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10/12/2022 11:59 am  #191

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Last week was not a good week for the Raptors. Buffalo played a flawless game, and handed them their first loss of the season. Multiple players left their games with injuries as well (Yay!). Utah looks to get back on track this week at home against the Kansas City Scarecrows. Will KC manage to scare off the crows' prehistoric ancestors? We'll find out in Week 6.

For the uniforms, it's back to the basics. The primary yellow helmet, green jersey, and yellow pants will be worn, along with yellow socks to spice it up. This week's player spotlight is ANOTHER kicker, Nick Folk. Folk put up a whopping 18 points in the Patriots' whooping of the Lions last week.


10/12/2022 12:21 pm  #192

Re: The AltFL Season 2022


10/12/2022 1:44 pm  #193

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Today, Football Owner Stickman, flanked by Ketchup and Mustard the wiener dogs, announced that, for this week's game against the Minnesota Voyageurs (a game he stated is a potentially critical one, seeing as both teams are 2-3 and looking to try and gain ground in the playoff race), the Los Angeles Sabercats will be wearing an all black helmet, jersey, and pants combination in what he described as being "The Dark and Stormy Night" jerseys, (official fan feedback is pending, though early indications are that the name is a flop), while inviting the Voyageurs to wear their all claret jerseys to create a true color rush matchup.  

"We believe our Dark and Stormy Night attire will inspire our team to play their best in this important matchup!"  Stickman claimed.

"So what made you decide on the name -Dark and Stormy Night-?  Isn't your game being played during the day?" reporter Johnny Armando asked.

In response, the dogs suddenly sprang to action and began to act up, Ketchup biting one of Stickman's legs, Mustard humping the other one.


"Ohhhhhhhkayyyyy...." said Armando, "so, what are you going to call the jerseys now?"

"Well, ahem, if the boys DON'T MIND me deciding on the fly, how about..... the Blackout set?"   The dogs yawned in clear boredom over the name.

"Uh,,,, well let's see, we're the Sabercats... something to do with dinosaur age stuff.... uh, the Sticky Tar Pit uniform set?  Heh, it even has my name in it somewhat"  The dogs growled impatiently.

"Oh, I don't know then!  Come up with something yourselves!"  Stickman exclaimed in frustration and walked off.

"Ummmmmm, boys?" Armando asked, suffering from 2nd hand embarrassment over the stituation.

"Grrruff!  Arf!  Arooo!"

"There you have it!   The..... Grruffarfarooo jersey set...... it'll be featured this weekend against the Minnesota Voyageurs..... God, I need a drink..."


10/12/2022 11:17 pm  #194

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

A tough loss to the Grizzlies leaves the Reapers 2-3 heading into a Week 6 matchup against the Birmingham Vulcans. They'll be trying out a new combination this week, with Reaper Red helmets and socks paired with White Hot jerseys and pants. #FeelTheHeat



10/13/2022 5:07 pm  #195

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

It's not been the start the Galactics have hoped for this season, but we are hoping to bounce back at home against the Nightriders. It is kicker week, so our boy Younghoe Koo is featured this week to show off the natural home set with a purple helmet, jersey and socks, with white pants which we break out for the first time this season. #GoGalactics #ORLvsBOS2022 #startthecountdown



10/14/2022 3:41 pm  #196

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

A dominating performance by the Cyclones over the Galactics (and a helpful loss from Kentucky) puts us right in Central Division contention tied for the lead. In order to properly take the lead, first we have to welcome Portland into North Shore Stadium for a rematch of last year where the Grizzlies narrowly gave us our first loss. It's going to be another heavy-weight fight this year, and this week we're featuring recent acquisition Geno Smith, who came in lead duties in week 4 and has never looked back since. We'll be in our classic home sets this week of red jerseys and tan pants.


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10/15/2022 8:58 am  #197

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Well shoot. We lost last week. The Bandits stole our unbeaten streak. That was rude of them. Oh well, the Kentucky Stallions will head on the road to try and reclaim their win streak by defeating the Destroyers. Will they do it? Or will they get destroyed? Featured this week is technically our backup kicker Eddy Pineiro. He's done good.

Thanks to Wallflower for the graphic.

Owner of the AltHL's Alaska Auroras, AltLB's Kansas City Colts, AltFL's Kentucky Stallions,  AltCAA's University of Kansas City Cosmos (2001 Legacy Champions)

10/18/2022 9:53 am  #198

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Our numbers, as is inevitable, continue to dwindle as Darknes was eliminated this week. Here's your standings:

10-2 Magic
10-2 Dan O'Mac
9-3 JamHeronArk
9-3 Steelman
8-4 idm
8-4 DireBear
8-4 Darknes

So it came to the tiebreaker, who came closest to the 149.7 high score of the Utah Raptors. Closest with a guess of 155 was DireBear. Second closest was idm with a guess of 166.9. This left Dark the farthest from the high score with his guess of 168.

Six of you remain, so make your picks!


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10/18/2022 10:04 am  #199

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Emperors have, and continue to have, no answer for Derwin James. Two years in a row that he scored well above average on a Monday night to give the Copperheads a win over the Emperors. And we still had a good week that would've beaten most teams. Alas, it was not meant to be. But the upside? We get to go to Milwaukee! We're heading out a bit early so YOUR New York Emperors can watch YOUR Milwaukee 48ers host the Detroit Angels at Manpower Arena! SYNERGY, BABY!

Either way, it's time for the Emperors to take on the Mallards, and we've got star quarterback Jalen Hurts and star wide receiver A.J. Brown with the week off. But that's okay, we are still bringing one of the top running back tandems in the league with us with Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette. Featured this week is starting quarterback, number 10, Davis Mills!

2x Alt Champion :: AltLB Champion Oklahoma City Bison - 2022 :: AltFL Champion New York Emperors - 2022


10/19/2022 8:49 pm  #200

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Well, this Kentucky-San Diego match-up was undoubtedly better than last year's, but unfortunately, the Destroyers suffered a loss at the hands of the Stallions. While the Stallions leave with the W, we stay here in San Diego to welcome the Birmingham Vulcans into town. The Destroyers will be wearing Navy from head to toe against the Vulcans, and our featured player of the week is tight end Hunter Henry, who had a great game last week. #SDvsBIR #SeekAndDestroy

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