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7/25/2022 6:16 pm  #2111

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Nice, both Halifax and Indy advanced! Very epic to see, I hope they both win their next games.


7/25/2022 6:32 pm  #2112

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Kingsfan11 wrote:

Damn, Buffalo lost. Oh well, I knew the streak of consecutive playoff wins had to end someday. On the other hand, Buffalo continues their streak of either losing their first playoff game or winning it all (I think, I could be wrong).

Yes, you are correct. Buffalo doesn't like to stick around if they ain't winning it.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Since we decided to show up against LI, we BETTER show up against OTT. Ain’t nothing I hate more than losing to those purple headed…. Never mind, I don’t wanna get in trouble 🤣

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7/27/2022 7:45 pm  #2114

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Division Finals

East Division Final - Ottawa Royals VS. Halifax Mariners - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - September 28, 1968 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Mostly Cloudy - 13ÂşC | 56ÂşF
1st Q
The Royals’ return to the postseason started off pretty quiet as both their defence and Halifax’s were playing well to start. It would be Ottawa who was able to get into Mariners’ territory first, on a great play from WR Piers Key, who spun off a tackle to pick up 34 yards. K Ira Foster would trot onto the field to give Ottawa their first points of the game. Halifax’s offence followed suit not long after with a strong push into Royals’ territory to get their own field goal. The remainder of the opening quarter would be scoreless.

2nd Q
The defensive battle remained intact in the 2nd quarter. The Mariners would be the first team to start to make a push into the opposing territory. However, as they got closer to the endzone, QB Lyle Painter would take a risky shot down the field to WR Jav Kerrigan and it would come up intercepted in the arms of S Marc Bellecourt. Ottawa’s offence would take the field and look to get out of their own end, however, on their second play of offence DL Wayne Baxton would break around the O-line on a blitz and nail QB Tyrion Gainsborough with a brutal hit. The ball practically flew off of the flailing arm of Gainsborough and the Mariners’ blitz would swarm the ball and would come up with possession. The Mariners’ offence retook the field and would make quick work to score the first major of the day on a pass to WR Shane Steadman. The touchdown would be the lone score of the quarter.
OTT 3-10 HFX

3rd Q
The second half would see the Royals appear to make some adjustments. The offence was being quick and decisive with their plays. It would work well as the team continuously picked up enough yards to keep the drive alive. Unfortunately, their luck would run out when QB Tyrion Gainsborough threw a horrid pass into the ground on 2nd down. K Ira Foster would get his second field goal of the game to pull Ottawa back to within 4. The Mariners hoped to continue moving the ball themselves, but they would run into a sturdy Royals defence who would get a fumble of their own when RB Ronald O’Sullivan was hit by LB Sam Wheeler. The Royals would have good field position, but once again they were unable to get to the endzone and would settle for a field goal. The lead was cut down to 1, but the Mariners did not let that bother them. The offence would put together a strong drive to get their own field goal and regain the 4-point separation heading into the final quarter.
OTT 9-13 HFX

4th Q
Defence remained at the forefront of the game into the final quarter, but the Royals were making progress towards finally getting into the endzone. After RB Corbyn Knight broke off a strong run for 15 yards, the royals would go back to the air, but a Mariner would come down with the Tyrion Gainsborough pass. DB Aquilio Ruiz was in the right place at the right time as Gainsborough’s pass was off the mark. Ruiz’s pick would set the Mariners up at their own 38. They would not score on the ensuing drive, but after they forced the Royals to a 2 and out, they would get the ball back and march down to the 7-yard line. From there, the Mariners would elect to pass, but as QB Lyle Painter turned to throw out to the flat, DL Bernhard Hartmann got his arms out. Painter reacted enough to pull the ball back and shift to the side. Hartmann would get off balance and topple over along with OL Kane Warwick. Painter now had some space and would toss the ball to the check down of RB Ronald O’Sullivan. TE Dylan Chowder would make a great block and O’Sullivan would dive for the endzone and get the ball over the line. The Royals were in a tough spot now needing a pair of scores. They would respond with a strong drive headlined by a 32-yard play from WR Marshall Leonard, but they would not get close enough to the endzone, so K Ira Foster would get the first points in the comeback attempt.  The Royals' defence would stall out the Mariners and get the ball back. Once again the Royals' offence made some strong plays early to get over midfield, but the Mariners would stand them up right there to force a 3rd down. Gainsborough would be trusted to make the throw to keep the drive alive. The Mariners would bring some pressure but focused on pass coverage. Gainsborough had to roll out, but he would eventually find WR Marshall Leonard for a huge first down at the sideline. The Royals lined up for the next play with the crowd praising the excellent play. On first down, Gainsborough would drop back to pass again. He looked for a quick pass and saw Marshall Leonard making his quick slant route. Pressure from DL Wayne Baxton would force Gainsborough to make a rushed pass and it would be slightly behind Leonard. DB Joe Robinson would be right there to make the interception. Robinson would take it back into Royals territory but would be stopped by WR Colby Bancana. From there, the Mariners were able to run down the clock and book their first ticket to the McCallister cup since 1956. 
OTT - 21 WR Marshall Leonard
HFX - 62 DB Joe Robinson

West Division Final - Toronto Steelheads VS. Indiana Victors - Anderson Stadium - September 29, 1968 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - 10ÂşC | 51ÂşF
1st Q
The Steelheads and Victors entered the West Division Final with a ticket to their first McCallister Cup respectively on the line. The Victors were coming into the game on the high of ending the Blue Wings’ run at a 3rd cup and they kept up their strong play by shutting down the Steelheads' offence in the opening quarter. On offence, they were having the same level of success. RB Raymond Green would score the first points of a game on a 12-yard run to put Indy up 0-7 early. The Steelheads would continue to struggle without their star, RB Max Tracy, who was hurt in the final game of the season. RB Lukas Ivarsson had a few good runs, but the absence of their star showed. Indiana’s offence on the other hand continued to look strong as QB Tom Applewhite would lead the team to another score, finding WR Silas Peyton in the endzone for the 0-14 lead.
TOR 0-14 IND

2nd Q
Toronto had to make the adjustment to the air more in the second, which would come back to bite them when DB Cameron Taylor got in front of a QB Todd Baker pass to take the ball for the Victors. Shortly after, the Victors would make it 0-21 when WR Ed Edwards would get separation in the endzone from DB Luke Warren. Toronto managed to gather themselves following the long Victors' drive and started to make genuine progress towards some points. However, the Victors were certainly not letting them get much, making it a very tedious drive. The Steelheads keep going though, even gambling and getting a first down on 3rd and 8 just past midfield. The long drive would eventually run out of time and the Steelheads would just take the field goal just before the break. 
TOR 3-21 IND

3rd Q
The 3rd quarter would be intense, yet uneventful. The Steelheads' offence was still being slowed to a halt by the Victors’ defence, which certainly soured fans, but they were starting to get into it with their defence which was finally managing to put an end to the Victors’ success. They would get a huge break when LB Judge Barrett hammered RB Raymond Green to force a fumble. Unfortunately, Todd Baker was sacked on first down to take them out of Indiana territory and were unable to get anything on second down. Thus, they had to punt the ball away, leaving the 3rd quarter a scoreless one.
TOR 3-21 IND

4th Q
The defence was clicking for the Steelheads, but they were going to need their offence to help them get out of the hole they were in. Luckily, the offence would click, finally breaking through the Victors’ defences early in the quarter. QB Todd Baker would lead a great drive down the field before taking a shot at the endzone for WR Al Allmendinger, who would come down with the catch and pull the Victors to within 11. The score got the crowd at Anderson Stadium back into the game, as they began to believe they had a chance. However, QB Tom Applewhite planned to shut them up. He would start to move the ball which made the excitement in the stands turn to nerves. Then, he would shatter their hearts by taking a shot over the top to WR Ed Edwards who cleanly got past his defender and was in the clear. Edwards would make the catch and would have enough gas to get to the endzone before S Charles Clerk could catch him. The stadium fell silent again. The Steelheads’ offence tried to get back the score, but it was no use, Indiana was playing aggressive and confident and was not making many mistakes. The game would come to a close with Toronto losing their 4th consecutive playoff game, while the Indiana Victors finally have booked a ticket to the McCallister Cup.
TOR - 53 LB Judge Barrett
IND - 89 WR Ed Edwards

Injury Report
LB Mike Francis IND - 1 Week

Players of the Week

EDF: DL Wayne Baxton HFX - 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Sacks, 6 Tackles

WDF: QB Tom Applewhite IND - 3 Passing Touchdowns, 324 Passing Yards

50th McCallister Cup Preview
Halifax Mariners VS. Indiana Victors - Richardson Stadium - Boston, MA
Head-to-Head: W10 IND 20-16 HFX

The 50th McCallister Cup will be the 3rd matchup to feature two non-division-winning teams (the previous two being 1962 and 1960). QB Lyle Painter, starting for the Mariners, will join QB Riley Kiernan as the only QBs to start a McCallister Cup with 2 different teams. The Victors are the last of the first 10 teams in the NAAF to make the McCallister Cup. As for the actual matchup, this game could be a very good one. The Mariners have gotten here with their defensive play only allowing 25 total points in 2 games. While their offence remains potent enough scoring 41 points. As for Indiana, they have been really strong offensively with 7 touchdowns in their 2 games. Their defence has also played well keeping Toronto to just 10 points in the West Final. The Mariners have fared well with their defence, however, they are going up against the best offence they have faced in this postseason so it will be a true test. As for Indiana, this game can’t be too much different than the game against the Blue Wings, as Halifax is about as talented as them. I am expecting a close battle that can go either way, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Victors will finally live up to their name.
My Pick: Victors 

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7/27/2022 8:14 pm  #2115

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Halifax and Indiana won? It's a great day to be me!


7/27/2022 10:17 pm  #2116

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF



7/28/2022 3:38 pm  #2117

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Hot socks! Two years in a row we’ve ended Ottawa’s season, and this year it stings that much more for them! Let’s bring this home Halifax!


7/29/2022 12:21 am  #2118

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Playoffs plays different


7/30/2022 6:00 pm  #2119

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

50th McCallister Cup

Roster Moves
IND: S Clarence Sale - Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
IND: S Chase Penrod - Active Roster -> Reserve List

Halifax Mariners VS. Indiana Victors - Richardson Stadium - Boston, MA - October 6, 1968 - 6 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - 12ÂşC | 54ÂşF

In the week leading up to the big game, an interesting story out of Halifax . Tickets for the 50th McCallister Cup were available at the box offices at Atlantic Stadium and many came paired with a ticket for a ferry to Boston. Boston owner, Benjamin Harris, was the one behind the task, helping his friend and owner of the Mariners, Elliot Hudson, to get his fans into the city of Boston. It certainly made the crowd in Boston quite loud in favour of the Mariners. Indiana fans did make the trip as well, but it was far less than the Mariners. There was even the audible sound of the classic “JAV! JAV! JAV!” chant as WR Jav Kerrigan’s name was called during team introductions.

1st Q
The Indiana Victors elected to kick the ball to the Mariners to start the game in hopes of creating some momentum with their defence and quiet the Mariners’ faithful. The strategy would appear to work with the Mariners’ only picking up 1 yard on their first drive. The Victors would get the ball and Tom Applewhite would take the field. Indiana’s first drive would end with WR Ed Edwards making a stellar catch over his head in the back of the endzone. The Mariners’ offence retook the field and once again were stuffed by the Victors’ defence. While Indiana failed to score on their second drive, they would have another strong drive following yet another defensive stop. Applewhite led the Victors down to the Mariners’ end before hitting WR Ed Edwards on an out route. Edwards turned up field and planted his foot for a cut, however, LB Bear Donnelly’s helmet would ram right into his leg. Edwards’ ankle got twisted during the tackle and he struggled to get off the field following the play. Edwards would be taken out of the game and would not return, a huge blow to the Victors. Luckily, Indiana’s drive didn’t stop there as Applewhite would soon find former Boston WR, Evan Clanton, to take the lead much to the dismay of some Boston fans in attendance. Indy’s strong first quarter would leave them in control heading into the 2nd.
HFX 0-14 IND

2nd Q
The Mariners’ fans were quiet following the rough opening quarter, but they would have a reason to cheer early in the 2nd quarter. QB Tom Applewhite’s strong start would see its first bump in the road, as he would be picked off by DB Joe Robinson. The Mariners’ offence would take advantage of a shorter field and get to the endzone. RB Ronald O’Sullivan would catch the eventual TD pass out of the backfield and make a great spin move around LB Lucas Gladwell. Following Halifax’s score, the game would tighten up with both defences taking control of the game. Indiana would manage a field goal near the end of the quarter, but Halifax would sneak in a field goal as well just before the break.
HFX 10-17 IND

3rd Q
Indy was starting with the football in the second half, and they would be able to get into field goal range to regain their 10-point lead on their first drive. They would continue to hold the lead with their defence continuing to play well, however, more bad news would come their way. After RB Ronald O’Sullivan made a catch out of the backfield for the Mariners, DB Cameron Taylor would fly in to make the tackle. Taylor was just about to grab O’Sullivan when TE Dylan Chowder, going helmet first, ploughed into Taylor’s torso. Taylor would struggle to get up and would eventually be taken out of the game with what is likely some broken ribs. Without Taylor, the Victors struggled to contain QB Lyle Painter. Painter was starting to get comfortable and moved the Mariners’ offence down the field with confidence. Eventually, Painter would connect with WR Shane Steadman for the touchdown to pull Halifax to within 3 points heading into the final quarter.
HFX 17-20 IND

4th Q
The Mariners’ defence was finally holding down the fort as the Victors' offence struggled without WR Ed Edwards. However, Halifax was also struggling to move the ball as their former head coach, Urick Wilkins, now defensive coordinator of the Victors, had made strong adjustments to the defence to manage the loss of Cameron Taylor. However, as the game was nearing its end, the Mariners were threatening to score. QB Lyle Painter had led them into Victors’ territory, but it would be all for nothing after his pass to WR Shane Steadman would be bobbled by the receiver and then caught by S Tom Parrish. The Victors would push the ball out of their end and then punt the ball back to Halifax. The Mariners would end up with the ball at their own 14-yard line. Time was not on their side. The Mariners would pick up a pair of first downs quickly to get out of the shadow of their own goalposts. At about their own 47, they would hit a snag getting forced to a 3rd and 4. Seeing the time winding down, the Mariners’ elected to go for it. On the important snap, Painter would drop back and look for a quick throw. He hoped to get WR Shane Steadman cutting to the sideline, however, as he pulled back to throw, DL Ron Prumple nailed him from behind. The ball squirted loose and DL Fred Webster would pick it up and then hand it over to DB Adam Levesque who would break it into the endzone to put the nail in the coffin. The Mariner fans were chattering like crazy, some shocked, but others noticed the flags on the field. Head referee, Braidy MacBride, signalled the call which was an offside on Ron Prumple, who had jumped a split second too early. The Mariner fans cheered as they were given a new set of downs. Painter and the Mariners were fueled with new life as they continued their march down the field. Painter in particular was playing some of the best football of his career on the drive seemingly finding every target. They would arrive at the Indiana 26, needing to pick up a first down on 2nd and 5. Painter would drop back and look to throw. He would feel the pressure from the Indiana D-line, but he would stand his ground and step up to throw down the field. Painter had seen WR Jav Kerrigan gain a step to the outside against DB Kelly Kirkland. Painter’s pass would go right over Kirkland and into the arms of Kerrigan. Kirkland would attempt to make the tackle, but Kerrigan fought him off and took a couple more steps before getting into the endzone. The Mariners’ fans in attendance shouted “JAV! JAV! JAV!” as Kerrigan scored what would be the game-winning touchdown, giving Halifax their first McCallister Cup in the NAAF. 
HFX - 62 DB Joe Robinson
IND - 89 WR Ed Edwards

Injury Report
DL Chauncy Overstreet HFX - 4 Weeks
WR Ed Edwards IND - 2 Weeks
DB Cameron Taylor IND - 5 Weeks
DB Tim McGovern IND - Day-to-Day
OL TJ Overton IND - 4 Weeks

McCallister Cup MVP

QB Lyle Painter HFX - 3 Passing Touchdowns, 275 Passing Yards

Other interesting facts about this championship:
The Mariners’ run to the final was a trip down memory lane for Lyle Painter, who beat the team that drafted him in Long Island, then beat the Royals, the team he faced in both of his previous 2 McCallister Cup appearances, and then Indiana, the second team he was a member of.
To make it worse for Indiana, remember that Painter won an MVP award in 1965 with Indiana before they selected Applewhite over him for the future, which led to him signing with Halifax.
Mariners’ coach Ben McMillan, who had coached the Independents between 1960 and 1965, returned to Boston and would win the McCallister Cup in front of the city and team that let him go. To make it worse for Boston fans, McMillan is still the last guy to coach Boston in a playoff game.
Halifax also now has the worst record of any championship-winning team in the history of the NAAF after finishing 6-6 this season.
Now if we count Worcester's whole history along with the Mariners this would be the team's overall 7th McCallister Cup as the Athletics had won the cup 6 times prior to the NAAF's first season.

1968 McCallister Cup Champions

1968 NAAF Season Recap

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7/30/2022 6:38 pm  #2120

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Congrats Halifax. You deserved this one.


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