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9/03/2023 9:00 pm  #111

Re: Building the League

It's time! Sorry for the delay everyone, being a college student means things can get busy very quickly. But the Clash Kits are ready to go!

Here's how this works: We've got a poll. On that poll are all 16 clubs and between 3 and 4 options to pick from. Please rate every option with 5 being best and 1 being worst. The poll will remain remain open for two days. On Tuesday night (9/5) I will close the poll. Then, the two highest-scoring kits will be sent to the club's owner via their preferred method of contact. They will have until FRIDAY NIGHT (9/8) to respond and select their favorite. If they do not respond in time, then the kit that received the most votes in the poll will be automatically chosen. The winning kits will be revealed on Saturday, at the same time a new poll is posted for the 8 unselected clubs (so get those submissions in by Friday night!).

On the images themselves, I've included the club's original design prompt and the explanations for each kit. However, some of them are hard to see. You can view a plain text version of them here: Clash Kit Explanations

Without further ado, here's the poll and the kits! Enjoy!


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9/05/2023 1:13 pm  #112

Re: Building the League

Reminder that the poll closes tonight at 7PM Pacific! Make sure to get your votes in before then.


9/09/2023 4:15 pm  #113

Re: Building the League

Here are the 2023-24 AltLiga Clash Kits! Congrats to all the designers and thanks to everyone who submitted kits and voted. The poll for the final 8 teams will be up later today!


9/09/2023 4:24 pm  #114

Re: Building the League

Alright, and now for the final 8 clash kits! We'll be voting the same way, but instead of the club's owner picking from two finalists, the highest-rated kit will win.

As with last time, you can view a plain text version of the kit explanations here: AltLiga Clash Kit Explanations

Final 8 Poll


9/14/2023 10:00 pm  #115

Re: Building the League

And here are the final 8 clubs! Congrats to all the winners!


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