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11/20/2021 1:50 pm  #291

Re: Escalian Football League

Well it's been a minute since I last posted here. That's what college can do to a man, but nonetheless here's a huge offseason post for the EFL to make up for the *checks nonexistent watch*  2 months that I've devoted to balancing out the luck across all my AltSports teams. With that out of the way, on to the post (WARNING: long)!

1975-76 Offseason Part 1:

Identity Changes
Orcaster has been in an identity crisis since the introduction of their last update in 1967. Racers owner Gardner Hill was at the forefront for a redesign, as he was never quite happy with the team's design since their ‘67 update and wanted to be more hands-on with this redesign. While the original draft stayed with a black home uniform and was a bit more traditional, Hill had the idea to include the checkered flag as part of the design to make it more “modern”. The result is the league’s second wrap-around helmet, featuring a fast moving tire moving along a checkered flag inspired line, and checkered flag inspired shoulder and sock stripes. Unlike in early designs, the final design is primarily red, going back to their original set when they entered the league.  

Pattalia made a minor change to its set, making the P-Paw a bit more rounded to fit more with the set, and the helmet logo was shrunk.

Saint Blaise made the traditional change to their uniforms, adding a blue star to the back of their uniforms to celebrate their first championship.

Coaching Changes
After being shutout in the semi-final game and with management relatively frustrated with offensive production since their Escalian Cup victory in 1973, Tallakope City decided to part ways with OC Earl Wood after 10 years with the team. In his place will be the OC from Argil A&M, Lyle Dodson. Dodson has consistently brought the Aggies to the top 10 of points scored over the past few years and looks to bring back one the best offenses into the league back into prominence and to new levels

Similarly to the Anchors’s case, Orcaster has experienced plenty of troubles on offense with what should be a great unit. OC Frank Baird was let go, being the sole OC since the team’s entry into the league as well. Quarterbacks coach Wesley Douglas was promoted to the role, hoping to bring life into the young core of the Racers.

One final playoff-contending team to sack their OC was Homestead, whose defense effectively carried their offense, one reason as to why they haven’t won more than 9 games in a season for the team’s existence. Running Backs coach Alton Sims was promoted to the spot, making him the first American to reach a coordinator role in the league. 

On the other hand, two teams at the bottom decided to part ways with coordinators. First of all was Adelaide, who parted ways with OC Sam Stafford after only 2 years with the team. Hired in his place is University of Huron OC Willie Dwyer, who looks to bring a fresh slate to a very stale Owls team. Hadley was the other team, who effectively cleaned house with both coordinator positions as it seems the team wants to rebuild. University of Huron wide receivers coach Jerry McDermott was hired to be the new OC (becoming the 2nd American coach as well), and linebackers coach Benjamin Henderson was promoted to the DC role.

Three major retirements lead a fairly lackluster retirement class this year. The first, and frankly most expected, was Ellesby QB Matt Kollen. The former #2 overall pick spent his entire 14 year career with the Mariners, leading them to 2 Escalian Cup appearances, 1 North Division title, and 8 playoff appearances, though never coming out with a Cup for the trophy case. He will go down as one of the greatest QB’s to have never won a title, and the veteran plans to stay close with the organization in the years to come. The next largest name to hang up their cleats would be Craig Farmer, who spent nearly all of his 15 years in the league with the Lumberjacks (winning all 4 titles with Norfolk as well as being QB Nathan Slezak’s #1 target for a good few years), playing 1 last year with the Pirates to bring some experience into the relatively weak Pirates receiving core. The last major retirement, who also played for the Lumberjacks for his entire 13 year career was K Isaac Brandt, who was a relatively solid kicker for a while but inconsistencies at the kicking position led him to retire. 

Sarnia did a lot in the trade department this offseason, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you’re asking. If you’re asking GM Jimmie McCarthy, it would be a great success. If you’re asking the fans, they would be fuming over the trade of fan-favorite and anchor for the O-Line Everett Becker, who made Central Division All-Star honors and nearly made 2nd Team All-Star last year. McCarthy had wanted to find a team to trade Becker to since last year, and he finally found the match in the Ellesby Mariners. They gave up WR Sal Reeves, their 2nd round pick this year and their 3rd round pick next year in exchange for Becker, who will surely boost the already rock-solid offensive line the Mariners have. 

The Sparks also were looking to trade down from the #2 spot in the draft, because of McCarthy’s philosophy of acquiring as many draft picks as possible to search for their talent. Augusta was desperate enough to take up their offer to continue on their rebuild. In a trade that saw no players exchanged, the Sparks sent over the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft and a 3rd rounder in 1978 to the Bulls in exchange for the #6 overall pick this year, a 2nd rounder for next year, and their 3rd round pick in 1978. 

Hadley decided that it was time to blow it up and that rebuilding would be the best possibility for staying in a strong North Division. Seeing that they have struggled with the QB position as of late, they decided to find a suitor for 1st Team All-Star WR Julian Strickland. As they just lost their main receiver, Wrauport took up the offer and gave up WR James Hewitt, their 4th round pick this year, their second round pick next year, and their 2nd round pick in 1978 in exchange for Strickland and DL Christopher Drake to help bolster a weak Wrauport D-Line.

The last major trade was also with a major wide receiver, as Norfolk was looking for their main wide receiver after the departure (and ensuing retirement) of Craig Farmer. Homestead had the guy they were looking for with WR Arthur Reeves and made them an offer the Reapers couldn’t pass up on. The Lumberjacks sent LB Everitt Davis, their 2nd and 4th round picks this year and their 3rd round pick next year for Reeves and Homestead’s 4th rounder next year.

Free Agency
The main story heading into the free agency season was the return of the final few holdouts from the UFL, with QB’s Jeffery Mayo and Neil Turner along with DB George Hobbs headlining the returnees. The EFL put up some decent names as well, with QB Simon Dillon opting to free agency to get a deserved starting gig along with S Graciano Varela looking for a playoff contender to take his talents to. Dillon was the first domino to fall, receiving offers from both Adelaide and Augusta, but ultimately chose Augusta on a 3 year deal worth $441,000 to hopefully turn around a Bulls team that has been stuck in mediocrity since their fluke Escalian Cup win in 1963. Fed up with their QB play, Adelaide struck a 2 year deal with Jeffery Mayo in hopes that he’ll develop a bit more so that he can effectively lead a rebuilding Owls team back to the promised land. With Mayo signing in Adelaide, his former teammate George Hobbs was lured to sign with the Owls as well, as Mayo and Hobbs look to join a young core in Adelaide. Turner ended up signing a backup role for the Anchors, as he might experience a bit more playing time with starting QB Errol Haberkorn approaching his mid-30’s. Varela signed with the Reapers, loading up their defense after the departure of Jon Cole in last year’s free agency madness. 

Offensive line was the other big position that headed the free agency class this year, with 5 out of the top 15 free agents being O-Linemen. Anthony Walton was the biggest name out of the bunch, as he left the Roosters to sign with the Grizzlies on a 2 year deal worth $96,000. WR Paul Parks was the next best offensive player that signed with another team, as he left for the greener pastures of Norfolk for a better shot at a title. LB Jamie Thatcher bounced from the Owls to divisional rival Dragons, as he joined them for a 1 year deal to potentially finish up his long winded career. 

1 - QB Simon Dillon - TCA -> AUG 3Y, $441,000
2 - S Graciano Varela - ARC -> HOM 4Y, $310,000
3 - QB Jeffery Mayo - FA -> ADL 2Y, $270,000
4 - OL Anthony Walton - MON -> PAT 2Y, $96,000
5 - QB Neil Turner - FA -> TCA 2Y, $75,000
6 - DB George Hobbs - FA -> ADL 3Y, $165,000
7 - OL Joe Moyer - ADL -> HAD 2Y, $92,000
8 - TE Roy Foley - FA
9 - RB Dennis Martinez - FA
10 - OL Antonio Solomon - COL -> ORC 3Y, $142,500
11 - OL Eugene Elder - FA -> ELB 3Y, $90,000
12 - OL Neil Maloney - ARC -> WRA 2Y, $66,000
13 - WR Paul Parks - MON -> NOR 2Y, $115,000
14 -  LB Jamie Thatcher - ADL -> DUV 1Y, $52,500
15 - DL Seth Childers - ARC -> KIE 3Y, $153,000

Draft Preview
There seems to be one clear choice for the #1 overall pick - LB Rodney Daly. The Herbie Ward Trophy winner tore up offenses in college to help bring Montagrada University a share of their third straight national title, and Adelaide has made it clear that he’s going #1 overall. Besides that, everything else is up in the air.

The next best prospect would be S Donny Berger, whose efforts in Lousiville were overlooked by most NFL scouts and his grit and work ethic grabbed the attention of top EFL scouts, but it looks like he’ll fall at least past #2 as Augusta is looking for someone on the offensive side of the ball.

The Bulls are deciding between two of the top wideouts in this year’s draft: Argil A&M’s Jackie Shea and Manitoba’s John Czajka. Shea looks to be the prototypical wideout that all teams look for, and Czajka is better with his footwork but lacks a bit in speed. It’s a toss-up between the two as to which one they’ll select, but they both look to be great additions to any team that will take them. 

Surprisingly cracking into the top prospect rankings is K Donnie Berg. The league usually doesn’t get top end kicking talent, but Berg can be taken earlier than usual for teams who desperately want their kicker for the foreseeable future.

1 - LB Rodney Daly - Dale Beckham - DireBear
2 - S Donny Berger - Caleb Fuerst - Dan O’Mac
3 - WR Jackie Shea - Dale Beckham - DireBear
4 - WR John Czajka - Ian Doyle-Miller - idm
5 - DL Arkady Gorchev - Aengus MacTavish - Darknes
6 - QB Brad Thompson - Bernard King - Kingsfan11
7 - RB Emir Polat - Aengus MacTavish - Darknes
8 - OL Ian Freitas - Igor Correia - Zo82
9 - WR Paulo Souza - John Fine - ThisIsFine
10 - TE Isaac Vella - Aengus MacTavish - Darknes
11 - S Johnny Fry - Wally Flowers - Wallflower
12 - OL Anthony Dinozzo - Pete McCloud - Sevsdast
13 - LB Ulfric Haalfgard - Aengus MacTavish - Darknes
14 - LB Barry Moore - Ian Doyle-Miller - idm
15 - K Donnie Berg - Caleb Fuerst - Dan O’Mac
19 - Gordon St. John - Noah Day - Stickman
20 - Tod Severre - Howie Townsley - H-town1141
28 - Kazimir “Crazy” Vaclav - Hermin Vaclav - Jayhawk
30 - Santiago Capela - Jimmy Yamamoto - QCS
54 - Mason Simon - Bruno Masters - Edgeworth

1976 1st Round Order
1st - Adelaide Owls
2nd - Augusta Bulls (from Sarnia)
3rd - Hadley Gatekeepers
4th - Pattalia Grizzlies
5th - Arcanfall Wizards
6th - Sarnia Sparks (from Augusta)
7th - Montagrada Roosters
8th - Duvall Dragons
9th - Orcaster Racers
10th - Fort McLeod Generals
11th - Colnica Stars
12th - Homestead Reapers
13th - Minola Whales
14th - Ellesby Mariners
15th - Kierport Knights
16th - Wrauport Pirates
17th - Tallakope City Anchors
18th - Norfolk Lumberjacks
19th - Ashonta Miners
20th - Saint Blaise Angels

Any draft predictions? C&C Appreciated! 

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Re: Escalian Football League

Big fan of the new Racers update, really captures the spirit of the 70s.

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Re: Escalian Football League

Will this series continue at some point?


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Re: Escalian Football League

NeoPrankster wrote:

Will this series continue at some point?

Not to step on DireBear's toes, but he started a new series for the American Football League and on there stated that this one would not be continuing.

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