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9/20/2022 9:37 pm  #151

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Nightriders hope to avoid an early season slump after woefully underperforming last week against the Bolts. We welcome the Los Angeles Sabercats to Old North as we hope to get our season back on track. T.J Edwards leads the team out this week in our more typical Road look with Blue Helmets, White Jerseys and Yellow Pants.


9/20/2022 10:13 pm  #152

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Welp, Arizona was a more challenging match-up than I expected, and the Destroyers find themselves 0-2. Our next game will be an even bigger challenge as we travel across the country to the Polo Grounds to face off against the 2-0 Emperors. The Destroyers will bring their alternate away set (Navy-White-White) to New York. This week's featured player is running back Tony Pollard, who finished as RB3 in the AltFL last week and should contribute a lot for the Destroyers this season.  #SDvsNY #SeekAndDestroy

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9/20/2022 11:35 pm  #153

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

A rough loss to the Emperors puts the Reapers at 1-1 as we begin our out-of-division schedule against the Arizona Scorpions. To put some fire in our bellies we'll be rocking the all-Reaper Red look for the first time this season. #FeelTheHeat


9/21/2022 9:44 am  #154

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

After another close divisional win at home, the Raptors head on the road for the first time this season to face the Philadelphia Brawlers. To mark the occasion, they're bringing out their alt helmets for the first time, to be paired with their away jersey, green pants, and green socks.

This week's player spotlight in Mykal Walker, a rising star LB who led all Raptors defensive players in points last week. His stat line included an INT crucial to edging out the high-octane Grizzlies.


9/21/2022 6:50 pm  #155

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Another big win in the books for the Steelheads, as we complete the SoCal sweep with wins over San Diego and Los Angeles to begin the year. Now, we're heading to a completely different part of the country, as we head to Buffalo to take on the Bolts. We've managed to keep our hands on the top of both the standings and the power rankings through two weeks, but this week looks to be our toughest yet. If WR Tyreek Hill can keep having the type of performance that he had last week, though, I think we'll be alright. #NervesOfSteel #SEAvsBUF


9/21/2022 7:16 pm  #156

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

The Cyclones put a 1 in the W column to get back up to .500, and they'll stay at home as the Phantoms come to town to begin a stretch against the South Division. Leading the team out this week in their classic home set of white on red on tan is second-year phenom LB Micah Parsons, who is looking to improve on his stellar rookie year last year.

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9/21/2022 9:07 pm  #157

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

E-L-I-T-E. Elite Joe Flacco, carried the Galactics to a big win over the Phantoms last week to bring us back to .500. Elite Joe will get the start again this week as the Galactics will head north to the state of Minnesota to take on the Voyageurs. We bring back the purple lids with our white jerseys this week, paired with the orange pants and purple socks. Let's keep rolling this week Galactics. #GoGalactics #startthecountdown #ORLvsMIN2022


9/22/2022 1:37 pm  #158

Re: The AltFL Season 2022


9/25/2022 10:22 am  #159

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

A dinged up Brawlers team takes on the high flying Raptors. The Brawlers sport a new uniform combo for the first time ever. #DingDing

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9/26/2022 11:36 pm  #160

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Three down, nine to go. No tiebreakers again, I still like that! This week's results:
9-3 Dan O'Mac
8-4 Darknes
8-4 NoE38
8-4 idm
8-4 Steelman
7-5 DireBear
7-5 JamHeronArk
7-5 Kingsfan11
7-5 Magic
6-6 QCS 

So with that, QCS goes home. I appreciate you playing, see you for Hockey! Nine remain, here's your matchups:


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