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12/13/2022 3:15 pm  #1

AltLB - 2023 Season

Email me if interested in Deputy Position (more sports to come)

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1/20/2023 3:33 pm  #2

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

Owners and AltLB Fans! 

It is time for the AltLB Winter Meetings. This might sound strange because in many parts of the country there is snow on the ground. But our pitchers and catchers will be reporting soon and we need to get the league ready for opening day. 

This is the first owner's meeting for our leagues. That means that this process will be tinkered with moving forward to best meet our needs.

Here are the components of this Owner Meeting: 
-Introduction of the Deputy Commissioner 
-Ball club / Owner Roll Call
-Vote on Rule Changes
-Preview upcoming AltLB milestones

Part 1 - Introduction of the Deputy Commissioner

As many of you can imagine running these 5 leagues (soon to be 6) is a full-time endeavor. Therefore to ensure that each league runs smoothly I am brining on a deputy commissioner to help run the show! Their responsibility will be to organize and execute keepers and draft the schedule. We will work in tandem to make sure the vision of the Alt Sports Universe stays consistent throughout each of our leagues. 

So...without further adieu I am please to announce that DAN O'MAC is going to be our Deputy Commissioner of the AltLB. We will be working together behind the scenes to make this AltLB season a successful one. 

Part 2 - Owner Roll Call
As always we will be looking to see who will be joining us for a new season. Follow the link below to let us know (either way!) whether you are in or out this season. 

Part 3 - Rule Changes

This year we have instituted a SUGGESTION BOX to grab ideas from the community that would make our leagues better. During each of our owner meetings we will be discussing those suggestions. To ensure there is continuity from season to season we will be seeking 2/3 majority to ratify rule changes. 

This year's rule change proposals: 
#1 --- Replace the category --- Replace the category Batting Average (AVG) with On Base Percentage (OBP)
#2 --- Replace the category --- Replace the category Runs with Slugging %
#3 --- Point System --- Replace categories with a total point system
#4 --- Tiebreakers --- To avoid ties institute a tiebreaker
#5 --- Draft Style --- Adopt a fixed draft over a snake draft 

Rules 3 and 4, If adopted, Dan and I will discuss the next steps and then bring it back to the group. 
Rule 5, since this wouldn't be a change and rather just the first time we will be doing it we will go with simple majority rules. 

Part 4 - Upcoming AltLB Dates
- Friday, January 20 --- Winter Meeting Post
-Monday, January 23 --- Roll Call + Rule Change Votes Due
-Tuesday, January 24 --- Gritty Post including 2023 Ball Clubs and New Rules 
     -Keeper Rules Announced
     -Keeper Rosters Poster
     -Keepers Submitted
     -Schedule Announced
     -All Star Game Vote and Logo Competition Announced

To do the ROLL CALL and RULES CHANGES please access this form: 


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1/23/2023 12:17 pm  #3

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

If you are interested in returning for the 2023 AltLB season please let us know by filling out the form. 


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1/25/2023 9:14 pm  #4

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

Thank you everyone for checking in via the roll call. After our roll call and winter meeting we have a series of rule changes for the upcoming season. 

This season we will feature 16 teams: 

National League
--Boston Masons (Darknes) 
--Montreal Saints (n00b)
--New York Blackbirds (Stickman)
--Kansas City Colts (Magic)
--Las Vegas Atoms (IDM)
--Oakland Squirrels (Scratch)
--Carolina Griffins (QCS)
--Memphis Kings (Sevs) 

American League
--Tampa Bay Turtles (Gritty)
--Oklahoma City Bison (Dan O'Mac)
--Los Angeles Condors (Kingsfan)
--Minnesota Gemini (Jam)
--Arizona Thunderbirds (DireBear)
--Detroit Deacons (NoE38)
--Chicago Pros (Edge)
--Havana Cubanos (Jayhawk) 

We are pleased to welcome Jayhawk as a new owner. They will take over the Cubanos. More to come about this expansion later in the week. 

Rule Changes: 
1.) Replace batting average with on base percentage PASSED
2.) Replace runs with slugging percentage REJECTED
3.) Replace categories with points REJECTED

4.) Add Tiebreaker PASSED
5.) Fixed Draft PASSED

We will follow up with more information regarding the rule changes later in the week. Specifically, the tiebreaker options. 

On Friday, Dan O'Mac will be posting the keeper rosters, salaries, and budget. Additionally he will include the date for when the keepers are due. 

If you have any questions send them our way. 

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1/27/2023 10:18 am  #5

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

Welcome to the time where you get to start thinking about your roster construction. Whether you're coming off a great season or a season to forget, now you get to determine which of your players will be with your team for the upcoming season. With the start of the season being on March 30, 2023, the keeper deadline is being set to leave enough time for both getting those entered and for the draft. Keepers are due March 18th, 2023 at noon EST

My goal with the budget was to provide consistency and familiarity. So the budget for the players drafted in the initial 2022 draft will be 120 points. Players drafted in the first round will have a value of 15 points, and subsequent picks will go down by 1 (second round worth 14, third round worth 13, etc.). Player will have a keeper value of 1 at the minimum. Anyone you picked up off waivers will be worth 1, unless you drafted them initially. Then they retain their drafted value. But only when you are the team that drafted them. The goal will to have players drafted in 2023 have values starting at 10 for first round picks with subsequent picks going down by one. This is in line with the AltFL in order to keep it familiar and easier for you to track. Caveat: that may change if rule changes are submitted and voted into place.

Now for what you're looking for: your teams and their associated values. All teams are listed here with the exception of Havana. The Cubans situation has yet to be finalized, and will be updated when it is. If you think there may be a discrepancy, message me on here, Discord, or send an email. I'll review and let you know.

Player Values

Take a look, make your choices. Feel free to discuss trades with your co-owners as well. Once you have, please email those to me at

Last edited by Dan O'Mac (1/27/2023 10:18 am)

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1/27/2023 1:30 pm  #6

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

I am going to miss ties!


2/03/2023 11:00 am  #7

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

The Atlanta Firebirds have relocated to Havana, Cuba under new owner Jayhawk and will assume the name of the team that previously played in Havana. Atlanta will retain all information and history associated with the Firebirds identity.


Really, this is just a convenient way of explaining in story how Jayhawk and the Havana Cubans got a roster of players to pick keepers from. Jayhawk got to pick one team of the 9 contracted clubs to eliminate from contention, and one team to add a second chance at. Then we randomly eliminated 8 of the options to leave just one team that he got the roster for in terms of keepers. The keeper sheet has been updated. Havana will also assume Atlanta's spot in the draft order.

Official Draft Order
1) Havana Cubans
2) Chicago Pros
3) Carolina Griffins
4) Memphis Kings
5) Kansas City Colts
6) Boston Masons
7) Minnesota Gemini
8) Arizona Thunderbirds
9) Oakland Squirrels
10) Montreal Saints
11) Los Angeles Condors
12) Tampa Bay Turtles
13) New York Blackbirds
14) Detroit Deacons
15) Las Vegas Atoms
16) Oklahoma City Bison

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2/03/2023 3:44 pm  #8

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

Welcome Havana! They have one of my favorite brands and I'm glad to see them in the league. Best of luck to Jayhawk this year!


2/03/2023 9:53 pm  #9

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

Okay folks, time to start the schedule release. I'm not going to commit to a specific schedule, but know that I will get the whole thing out before Keepers are due on 3/18/23 at noon Eastern time.

With 16 teams in two leagues and a 22 week regular season, you'll have 14 games in division (home and home against each of the other 7 teams) and 1 game against each team in the opposite league. You'll be guaranteed games against another member of your own league to open the season and close the regular season. On each graphic, there will be a player highlighted from the home team. That player was the top (or in a few instances second highest) scoring player on that team from last season. I hope you all keep those players or this is slightly awkward. And with no further adieu, here's week one!

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2/04/2023 10:46 pm  #10

Re: AltLB - 2023 Season

Week 2 is coming at you now! Featuring interleague play!

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