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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Playoff football in Providence! Here's hoping the Thunder can stay where they are and Boston keeps out.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

This has been a very competitive season so far,  Hopefully, the WFU will join the NAAF permanently. As for Montreal,
Come on, Reds.

EDIT: I wonder is they can use the Mackenzie Cup as a Trophy to the Team with Best Regular Season Record. I can see this being a problem in the future with the Mackenzie Cup as the teams in the East and Central will feel left out and would be worse if a team from the West wins both the Mackenzie and McCallister Cups.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

With one of their running backs out of commission, Im hoping that Wesley Wu gets a shot to play.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1970 Week 13

Roster Moves
BOS: DB Mordecai King | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
BOS: DB Micah Neil | Reserve List -> Active Roster
LDN: LB Jethro Gibson | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
LDN: LB Gerrard Miller | Reserve list -> Active Roster
LI: OL Tony D’Allesandro | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
LI: OL Chet Atkins | Reserve List -> Active Roster
MIN: OL Paul O’Doherty | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
MIN: OL Jim Bob McRawley | Free Agent -> Active Roster
PRO: QB Ulysses Lawyer | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
PRO: QB Red King (R) | Reserve List -> Active Roster
PRO: LB Victor Falkensteig | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
PRO: LB Sheamus Desmond | Reserve List -> Active Roster
TOR: DB Dwayne James | Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
TOR: DB Joseph Ahmed | Reserve List -> Active Roster

Montreal Rouge - 16 @ Providence Gold Stars - 25 - New Providence Stadium - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 53,685
1st Q
3-0: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes
3-1: PRO - Single K Gilbert O’Neill
6-1: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes
2nd Q
6-8: PRO - PTD QB Landon Ross -> WR Justin Palmer
13-8: MTL - PTD QB Mike Key -> TE Sylvain Leblanc
13-11: PRO - FG K Gilbert O’Neill
3rd Q
13-18: PRO - PTD QB Landon Ross -> WR Justin Palmer
4th Q
16-18: MTL - FG K Frank Hughes
16-25: PRO - RTD RB Ronnie Byers

Providence would get a shot at a home playoff game and the East Division title with a strong win over the Montreal Rouge. QB Mike Key started for Montreal and had his team in the lead going into the break, but the Gold Stars were quick to bounce back with a pair of touchdowns in the second half to secure their 6th win in a row.

Long Island Raiders - 23 @ Halifax Mariners - 17 - Atlantic Stadium - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET/4:00 PM AT - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 24,081
1st Q
7-0: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> RB Scott Norton
7-7: HFX - PTD QB Michael Miranda -> WR Shane Steadman
2nd Q
10-7: LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
17-7: LI - PTD QB Ivan Sanchez -> WR Troy York
3rd Q
20-7: LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
20-14: HFX - PTD QB Michael Miranda -> WR Shane Steadman
4th Q
23-14: LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
23-17: HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver

The Raiders needed a win or a Providence loss to secure the East Division. They would handle business up in Halifax, with an overall strong game led by the defence. However, QB Michael Miranda did have a strong day for the Mariners, showing the team what he has, throwing a pair of touchdowns and giving them a chance late. 
*LI clinches East Division

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 23 @ Toronto Steelheads - 26 - Anderson Stadium - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 41,822
1st Q
3-0: PIT - FG K Al Highlander
3-3: TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
3-10: TOR - RTD RB Alex Herbco
2nd Q
10-10: PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Taylor Austin
10-13: TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
3rd Q
10-20: TOR - DTD FUM DL Johnathan Ellison
13-20: PIT - FG K Al Highlander
13-23: TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
4th Q
16-23: PIT - FG K Al Highlander
16-26: TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
23-26: PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Orlando Barrack

Pittsburgh’s position felt safe going into the week, however, they may have taken it a bit too easy on the Steelheads who surprised the Blacksmiths. QB Madison Beck made his first career start for the Steelheads and played well and, with the help of a big defensive score from DL Johnathan Ellison, would win the game. The loss was embarrassing for the Blacksmiths who will now have to go on the road in the first round of the playoffs.

Louisville Thunder - 22 @ London Tigers - 28 - Western Fair Stadium - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 22,431
1st Q
7-0: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
7-7: LDN - PTD QB Emmitt Jackson -> WR Cole Fletcher
2nd Q
7-14: LDN - RTD RB Jeremy Royal
14-14: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
3rd Q
14-21: LDN - PTD QB Emmitt Jackson -> WR Cole Fletcher
15-21: LOU - Single K Elvis Franklin
4th Q
22-21: LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Lloyd Lane
22-28: LDN - RTD QB Emmitt Jackson

Pittsburgh was not the only team to have troubles with a perceived easier opponent as the Thunder struggled against the struggling London Tigers. Louisville still had a shot to win after a touchdown from WR Lloyd Lane gave them the lead. However, London would have the last say as QB Emmitt Jackson would make a jaw-dropping play where he ran through the entire Thunder defence en route to a 21-yard touchdown run to give the Tigers the late lead. The loss puts the Thunder’s season on the line as an Indy win and either Boston or Ottawa winning would end their year. 

Indiana Victors - 23 @ Buffalo Blue Wings - 18 - Milton Charles Stadium - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 53,560
1st Q
7-0: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Silas Peyton
7-3: BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
2nd Q
7-10: BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Tracy Driscoll
7-17: BUF - RTD RB Jasper Dickerson
3rd Q
10-17: IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
10-18: BUF - Single K Ryan Perch
4th Q
16-18: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> TE Eric Peterson
23-18: IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards

The Victors were in a win-or-go-home situation heading into Buffalo. While the Victors did strike first, Buffalo bounced right back to take a 7-17 lead. In the 3rd, both teams struggled to move the ball, especially Buffalo as they were playing more conservatively to avoid injuries. In fact, the Blue Wings would let QB Travis Jackson take over in the 4th in order to rest QB Charles Lemieux. However, it would be the turning point in the game as the Victors would get a touchdown before DB Neville Falkner would get the ball back and set up the go-ahead score to secure the Victors’ playoff berth.
*IND clinches playoff spot

Calgary Tigers - 27 @ Regina Wheat Kings - 30 - Broad Street Stadium - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET/1:00 PM CST - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 12,683
1st Q
0-7: REG - DTD INT DB Chris Berrymore
7-7: CGY - RTD RB John Drexel
2nd Q
7-14: REG - PTD QB Lefty Laponte -> WR Nick Spalding
14-14: CGY - PTD QB Mitch Boland -> WR Spencer Hicks
14-17: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
3rd Q
17-17: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
24-17: CGY - RTD RB John Drexel
24-20: REG - FG K Mark Mundle
4th Q
27-20: CGY - FG K Billy Eichelberger
27-27: REG - RTD RB Deion Chapman
27-30: REG - FG K Mark Mundle

The West Division had nothing to play for overall, so the last 3 games featured a bunch of youth getting a shot. QB Mitch Boland would start for Calgary while Regina started QB Lefty Laponte. Both QBs battled it out in a surprisingly fun game which did see a late Wheat Kings comeback earn the team their 3rd win of the season. With the 27 points against the Wheat Kings have now set the record for most points allowed in a single season with 399.

Minnesota Serpents - 24 @ Winnipeg Falcons - 18 - Provencher Park - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM CT - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Attendance: 23,264
1st Q
7-0: MIN - PTD QB Leonidas Dumont -> RB Carter Roy
7-7: WPG - RTD RB Mark St-Pierre
2nd Q
14-7: MIN - PTD QB Leonidas Dumont -> WR Denis Langlois
3rd Q
14-10: WPG - FG K Jordan Hollingsworth
17-10: MIN - FG K Ray Bough
4th Q
17-11: WPG - Single K Jordan Hollingsworth
24-11: MIN - RTD RB Carter Roy
24-18: WPG - PTD QB Sam Morris -> WR Terry Upshaw

Minnesota trotted out QB Leonidas Dumont to face off against QB Sam Morris and the Falcons. Minnesota controlled the game overall with a strong game from Dumont. The Falcons were able to battle back late, but they would fall short. 
*MIN clinches 1st in the league

Edmonton Rangers - 32 @ Vancouver Wolves - 35 - OT - Vancouver Exhibition Stadium - September 12, 1970 - 3:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 34,818
1st Q
7-0: EDM - PTD QB Ken Myers -> WR Elliot Gold
7-3: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
14-3: EDM - RTD RB Ed O’Connor
2nd Q
14-4: VAN - Single K Sterling Brooks
17-4: EDM - FG K Thomas Standberry
3rd Q
17-11: VAN - PTD QB Stanley Evans -> WR Akira Sakamoto
17-18: VAN - RTD RB Nikki Yang
4th Q
17-25: VAN - PTD QB Stanley Evans -> WR Kendrick Newton
23-25: EDM - PTD QB Ken Myers -> WR Shay Hopkins
25-25: EDM - 2PT RB Ed O’Connor
25-28: VAN - FG K Sterling Brooks
32-28: EDM - PTD QB Ken Myers -> WR Shay Hopkins
32-35: VAN - PTD QB Stanley Evans -> WR Ryan Conway

Edmonton’s QB Ken Myers got another chance to start against the Wolves who allowed QB Stanley Evans to play. Evans struggled in the first half while Myers and the Rangers jumped out to a 17-4 lead. In the second half, Stanley Evans recovered and bounced back with a great comeback leading to another overtime game. In the extra frame, both teams would get points on the board, but Vancouver had the last say to secure the win.

Boston Independents - 24 @ Ottawa Royals - 28 - Royals Stadium of Brewer Park - Saturday, September 12, 1970 - 7:30 PM ET - Weather: Clear - Attendance: 45,081
1st Q
0-7: OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
2nd Q
7-7: BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Al Allmendinger
7-14: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> TE Luiss de Brands
3rd Q
14-14: BOS - RTD RB Reggie Whitehead
14-21: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> WR Marshall Leonard
4th Q
21-21: BOS - RTD RB Reggie Whitehead
24-21: BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
24-28: OTT - PTD QB Drake Young -> WR Piers Key

After all the chaos in the afternoon, the battle between the Royals and Independents would decide who would be the 8th and final playoff team, the winner of the game or Louisville if the teams tied. Unfortunately for the Thunder, the game would not end in a tie. The two teams battled back and forth in one of the cleanest games in terms of turnovers with only 1 interception in the game that game in the final quarter. In the end, the Royals would manage to get the late punch in with a stellar drive from QB Drake Young to secure the playoff berth. 
*OTT clinches playoff spot

Injury Report
BOS: TE Tobias Lindholm - 4 Weeks
BUF: TE Paul Arturberry - 9 Weeks
CGY: OL Jeremy Weatherspoon - 1 Week
CGY: OL Charles Schwartz - 1 Week
CGY: WR Patrick Early - 1 Week
CGY: DL Roger Barrett - 2 Weeks
CGY: DB Andre Patterson - 1 Week
EDM: LB Billy Watkins - 5 Weeks
HFX: DL Bernard King - 4 Weeks
HFX: RB Ed Finley - Day-to-Day
HFX: DL Wayne Baxton - 1 Week
HFX: OL Kane Warwick - 3 Weeks
IND: DL Eugene Case - 5 Weeks
IND: DL Ron Prumple - Day-to-Day
LDN: TE Pete Mayfield - 11 Weeks
LDN: OL Felton McDowell - Day-to-Day
LI: WR Frank Drysdale - Day-to-Day
LI: OL Doyle MacInnis - Day-to-Day
LOU: S Tom McDougall - Day-to-Day
MIN: DL Ferris Kane - 1 Week
MIN: RB Richard Morin - 6 Weeks
MTL: WR Chad Anderson - Day-to-Day
MTL: WR Taylor Karis - Day-to-Day
MTL: TE John Schall - 5 Weeks
MTL: S Etienne LaMond - 10 Weeks
PIT: S Peter Sellers - 2 Weeks
PRO: DB Ike Vander Waal - 2 Weeks
PRO: RB George Seahorse - Day-to-Day
REG: S Benny Preston - 3 Weeks
TOR: S Nick Dixon - Day-to-Day
TOR: OL Mason Fitzpatrick - 1 Week
VAN: OL Aaron Wilkinson - 3 Weeks
WPG: RB Mark St-Pierre - Day-to-Day
WPG: DL Quinton Hextal - 12 Weeks
WPG: DL Jasen Shelton - Day-to-Day

Players of the Week

OFF: QB Drake Young OTT - 3 Passing Touchdowns, 293 Passing Yards

DEF: DB Luke Warren TOR - 2 Interceptions, 3 Tackles

Minnesota - 10-2 -Z
Vancouver - 9-3 -X
Winnipeg - 5-6-1
Edmonton - 5-7
Regina - 3-9
Calgary - 1-11

Buffalo 8-4 -Y
Pittsburgh - 7-5 -X
Indiana - 7-5 -X
Louisville - 7-5
Toronto - 5-7
London - 2-9-1

Long Island - 9-3 -Y
Providence 8-4 -X
Ottawa - 7-5 -X
Boston - 6-6
Montreal - 4-8
Halifax - 4-8

Playoff Picture
(1) Minnesota - 10-2 -Z
(2) Long Island - 9-3 -Y
(3) Buffalo - 8-4 -Y
(4) Vancouver - 9-3 -X
(5) Providence - 8-4 -X
(6) Pittsburgh - 7-5 -X
(7) Indiana - 7-5 -X
(8) Ottawa - 7-5 -X
Louisville - 7-5
Boston - 6-6
Winnipeg - 5-6-1
Edmonton - 5-7
Toronto - 5-7
Montreal - 4-8
Halifax - 4-8
Regina - 3-9
London - 2-9-1
Calgary - 1-11

Power Rankings
1 - Minnesota - 
2 - Providence +2
3 - Long Island - 
4 - Buffalo -2
5 - Indiana +3
6 - Vancouver +1
7 - Pittsburgh -2
8 - Ottawa +1
9 - Boston +1
10 - Louisville -4
11 - Winnipeg -
12 - Edmonton -
13 - Toronto +1
14 - Montreal -1
15 - Halifax -
16 - London +2
17 - Regina -
18 - Calgary -2

Playoff Matchups
(4) VAN @ (1) MIN - Mackenzie Cup
(8) OTT @ (2) LI
(7) IND @ (3) BUF
(6) PIT @ (5) PRO

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1970 Recap

Playoff Schedule and Preview

(6) PIT (7-5) @ (5) PRO (8-4) - SEP 19 - 2:00 PM ET
1970 Head-to-Head: Did not play
Historic Head-to-Head: PIT 4-1 PRO
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: PIT 0-0 PRO

Both of these teams had hot streaks during the season, however, the last few weeks have seen the visiting Blacksmiths stumble, losing their last 3 games. Providence, on the other hand, has been red hot winning 6-straight and 8 of their last 9. The Gold Stars come in with the defensive advantage having the 2nd best defence in the league. Pittsburgh certainly has some stronger firepower offensively with 1969 MVP QB Louis Vaughn under-centre as compared to QB Landon Ross for the Gold Stars. I expect a very close battle in a game that could go both ways, but in the end, I like the team with the better QB, so I am going with Pittsburgh,
My Pick: Blacksmiths

(7) IND (7-5) @ (3) BUF (8-4) - SEP 19 - 7:00 PM ET
1970 Head-to-Head: W13 - IND 23-18 BUF
Historic Head-to-Head: IND 10-12 BUF - 1 Tie
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: IND 1-1 BUF

The defending champs appear to have a lot tipping in their favour with an overall stronger team and home-field advantage, however, Indiana has been surprisingly good in Buffalo as they have one of the last 3 meetings between the teams at Milton Charles Stadium, including the 1968 East Division Semi-Final. The Victors are also going to be playing with a lot more pressure as some think this might be the final shot with this core as it includes a lot of aging players. As we know the Blue Wings either lose their first game or win it all, and I think the Victors are going to play inspired and keep that trend going.
My Pick: Victors

(8) OTT (7-5) @ (2) LI (9-3) - SEP 20 - 2:00 PM ET
1970 Head-to-Head: W2 - OTT 18-23 LI & W10 - LI 19-13 OTT
Historic Head-to-Head: OTT 15-9 LI
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: OTT 1-1 LI (Both games were in the McCallister Cup)

The Raiders have had the Royals’ number this season. The tactically sound game plan from HC Levi Bray has been a thorn in the Royals’ side. However, the Royals have been playing injured all season and are going to be the healthiest they have been since the season began. I expect another close battle that won’t be easy on any team, but I would certainly be scared of a healthy Royals team. However, the Royals have just felt off all season and I think the Raiders will find a way into the 2nd round.
My Pick: Raiders

(4) VAN (9-3) @ (1) MIN (10-2) - SEP 20 - 7:00 PM ET
1970 Head-to-Head: W6 - MIN 20-17 VAN & W11 - VAN 17-25 MIN
Historic Head-to-Head: VAN 0-2 MIN
Historic Playoff Head-to-Head: VAN 0-0 MIN

Much like the Raiders over the Royals this season, the Serpents have had the Wolves’ number this season. Their game plan of getting up early and forcing teams to pass against their strong secondary has worked all season and they look strong heading into a 3rd battle with the Wolves. However, the experience of the Wolves could easily turn the tide in this game as they have been such a strong team in the WFU. I worry that if Minnesota does get caught behind early, they could very well fall into a very uncomfortable position, something I feel the Wolves can overcome on the contrary. Plus, the Wolves are certainly more focused on winning their own Mackenzie Cup and I think will play that extra bit harder in this one.
My Pick: Wolves 

Semi-Final 1 - SEP 26 - 7:00 PM ET
Semi-Final 2 - SEP 27 - 7:00 PM ET

52nd McCallister Cup - OCT 4 - 7:30 PM ET - Montreal, QC

Team Awards

While I still prepare the award nominations I decided in order to help me with some decisions I had each team award their own team awards starting with this season. These only include the following awards.

Most Outstanding Player = MOP
Offensive Player of the Year = OPOY
Defensive Player of the Year = DPOY
Offensive Lineman of the Year = OLOY
Breakout Player of the Year: BPOY
Rookie of the Year: ROY

Boston Independents
MOP: QB Nathaniel Braddock
OPOY: RB Reggie Whitehead
DPOY: LB Byron Turner
OLOY: OL Reynold Gilbertson
BPOY: WR Al Allmendinger
ROY: WR Tyreek Flores

Buffalo Blue Wings
MOP: QB Charles Lemieux
OPOY: WR Tracy Driscoll
DPOY: DB Ezra Power
OLOY: OL Artem Sobakov
BPOY: WR Tracy Driscoll
ROY: DL Bill Bailey

Calgary Tigers
MOP: RB John Drexel
OPOY: WR Ted Jackson
DPOY: LB Junior Abbott
OLOY: OL Charles Schwartz
BPOY: WR Spencer Hicks 
ROY: DL Wolfgang Dill

Edmonton Rangers
MOP: RB Gary Hubbard
OPOY: OL Charles Creighton
DPOY: LB Frank St. John
OLOY: OL Charles Creighton
BPOY: WR Shay Hopkins
ROY: WR Elliot Gold

Halifax Mariners
MOP: DL Wayne Baxton
OPOY: WR Shane Steadman
DPOY: DB Joe Robinson
OLOY: OL Kane Warwick
BPOY: LB Frederic Macnamara
ROY: S Sampson Wendel

Indiana Victors
MOP: QB Tom Applewhite
OPOY: WR Jake Abbredezzi
DPOY: DB Neville Falkner
OLOY: OL Jean-Baptiste Desjardins
BPOY: WR Jake Abbredezzi
ROY: LB Maxwell Trevorrow

London Tigers
MOP: DL Mo Kahn
OPOY: RB Jeremy Royal
DPOY: LB Everett Lynch
OLOY: OL Emil Jennings
BPOY: RB Jeremy Royal
ROY: TE Pete Mayfield

Long Island Raiders
MOP: DB Rutherford Winters
OPOY: RB Scott Norton
DPOY: DL Dallas Breaker
OLOY: OL Gary Bies
BPOY: RB Scott Norton
ROY: OL Alan Mitchell

Louisville Thunder
MOP: WR Casey Coleman
OPOY: QB Buck Murphy
DPOY: DB Aquilio Ruiz
OLOY: OL Kash Wilder
BPOY: RB Neil Bradley
ROY: LB Ricky Wildgoose

Minnesota Serpents
MOP: LB Garrett Roberts
OPOY: WR Sebastian Dassler
DPOY: DB Jayson Klyde
OLOY: OL Elias McCarren
BPOY: QB Martin Keller
ROY: DB Austin Sherebernikoff

Montreal Rouge
MOP: WR Taylor Karis
OPOY: OL Elliot Barrett
DPOY: DB Lamar Brown
OLOY: OL Elliot Barrett
BPOY: LB Willie Stetson
ROY: LB Jean-Christophe Bain

Ottawa Royals
MOP: QB Drake Young
OPOY: RB Corbyn Knight
DPOY: S Marc Bellecourt
OLOY: OL Tommy Reynolds
BPOY: LB Tuukka Tariitt
ROY: OL Dane Hodgeson

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
MOP: QB Louis Vaughn
OPOY: RB Raymond Green
DPOY: DB Zed McLaughlin
OLOY: OL Erik Nelson
BPOY: TE Jesse Butler
ROY: DL Brock Dyson

Providence Gold Stars
MOP: LB Kurt Warlock
OPOY: WR Justin Palmer
DPOY: DL Bartolo Cruz
OLOY: OL Ted Cole
BPOY: DB Perry Ferris
ROY: S Murdoch Chesterman

Regina Wheat Kings
MOP: LB Brett Pride
OPOY: RB Deion Chapman
DPOY: DB Chris Berrymore
OLOY: OL Hugh Johnson
BPOY: WR Nick Spalding
ROY: DL Derrick Parks

Toronto Steelheads
MOP: S Charles Clerk
OPOY: RB Max Tracy
DPOY: DB Oliver Langstrom
OLOY: OL Alan Farquharson
BPOY: WR Sterling Underhill
ROY: WR Cameron Kane

Vancouver Wolves
MOP: QB Kevin Westwood
OPOY: WR Keshawn Johnston
DPOY: LB Shawn Anderson
OLOY: OL David Brewington
BPOY: WR Akira Sakamoto
ROY: RB Nikki Yang

Winnipeg Falcons
MOP: RB Joe Rivers
OPOY: WR Terry Upshaw
DPOY: LB Claude Clarke
OLOY: OL Claude Balderson
BPOY: QB Emerson Thompson
ROY: DL Jordan Mantis
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Happy to see Sterling Underhill get an award. Hopefully he will get many more!


5/29/2023 12:38 pm  #2437

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

The Thunder just put on a masterclass in bottle jobbing.

5/29/2023 4:19 pm  #2438

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1970 NAAF Award Nominations

Most Outstanding Player - Formerly the MVP award now based purely on individual performance

QB Charles Lemieux - Buffalo Blue Wings
STATS: 25 Passing Touchdowns (3rd), 1st in Passing Yards, 8 Interceptions (2nd-least among QBs that started 2+ games)
Lemieux returned from his injury in the playoffs last season and tore up the field in 1970. He led the league in passing yards for the first time in his career. Lemieux was one of the most consistent and efficient QBs in the league, leading the highest-scoring offence in Buffalo. It was an all-around masterclass of the season from the 1x MVP.

WR Casey Coleman - Louisville Thunder
STATS: 16 Receiving Touchdowns (1st), 2nd Receiving Yards
Coleman was given a bigger responsibility this season by taking on the Captaincy for the Thunder. He took to the role both on and off the field. On the field he would be one of the most dominant WRs in the league finally getting to spread his wings and show his true potential, scoring 16 touchdowns (which is 3 more than the next WRs) and finishing 2nd behind WR Tracy Driscoll in receiving yards.

LB Kurt Warlock - Providence Gold Stars
STATS: 1st in Tackles, 6 Forced Fumbles (2nd), 1 Interception, 1 Defensive Touchdown
Providence’s defensive resurgence this season was led by their former 2nd overall pick in LB Kurt Warlock. Warlock continued to grow into the beating heart of the defence with tackle after tackle. His sheer dominance on the field is reminiscent of superstar LB Scotty Williams, the only linebacker to win the MVP.

Offensive Player of the Year

QB Charles Lemieux - Buffalo Blue Wings
STATS: 25 Passing Touchdowns (3rd), 2nd in Passing Yards, 8 Interceptions (2nd-least among QBs that started more than 2 games)
As mentioned before Lemieux’s dominance on the field this season was special, continuing to show why he is still considered the best in the game today. 

RB Gary Hubbard - Edmonton Rangers
STATS: 15 Rushing Touchdowns (T-1st), 2nd Rushing Yards, 2x 2-point conversions
Gary Hubbard was the centrepiece of the Rangers offence which finished as the 2nd highest-scoring offence in the league this season. Hubbard’s consistency down the middle was a big factor in this season. He’s a tough fighter that always could scrap out a few more yards on each play. Some may say that he was certainly helped by the Rangers’ O-line which ranked as one of the best in the league, but no doubt a guy that scores 15 touchdowns in a season isn’t worthy of a nomination.

QB Tom Applewhite - Indiana Victors
STATS: 28 Passing Touchdowns (1st), 3rd in Passing Yards, 15 Interceptions
Applewhite was not quite as efficient as last season with 4 more interceptions, but he did nab 5 more TDs than last season in an effort to get the Victors back to the postseason. The strong-arm QB continued to produce an explosive offence with a bit of a change in the receiving core as WR Jake Abbredezzi broke out and WR Ed Edwards took a step back. 

WR Casey Coleman - Louisville Thunder
STATS: 16 Receiving Touchdowns (1st), 2nd Receiving Yards
As mentioned before, Coleman stepped up in a big way this season and showed why he can be, and is, one of the best weapons in the NAAF. 

Defensive Player of the Year

DB Neville Falkner - Indiana Victors
STATS: 9 Interceptions (1st), 6th in tackles in the secondary
Falkner, as per usual, did his thing this season with 9 interceptions, that led the league. Overall, he wasn’t as dominant as he has been in the past, but he came up with some big plays when the team needed him during the season-ending playoff push as he remains a key factor in the defence.

DB Rutherford Winters - Long Island Raiders
STATS: 8 Interceptions (T-2nd), 4th in tackles in the secondary
The aging veteran in Winters reemerged as a top corner in the league. He lead his team in secondary tackles and knockdowns this season. His 8 interceptions were tied for 2nd in the league as he led the Raiders' defence through their return to strength this season. 

LB Garrett Roberts - Minnesota Serpents
STATS: 4th in Tackles, 4 Forced Fumbles
Minnesota sported the best defence in the league this season, and at its centre was last year’s 1st overall pick in LB Garrett Roberts. He did miss at least 1 game this season, but it didn’t slow him down from finishing in the top 5 in tackles this season being a key factor in the sturdy run defence. 

LB Kurt Warlock - Providence Gold Stars
STATS: 1st in Tackles, 6 Forced Fumbles (2nd), 1 Interception, 1 Defensive Touchdown
As mentioned before Warlock’s dominance this season was reminiscent of Scotty Williams’ play during the 1950s. He was unbelievably effective all over the field this season.

Special Teams Player of the Year (Finalists no vote - These are the top 3 in terms of points scored during the season)

K Ryan Perch - Buffalo Blue Wings

K Nimrod Handsworth - London Tigers

K Sterling Brooks - Vancouver Wolves

Offensive Lineman of the Year

OL Charles Creighton - Edmonton Rangers
As mentioned under RB Gary Hubbard, the Rangers’ O-line ranked as one of the best this season and Creighton was the best of that crew. His expertise in the run game led to a lot of opportunities for Hubbard and the backup RB Ed O’Connor to get into the open air this season. 

OL Elias McCarren - Minnesota Serpents
Minnesota’s offence was one of the most efficient this season having the least amount of turnovers this season. A large reason for that is the protection that Elias McCarren provides for QB Martin Keller who was able to make the smart play under little pressure. On top of that, McCarren was effective in helping to create a lot of holes for Minnesota’s run-heavy offence. 

OL Erik Nelson - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
The former 1st overall pick continued to be the central figure on the Blacksmiths’ O-line. Nelson continues to be a key factor in giving QB Louis Vaughn enough time in the pocket as well as being able to give a considered weaker run game some life, being extra physical in the trenches. 

Rookie of the Year

OL Alan Mitchell - Long Island Raiders
Mitchell made an immediate impact on the Raiders’ O-line this season. In the past couple of years, the Raiders had slipped down to the lowest ranks allowing more pressures than most teams in the league. However, with Mitchell coming and some other help the Raiders’ O-line has taken a big step towards returning consistently to the top of the league. 

LB Ricky Wildgoose - Louisville Thunder
STATS: 1st in Tackles among rookies, 3 Forced Fumbles
Wildgoose took a couple of games to get going, but after an injury to LB Le’Darius Wynn, Wildgoose was forced to step up this season. He stepped up well, leading the Thunder and all rookies in tackles this season. It appears that the Thunder may finally have found themselves a sturdy LB core with Wynn and Wildgoose.

DB Austin Sherebernikoff - Minnesota Serpents
STATS: 5 Interceptions (1st among rookies)
The expectations for Sherebernikoff were lower going into the draft and when Minnesota took the corner 8th overall, many were skeptical, however, Sherebernikoff turned out to be a great pick. While it took a couple of games to get into the starting lineup, by the midway point he was a staple in the lineup and would pick up 5 interceptions over the later half of the season. He’s a great fit in the Serpents' secondary and should be a cornerstone piece for years to come.

Coach of the Year

HC Levi Bray - Long Island Raiders
RECORD: 9-3 - 1st East
Bray’s return to a head coaching role turned out to be a smashing success as the Raiders bounced back from missing the playoffs for the first time since 1963 last season to win their NAAF-leading 8th division title. Bray’s offensive scheming also rejuvenated QB Ivan Sanchez’s career which was on its last legs after a pair of disappointing seasons. Bray clearly showed continued growth in the game and looks to be the right man for the Raiders.

HC Soni Dionne - Minnesota Serpents
RECORD: 10-2 - 1st West
Dionne improved on the masterful first season for the expansion Serpents by taking them to the top of the league with a 10-2 record. Minnesota made several changes to the gameplan this season and it paid off putting up a top 5 offence and a #1 defence this season. Last year’s Coach of the Year winner continues to make his mark and prove that last season was not a fluke and the Serpents are here to say.

HC Tommy Warner - Providence Gold Stars
RECORD: 8-4 - 2nd East
Another new coach made a massive statement this season with Tommy Warner taking over the Gold Stars. Warner had already been working with the defence, but now being fully in charge, his defence flourished, being ranked #2 in the league. Providence massively improved to make just their second playoff appearance since 1964 which certainly gets fans really excited for the future. 

Breakout Player of the Year

WR Tracy Driscoll - Buffalo Blue Wings
STATS: 13 Receiving Touchdowns (T-2nd), 1st in Receiving Yards
Driscoll exploded as QB Charles Lemieux’s favourite target this season. The speed threat consistently made big plays that got Buffalo out to many big leads. Not only was he great at getting into the endzone, but he consistently picked up loads of yardage leading to him being the league leader in receiving yards this season. A great breakout season for the former 12th overall pick.

WR Jake Abbredezzi - Indiana Victors
STATS: 13 Receiving Touchdowns (T-2nd), 3rd in Receiving Yards
Right next to Driscoll was Abbredezzi who had a similar rise to the top. Abbredezzi overtook WR Ed Edwards for the top WRs spot in Indiana this season, being a deep threat the also scored tons and picked up a lot of yardage. Abbredezzi was a much-needed injection of firepower in the Victors’ offence.

LB Garrett Roberts - Minnesota Serpents
STATS: 4th in Tackles, 4 Forced Fumbles
Roberts’ first season was lackluster as the #1 pick in the draft, but he came alive in his second year and made a big impact in the league’s best defence. Roberts is developing into what many expect him to be after being taken #1, a sturdy force down the middle of the defence that will rack up tackles, especially in the more cover-focused defence. 

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