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7/30/2022 7:08 pm  #2121

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF


7/30/2022 8:11 pm  #2122

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Alright, let's go Halifax! Glad they finally got their win. Providence next!


7/30/2022 8:41 pm  #2123

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF


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7/30/2022 9:29 pm  #2124

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I knew Albert Wickerweaver's tactical mind would eventually lead to success.


7/31/2022 5:28 pm  #2125

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

A nail biter to the end but we pulled it off! HALE YEAH!


8/01/2022 4:15 pm  #2126

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Award Winners

Most Valuable Player - RB Max Tracy TOR
Tracy would easily win the league’s MVP award earning 75% of the vote. His dominance on the ground this season, carried the Steelheads to their second division title this season. Unfortunately, Tracy was unable to use his legs come playoffs, due to a late-season injury, but this season was one of the best. Tracy joins Jimmy Golden and Élisée Marchal as running backs who have won MVP awards.

Playoff MVP - DL Wayne Baxton HFX
The playoff MVP award was a difficult one to pick, as there were many players that performed well throughout the postseason, from DB Joe Robinson to QB Lyle Painter, or even DB Cameron Taylor or WR Shane Steadman, but in the end, Wayne Baxton continued to make a huge impact on the line. Causing a few turnovers and leading the playoffs in sacks. His play on the field often seemed to fuel the Mariners’ defence to continue to play at the elite level they had in all 3 of their games.

Offensive Player of the Year - QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS
Nathaniel Braddock takes home his second OPOY this season, winning with an 83% majority (with the votes for Tracy going to him). Braddock continues to show that he is one of the best in the game despite Boston’s shortcomings. His 25 passing touchdowns was a career-high this season. Braddock has still somewhat left a lot to be desired in his career despite his generational label coming out of the draft in 1958, but his second OPOY will certainly help his legacy.

Defensive Player of the Year - DL Bernhard Hartmann OTT
Hartmann takes home the DPOY for the first time in his young career and joins DB Neville Falkner as the only players to win the DPOY award in their second season in the league. The vote, however, was very close as Hartmann only had a 33% of the vote, only winning by a single vote. Hartmann has already become a staple in the Royals' defence and is likely to become the centrepiece for the future.

Special Teams Player of the Year - K Henderson Schumacher LI
For the second year in a row, Schumacher is the STPOY. Schumacher scored 111 points, leading the league in kicking points this season. This is the second time Schumacher has won the award in back-to-back seasons, doing the same back in 1958-1959. Schumacher joins Nimrod Handsworth and Thomas McFadden as the only 3 to have at least 4 STPOY awards. 

Rookie of the Year - DL Arthur Bradshaw PIT
Bradshaw took home the Rookie of the Year award beating out DB Lamar Brown with 58% of the vote. Bradshaw proved he was the best prospect coming out of the draft after the Steelheads passed on him at the #1 pick. Bradshaw already looks to be a deadly force of the D-line and should continue to be a defensive superstar for the future of the Blacksmiths. 

Coach of the Year - HC Jean Matieau OTT
Matieau’s legacy continues to grow as he takes home a Coach of the Year. Matieau took home 83% of the vote after leading the Royals to their best record since 1959. The former 3x MVP has clearly taken the team to the next level, most notably helping build the league’s best defence this season, something many would not have pinned the former QB to do. Matieau has impressed in his first season at the helm and brings a promising future to the Royals organization.

Breakout Player of the Year - QB Louis Vaughn PIT
Vaughn becomes the 8th QB to take home the Breakout Player of the Year Award. He cleaned up in the voting taking home 92% of the vote. Vaughn helped the Blacksmiths to a strong 6-6 season, while his second half of the season was not as sharp as the first half, Vaughn showed his abilities to bring a bright future to the city of Pittsburgh.

1968 All-Stars

QB Charles Lemieux BUF (3)
RB Max Tracy TOR (2) 
OL Erik Nelson PIT (2)
OL Taylor Forbes LOU (5)
OL Viktor Stahl IND (4)
OL Jean-Baptiste Desjardins IND (5)
OL Emil Jennings LDN (4)
WR Ed Edwards IND (7)
WR Taylor Austin PIT (1)
WR Casey Coleman LOU (1)
TE Tranquille Rousseau LDN (2)

DL William Sanderson BUF (12)
DL Bjorn Sigmarsson LOU (6)
DL Richard Blunt LDN/TOR (3)
DL Arthur Bradshaw PIT (1)
LB Dallas Dillard LDN (6)
LB Orion Carter (2)
LB Marshall Langenbrunner IND (3)
DB Ezra Power BUF (3)
DB Cameron Taylor IND (3)
DB Bernard Wilkins LDN (1)
S Charles Clerk TOR (1)

K Ross Poindexter IND (2)

QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS (3)
RB Dareion Fields LI (8)
OL Reynold Gilbertson BOS (2)
OL Gary Bies LI (1)
OL Joseph Samberg PRO (2)
OL Mathieu Roy MTL (1)
OL Millard Streety HFX (1)
WR Zachariah Pembroke BOS ()
WR Taylor Karis MTL (5)
WR Shane Steadman HFX ()
TE Tobias Lindholm BOS (2)

DL Bernhard Hartmann OTT (1)
DL Wayne Baxton HFX (6)
DL Pat Butler HFX (3)
DL Lucas Kipling MTL (3)
LB William Washington II LI (4)
LB Byron Turner BOS (1)
LB Victor Falkensteig PRO (2)
DB Neville Falkner PRO (8)
DB Rutherford Winters LI (2)
DB Sergio Alvarez OTT (2)
S Marc Bellecourt OTT (1)

K Henderson Schumacher (6)

1968 League Leaders

Passing Touchdowns
1 - QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS - 25
2 - QB Louis Vaughn PIT - 22
T3 - QB Charles Lemieux BUF - 21
T3 - QB Lyle Painter HFX - 21
5 - QB Buck Murphy LOU - 20

Rushing Touchdowns
1 - RB Max Tracy TOR - 22
2 - RB Jimmy Golden BUF - 18
3 - RB Dareion Fields LI - 16
4 - RB Raymond Green IND - 12
5 - RB Corbyn Knight OTT - 11

Receiving Touchdowns
1 - WR Zachariah Pembroke BOS - 13
2 - WR Ed Edwards IND - 12
3 - WR Taylor Austin PIT - 11
T4 - WR Shane Steadman HFX - 8
T4 - WR Cole Fletcher LDN - 8
T4 - WR Casey Coleman LOU - 8

1 - DB Neville Falkner PRO - 8
2 - DB Ezra Power BUF - 7
3 - DB Rutherford Winters LI - 6
4 - DB Sergio Alvarez OTT - 6
T5 - DB Oliver Langstrom BOS - 5
T5 - DB Joe Robinson HFX - 5
T5 - DB Bernard Wilkins LDN - 5
T5 - S Garet deVale MTL - 5

Forced Fumbles
1 - DL Wayne Baxton HFX - 6
T2 - LB Byron Turner BOS - 4
T2 - LB Marshall Langenbrunner IND - 4
T2 - LB Dallas Dillard LDN - 4
T2 - LB William Washington II LI - 4
T2 - DL Craig White PRO - 4
T2 - DL Richard Blunt TOR/LDN - 4

Field Goals
1 - K Henderson Schumacher LI - 27
2 - K Albert Wickerweaver HFX - 26
T3 - K Ross Poindexter IND - 23
T3 - K Ira Foster OTT - 23
5 - K Al Highlander PIT -22 

Kicking Points
1 - K Henderson Schumacher LI - 111
2 - K Albert Wickerweaver HFX - 107
3 - K Ira Foster OTT - 102
T4 - K Ryan Perch BUF - 99
T4 - K Al Highlander PIT - 99

Starting with this season, the NAAF has decided to change its selection process for cities. They have split the potential host cities into regions which will be rotated through year-to-year to help bring a generally local championship game to each region every 3rd year. The regions will be the Midwest (Buffalo, Indianapolis, Louisville, Pittsburgh), Canada (Halifax, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto), and New England (Boston, Hempstead, Providence). Cities like Halifax and London are not expected to be picked much if at all, due to the smaller markets and stadiums as the league wants to continue to play their championship games at larger venues. Pittsburgh is also another that may not see a game played due to potential conflicts with the Pittsburgh Hammers (it is easy to assume the ACFL may try to schedule a game the day of or before the McCallister Cup). The rotation will begin this season with the Midwest, however, the decision does follow the pattern with the Canada region hosting in 1967 (Ottawa) and the New England region in 1968 (Boston).

51st McCallister Cup Host - Victory Stadium - Indianapolis, IN - Capacity: 48,500
Victory Stadium had been long talked about getting a second crack at the McCallister Cup game, and just over a decade later, the city will host the championship game. Victory Stadium’s circular and large makeup makes it a strong visual representation of the big stage. Victors’ owner, Sammy Kirkdale was very excited about bringing the game back to Indiana, especially considering his team had just made their first appearance in the final.

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8/04/2022 5:03 pm  #2127

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

During the summer of 1968, many parts of the central United States suffered an extreme summer drought. The heat and lack of rain hit the agriculture industry hard and left many businesses and farmers in tough spots. The most notable of the businesses affected was Powell Mills which was the primary financial backing to the Kansas City NAAF ownership group. Powell Mills had been the primary source of funding along with the city to help build the new stadium for the NAAF team, however, due to the drought, Powell Mills and the city had to pull funding, in mid-August. While there was an expected delay on the stadium’s completion, no one was expecting it to have completely stopped altogether since funding was pulled. The lead owner, Jacob Cross, had already spent a lot of his own wealth to help move the construction along during July and early August and was himself at a point of spending too much and the NAAF had already poured a lot of funds into Minneapolis’ new stadium. 

At this point, the stadium is only about 50% finished and will not be ready for a new team to play in next season even if funding is picked up again relatively soon. The NAAF is set to have its annual league meetings in the coming weeks and Kansas City will surely be the focus.

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8/04/2022 5:19 pm  #2128

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Should've picked Omaha...

Joking aside, Hopefully another investor will join Cross in help finishing the stadium 

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8/04/2022 5:44 pm  #2129

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Damn, that sucks. I would say KC could play at a temporary venue but are there any in this universe? Or any other possible owners that would step in to buy the team?


8/04/2022 6:22 pm  #2130

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Rugrat wrote:

Damn, that sucks. I would say KC could play at a temporary venue but are there any in this universe? Or any other possible owners that would step in to buy the team?

Stay tuned for the league meetings!

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