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5/23/2023 3:26 pm  #21

Re: Building the League

Last call for names for the first Wave of Clubs. I will be closing the form once I get up tomorrow morning. Then i will be sending out: 
-Voting Form (Wave A) 
-Submitting Form (Wave B) 


5/24/2023 8:47 am  #22

Re: Building the League

It is time to vote on our first wave of CLUB NAMES. Since we added explanations to our submissions this go-around I gathered all of the submissions in one Google Doc rather than posting one monster post. At the top of the doc are links to take you to each of the cities. In the voting form below you will only see the club name so refer to that explanation doc to learn about each submission. 

Voting closes the morning of May 26. At that point, I will post the finalist names. That poll will close the next day...May 27. In case you are new to the program, we rate names on a 1-5 scale - 5 being the best. 

Additionally, the Wave B cities are officially open for business. Wave B submissions are due May 27. On that day, I will post the Voting Poll. 

Hope you all enjoy! 

Wave A Names & Explanations
Vote for Wave A Here
Wave B Name Submissions


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5/26/2023 8:37 am  #23

Re: Building the League

After a couple days of rating over 150 different names we have come to the finals. For each city, we have selected the top three (sometimes four with a tie) names. We are now moving from rating to voting. Your job is to select your favorite name for each club. 

For now, we are going to continue to keep the names of the Name Nominators anonymous. The reason is so that this process does not become political in anyway. The goal is that we arrive at the best name possible. Let people vote the way they desire and do not campaign for specific names. We appreciate it. 

This vote will only last until tomorrow morning! 

Do not forget that name nominations for Wave B clubs are due tomorrow morning at the same time. At that time I will be releasing the names, their explanations and the Wave B rating form. 

Once all of the names are determined I will give back access to the database. There you will see the updated Owner Standings, as well as the results of all of the individual polls. 

For's time to vote! 

Naming the Club - Wave A FINAL Voting


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5/27/2023 7:13 am  #24

Re: Building the League

You know the drill! It is time to rate the names for the clubs of Wave B. Rating will close on the morning of May 29. At that time we will hold the final vote. On the morning of May 30 we will reveal the names of all 20 AltLiga Clubs! You will also get to see the updated Owner Standings. 

Wave B Name Explanations
Wave B Name Rating 


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5/29/2023 10:56 am  #25

Re: Building the League

Happy Memorial Day! 

Today we enter our final day of Phase 2 of the design process. Today we have narrowed the field to our finalists. Tomorrow we will reveal the first 20 clubs of the AltLiga. Please refer to the naming explanations doc found in the previous post for more information. Once again we are trying to keep the finalists anonymous so that we do not influence the vote in any way. That is also the reason we are releasing all of the names at the same time. 

Naming the Clubs - Wave B FINAL VOTING

Happy Voting!

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5/30/2023 8:56 am  #26

Re: Building the League

After hundreds of votes we have arrived at the names for our first 20 clubs. This slightly altered naming process yielded a field of names that is more diverse than ever before. 14 different people had at least 1 finalist! From that number 11 different people had winning names! The most any one person had was 3 names. That means more people have made their mark on the league. Good work everyone! Check out the winning names and then read below for information about the next stage of the work. 

To check out the full team names and re-familiarize yourself with the explanations check it out here: 
Club Name Explanations

To check out the most recent owner standings or the results of all of the voting of the past week check it out here: 
AltLiga Database

***I will leave the database open until we get closer to the Badge voting. 


We now begin the next phase of the design process. This process will move a little slower than the cities and names did. This will give us a natural opportunity to ramp up our preparation for our other fall sports while people are busy designing (so stay tuned this week across the Alt Universe threads!). Please read through some of these guidelines as you get started. 

-Needless to stay all designs must be original works.

-No use of clipart 

-Submissions for Group A (see above) will be due on the morning of JUNE 9. Please refer to the Design Schedule tab for upcoming design dates. 

-Please send all submissions to

-Please send all submissions in PNG files with CLEAR backgrounds.

-Submissions with eventually be presented on a color swatch of a color of your choosing. Please indicate which color you'd like that to be in your submission email. 

-Each submission may include a very BRIEF explanation. The explanation should include rationale for a few of the design elements included. If it is too long I will reach back out for you to cut it down. I will include the explanations during the voting process. 

-Please label your image files with CLUB NAME and your AHS HANDLE. This will be a big help in terms of organization. Please avoid naming files with abbreviations. 

-Here is the upcoming design schedule
    Group A Submissions Due (June 9)
    Group A Voting Closes (June 11)
    Group B Submissions Due (June 16)
    Group B Voting Closes (June 19)
    Group A + B FINAL Voting Closes (June 21)
    Group A + B Badges Reveal (June 21)

Happy Designing!

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6/07/2023 7:32 am  #27

Re: Building the League

REMINDER - Badge submissions are due this FRDAY. We will launch the rating poll on Saturday and I need some time to put everything together so don't be late! Happy designing! 

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6/10/2023 8:34 am  #28

Re: Building the League

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I hope you are as excited for this batch of logos as I am. We have great choices for each! 

A quick shoutout to everyone who took the time to design and submit logos. Also, great job everyone submitting logos with clear backgrounds and great labels. It made things super easy to put together and I really appreciate it. 

This is how this will go. From now until Sunday you are welcomed to rate the various badges on a scale of 1-5 (most). Then on Monday morning I will post the finalists for each club. I will reveal the winning logos on Tuesday. This is a slight adjustment from the original schedule. 

Rate Group A Badges Here

You can view the badges below.

Read Explanations of the Badges Here 

Group B Badge Submissions are do on June 16. This is a slightly shorter window than Group A. The clubs in Group B are:

FC Alfa Roma
IFK Stockholm
Intercontinental Istanbul
Sydney Harbour FC
Berlin 1871

For more information about those clubs, please reference the Club Name Explanations

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6/10/2023 9:39 am  #29

Re: Building the League

Gorgeous work everyone. I definitely have my preferences, but would be happy with any of them if they win.

2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


6/12/2023 9:46 am  #30

Re: Building the League

Great work everyone! We had tight races for each of these clubs. It is now time to choose the winning badges. Please use the form below to select ONE badge per club. The form will be open until tomorrow morning! At that point I will reveal the winning badges. 

Group A Badge FINAL VOTE

Also, don't forget that submissions for Group B are due on Friday 6/16. I will be posting them all on Saturday. If you need some extra time please let me know. 

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