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8/14/2022 11:17 pm  #31

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

The Boston Nightriders are willing to take on a big contract if you need to make a move to make it under budget, I'd be looking for a Draft Pick in exchange if you'd like to make a move. Send me a PM on here or Discord if you want to talk trade.


8/15/2022 10:42 pm  #32

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

The Arizona Scorpions and the New York Emperors have agreed to a trade.

Arizona receives: WR Courtland Sutton & TE Foster Moreau

New York receives: LB Matt Milano & TE Hunter Long

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8/18/2022 1:40 pm  #33

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

Stickman wrote:

While Gritty's doing that, I need to announce that there had been a trade made that didn't get to be voted on (didn't realize we had changed a trade policy).   So, in fairness, I'm announcing it now and I guess until Gritty works on the league in Fantrax, if anyone has any issues with the trade, for now maybe reply and we'll see what Gritty says when he's done updating.

Los Angeles Sabercats would receive QB Deshaun Watson and Boston Nightriders 2023 2nd Round Rookie Draft Pick.   There is also a stipulated potential to receive LB Quincy Williams if Watson is suspended at least 8 games or more next season.

Boston Nightriders would receive WR Amari Cooper and Los Angeles Sabercats #19 pick in the 2022 1st Round Rookie Draft. 

Again, it sounds like for now, if there's any issues, post a reply until we hear from Gritty, but otherwise if there isn't any, I would assume the trade would be allowed at that point.

Soooo, looks like Deshaun Watson is suspended for 11 games now instead of 6.   I'm guessing LB Quincy Williams is going to be a Sabercat then?   (Tbh, I hadn't considered the NFL appealing the first suspension, so I'm assuming that part of the trade is still valid)


8/22/2022 9:56 pm  #34

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

August 18, 2022

HC Dabo Sweeny has told Jayhawk that he is leaving to get Bagged Milk from Safeway in Ontario, Canada.

Jayhawk gives him a firm handshake and says "See ya soon!"

August 20, 2022
Sweeny returns from his quest with Bagged Skim Milk from Safeway in Ontario, Canada.

Jayhawk tells him this was the wrong milk and to go back.

August 22, 2022
Sweeny returns to the Safeway in Ontario. He sees the last Bagged Milk. He sprints for it. All his dreams became realities!

Sweeny reaches out his hand and firmly grasps the Bagged Milk. But he feels another hand?

"Oh no its a Yeti!" Sweeny yells.

August 22, 2022
Jayhawk hires Ryan Fitzmagic as the new head coach of the Arizona Scorpions


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9/16/2022 10:20 pm  #35

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

Posting to announce a potential trade between the Los Angeles Sabercats and the Arizona Scorpions.   The Sabercats would receive RB Khalil Herbert and the Scorpions would receive QB Jacoby Brissett.


9/29/2022 10:00 am  #36

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

Stickman, in his never-ending wish to obtain future rookie draft picks, is announcing that he would LOVE to discuss possible deals with teams that are willing to part with a 2023 first round rookie draft pick.   While there will be some players that are off limits, I'm willing to hear out any possible ideas people may have, (depending on the team, I would be willing to consider trading more than one of my players for a 1st Rounder). 



10/15/2022 12:23 pm  #37

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

Updating post to confirm that I am in need of a QB, at least for now.   Any trade offers are appreciated! (EDIT: This is no longer needed)

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10/21/2022 3:50 pm  #38

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

Hello, I always say in my jersey reveals YOUR New York Emperors, now it's time for you to take an Emperor home with you!

We currently have available for trade two players at hard to fill positions. You can fill yours assuming we both consent!

Currently available is Quarterback Davis Mills. Davis is starting for Houston in the NFL, and guess what? He's their only option if he's healthy. And he is! You can nab a guy who is a starter for your team. He's a competent backup for the AltFL, and a solid fill-in if you need to cover a bye or have an injury.

I've also received an offer for Running Back A.J. Dillon, so I figured I would see who else may want him before I move him. A.J. is a quality running back from the Green Bay Packers, regularly projected at 9+ points a week. And I know that's an upgrade for some of you. And he's still on a second round rookie contract from 2020, so he's a bargain going forward as well.

There's not a ton of holes on the Emperors roster, so I'm primarily looking for rookie picks or young players on inexpensive contracts who can and will benefit the team in the future. All offers accepted however!

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11/09/2022 8:47 am  #39

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

Calling upon all AltFL owners, if anyone has a WR (that's not on a bye this week) that they can trade, the Sabercats are certainly interested in dealing. I don't have much in draft capital (I believe just 2 2nd Rounders), but I do have some players (including 3 QBs that are QB1s-2 of which are available for trade) that could entice a border-line playoff team.

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11/10/2022 3:16 am  #40

Re: AltFL Discussion 2022

I'd like to put out a feeler for anyone willing to trade some offensive talent in exchange for defensive talent. Not looking to trade picks but if that's what's needed then I'm willing to negotiate.


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