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7/15/2023 12:43 pm  #61

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

While I finish up the Free agency signings write-up, I have some great news. You can now submit names for the future ECHO rookie recruitments (and eventually drafts). 

ECHO Name Submission Form

I have decided to do this to erase the anachronistic names that my simulation engine produces for me so when you do submit prospect names, make sure they fit in the era.

I've also added this link to the first post of the ECHO so that you can submit names anytime.

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7/16/2023 4:49 pm  #62

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 ECHO Free Agency

The Metros announced the signing of former Quebec winger Sage Steeves to a 3-year deal, along with free agent goaltender Jalen Knevel on a 2-year deal.

Meanwhile, the Beavers made headlines when they snagged winger André Dufresne from the Métros with a 3-year deal. 

Ottawa also made moves, signing former Saint John defenseman Gilbert Houle to a whopping 5-year deal at 426k annually. They also secured former Beavers winger Aaron Edwards on a 5-year deal worth 240k per year and brought on former Métros defenseman and 1946 DPOY Rémi Bellefeuille for a 4-year deal at 73k annually. 

Quebec landed former Beavers winger Steve Lawton on a deal worth 162k annually until 1953. They also added former Halifax defenseman Kevin Taylor on a contract worth 136k annually until 1952 and former Halifax center Lachlan Johnston for a deal worth 163k until 1952. 

Charlottetown signed former Saint John defenseman Kenneth Wright to a 5-year deal worth 241k annually. They also gave a 4-year deal to former Métros center Andre Bergeron.

Halifax made waves when they signed former Ottawa defenseman Alain Leblanc to a deal worth 467k annually until 1953 and added former Beavers winger James LeRoux to a 3-year deal worth 82k annually. Plus, they brought on former Saint John center James Stewart for a 3-year deal. 

Moncton rounded out their team with another goalie, signing former Highlanders goaltender Jamie Scott on a 3-year deal. They also added former Quebec winger Richard Tardif on a 5-year deal worth 512k annually and former Saint John center and 1946 MVP David Howard on a 4-year deal. 

Saint John also got in on the goalie action, signing goaltender Richard Jones to a 3-year deal. They also snagged defenseman Gordon Shaw from Halifax, giving him a 5-year deal worth 192k annually. After testing free agency, center Phillip Wright re-signed with the Admirals on a 4-year deal worth 166k a year. 

Top 5 Free Agents

1. D Kenneth Wright, STJ > CHA
2. D Gordon Shaw, HFX > STJ
3. D Alain Leblanc, OTT > HFX
4. W Steve Lawton, MTB > QUE
5. W Aaron Edwards, MTB > OTT

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7/18/2023 4:15 pm  #63

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948/49 ECHO Preseason Power Rankings

1. Montréal Métros
2. Charlottetown
3. Moncton
4. Ottawa
5. Halifax
6. Saint John
7. Quebec
8. Montreal Beavers

1. Charlottetown
2. Quebec
3. Saint John
4. Moncton
5. Montréal Métros
6. Montreal Beavers
7. Halifax
8. Ottawa

1. Halifax
2. Quebec
3. Charlottetown
4. Saint John
5. Montreal Beavers
6. Ottawa
7. Moncton
8. Montréal Métros

1. Halifax 
2. Charlottetown
3. Saint John
4. Quebec
5. Montréal Métros
6. Moncton
7. Ottawa
8. Montreal Beavers

Top 10 Players
1. Alex Davis (G, HFX)
2. Robert Davis (C, STJ)
3. Evan James (D, QUE)
4. Jacques Tremblay (C, CHA)
5. Roy Davies (W, QUE)
6. Joe Djogo (W, OTT)
7. Kenneth Wright (D, CHA)
8. Andrew Mike (D, QUE)
9. Robert Leblanc (D, MTM)
10. Bob Dezouvre (D, STJ)

Top 5 Rookies
1. Ephraim Gauthier (W, STJ)
2. Glen Wallace (D, MON)
3. William Parker (G, MTB)
4. Arthur MacDonald (D, OTT)
5. Gabriel Caron (C, QUE)

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7/20/2023 8:05 pm  #64

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948/49 ECHO Regular Season

The Saint Lawrence division saw another new champion this year, with the Quebec Reds winning the division. After consistently falling short of the playoffs in past years, they finally secured their spot thanks to balanced scoring, with several players contributing to the scoring, with well-rounded offensive performances from both forwards (Bradley Stewart, Roy Davies, Steve Lawton, Gabriel Caron, Maxime Chevalier) and defenders (Evan James, Andrew Mike, Étienne Tremblay, Gordon Cameron). Ottawa also made it to the playoffs due to strong showings from Joe Djogo (63 pts in 52 games) and their goaltending, with starter Tom Mullings recording 17 wins. Still, the Knights missed the division title due to their inferior division record. It was a narrow miss for the Montréal Métros, who were sunk by a lack of scoring depth and inconsistent performances. At the same time, last year's division champions, the Montreal Beavers, had a tough time due to injuries and subpar goaltending, finishing at the bottom of the division.

In the Maritimes division, Halifax emerged as the winner of the division, thanks to great play from Jermaine Thompson (52 pts in 48 games), Robert Mayne (46 pts in 49 games) and the immediate impact of free agency signing defenseman Alain Leblanc who was a stalwart on the Halifax blue line. Charlottetown was also excellent, with 3rd-year center Jacques Tremblay leading the way in scoring (16 goals, 58 pts in 50 games), but could never catch the Highlanders, finishing 6 points behind Halifax. The Moncton Generals had a successful season, with Jamie Scott stepping in for Matthew Phillips in goal for approximately one-third of the games. Despite having more points than the winners of the other division, the Generals could not qualify for the playoffs due to the two-team per division rule. Unfortunately, the Saint John Admirals finished at the bottom of the division and the league. 


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7/20/2023 9:21 pm  #65

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

shoutout to quebec winning the division with a losing record. lol lmao


7/23/2023 8:01 pm  #66

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1949 Sound Cup Playoffs

Quebec Reds vs Ottawa Knights
In Game 1, Ottawa took an early lead, with Joe Djogo scoring a slapshot past Quebec's goalie Patrick Bell during the first period. In the second period, Ottawa's winger Lloyd Plante scored a powerplay goal to double the Knights' lead. However, Quebec retaliated and tied the game at 2 with goals from Lachlan Johnston and Roy Davies. Ottawa managed to regain their lead midway through the second period with a goal from Murray Brissett, but Quebec quickly tied it up again with Roy Davies' second goal of the night. In the late stages of the third period, Henry Lee scored the game-winning goal for Ottawa, securing their lead and putting the Knights ahead in the series.

During Game 2, Ottawa was the first to score, with Murray Brissett netting a goal almost halfway through the 1st period. However, Quebec tied the game at 1 with a powerplay goal from Gordon Cameron later. Ottawa's Joe Djogo responded a few minutes later with a powerplay goal of his own, putting the Knights back in the lead. Midway through the second period, Aaron Edwards scored on the powerplay to bring the score to 3-1 for Ottawa. Lloyd Plante would then score on the powerplay late in the 2nd, making it 4-1 for the Knights. This was the last goal in the game, as Ottawa won 4-1, resulting in a surprising sweep and sending the division champs home. 

Halifax Highlanders vs Charlottetown Monarchs

During Game 1, Halifax took an early lead on the powerplay, with Gavin Scott scoring the opening goal just four minutes in. Halifax continued to dominate, with winger Robert Mayne scoring a shot that beat Charlottetown goaltender Peter Chiasson below the glove, followed by Garry Paterson, making it 3-0 for Halifax. James LeRoux added his contribution to make it a 4-0 lead for Halifax, but Charlottetown managed to get one back late in the first period off of the stick of Ken Chang. In the second period, Jermaine Thompson scored a great slapshot to restore the Highlanders' four-goal lead, and Robert Mayne scored his second of the game early in the third period to make it 6-1 for Halifax. Late in the third period, Halifax's Martin Lindsay scored, bringing the final score to 7-1, giving Halifax the win and the opening lead in the series.

The second game of the series saw the scoring kick off midway through the opening period. Jacques Tremblay of Charlottetown managed to find the back of the net with a strong wrist shot. Later in the same period, Halifax could equalize thanks to Robert Mayne's goal. However, Charlottetown quickly regained their lead less than a minute later, thanks to a goal from William Weber. It was early in the third period when the Monarchs scored again, this time on a powerplay, with Alexander Stuart beating Halifax goalie Alex Davis blocker-side, taking Charlottetown to a two-goal lead. The Highlanders managed to get one back with a powerplay goal from James LeRoux, but unfortunately, Halifax could not score again, resulting in Charlottetown tying the series with a 3-2 win.

In the pivotal Game 3, the first period witnessed Halifax's Martin Lindsay breaking the deadlock with a powerplay goal. Charlottetown responded in the third period through Andre Bergeron's equalizer. However, the Monarchs took the lead in the late stages of the third period courtesy of Charles Morin's powerplay goal. Denzel Mitchell sealed Charlottetown's victory with an empty netter to send the defending champions home empty-handed.

Factoid: The winner of the Maritimes Division has never made it to the Sound Cup Finals, and Halifax losing here continues that trend.

1949 Sound Cup Finals Preview
The 1949 Sound Cup Finals are here between Ottawa and Charlottetown, a rematch of the 1947 Sound Cup Finals. Ottawa is seeking revenge, while Charlottetown aims to be the first team to lift the Sound Cup twice. Both teams have advantages, with Ottawa being more rested after sweeping Quebec. However, it's important to note that Charlottetown has a fantastic goaltender in Peter Chiasson. In the end, I predict that the Monarchs will be a challenge for Ottawa and will claim their second Sound Cup victory.
Pick: Charlottetown

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7/26/2023 5:30 pm  #67

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1949 Sound Cup Finals

Game 1: OTT 1 @ CHA 2 In a thrilling match, the Monarchs charged ahead with Stéphane Archambault's powerplay goal, igniting the crowd midway through the first period. But they didn't stop there. Andre Bergeron added to Charlottetown's lead less than a minute later, leaving Ottawa scrambling to catch up. Just when it seemed like the game was slipping away, Joe Djogo fired one past Peter Chiasson's glove side, giving Ottawa a glimmer of hope. However, it wasn't meant to be. No other goals were scored, and the Monarchs emerged victorious with a final score of 2-1.

Game 2: OTT 3 @ CHA 1 The Knights' Joe Djogo was the first to strike, unleashing a powerful slapshot that soared past Charlottetown's goalie, Peter Chiasson, giving Ottawa the opening lead. The Monarchs fought back, but the Knights' Steve Turgeon extended their lead, leaving the Monarchs with a mountain to climb. But the Monarchs were not done yet, and they roared back with a powerplay goal from Stéphane Archambault, igniting the crowd with excitement. With the game on the line, Joe Djogo stepped up again, scoring his second goal, securing a 3-1 lead for Ottawa. The Monarchs fought until the final buzzer, but the Knights held on, tying the series at 1.

Game 3: CHA 3 @ OTT 0 In the final minute of the opening period, Charlottetown managed to secure the lead with a fantastic goal by Kenneth Wright. The Monarchs were not done yet, as Alexander Stuart scored a remarkable wrist shot early in the second period to double their lead. Shortly after, Danny Evans extended the Monarchs' lead to 3-0 with an impressive wrist shot that slipped past Ottawa goalie Tom Mullings just above the pads. It proved to be the game's final goal, with Charlottetown securing a well-deserved victory thanks to Peter Chiasson's 20 saves in the shutout.

Game 4: CHA 0 @ OTT 1 In an intense game, Ottawa finally broke the silence midway through the second period with a powerplay goal scored by Rémi Bellefeuille. The Knights were determined to put themselves in a position to win it all and played flawlessly for the rest of the game. With an impressive 30-save shutout by Ottawa's Tom Mullings, the series was pushed to an ultimate game.

Game 5: OTT 4 @ CHA 3 The Ottawa Knights came out strong in the decisive game, wasting no time as Gilles Osse fired a shot past the Charlottetown goalie just five minutes in to take the lead. But they weren't done yet. Late in the first period, Steve Turgeon unleashed a powerful slapshot that found the back of the net, doubling Ottawa's lead. The Knights weren't finished yet as Gilles Osse struck again midway through the second period to make it 3-0, but Charlottetown refused to go down without a fight. Jacques Tremblay fired a shot past the Ottawa goalie to put the Monarchs on the board. In the third period, Danny Evans deflected Ken Chang's shot to bring Charlottetown within one, but Gilles Osse completed his hat-trick a few minutes later, restoring the Knights' two-goal lead. Charlottetown fought back again, with Ken Chang scoring a late goal to make it 4-3, but it wasn't enough as Ottawa's defence held firm, and the Knights were crowned Sound Cup Champions, celebrating their hard-fought victory in front of the heartbroken Charlottetown crowd.

Sound Cup Champions: Ottawa Knights (1)

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7/26/2023 5:44 pm  #68

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

always love to see an Ottawa Champion! hopefully it's the first of many.


8/06/2023 6:30 pm  #69

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1949 ECHO Awards

Playoffs MVP — W Joe Djogo (OTT)
Djogo played a pivotal role in the Knights' Sound Cup triumph, scoring the highest number of goals in the playoffs with five and contributing two assists.

MVP — W Joe Djogo (OTT)
The Ottawa winger also proved himself to be a mainstay for the Knights this season, scoring a league-high 31 goals and 63 points to lead Ottawa to the playoffs.

Defensive Player of the Year — D Alain Leblanc (HFX)
The former Ottawa Knight quickly established himself as a valuable asset to the Highlanders' blue line. Throughout the season, Leblanc demonstrated his exceptional skills by accumulating a remarkable 51 takeaways and an impressive 151 hits across 52 games.

Defensive Forward of the Year — C Jacques Tremblay (CHA)
Tremblay picks up the DFOY award for the second year in a row. The talented center showcased his impressive skills that helped him accumulate 25 takeaways and 101 hits. In addition to his remarkable defensive performance, he scored 58 points (10 goals, 48 assists) in 50 games.

Goalie of the Year — G Alex Davis (HFX)
Davis’ outstanding performance in Goals against Average (2.38) and Save Percentage (.924) set him apart. Furthermore, Davis was the clear leader in wins, with an impressive 28 victories. He also managed to secure five shutouts throughout the season. These exceptional performances gave the 29-year-old goaltender his 3rd consecutive GOY award.

Rookie of the Year — C Gabriel Caron (QUE)
Caron's impact on the ice cannot be denied, with him scoring 11 goals and amassing 27 assists for a total of 38 points, a league-high for rookies. With a strong debut season like this, the future looks bright for this rising star.

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8/08/2023 8:18 pm  #70

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1949 Coaching Changes

The decline of the Montreal Beavers from being finalists for the Sound Cup in 1948 to finishing at the bottom of the league this season was received poorly by their owner, Lawrence Adams. Consequently, he decided to terminate the services of their coach, Samuel May, after the completion of their season. To turn things around, Adams opted to bring on board Nicholas Benton to assume the new head coach role.

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