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7/20/2023 7:20 pm  #151

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1986 OCS Finals

#5 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 80, #6 The Bay Bishops 71
It's party time in McQuelsey! Bryson McMurray and the gang held it down for the hometown. McMurray charged forth and finished the night with 33 points and six steals. This statline led to him receiving the OCS Finals MVP award.

The first half was an entertaining battle. The Bay was shooting a lot, but they weren't necessarily falling. Their sheer volume kept them in the game. The Woodpeckers did their best to slow the pace down, playing a more molasses style of basketball. Essentially, McQuelsey played keep-away every possession until the shot clock wound down to the low single-digits. As The Bay was not hitting at the rate they preferred, the Woodpeckers were able to command the game and lead by seven at half.

McQuelsey switched things up defensively in the second half. At almost every possession, the Woodpeckers threw a different defensive strategy at the Bishops. They experimented with 2-3, 1-3-1 zones and 3/4 court presses. It was difficult for the Bishops to get a consistent read offensively. This lockdown brilliance helped the Woodpeckers clinch their first OCS Finals victory in fourteen years.

Bryson McMurray becomes the sixth player in league history to win both an OCS Finals and regular season MVP.

Congratulations to the Woodpeckers for winning their second OCS Finals!


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

McMurray Dunk Art and Championship Banner

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Was cheering heavily for The Bay but happy to see the Woodpeckers win. Also awesome for McMurray to be put among the greatest.


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1987 Offseason
After a media strike in the country of Oneioea, news coverage of the OBA finally returns!

REMOLVO REBUILDS, TRADES RIVERS and McFOSTER III - in a move that seems to be in the benefit of all parties involved, the Remolvo Choristers are unloading their superstar and another important part of their core.

Longtime Chorister Harlow Rivers is being sent to the Novak Junction Hustlers. In exchange, Remolvo will receive 2x All-OBA nominee Julio Ball. Remolvo also traded away Javen McFoster III to the Ensylvan Drakes and will receive Tate Lendon-Tornery.

RIVERS INTRODUCTORY PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT - "I can't wait to get to work here in Novak Junction. This is a beautiful city that I had never visited prior to my time as a professional athlete. My time in Remolvo is finished. That was a good run, and my teammates helped develop me and learn the ropes. I'm excited to take my talents to the Hustlers organization."

SIMEKA SENDS FREDDIE JAMES TO VEÑUTO - The Sleuths will receive Hank Ralph from the Valor. Veñuto gets a solid leader in James, and the Sleuths add depth to their squad. Most members of the media believe Simeka won the trade narrowly.

BARA BOOKS BLOCKBUSTER BOOTHTOWN TRADE FOR BATISTA - In a slightly confusing move, the Bara Cudas send their sophomore forward Aaron Batista to the Boothtown Mobsters. The Cudas will receive Shane Norby. Batista had a great rookie campaign and was largely believed to be a part of the Cudas core with Jefferson Connors. Norby is a fine player, but doesn't have quite the ceiling that Batista will have.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1987 Season

1987 had plenty in store for basketball fans all around. The Simeka Sleuths emerged as the top team in the regular season for the second time. They were captained by point guard Brody Rizzo, who was awarded his first MVP of his career. He was dishing and diming throughout the entire season, aided by Sol Renfro and new addition Freddie James. Rizzo led the league in assists and was third in the league in scoring.

Following in the #2 position is Soup, who clinched their first ever playoff birth! It was a full team effort to eclipse their first 30-win season. Point guard Horace Suggs was their main contributor as the team's leading scorer.

Fresh off of their OCS Finals runner up finish, The Bay improved their standing to the #3 seed. They shot better than they did last season and look to continue their playoff hot streak.

Ibrahim Mohammed was a monster on the boards for Gin City, leading the league in BOTH offensive and defensive rebounds. He anchored a defense that allowed the fewest points, making the Porkers a formidable opponent every week. The Dovinwitt Louds won three fewer games than they did in 1986. They will look to bounce back after their first round exit to the Bishops. If the Porkers were the best defense, Dovinwitt was the second best.

The reigning champions finished in the sixth spot. Bryson McMurray showed no signs of slowing down, coming in second in the MVP voting. Some feel as if the Rizzo MVP was controversial and it should have gone to McMurray. It led to some heated discussions at the local pubs.

Despite Ish Anderson's serious wrist injury early in the season, Io October played incredibly. Despite being snubbed for the All-OBA team, he carried the Monocles to the postseason. He had a pivotal role in the team's three victories in three weeks to end the regular season. Anderson is expected to be fully healthy by the second round of the playoffs.

As is evident in the standings, it was a dramatic finish to the season. A four-way tie for the last three playoff spots led to some of the highest television ratings in the league's history. McQuelsey, the Monocles, Luva, and the Ricos were all vying for a playoff berth. McQuelsey's path was easily paved - they went a perfect 6-0 against the other three teams. They could have lost the final game of the season and still find themselves in the playoffs. The Monocles defeated the Irving Crows, Ensylvan, and Gin City in three straight games. After taking the Woodpeckers out of the equation, Murdlock's only loss was an early fall to the Mountaineers. That left the Monocles with a 3-1 record against Luva and the Ricos, securing the seventh spot.

The Mountaineers routed the Novak Junction Hustlers early in the afternoon of the last Saturday of the regular season. Mountaineer fans, players, and other team personnel stayed at the Edgeworth Court to watch the primetime finale on the big screen between the Irving Crows and Irving Ricos. As Luva defeated the Ricos twice earlier in the year, a Ricos' loss would guarantee the Mountaineers the final place in the playoffs.

A Ricos' loss was exactly what they got; despite a valiant 30-point effort from All-OBA nominee Pablo Ruiz, it was not enough to overcome the team dominance from the Crows. The Ricos' failure to show up cost them their first playoff berth in seven years.

The first season post-Harlow Rivers was surprisingly successful in Remolvo. Tate Lendon - Tornery was the leading force for their winning record and was an ultimate rim protector. Ensylvan had a strong showing but fell just short, largely in part to a 5-game skid in the middle of the season. However, their future looks bright with Larry Antwan and Javen McFoster III. The Team of the River Galloway was carried again by the young Stanley Sweetney, one of the league's most dynamic superstars.

Bojan Turk maintained his production, and Hitts Weckerthaul, while certainly aging, proved to be a competent point guard again. The Boothtown pairing of Navon Oren and Aaron Batista looked awesome, but their lack of depth contributed to them falling just under .500. The Nachtigen Titans snuck away with a few wins against the top teams. Desherd City had an injury-riddled year. The remaining bottom teams all beat up on each other, as the Murdlock Razors, City Van East, Bara, and Veñuto all finished with an 18-28 record. Novak Junction, despite a good, drama-free season from Harlow Rivers, stunk. Kennedy was no good. Convenance went 0-4 against those two teams, thus landing them in the bottom spot.

1987 All-OBA

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1987 Playoffs

#1 Simeka Sleuths vs. #8 Luva Mountaineers
We've seen this movie before - Simeka gets one of the top seeds and falters in the first round. It happened last year when they were upended by the Irving Crows. In 1985, they were blown out of the water by the Remolvo Choristers. Sinclair Journey and the Luva Mountaineers stand in their way as a hungry #8 seed. Will the upset-minded Mountaineers topple the Sleuths? Can Simeka avenge their previous postseason woes and advance?

#4 Gin City Porkers vs. #5 Dovinwitt Louds
Ibrahim Mohammed had one of his best years as a Porker. With Byron No by his side, Gin City is hoping to advance to the OCS Finals for the first time since their 1984 victory. The Louds are coming into town looking for their first playoff victory in franchise history. Will the Gin City duo come through? Will Dovinwitt's defense hold them to minimal damage?

#3 The Bay Bishops vs. #6 McQuelsey Woodpeckers
Well, well, well... what a time for a playoff rematch! This rivalry is about to be dialed to 100 as Bryson McMurray looks to add to his already stacked legacy. The Bishops plan for revenge begins in the first round. McQuelsey won the big one in 1986; what holds for 1987 between these two basketball giants?

#2 Soup vs. #7 Murdlock Monocles
Ish Anderson returns from injury for the Monocles and joins his partner-in-crime in Io October. An inexperienced Soup team is high on young talent and is hellbent on cementing themselves as a force in the OBA. The 1980s have spelled disappointment for the Monocles - can this year change? Will Soup be rattled?

The 1987 Playoffs are here!!! Who will come away with the Golden Carrot?

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1987 First Round
#1 Simeka Sleuths 69, #8 Luva Mountaineers 68
RENFRO AT THE BUZZER!!! An instant classic went down in Simeka as the Sleuths came out on top. Tied at 35 at half, both teams went into the locker rooms confident in their strategies. Sinclair Journey was slightly hampered by Sol Renfro's excellent defense, but that only opened things up for Freddy Duncan to alleviate some of that stress. Journey finished with 18 points while Duncan led the way with 25. On the Simeka sideline, it was all about the ball movement. League MVP Brody Rizzo put together a floor general masterclass as he assisted on eight scoring plays while notching 24 points of his own.

The final minute was breathtaking, excellent basketball. Luva was down 66-62 and needed a handful of clutch plays. Journey drove into the middle of the paint, jump-stopped, and kicked out to Duncan for a rimless, swished three. Then, on the inbound, Journey slapped the ball away and chucked up a three that miraculously went in. The timeout at the 20 second mark allowed Simeka to draw up a winner. Misdirection on the weak side allowed for Sol Renfro to get open in the short corner and had all day to shoot and sink the buzzer beater. He was surrounded by teammates and roaring Sleuth fans. Renfro finished the night with 12. Brody Rizzo was the leading scorer with 23. Alex Zaragoza added 15.

#4 Gin City Porkers 72, #5 Dovinwitt Louds 68
Game #2 of the postseason was also a stellar showdown between two defensive juggernauts. Gin City came out on top, thanks in part to Byron No's 36 points, half of the Porkers' total score. It went down to the wire; with the Porkers up 70-68, the Louds needed a bucket. However, it was Ibrahim Mohammed who, per usual, protected the rim diligently, blocking the potential tying shot, grabbing the rebound and subsequently getting fouled and sent to the free throw line. From there, Mohammed sunk the two free throws and sealed the deal for the Porkers.

#3 The Bay Bishops 96, #6 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 78
Oofda... a repeat was simply not in the cards for the Woodpeckers this season. The Bishops came out swinging. At first, McQuelsey kept pace, as the lead changed over 12 times before the half. However, John Hamilton went on a run for the Bishops, sinking two quick threes and adding a layup to put The Bay up for good, 50 - 42 at halftime. From there, they didn't look back, as they nailed shot after shot and sent the Woodpeckers back to their cavities. Hamilton finished the game with 27 points for The Bay.

#2 Soup 85, #7 Murdlock Monocles 75
The score was closer than the game otherwise implied. The Monocles could not seem to match the synergy they had when a healthy Ish Anderson was paired with Io October earlier in the year. The chemistry and timing was off. Not that either player played poorly, but Anderson was far more timid than he usually plays, particularly driving to the rim. Anderson finished with 19 points and 10 assists, most of them to October. The Monocles big man had 23 in the loss. Horace Suggs of Soup chauffeured the team to victory, leading the way with stellar defense (four steals) and excellent poise (13 assists and 18 points on a perfect 8/8 from the field). He looked exceptional for the young Soup team.

Semifinals Matchups Preview

#1 Simeka Sleuths vs. #4 Gin City Porkers
The #1 offense vs. the #1 defense in the league; had the seeding worked out, this would have been an excellent OCS Finals matchup. No matter, as the semifinals will suffice. Byron No has an OCS Finals MVP and a title to his name. Ibrahim Mohammed has been nothing short of spectacular all year, particularly on the defensive end. Will the Porkers have enough to upset league MVP Brody Rizzo and his supporting Sleuths? Will Simeka finally make it to the big one?

#2 Soup vs. #3 The Bay Bishops
To conclude the all-chalk semifinals, we have Soup and the Bishops. The league has never seen a franchise rise so quickly from youth to dominance as Soup has. The Bay is looking to put that streak to a halt and make it back to the Finals. Is this season a fluke for Soup? Will the Bishops succumb to the superstitions surrounding them?

The 1987 Semifinals are on!!!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1987 Semifinals

#1 Simeka Sleuths 92, #4 Gin City Porkers 76
If someone saw this result coming, they need to share the numbers to the Oneioea National Lottery. Holy schnikies this was not close. Simeka adjusted to Ibrahim Mohammed's stout defense by staying and shooting from the perimeter. It worked!! Brody Rizzo and Sol Renfro lit up the Porkers for a combined 77 points. It was absurd. The step-back jumper was the move of the night for the Sleuths. Byron No had a great night for the opposition, netting 22 points and 13 rebounds, but it wasn't enough. Simeka advances to their first ever OCS Finals!

#2 Soup 85, #3 The Bay Bishops 72
Wow the Bishops came down from their high shooting performance in the first round. John Hamilton struggled as he only scored 15 points on 18 shots. Conversely, the Soup team could not be stopped. Horace Suggs lit up the Bishops for 33 points and tagged on 12 assists. Suggs also had three steals, two of which were by pickpocketing Hamilton late in the first half. Suggs had a remarkable performance that left Soup fans exhilarated. Postgame, he was calm and happy. He knew that there was a mission, and that mission was not yet complete. Soup, like Simeka, will be making their first OCS Finals apperance!!

1987 OCS Finals Preview
#1 Simeka Sleuths vs. #2 Soup
This is the first #1 vs. #2 matchup since Gin City took down Remolvo in 1984. That was also the last time the OBA had first-time championship winner. This is guaranteed, as neither team has ever participated in the Finals. Simeka comes into the matchup with a high octane offense, powered by MVP Brody Rizzo and a supporting cast of Sol Renfro, Alex Zaragoza and Esteban Grover. Nobody on the Sleuths could have imagined that the young Soup team would be the one standing between them and a championship. Horace Suggs has his sights set on greatness.

Who will come out on top in the 1987 OCS Finals?

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1987 OCS Finals
#1 Simeka Sleuths 78, #2 Soup 81
SOUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes indeed, the youngsters proved to be victorious in their first ever OCS Finals against the #1 team in the league. The bookies had Soup opening as a 7.5 point underdog in this matchup, and boy was the payout healthy for anyone betting for Soup.

The first half was a back and forth between the two squads until about 4:00 to go; Simeka, using the power of their multi-faceted offense, screamed out to a 48-40 lead as the buzzer sounded. Soup needed to trust what worked for them earlier in the half to keep pace. That's exactly what they did - Horace Suggs locked down on Brody Rizzo and matched up against the league MVP for the entire half. Rizzo was held to just four points after an 18-point first half. Rizzo was unable to get clean shots off, but Sol Renfro picked up some of the slack. While the margin floated between 7-11 points, it was at the 6:35 mark that Soup decided to charge back. It was at that point that Suggs had not one, not two... but THREE straight and-ones on THREE possessions. It was truly a moment to remember for basketball eternity.

The Sleuths composed themselves enough to limit Soup's momentum. With 2:15 to go, the game was tied at 74. Renfro scored on a left-handed layup to break the deadlock. That Sleuth lead lasted all of five seconds, as Soup pushed the ball immediately. That possession ended in Suggs throwing an alley-oop to his center, Clarence Poole. Both teams bricked their next two offensive attempts. Simeka big man Alex Zaragoza attempted a layup, but Poole swatted it away like a summertime fly at a picnic. Suggs got the rebound and laid it up on a fast break. On the defensive end, Suggs pickpocketed Rizzo and shockingly pulled up for a transition three and sunk it. Rizzo was gifted a quick, contact-free layup. From there, Soup was able to play keep away and, despite Clarence Poole missing the single-bonus free throw, closed out the Finals with an 81-78 victory.

Suggs scored 33 points on 26 shots. He dished out nine assists and dominated his defensive matchup against the best point guard in the league. For his efforts, Suggs was awarded the OCS Finals MVP.

Horace Suggs, OCS Finals MVP


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