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10/28/2022 7:39 pm  #51

Re: Premier Baseball League

I was born and raised in Shelby, Ohio but Fort Wayne is my home for 32 years now!  Happy we're represented!


1/16/2023 2:31 am  #52

Re: Premier Baseball League

Did anything noteworthy happen in the 1951 offseason? No, not really. Is that why it took me this long to post? If that's what you'll believe, yeah.

Fort Worth did do something noteworthy and that was make a change to their jerseys.

They didn't make a big change, only adding a white outline on the road for visibility.

Players and coaches, lacking the ability to really move around, once again, didn't generate much news.

In league news, however, the outstanding success of the league's first season has investors interested and regional leagues scared. There has been significant interest in other teams joining, although the PBL itself has remained ambiguous on any expansion plans, if they have any at all.

Preseason predictions has both Boston Harbor and Milwaukee on top. Two of the top teams on the East and West look to only get better and the consensus is that they'll be the ones facing for the 2nd PBL Championship.

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