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2/27/2023 7:55 pm  #101

Re: AltBA Season 2022

The Boston Schooners hit some rough waters over the course of the season but we were able to sail into the playoffs as the 3 Seed in the East. Now we hope to upset our division rivals once more as the Crew sails down to New York to take on the Sents. We'll be wearing our standard Venture Blues in this conflict, so we thank our players for an excellent season and hope that we can sail further into the Playoffs than expected.


2/28/2023 12:37 pm  #102

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Hey all! My apologies for laying low recently. Been going through a few things and I've had to throttle back a bit. I appreciate everyone for keeping things going. Can't believe we are at the end of another regular season for the AltBA. 

Here are the first round matchups for this season's playoffs. 

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3/01/2023 7:03 am  #103

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, we're already two days into the playoff game and I forgot to post anything, so uh, here goes...

Something something, Basketball Owner Stickman holds press conference, uhh, says we're wearing green because he likes that color.  Oh, I dunno, makes some dumb thinly veiled threat at Gritty for the innocent scheduling quirks that involved the Revelers playing an extra game, so he'll get Mr. Boppi involved, I've already forgotten what Mr. Boppi was supposed to be since I only brought it up once, yeah that kinda fell off a cliff.   Dick Dingleberry makes a comment about needing a hard drink because of Stickman's stupidity, yeah that sounds par for the course... I think that about covers the usual Stickman press conference.   Yeah, We're wearing green!

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3/06/2023 2:13 pm  #104

Re: AltBA Season 2022

For the third time in five games, and for the second time in two Western Conference Finalses, the Albuquerque Invaders will face off against the Kansas City Marshals. Last time around, the Invaders won by less than four points, so expect another close game this time around. The Invaders are coming off a strong week last week and the Masked Marauder Jaylen Brown had a huge performance, so we feel like we're in a good position. Will the Marshals move on to their second straight championship game? Or will the Invaders fight the law and get their revenge? Either way, it'll be a good one. #OutOfThisWorld #QuerqBoys #KCvsABQ


3/19/2023 11:07 pm  #105

Re: AltBA Season 2022

It was a long road, but the New York Sentinels have turned the ship around and are champions for 2022-23! Game well played to Kansas City, it certainly was not an easy victory. Let's run it back in 2023-24!


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