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7/27/2023 8:09 pm  #241

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

WCEHL 1960 Offseason Events – Presented by CBS
     Welcome to our exclusive West Coast Elite League offseason update, where we have plenty of news regarding the best who play in the West. 

     The regular season champions have been busy as a bee in Salt Lake City, this summer, doing their best to build on the success they’ve seen in recent seasons. Scott Kehler, a 22-year-old, budding star that will be venturing out of Two Towns for the first time, headlines Salt Lake’s free agency. Kehler will be accompanied by Adrian Berry and Keith MacLeish, who both previously played for Las Vegas. Another favorite to leave Las Vegas is Smail Podrabsky, who settled down in Tijuana on a two-year contract.

     Despite losing so many players, The House was quite happy with their summer participation, bringing David Bannatyne back home from the Tribe and signing Benton Brownschidle, who decided that he didn’t want to follow the only team he’s ever played for across the border, gaining the highest contract of the offseason in the process.

     Speaking of goalies, Matt Pickel is also on the move, going from Sacramento to San Francisco. He will join a goalie room that is packed to the brim, but there is no doubt that the young star will be given the crease by start of season.

     Finally, the biggest story of the summer is that the most successful player in league history is on the move, again. Andress Riekstins heads to Two Towns Hockey Club, where he will take on the challenge of winning The Magnum with a fourth team.

     Before we head to commercial, we leave you with this. Stay tuned for more information regarding the foreign team who will be joining the WCEHL for the upcoming season!



7/27/2023 9:12 pm  #242

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Oooooh this is some fire style from our healthiest scratch!

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