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9/27/2022 3:50 pm  #161

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Who's that on the top? Why, that's the Utah Raptors! Hello, Utah!
And who's that at the bottom? Oh, you scoundrelly Beavers!


9/27/2022 4:53 pm  #162

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Just waiting on fantrax to point correct the power rankings. I’m not sure why we aren’t 15.


9/27/2022 5:01 pm  #163

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

We're heading out west! The Emperors are 3-0 and have to head out to Seattle for the BOSA DEEZ NUTZ BOWL!! Wait... Joey's hurt? Probably not playing? Well, look at him ruining everything. We're going to be doing something we've never done before, and we're wearing the white pants. We're pairing that with our gray helmets and white jerseys too. Catch them out there this week, it's likely the only time we're doing this. And, of course, Nick Bosa is the featured player for the BOSA DEEZ NUTZ BOWL!

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9/27/2022 11:03 pm  #164

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

A come-from-behind victory was the only bright spot on an otherwise disappointing week for the Cyclones. We can only stay upset for so long, as we travel to Dallas to face the Bandits and their oil money. This week starts a rough stretch of the schedule for the Cyclones, but RB Austin Ekeler is looking to take charge and put the Cyclones back on top of the Central. We will go on the road in our usual road set of white helmets, white jerseys, and red pants.


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9/28/2022 12:06 am  #165

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Reapers hit the road for the first time this season against the 3-0 Utah Raptors. If they want to steal a win to stay above .500 it'll take everything the team has. Carolina will don their default road uniform, a Reaper Red helmet, White Hot jersey, Reaper Red pants, and White Hot socks. #FeelTheHeat



9/28/2022 9:18 am  #166

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Football Owner Stickman, flanked as usual by his prized wiener dogs, Ketchup and Mustard, announces today that, for the first time, the Los Angeles Sabercats will be dictating what they will be wearing next week when they face the Toronto Beavers.

"We may not have any fancy graphics, but I'm happy to announce that the Sabercats will be wearing their black helmet, black jerseys, and gold pants in this matchup with the Beavers.   We figure that instead of letting the other teams tell us what to wear, maybe by choosing for ourselves-being the home team and all this week- maybe we can turn our misfortunes around!"

Critics point out that while it's nice Los Angeles is actually picking their own clothes for themselves, the Sabercats will turn their misfortunes around more quickly with better player management- they've left 122.25 points on the bench due to playing the wrong athletes through just 3 weeks.

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9/28/2022 9:41 am  #167

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Raptors are back at home, ready for a Week 4 matchup against the Carolina Reapers. Can they continue their torrid start, or will the Reapers be too hot for them? We'll find out over the course of this week.

Utah will be wearing their full alt set for the first time this season, featuring the green helmet and yellow jersey. Green pants and socks complete the look. This week's player spotlight is Jevon Holland, who had an amazing game in week 3, including a forced fumble on Josh Allen. He's looking to keep going in the secondary.



9/28/2022 3:00 pm  #168

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Unsurprisingly, the Destroyers went to New York and lost and now find themselves 0-3, but now is not time for despair, so the Destroyers head back home to welcome the defending East Division champion Boston Nightriders to KF11 Field at Oceanside Stadium. Our featured player this week is none other than our 1st round rookie draft pick, Chris Olave, who got himself just under 150 receiving yards this past week and should be a significant force in San Diego's offence from now on. San Diego will wear the uniform combination of navy helmet, navy jersey and grey pants against Boston this week. #SDvsBOS #SeekAndDestroy


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9/28/2022 6:25 pm  #169

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Man, I was really looking forward to the BOSA DEEZ NUTS BOWL, but then Joey Bosa had to get put on the IR with a BOSA DEEZ NUTS injury (at least, that's what I assume his groin injury is). Without Joey, we can't really have a BOSA DEEZ NUTS BOWL, but we can do the next best thing, and have a BOSA DEEZ NUTS BOLTON instead. Sophomore LB Nick Bolton has been our star on the defensive end so far this season, and he'll look to lead us back into the win column as most of our non-linebackers underperformed last week. Bonus: we get to host a game for the first time this season! Maybe that'll help us out. #NervesOfSteel #NYvsSEA

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9/28/2022 8:43 pm  #170

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

AltFL Team of the Week. Congrats to both Utah and Birmingham for having the first repeat players this year in Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews. Congrats to San Diego for getting on the two player train with the Vulcans and Raptors.


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