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1/24/2023 5:01 pm  #91

Re: AltBA Season 2022

I'll echo that, it makes sense to move it to before the playoffs begin by a couple weeks.


1/30/2023 11:12 am  #92

Re: AltBA Season 2022

With a big win this week over the Lancers in Baltimore, we head on our second leg of our four game road trip to end the season in Honolulu. With injuries to many of the guards on the team, the big men stepped up as we were carried this week by center Myles Turner and forwards Jaren Jackson and Keldon Johnson. We're hoping to get healthier this week, and to get some time in on the beach. Seriously, why don't the Kahunas have an open air stadium? Either way, we're wearing the Evergreen set this week, shown by last week's top scorer, Myles Turner!

1/30/2023 12:20 pm  #93

Re: AltBA Season 2022

After invading another country and coming out victorious, the Querq boys hold onto the top spot in the West on a tiebreaker. The team we're tied with is our opponent this week, the Kansas City Marshals, who we face twice in the final three weeks in order to determine the Central Division champion. You'd think whoever made the schedule would've tried to avoid a situation like that, but we can't complain. Anyway, after getting a big contribution by G Derrick White last week, we of course have to honor him by actually wearing our designated home jerseys for this one. #OutOfThisWorld #QuerqBoys #KCvsABQ


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