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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Hoping to see Soup competitive soon. We love Soup!


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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

We are all love Soup.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Soup has some young talent going for them, despite their record. Growing pains were expected in their first year, so maybe some experience will help them heading into year two. Lots of promise though!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1985 Quarterfinals

#1 Simeka Sleuths 67, #8 Remolvo Choristers 87
THE UNTHINKABLE HAS HAPPENED!!! HOLY SCHNIKIES!!! The 1985 Remolvo Choristers become the first #8 seed to knock off #1 in the first round!!! In considerable fashion as well!!

The Choristers came out firing on all cylinders. Harlow Rivers scored 35 points in the victory. Garrett Newston, previously a role player that showed promise as a #2 option early in the regular season amid the Rivers suspension, put up his first ever 20 point game for Remolvo. On the Sleuths' side, they simply couldn't keep up. Brody Rizzo had his worst playoff performance yet with six turnovers and going 5/22 from the field. Sol Renfro was the leading scorer for Simeka with 18. Remolvo has now had at least one playoff win in each of their postseason appearances.

#4 Luva Mountaineers 82, #5 Irving Crows 74
The Crows held the lead early, holding a seven point advantage at the half. There were points where it looked like Irving was going to cruise into the second round. The Mountaineers had other plans. The Crows' lead never grew into double digits. Every time the lead grew to nine points, Luva ran off a couple big buckets in a row. Freddy Duncan was the leading scorer this time for the Mountaineers with 27 points, employing a well-timed floater multiple times throughout the game to shoot over the outstretched arms of Crows' big man Felix Grant. Late in the second half, Sinclair Journey rattled off nine consecutive points to mount the comeback and take the lead for Luva for good. He finished with 24 points and eight rebounds. While Irving didn't emerge victorious, there was plenty to be proud of off of a surprisingly successful bounce-back season.

#3 Murdlock Monocles 89, #6 Gin City Porkers 76
Murdlock shut down any chances for a Gin City title defense. Io October was the star of the show for the Monocles, putting up a career-high 41 points in the win. He flashed a little bit of perimeter game to go along with his already excellent midrange game. It was also a contest in which he showed the most aggression on the drive, laying the ball in against taller defenders or kicking it out to teammates. Surely, the Monocles also benefited from Ibrahim Mohammed falling ill prior to the game. While Mohammed played, it was certainly visible that his sickness was affecting his endurance and speed.

#2 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 81, #7 Boothtown Mobsters 74
This was as entertaining as advertised. Navon Oren and Bryson McMurray went to war for their teams. Bucket after bucket, neither one was willing to let down. This went down as one of the best playoff games in the history of the league. McQuelsey was up by three at half, thanks in part to a buzzer-beating half court shot from Mickey Kirkland. The teams traded the lead five times in the last two minutes of the second half. Oren hit a three, McMurray landed a middie, Oren laid it in, McMurray swished a 35-footer. Back and forth they went until McMurray hit another long three-pointer, causing the Mobsters to foul and send the Woodpeckers to the free throw line. Oren and McMurray embraced afterwards, clearly aware of the spectacle they both put on. Oren ended up with 43 and McMurray had 47.

#4 Luva Mountaineers vs. #8 Remolvo Choristers
Remolvo was certainly not the opponent the Mountaineers were expecting to face in the second round. Despite the seeding, this might be Luva's toughest challenge yet historically in the playoffs. Sinclair Journey vs. Harlow Rivers for a trip to the OCS Finals will certainly attract fans, especially considering the two players will likely guard each other for a majority of the game. Will Luva make their fourth OCS Finals in five years? Can Remolvo recover from their embarrassing performance in last year's championship?

#2 McQuelsey Woodpeckers vs. #3 Murdlock Monocles
A battle of two of the league's founding teams with a chance to host the Finals on the line. A league MVP on McQuelsey's side. A young talented squad that has far exceeded expectations on Murdlock's side. Will McMurray be affected by the wear-and-tear of the last week's first round game? Will Io October and Ish Anderson repeat their high-flying offensive explosion?

It's time for the semifinals!!!!!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1985 Semifinals

#4 Luva Mountaineers 87, #8 Remolvo Choristers 64
As quickly as the Chorister magic came, it went. Simply put, the Mountaineers were better. They dominated every major statistical category and were efficient. Luva possessed a nine point lead at half and it only increased from there. In the battle of Sinclair Journey vs. Harlow Rivers, Journey played better, but only slightly. The score would indicate otherwise, but the two players were comparable. Journey had 30 points, five rebounds and seven assists. Rivers had 26 points, eleven boards and six assists. Devin Harris also contributed 22 points for Luva. Rivers had little help from Garrett Newston or Javen McFoster III in this contest when they needed it most.

In a bright spot for the Choristers, it would appear that Rivers learned his lesson from last year's early exit. Rivers stayed for the entire duration of the game, shook hands with the Mountaineers and held a long embrace and subsequent laughter-filled conversation with Journey before heading to the locker room.

Luva is heading to their fourth OCS Finals since 1980, looking for their third victory in the big game.

#2 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 85, #3 Murdlock Monocles 84
BUZZER-BEATER!!!!!! Murdlock will play host to the OCS Finals, partially in thanks to Ish Anderson and role player Jermaine Harris. It was an unreal atmosphere at The McQuelsey Center, as the seats were entirely filled. Murdlock fans showed out for the Monocles in their powder blue.

The Woodpeckers game plan was to close out tight on Io October and double him at every possible opportunity. It was effective for most of the game, as October only finished with 19 points. McQuelsey led by five at the end the first, confident in their strategy. McMurray, in usual fashion, was dynamite, scoring 15 before halftime.

The Monocles closed the margin off of back-to-back buckets from October and Anderson. From there, the lead changed 14 times. Here was the play-by-play breakdown of 30 of the last 35 seconds of the game:

0:35 - driving layup MADE by B. McMurray (MCQ). No assist. 82-79 MCQ.
0:28 - 3-point basket MADE by I. Anderson (MLM). Assist I. October. 82-82 tie.
0:20 - M. Kirkland (MCQ) turnover (lost ball). Steal by J. Harris (MLM). 82-82 tie.
0:15 - J. Harris (MLM) fouled (shooting) by V. Lucas (MCQ). J. Harris MAKES first free throw. J. Harris MISSES second free throw. Rebound B. McMurray (MCQ). 83-82 MLM.
0:08 - midrange jumper MADE by B. McMurray (MCQ). Assist V. Lucas. 84-83 MCQ.
0:05 - Timeout MLM.

Murdlock called a timeout on their side of the floor and drew up a pick-and-roll based play that was originally intended to finish in an alley-oop to October. The secondary option, however, would have been for Harris to receive a back screen and break immediately to the rim after making the inbound pass.

Anderson curled up, received the pass from Harris and the immediate screen from October. Anticipating October rolling to the rim, the Woodpeckers sent an extra defender to the lane. Instead, October stayed popped out on the perimeter. Anderson faked the pass to October, lifting both lane defenders out to defend October. From there, Anderson swiftly hit a cutting Harris right in the sweet spot, who was able to catch the ball and lay it in all in one smooth motion. Had the air conditioning been blowing with just a little bit more power, this may have been a different story. Harris put just enough of the right spin on the ball to let it fall through the net. The unlikely hero sends the Monocles to the OCS Finals for the second time in team history!

#3 Murdlock Monocles vs. #4 Luva Mountaineers
It's Deja Vu!! It's the highly-anticipated sequel to 1981's OCS Finals, where Luva won their first championship. Sinclair Journey scored 24 points in an MVP-level effort and sealed the deal for the Mountaineers in the closing moments. Ish Anderson and Io October were much younger players for the Monocles who have now experienced the grind. They know how the big stage feels. Both teams have played well offensively throughout these playoffs. This is truly a toss-up as to which team is going to take home the crown. They split the regular season series, with Murdlock winning the +/- tiebreaker. This is slating up to be a fun one! Sinclair Journey has an opportunity to become just the second player - after the legend Hitts Weckerthaul - to win three OCS Finals MVPs. Will Devin Harris and Freddy Duncan step up for him in supporting roles? Can Ish Anderson, Io October and the rest of the Monocles remain unfazed in their second trip to the Finals? Can they play spoilers to the Mountaineers' plans?

The 1985 OCS Finals are creeping up!!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1985 OCS Finals

#3 Murdlock Monocles 90, #4 Luva Mountaineers 95
IS IT TIME TO CALL IT A DYNASTY??? It took a full team effort to win championship #3 for Luva in one of the highest scoring games in OCS Finals history. The Murdlock City Gym was concert-level loud for the Finals. Fans that couldn't get into the venue tailgated in the parking lot and plastered the game on televisions. In no time at all, it was time for tip-off.

The first half was physical. Luva star Sinclair Journey had to change his game up a little bit. Typically being able to score from anywhere on the floor, the Monocles played tough defense of him outside. Journey was forced to play back-to-the-basket bully ball down low. Io October had most of the defensive duties on Journey and was fairly successful. Journey was held to 10 points in the first half, a relatively low halftime total for him. Luva's Devin Harris and Freddy Duncan were automatic from three, which helped take the weight off of Journey's shoulders. The Monocles were keeping pace, thanks to October's 16 and Ish Anderson's 14 first half points. Luva found themselves up by five at the half.

The Mountaineers maintained their confidence and trusted their game plan in the second half. The used more off-ball movement, down screens and cuts to get players open. Journey erupted after halftime, landing SIX consecutive shots from downtown and extended the lead to as high as 11. Murdlock would not go away. Anderson used his length to make absurd passes to open teammates who consistently took advantage of them. Anderson finished the game with 12 assists, nine of which came in the second half. The Monocles closed the gap down to two points, but it ultimately wasn't enough. Luva continued to put the ball in the hoop, mostly by Journey and Harris. The Mountaineers did not miss a free throw in the final minute of action and went on to claim a third championship in four years.

Sinclair Journey finished with 43 points and eight rebounds on the night, becoming the second player to win three OCS Finals MVPs. The surefire future Hall-of-Famer continues to add to an already impressive resume. Luva also becomes the third franchise in league history to win at least three titles, along with The Team of the River Galloway and the Mescudi Moonmen.

1985 Luva Mountaineers Championship Banner

Congratulations to the Luva Mountaineers on winning title #3!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1986 Offseason
Mescudi OCS Finals MVP retires - Nicholas Laundale of the Moonmen is announcing his retirement from the league. A solid player and fan favorite, Laundale took home OCS Finals MVP honors in 1976 when Mescudi won their second consecutive championship. Laundale retires as a four-time champion, all won with the Moonmen. He also proved to be a fantastic mentor for Mescudi's up-and-coming star Bojan Turk. For his decade of service to both the team and the Mescudi community, Laundale will have his #12 jersey retired.

Rivers reportedly at odds with Choristers - Details are slowly being released about the tumultuous relationship between Remolvo Choristers management and their star Harlow Rivers. While Remolvo has experienced some regular season and playoff success, their efforts have failed to culminate into a championship victory. After their most recent disappointing loss in the playoffs, Rivers met with the Choristers to discuss their future together. Allegedly, the front office blamed Rivers for their lack of success and were clearly still bothered by his antics and poor performance in the 1984 Finals. Rivers replied calmly, retorting that he accepted his shortcomings then, did his time, and is still doing his best to move forward. Rivers also pointed out how, after their loss this year, he himself has been hosting the team at an outdoor court in Remolvo to improve skills and team chemistry. Both parties agreed that they will revisit after the upcoming season.

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1986 Season

The second season with 24 teams was a smashing success! A matter of five games separated the #1 and the #8 seed. Competition was taken to another level once again, allowing for the league to grow even further in popularity.

The defending champion Luva Mountaineers have not missed a step, staking their claim to the #1 spot for the second time. In another addition to his already stacked legacy, Sinclair Journey becomes just the fifth player to win both a regular season and OCS Finals MVP. The things he did on the basketball court were magical.

Simeka lost out on the series tiebreaker to the Mountaineers and are anticipating the opportunity for their getback in the OCS Finals, should both teams reach there. The combined margin of victory for both regular season games was five points.

The Dovinwitt Louds went from middle of the pack to #3 behind an improved defensive effort all around. The Murdlock Monocles remained strong on the way to the fourth position. Bryson McMurray shined once again for the Woodpeckers with some help from Vic Lucas and Mickey Kirkland. The Bay's traditional sharpshooting kept them in any game and they snatched the #6 seed. Felix Grant had perhaps his best season as an Irving Crow en route to the #7 seed.

It came down to the final week between the Gin City Porkers and the Irving Ricos. Essentially, the winner of the game was going to the playoffs. Byron No was exceptional in this one and led the Porkers to their fourth consecutive playoff appearance. Pablo Ruiz had a great season for the Ricos as their captain. Despite falling short of the postseason, the Ricos had plenty to build on for the next year, as 1986 was their best season in a very long time.

Without anyone saying anything directly about it, Harlow Rivers' time in Remolvo is effectively over. Eliminated from the postseason in the penultimate week at home in a blowout loss to the Louds, fans gave a standing ovation. They chanted "Thank you Harlow!" over and over. Despite the rocky road they walked together, Rivers was the catalyst behind the brightest successes for the Choristers. Rivers acknowledged the crowd, waving and mouthing "thank you" while holding back tears. It was an emotional, bittersweet night for sure.

Still seeing strong play from Stanley Sweetney, The Team didn't have enough to crawl their way back into the playoff hunt. The Razors vastly improved, thanks in part to new shooting guard Kevon Alexander. Ensylvan's Tate Lendon-Tornery was a great presence in the paint on his way to an All-OBA Second Team placement.

Boothtown, despite another indescribable campaign from Navon Oren, were perhaps the most disappointing team in the league. The expectation was that they would make progress, rather than regress. In a positive note, Oren immediately shot down any rumors of disgruntlement between him and the Mobsters. He confirmed that he is happy in Boothtown. Soup, quickly becoming a fan favorite team, again showed promise but were careless with the basketball again. Soup generated the most revenue off of merchandise, due in part to their customized "Soup" branded bowls. Go figure.

It was another year older for Hitts Weckerthaul, who again struggled to keep up with the pace of the younger players in the league. Bojan Turk kept the Moonmen in many games as a rim protector and a rim-running big, earning First Team honors. The Desherd City Dachshunds and City Van East Sunrisers both battled through various injuries throughout the year. The chemistry of both teams was visibly disjointed.

The Kennedy Hooks, Convenance Canines, Ve√Īuto Valor, and Novak Junction Hustlers only got wins by beating up on each other throughout the season. The Bara Cudas were bad defensively, although Jefferson Connors is proving to be a great leader for them. The Nachtigen Titans were truly awful. They did have a unicycle juggling clown at halftime during a game. So that's something. I guess.

1986 All-OBA Teams

1986 Playoffs
#1 Luva Mountaineers vs. #8 Gin City Porkers
The Porkers barely escaped elimination by the skin of their teeth to earn their trip to Luva. This Mountaineers team has the league's MVP and one of the most exciting players in the OBA's history in Sinclair Journey. At this point, we all know what he can do and how effective he is in involving his teammates. A strong candidate to repeat, the pressure is mounting for Luva. Can the Mountaineers fend off the Porkers? Can Gin City improve their defense just enough to pull off the upset?

#4 Murdlock Monocles vs. #5 McQuelsey Woodpeckers
The Monocles can't keep using inexperience as an excuse. This is a talented squad that just can't seem to get over the hump. Visitors to two OCS Finals, they don't plan on coming out of the playoffs empty-handed. Bryson McMurray and the Woodpeckers are looking to bring McQuelsey back to glory. Will Murdlock make another run to the Finals? Can McMurray put himself up with the Isaac Revons and Deacon Mosses of Woodpeckers royalty?

#3 Dovinwitt Louds vs. #6 The Bay Bishops
After many years of standing on the outside and looking in, Dovinwitt will finally get their chance at a postseason run. Their matchup against The Bay will be a battle of strong defense and strong offense. The Bishops will fire off shots at will. Can the Louds keep pace? Will the defensive wall of Dovinwitt be too much, stifling the Bishops?

#2 Simeka Sleuths vs. #7 Irving Crows
The Sleuths have always been almost there. Last year, as the #1 seed, they were embarrassed by the Choristers. The talent is there - Brody Rizzo, Sol Renfro, Esteban Grover and Alex Zaragoza are so fun. They soar and fly through the air. The Irving Crows, coming in as an underdog, have one of the best defensive players in the league in Felix Grant. Grant is one of the few players outside of the usual top five that can alter the trajectory of a game - and his team - by himself. Can he get enough help to upend the Sleuths? Can Simeka finally get over the hump?

It's time for the 1986 playoffs!!!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1986 Quarterfinals
#1 Luva Mountaineers 91, #8 Gin City Porkers 52
Good God almighty.

#4 Murdlock Monocles 69, #5 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 83
The Woodpeckers were in the driver's seat all night. Bryson McMurray was electric, landing 44 points in the victory. He also went 13/13 at the free throw line. The Monocles simply weren't fast enough to keep up with the high-flying Woodpeckers. McQuelsey scored many of their points on fast breaks, off turnovers, and within 15 seconds of the offensive possession. Ish Anderson was the top performer for Murdlock, scoring 23 and picking up 10 assists.

#3 Dovinwitt Louds 72, #6 The Bay Bishops 83
This was an impressive shooting effort by the Bishops. John Hamilton and Junior Black combined for 58 points, most of which were from the outside. The Louds, a lockdown defensive team throughout the regular season, threw everything at the book at them. Switching screens, zone defenses, tightening on-ball defense... none of it worked. Calmly, Black would commandeer the offense effectively, no matter the situation.

#2 Simeka Sleuths 78, #7 Irving Crows 83
I'm not sure we've had a round where three teams all scored the same number of points, but here we are. The Crows were able to get the job done behind a 34 point show by Felix Grant. Dipper Buskus and Carter Ross were also valued contributors in the upset, combining for 31 points themselves. It was incredible. It was a good battle down low between Grant and the Sleuth's Alex Zaragoza. Grant, however, was simply too strong and quick for Zaragoza to stop him. The Sleuths then tried to double Grant in the paint every time he got the ball, but that would leave a teammate - more often than not, Buskus and Ross - wide open.

#1 Luva Mountaineers vs. #5 McQuelsey Woodpeckers
Basketball fans across the country are rubbing their hands in excitement for this matchup. Two league MVPs once again going up against each other. Luva dominated their opening round against the Porkers. McQuelsey controlled the game against the Monocles. Two historically successful teams. Will the Luva dynasty continue and add yet another OCS Finals appearance to their legacy? Can McQuelsey return to the Finals after a seven year absence?

#6 The Bay Bishops vs. #7 Irving Crows
This is quite a style clash. A pair of underdogs are ready to accomplish the tall task of being the lowest seed to win the OCS Finals in the 8-team playoff era. Already, one of these teams will be the lowest seed to even play in the championship. Will the bruising big play of Felix Grant prevail? Will it be John Hamilton and Junior Black firing off a barrage of 3s to lead the Bishops?

It's the semifinals!

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Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1986 Semifinals

#1 Luva Mountaineers 70, #5 McQuelsey Woodpeckers 82
Wow! What an upset! This game had a championship atmosphere attached to it. Geographically close rivals, the Edgeworth Court was packed to the nosebleeds. Luva started off with a 23-10 lead that convinced fans that the Mountaineers would be on their way to yet another OCS Finals. However, McQuelsey charged back violently. It essentially started when Bryson McMurray absolutely YAMMED on Sinclair Journey. The Woodpecker fans erupted while even some Luva supporters were stunned and shocked. Every photographer in the building knew, at that moment, they were going to make a lotttttttt of money off of prints. McMurray's epic jam, 17 first half points and Mickey Kirkland's knocking down threes helped McQuelsey dominate their way back and lead by five points heading into the second half.

From there, Luva could do nothing to stop them. The margin floated between five and nine points for the majority of the second half. Freddy Duncan had a fairly disappointing game for the Mountaineers. Journey finished with 24 points in the losing effort. On McQuelsey's side, McMurray scored 37 points with 14 rebounds and five assists.

#6 The Bay Bishops 74, #7 Irving Crows 66
This game did not have as much anticipation as the Luva/McQuelsey matchup. Arguably, though, it was more competitive. Junior Black was the big scorer for the Bishops, landing 28 points in the victory. He also dished out 13 assists, seven of which to John Hamilton, who finished with 25. The Crows weren't going away easily; Felix Grant rebounded the ball a whopping 18 times. While The Bay didn't score much in the paint, that didn't matter as they fired off a 51% clip from distance. Irving led by a point with 2:43 to go before Black stripped Dipper Buskus of the ball on two straight possessions to lay the ball in on the other end. From there, The Bay free-throwed their way to another OCS Finals, their first since 1978.

#5 McQuelsey Woodpeckers vs. #6 The Bay Bishops
It has been 14 years since McQuelsey's exciting victory over the Ensylvan Drakes in the OCS Finals. The Bay has never won despite two previous attempts. The Woodpeckers have the best player on the floor - arguably in the league - in Bryson McMurray. The Bishops have the most dastardly shooting duo perhaps in history. Will McMurray prove to be a capable leader and add his name to the legacy of successful Woodpeckers? Will glory finally ring down in The Bay for their first title?

There is a lot on the line in the 1986 OCS Finals!

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