with St. Laurent. This week we feature our star QB Austin Reed, who will look to lead the Rebels to victory. We will also be breaking out a red heavy set this week going red for the jersey, pants, and socks. #TheRIELDeal #Rebels2023 #CanadianClash 


9/06/2023 10:23 pm  #27

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

A disappointing start to the year saw the Stegos lose to the Stingers on the road. We will return home to Leslie Kidd Stadium to host the Lone Star Panthers for the first time in the modern era. This week's featured player is junior RB MarShawn Lloyd, who rushed for 79 yards and had 59 receiving yards while adding a score on the ground. We'll be wearing our standard home uniforms of purple helmets, green jerseys, and white pants. #BringTheBoom


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9/13/2023 8:09 am  #28

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

The Jellyfish went on the road to Ohio, unfortunately. No one wants to go to Ohio. While there, they knocked off Ohio A&M's Fightin' Muskrats to move to 2-0 on the year. This week we head over to Kansas to take on the 29ers of Wichita State. They too are sitting at 2-0, so one of us will no longer be undefeated after this week. The Jellyfish are going to be in the road uniforms in this one, with the blue helmet, white jersey, and mint pants. We're highlighting wide receiver Troy Franklin for this one. #UnderTheSea

Two weeks in, and the Hawaii State Hawks are 2-0. We're flying high right now, and look to keep it going this week. We head from Hawaii to Hershey, Pennsylvania for this one as we take on the Wildcats this week. The Hawks have had some really nice output this season from running back Audric Estime, and we're featuring number 7 this week. The Hawks are on the road, and therefore are wearing our white helmets, white jerseys, and white pants. #FlyingHI

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9/13/2023 8:30 pm  #29

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

Unfortunately, St. Laurent suffered defeat at the hands of Riel in the Canadian Clash, marking their second loss of the season. However, the team is returning home this week to take on the winless Stegos from Southern Colorado. The Patriotes are looking to redeem themselves in this upcoming Week 3 match-up and secure a much-needed victory. Our star player, running back La'Damian Webb, will be leading the charge in our standard home set of Navy-Navy-Navy-Red. Webb proved his worth last week by scoring two rushing touchdowns and amassing 81 rushing yards. #GoPatsGo

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9/13/2023 9:07 pm  #30

Re: The AltCAA Season 2023

The Angels are off to a strong start, sitting at 2-0 after a big win over the Penguins somewhere in California. We head out on the road again this week, and this time, we're going up to Redwood Falls against a fellow 2-0 team in Minnesota A&M. The Threshers are our most formidable opponent yet, so this should be a good test of where both teams stand. RB Roman Hemby makes the graphic this week after totaling 217 yards from scrimmage and scoring a touchdown. #HeardOnHigh


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