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5/05/2022 6:46 pm  #511

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Sorry for the delay, it's finals season for me which means less time to focus on stuff like this. But I finally have the uniform poll ready to go! Vote here.


5/09/2022 4:16 pm  #512

Re: AltLB Design Thread

And we have some winners! Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who submitted bids, logos, and uniforms! Looking forward to doing this for other leagues as well.



7/12/2022 1:15 pm  #513

Re: AltLB Design Thread

With permission from the designer, I would like to use Version C of the Cincinnati Centaurs uniform design in a personal sim league.  Is there a larger copy available to use?


3/25/2023 4:17 pm  #514

Re: AltLB Design Thread

KOLO 8 News Now

25 March 2023

Reno, NV - Authorities were alerted to a figure spotted atop the massive geodesic dome of Reno's National Bowling Stadium today. Apparently, the man, later identified as noted oxygen aficionado Igneus D. McQueen, started yelling abruptly to pedestrians below, saying, "It's 10 o'clock! I've been up here for eight hours! Why haven't you people noticed me yet? This was supposed to be a cool stunt!"

McQueen's "cool stunt" was apparently intended to reveal a new identity for the local single-A ballclub, the Reno Kingpins, who had originally been slated to undergo a rebrand prior to last season. In fact, McQueen himself seemed convinced that that was still the case, stating multiple times that he was "looking forward to the 2022 season" and that "the Kingpins will go into 2022 looking better than ever." Eventually, someone piped up and told McQueen that it was in fact 2023, but he vehemently denied the fact multiple times. When he finally looked at his watch and realized what year it actually was, he started screaming. "Those [expletive]! They kept me up there for a whole [expletive] year! I swear to [unintelligible] that I'll -" at which point he rattled off seventeen straight expletives in a way that did not seem to have any basis in English syntax, kicked a box full of new merchandise off the side of the dome, before appearing to jump directly into the dome itself. Authorities later investigated and found no anomalies, though several witnesses reported seeing the dome appear to "light up from the inside," in the words of one witness who preferred to remain anonymous, and a psychic who later visited the scene immediately passed out after mumbling something about "the energy." To be honest, this is all far above my paygrade. Regardless, if you came here for the Kingpins' new look, here it is:


3/29/2023 1:49 pm  #515

Re: AltLB Design Thread

After a long period of waiting, the Arizona Thunderbirds are finally ready to unveil their minor league organization!

First up on the latter is our AAA team, the Denver Dynamos, who has been our top affiliate as long as we've been in the majors. Named after the energy boom in the 80's within the city, their unique scheme of deep blue, indigo, and volt sets them apart for a vibrant and colorful team. The Dynamos play at Rocky Mountain Stadium in the heart of downtown Denver, where they have played since their inception.

Heading down south and down in the ladder is our AA team, the Tucson Blaze, named after the blazing hot summers the Arizona deserts. The Blaze turn up the heat with their color scheme of orange and burgundy, and their set is literally up in flames! A team has played in Tucson in the minors for the longest time, but only recently has Arizona paired up with Tucson to be its minor league team. The Blaze play at Hi Corbett Field, which has been in use since the 40's as a spring training facility and has housed a Tuscon minor league team in some capacity since the 60's.

Finally, our last and newest minor league affiliate are the Flagstaff Comets playing A ball. Flagstaff has been a city long associated with the stars, being named the first Dark Sky City in 2001 and being the place where Pluto was first discovered. The Comets are the only team to wear a throwback in our system, introducing it this year in anticipation of the Thunderbirds' hosting of the Sandlot Series. The Comets play at Lowell-Tombaugh Field, which hosts stargazing nights in the offseason when the team is watching the stars with the fans.

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