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11/14/2022 5:37 pm  #151

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

So I'm working on my uniform reveal for this week, curious as to which of the semifinal games are in New York and Los Angeles. Also, it appears that on Fantrax my opponent is listed as Riel, but should be Minnesota A&M.

11/14/2022 10:50 pm  #152

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season


And Johns Island will be in New York, and Minnesota A&M will be in Los Angeles. 

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11/15/2022 12:55 pm  #153

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

With a big win over Yellowstone in Phoenix, we head west to Los Angeles for the Semifinals! Convenient for me, because YOUR New York Emperors will also be in Los Angeles for their game against the Sabercats. But the Wolfpack are focused on Heartland foe Minnesota A&M. With an agreement made with the Threshers to go color vs. color, you'll see the Wolfpack in the standard home jerseys with the black helmets, black jerseys, orange pants, and black socks. Featured this week is star running back Carson Steele!

11/16/2022 10:46 pm  #154

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

In the Whiskey Bowl, the Johns Island Angels:
- lost starting QB KJ Jefferson to an injury just before the game started
- lost starting RB Travis Dye to an injury midway through the second quarter
- set a new season high in points scored with 165.8???

One of these things is not like the others. But anyway, we won somehow, and we move onto the AltCAA Semifinal, where we'll play a rubber match against Nouvelle France. With the Emperors out of town, we'll be taking over the Polo Grounds for a week. We'll hope for repeat performances from our defense, who scored two touchdowns and racked up eight (8!) sacks, as well as WR Josh Downs and RB Quinshon Judkins, the latter in particular having been our highest scorer by far since he took over a starting role in week 6. #JIUceIsForever


11/17/2022 1:05 pm  #155

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season


EDIT: I can't get that hashtag to remain capitalized. Don't know why.

EDIT again: Apparently, it's only when there's nothing else in the post. I hate this.

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11/28/2022 2:34 pm  #156

Re: AltCAA - 2022 Season

So I feel SOMEONE should do it, so congrats to Nouvelle France for beating Minnesota A&M for the AltCAA Championship.

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