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10/23/2022 6:15 pm  #1

Reverse Retro: College Hockey

Hey all! So the NHL's Reverse Retro program has been one of my favorite experiments in uniform design as of recent, and I've been inspired to do my take on it. Currently, it's college hockey season so I figured I'd make college Reverse Retro concepts. 

I plan on tackling this conference by conference for organizational purposes on my end. It's just easier to know what colleges I've done if I do it this way. That being said, I'm totally open to suggestions and ideas. 

With all that being said, let's move on to the first concept! 

The CCHA will be the first conference on the list, and I will start with the Minnesota State University- Mankato Mavericks

I work for MSU so I see their uniforms every weekend, and there's one uniform I would die to see on the ice again. Their Mavericks logo/wordmark uniforms from 1979-1989. They wore these in 1980 when they won the DII National Championship. The original set featured a Yellow home and Purple away jersey, so the best option here was to go white. I made the logo and the back number primarily yellow to throw it back to the yellow jersey they wore in the championship game. There are also three purple stripes just like on the original yellow jersey, but I wanted a little more color, so I put yellow stripes in between them. 

Altogether, I'm very happy with how this ended up, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and any suggestions for the next one!



10/23/2022 7:49 pm  #2

Re: Reverse Retro: College Hockey

This is a really cool idea for a series, and I think you've put together a really strong concept to start it off! It is a little bit exactly-what-the-LA-Kings-just-did (making a white jersey out of a set that only had purple and yellow options) but it works just as well for the Mavs as it does for the Kings - which is to say, really well. I do think I prefer the darker gold of the original jerseys, but if that's Mankato's current shade then it makes sense to use it.

There are a couple of technical errors I noticed - you didn't color in one section of the collar trim on the front view, and your sleeve numbers are flipped around (you currently have an 88 and a 00). That said, I really like this concept and I'm excited to see what you come up with next!


10/24/2022 11:27 am  #3

Re: Reverse Retro: College Hockey

This is the MSU jersey I want to see on the ice in 2022, but the logo / wordmark is a close second place. I think you did well on these! I see no problems besides the number spacing and mismatched colors, but that is mostly personal preference. I also think the gradient background is a tad distracting, but that has nothing to do with the actual concept.



10/24/2022 3:32 pm  #4

Re: Reverse Retro: College Hockey

Oh this is cool. Now if only we could reverse retro back to the WCHA!


10/24/2022 3:52 pm  #5

Re: Reverse Retro: College Hockey

I think the yellow is a bit bright, unless those are their modern colors I think going with a shade closer to the original gold would be good. Other than that it looks great, a very solid jersey to throw back to. I will echo Scratch in saying the background gradient is a bit distracting, perhaps just making it smaller (as in, less yellow, more purple) would be helpful.


10/24/2022 4:38 pm  #6

Re: Reverse Retro: College Hockey

That background is a default option for PowerPoint, it's it?

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