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11/15/2022 12:48 am  #61

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, the Invaders were too much to handle this week. Joel Embiid hung 250 points on us and we just couldn't keep up. That said, we highlight Tre Jones, who contributed 104.5 to the total this week.

The Flyers will look to bounce back against Vancouver this week. As always, playing in Charlotte means playing in white. #TakeFlight


11/21/2022 11:53 am  #62

Re: AltBA Season 2022

And then there were two. I lost myself this week, leaving just two behind.

7-1  Kingsfan
5-3  DireBear
4-4  Dan O'Mac

I'm out ya'll! Kingsfan, DireBear, good luck!


11/21/2022 12:10 pm  #63

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, not much we could've done differently this week. We scored the Emeralds highest score this week, we were the second highest scoring team in the league, and we took a loss. The old "pulling a Seattle", if you will. We look for a bounce back game, as we welcome the New Orleans Revelers to The Dick. We're wearing the Stratus jerseys this week, as shown by top scorer from last week, Trae Young! He's showing his confusion to losing despite his best efforts last week.

11/21/2022 12:41 pm  #64

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Sorry, Dan. It's not your fault you were facing the Invaders this week, and it's not your fault the Invaders just so happen to be objectively the best team in the AltBA right now, as we very nearly matched our record-setting point total from just one game prior. Our reward is a trip to Hawaii to face off against our former division rival Kahunas, who happen to be objectively the worst team in the AltBA right now. We'll be a bit undermanned, as Joel Embiid will be out until at least Friday, so we'll continue looking to our role players - like F/C Bol Bol, who certainly Boled out this week with 77 points, 42, rebounds, and 9 blocks, and leading the team in overall scoring. #OutOfThisWorld #QuerqBoys #ABQvsHNL


11/22/2022 10:44 pm  #65

Re: AltBA Season 2022

I know this its to late for the current season, but if you bring it back next year, I would happily pick up the Texas Jackalopes for a new season.


11/24/2022 8:48 am  #66

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/28/2022 9:37 am  #67

Re: AltBA Season 2022

There's not much movement at the top and bottom, but Seattle and ABQ switcheroo. Minnesota jumps; KC falls.

11/28/2022 11:02 am  #68

Re: AltBA Season 2022

And we can shut down the Knockout! Both participants had really good weeks, with only one incorrect pick between them. That's what happens when they pick 7 of the 8 games correctly. However, that one game that was different made the difference. Thanks to the Devils win over the Marshals, DireBear had a perfect week to win the Knockout!

8-0  DireBear
7-1  Kingsfan11

However, I do want to point out that Kingsfan had the high score in the league this week predicted on the nose at 1325.5, so that's nifty!

11/28/2022 11:06 am  #69

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Well, the Emeralds didn't slow up this week and had the top score in the league this week. We're looking to keep this moving as we head across the country for a road game against the Charlotte Flyers. Coach Duncan has the team ready for this one, and we're going to look good in our road Evergreen set, shown here by last week's top scorer, Trae Young!

11/28/2022 4:59 pm  #70

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Despite our two highest scorers coming into this week being unavailable, the Invaders were able to pull out a pretty convincing win, albeit against the Kahunas. Quite a lot of that was due to a roster shake-up, the biggest element of which was picking Shake up. G Shake Milton joined the team this week and immediately established himself as a breakout star, and along with Jaylen Brown, helped fill the Embiid- and George-shaped holes in the lineup. With a matchup against a Cardinals team that has started to put things together in recent weeks, we're hoping that he can continue that momentum - at least until our stars get back and take up more of his playing time. #OutOfThisWorld #QuerqBoys #INDvsABQ


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