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Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

1972 MLA Draft
The first official MLA Draft is on its way and the owners could not be more excited. It was agreed upon that players fresh out of college would be fair game in the draft and amateur players could enter the draft if they wanted to.

There are plenty of prospects in this draft that are yearning to play pro lacrosse. Notably there is goalie, Noah Zark from Saint Botolph University. Zark led the college leagues in saves as well as leading Saint Botolph to another national title. But there are also some very successful amateur players in the draft, a top prospect is Collin Jones-Bakersfield from Erie, PA. Bakersfield is a "tip-top" defensemen according to the local media. On the offensive side of things there is attackman Max Powers who led Milwaukee State in goals scored this year. Malachi Kallenberger who is an attackman from McHenry University and was a nightmare for other schools to defend, he looks to be a top selection. The last player showcased is Barrell Hampton, a Texas-born player who went to Kent College in Delaware. Hampton is a triple-threat, he had the highest winning percentage on face-offs, he can play attack and is very good at chasing down shots.

1972 Draft Order
-The returning teams were slotted in based on the previous season. However, DC and Omaha drew a number from a hat and were slotted at that pick and bump everyone below them down a pick.

1. St. Louis Otters (2-12)
2. Golden Horseshoe (3-11)
3. Colorado Jackals (4-10)
4. Philadelphia Rattlesnakes (4-10)
5. Boston Seawolves (7-7)
6. DC Eagles (Expansion)
7. Manhattan (7-7)
8. Racing Louisville (8-6)
9. Cleveland Thunderbirds (11-3)
10. Chicago Cardinals (11-3)
11. Toronto Falcons (13-1)
12. Omaha Union (Expansion)

When the drawing was ended and the slots were final, Crate made numerous attempts to buy back up into the draft. However, Crate's definition of buy was not using players, he offered cattle, goats, an old wooden wagon and an old straw hat. Obviously, nobody took him up on any of those offers and he was told to stop bartering.

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Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

1972 Major Lacrosse Association Draft
1. St. Louis Otters - Barrell Hampton | Midfield | Houston, TX | Kent College | ZO82
Hampton seemed to be the obvious pick for the Otters. Hampton can also play Attack so he will be a duel threat for any team that the Otters face. 

2. Golden Horseshoe - Max Powers | Attack | Fon Du Lac, WI | Milwaukee State | Dan O'MacThe Wisconsin-born player led the Great Lakes College Lacrosse League in goals scored. With Hampton off the board, he was the next best option to improve the offense. 

3. Colorado Jackals - Malachi Kallenberger | Attack | Atlanta, GA | McHenry | Kingsfan11
Kallenberger was 2nd place in goals scored in the Seaboard College Lacrosse League, behind Barrell Hampton. Cliff has a relatively young Attack core and chose Kallenberger because he says "the kid has gumption". 

4. Philadelphia Rattlesnakes - Collin Jones-Bakersfield | Defense | Erie, PA | Amateur | WallflowerThe first Defensemen and amateur player off the board. Collin is known as a "top-tier" Defensemen and led his team and league in caused-turnovers and ground balls.  

5. Boston Seawolves - Christian Talara | Defense | Chicago, IL | Amateur | idm
Depending on who you ask, Talara is a better Defensemen than Jones-Bakersfield. The two have similar builds and play styles. Talara was just short of tying Jones-Bakersfield in caused-turnovers. Either way, Talara was a steal at the 5th pick. 

6. DC Eagles - Noah Zark | Goalie | Bethlehem, PA | Saint Botolph | idm
This was the selection everyone was waiting for, the top Goalie in the draft. Zark had an incredible senior season, leading every college in saves as well as career saves. He started at Saint Botolph as a sophomore and led the team to two titles. DC looks to develop him for a few years behind their current 30 year old veteran in goal. 

7. Manhattan - Mike Smith | Midfield | Poughkeepsie, NY | University of the Hudson | Jayhawk
Keeping to the theme of having the majority of players from New York, the Blue Jays selected Smith. Smith is more of a defensive-minded Midfielder and that is what Manhattan was looking for. He is very quick in transition. 

8. Racing Louisville - Nick Farak | Midfield | Louisville, KY | Amateur | idm
Keeping it in Louisville with this pick, Farak is a fantastic lacrosse player. He may be a little older, but he still has the toughness of an ox. 

9. Cleveland Thunderbirds - Lucas DeGrom | Attack | Windham, OH | Amateur
Coming from small town Ohio, Cleveland may have found a diamond in the rough. Another slightly older player, DeGrom is looking to make an impact and show these youngins how its done. 

10. Chicago Cardinals - Cooper Houstin | Midfield | Muncie, IN | Indianapolis State | Wallflower
Another great player from the Great Lakes College Lacrosse Conference, Houstin is a speedy player. He grew up running track but was convinced to play lacrosse.  

11. Toronto Falcons - Jeremiah Vandersbrook | Attack | Mississauga, ON | Upper Canada | Wallflower
Surprisingly, the first Canadian taken was with the 11th pick. The Falcons found an amazing Attackman. Vandersbrook led Upper Canada, as well as the Can-Am College Lacrosse League in goals scored and assists. 

12. Omaha Union - Sho Isogai | Midfield | Nagano, Japan | Brooklyn | Dan O’Mac
Originally from Japan, Sho immigrated to the United States. He first picked up a stick as a freshman at the University of Brooklyn, he then excelled at the sport. His senior year he led the team in assists. 

2nd Round
1. St. Louis Otters - Wolfgang Sebastian | Defense | Chicago, IL | Chicago City College | Jayhawk 
2. Golden Horseshoe - Jacob Bailey | Defense | Hamilton, ON | Amateur | ZO82 
3. Colorado Jackals - Gustavo Manzanares | Attack | Denver, CO | Chicago City College | ZO82 
4. Philadelphia Rattlesnakes - Alec Pryor | Attack | Hamilton, ON | Golden Horseshoe | idm 
5. Boston Seawolves - Spencer Olson | Attack | Boston, MA | Boston Cathedral | idm 
6. DC Eagles - Jacob Temple | Midfield | Providence, RI | Perry | Jayhawk 
7. Manhattan - Evan Durrant | Attack | Manhattan, NY | New Amsterdam | idm 
8. Racing Louisville - Noah Guy | Goalie | Guyton, MO | Cardinal Mooney | Dan O’Mac 
9. Cleveland Thunderbirds - Billy Fire | Goalie | Findlay, OH | Cleveland | Wallflower 
10. Chicago Cardinals - Nicolas St. Jean | Attack | Montreal, QC | Montreal | Wallflower 
11. Toronto Falcons - David Rolph | Midfield | Windsor, ON | Southwest Ontario | Jayhawk 
12. Omaha Union - Martin Blank | Goalie | Brandon, MB | Amateur | a ghost

Despite it being a good draft, a few of the owners realized that they did not like the draft and would rather just sign players. Simon gathered the owners and said that they would vote on keeping the draft at the end of the season.

Afterwards the new divisional alignment was also announced:
The East with Boston, DC, Manhattan and Philadelphia
The Central with Cleveland, Golden Horseshoe, Louisville and Toronto
The West with Chicago, Colorado, Omaha and St. Louis

What do you think about the draft and the new alignment? Do you think the draft will continue?

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Re: The Major Lacrosse Association

I’m glad to see the Cards being placed in a relativley eady divison. With Colorado and St. Louis at the bottom of the west last year and Omaha having the 12th pick, I have hopes that Chicago can utilize Houstin’s speed and (hopefully) bring back a chip to the Windy City.

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