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11/01/2022 12:59 pm  #81

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1923-24 Pre-Season

Looking forward to seeing how this goes. And knowing how the old PHL was, excited to see all the heroes, villains, moments, and characters that'll come in. 

Also, I'm interested to see how each team develops its identity with things like championship and retired numbers banners, along with fanbases and club and fan traditions, even if it's things coming into my own head as I read. 


11/09/2022 11:54 am  #82

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1923-24 Pre-Season

1923 MHL Offseason: On the Ice

With two teams joining the fray before 1923-24, there were a lot of signings to be made, as well, with the Winnipeg Bisons leaving, all their players became available for other teams to sign.

Before all that was the re-sign phase, where teams decided whether or not they would retain their expiring players. The first major re-signing was Chicago retaining D Nick Madray. Madray led the team in goals (33) in 22-23, finishing tied for tenth overall in the MHL. The Ottawa Lumberjacks re-signed to a shockingly expensive 5 year-deal. Prince has only played a total of 9 games in the past two seasons combined, so this deal was a major surprise to the MHL. Nevertheless, they seem to be banking on his potential. The last major re-signing was Kingston signing C Victor McDonald to a 6-year, $15.6K deal. McDonald had 25 goals and 22 assists in 22-23, good for 9th overall in scoring.

When free agency opened, the Cornwall Loyalists and Nassau Lynx didn’t waste any time with their inaugural signings. Cornwall’s first signing was former Montreal Greys backup Mark Sherman. Sherman has a career record of 43-26-2 and has posted a SV% of over .900 the past two years. Nassau’s first signing was also a goalie, former Bisons netminder Ted Harvey. Harvey played all 50 games for the Bisons, going 15-35 with an 0.861 SV% and 4.41 GAA. Not great stats, but there weren’t many options for the position, and he’s a guy with MHL experience.

When free agency opened, the first signing was the Montreal Greys signing winger James Urban to a 3-year deal. Noted more for his defense than offense, Urban scored 4 goals and 14 points for Winnipeg in 22-23. The next big signing was the biggest of the offseason and sent shockwaves around the MHL. The Montreal Barons signed 21-year-old Chris Cochran to a 3-year, $15.8K deal. Cochran was an amateur player from Vancouver who absolutely lit up his league. He was expected to be signed by an MHL team, but not for that much money. Cochran isn’t expected to play a huge role for the Barons but has the potential to be a superstar. Two more high-profile amateur players were signed, W Ivan Davison to Boston, and W John Black to Brooklyn.

In the later stages of free agency were two more major signings. First, Toronto signed Stephen Ennis, who was one of the Bisons’ better offensive players. He scored 10 goals and 30 points, impressive numbers on a one-year team. Lastly, the expansion Nassau Lynx made waves by signing Winnipeg’s former captain, Bradley Gagnon. Gagnon scored 14 goals and 30 points for the Bisons and was the backbone of the team amidst a tough season on and off the ice. He looks to get a fresh and more stable chapter of his career going on Long Island.

There were two major trades in the offseason, both of which consisted of a player being dealt for cash. First, the Kingston Sentinels traded G Kermit Ward to the New York Bluebirds. While Ward put up decent numbers for Kingston, they’re set on Jack Boucher being their goalie for 23-24. Their financial situation also isn’t the best, so getting some cash for him was seen as a good deal. The other trade was Providence acquiring W Jean Mercier from Brooklyn. The Spiders were always interested in Mercier, but the Kings weren’t interested in any players the Spiders offered back, so the compromise was a cash payment. Mercier scored 9 points in 21 games in 22-23, all of them assists.
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Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1923-24 Pre-Season

1923-24 MHL Pre-season

The MHL continued to be indecisive about the length of the season and number of playoff teams. The MHL announced a 52-game season for 23-24, and that the number of playoff teams would be 6, like it was in 21-22. First place in each division would get a bye. All 3 rounds of the playoffs would be best-of-3, and the Abbott Cup Final would continue to be East vs West.

Toronto Star journalist Frederick Winton released his yearly rankings of the teams in each position, as well as the top overall players.

1. Pittsburgh
2. Kingston
3. Boston
4. Montreal Barons

1. Ottawa
2. Montreal Barons
3. Hamilton
4. New York

1. Hamilton 
2. Montreal Greys
3. Brooklyn
4. Toronto

1. Brooklyn
2. New York
3. Toronto
4. Pittsburgh

1. Brooklyn
2. New York
3. Toronto
4. Montreal Greys

Top Players:
1. Frank Clercius, G, BRK (+1)
2. Moses Addison, G, NYB (-1)
3. Andrew Moehring, D, NYB (0)
4. Robert Courbouche, C, MTL (+1)
5. Denis Jones, G, PIT (-1)
6. Joseph Ocking, C, PIT (NEW)
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11/11/2022 6:40 pm  #84

Re: Metropolitan Hockey League: 1923-24 Pre-Season

Hopefully these improvements can lead to a turn around for the Steelers this year!

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