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7/20/2022 11:17 pm  #71

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Here I was hoping you'd take these last 22 hours since your incorrect pick to figure out a good pick. C'est la vie.

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7/21/2022 12:08 am  #72

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

With the 48th and final pick in the AltFL rookie draft, the Kentucky Stallions have selected Daxton Hill, Defensive Back, Michigan

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7/21/2022 3:36 pm  #73

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Thank you all for another successful AltFL Rookie Draft! 

This year we had a historic number of trades. Thank you all for the participation and patience throughout the Draft. We have definitely learned a few things this week that we will take into account as we move forward. Speaking of which, we are now going to try out something new...The Dispersal Draft. 

This year we are excited to welcome 5 new owners to the AltFL family. That means that 5 teams with 5 rosters will be brand new.

The Dispersal Draft exists for two main reasons: 
1.) Establish equity amongst new owners: each owner will be starting from the same place. 
2.) Fairness versus existing owners: starting from scratch puts new owners at a distinct disadvantage. 

Only the new owners will participate in The Dispersal Draft. During the draft, other owners please do not hassle the new owners and try to prey on their draft picks. Once the Draft is done they will be free to trade assets as they see fit. But this draft is not for you it is for them. 

With all of that said, here are the rules for the Dispersal Draft: 
1.) I have taken the time to add the eligible players and their salaries to the Official AltFL database.
2.) ROUND 1 - By Saturday, July 23 @ 12PM ET - all new owners must submit to me player rankings for each position. Create a top 10 for each position (Top 5 for Kicker, Top 8 for QB). During Round 1, each owner will be given 2 starters for each position. I will be executing the Draft on Saturday night. This way we will ensure that every owner gets players at each position.  Send player lists to the email (
3.) ROUND 2 - The owners will then submit a second list of the remaining players (regardless of position) to populate their bench a bit. More information to come after Round 1. 

***Please pay attention to the salary implications of the players that you are selecting. 

After the Dispersal Draft new owners will join the rest of the league and submit keepers. All teams must be under $120 in order to be eligible for the Free Agency Draft which will happen the week before the regular season. If you have any questions please DM me. 

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7/22/2022 7:31 pm  #74

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

As we smoothly head into keeper determination season, I'd like to thank Gritty for taking all of this time to keep this league running! Spreadsheets are fun, but definitely time-consuming. Thanks for doing the admin work, Gritty!


7/22/2022 7:35 pm  #75

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

Thanks Jam! Always nice to hear. I appreciate you all for being as delightfully nerdy as I am when it comes to sports that don't exist.

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7/23/2022 4:33 pm  #76

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

AltFL Fans!

Round 1 for the Dispersal Draft is complete. It was actually quite impressive that each of the five teams had such different lists and they rarely bumped up against one another. 

Round 2 is next - Each of the new owners can submit a list of their Top 25 remaining players. We will then fill out the roster as much as possible. Please submit your Top 25 lists by Monday at 12PM ET. 

Then after that we will be ready for Keepers. 

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7/23/2022 6:02 pm  #77

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

JamHeronArk wrote:

As we smoothly head into keeper determination season, I'd like to thank Gritty for taking all of this time to keep this league running! Spreadsheets are fun, but definitely time-consuming. Thanks for doing the admin work, Gritty!

Echoing this - as someone who does this type of admin work for fun Gritty takes it to the next level. Thank you Gritty for running all of this! It's not easy.


7/23/2022 7:07 pm  #78

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

@QCS Thanks! Funny thing, I have never thought of it as admin work but now I am questioning what is wrong with me! 

We started this AltFL process a tad earlier this year for a few reasons. We wanted to bring in our new owners as well as go through Rookies, Keepers and Free Agency. But we also wanted to save time to revisit some of our franchise identities! 

2022 AltFL Identity Redesign

As we prepare for the new season it is time to revisit some of the team's identities that we created as a community. While teams are now owned by individuals, the franchises and their identities are ultimately the property of the AHS Community. 

If you are interested in having YOUR team's identity tweaked please fill out this form. You can only fill out a form on behalf of the team that you own. 

Teams must keep their city, name, colors and logo throughout this redesign process. Owners can fill out a design brief to highlight which part of the identity they'd like to adjust. It can be something minor or a more thorough redesign. 

Please note that just because you fill out this form it doesn't mean that we will be redesigning your team. We will have to evaluate our capacity based on the number of submissions we receive. Additionally, once your team is redesigned understand that we will not be revisiting that team for a while. 

Important Notes: 
I want to draw attention to the main points made by Balu in the AHSylum last week. These reminders are for the forum, discord and the voice chat. 
1.) Keep things positive. Any changes or adjustments are to be seen as TOWARDS something not AWAY from something. Positivity breeds positivity, negativity breeds toxicity. 
2.) Avoid Feedback Once people submit the briefs for the redesign we are urging everyone NOT to be posting their concepts to the forum or discord for feedback. This will ensure that every designer is working on an even playing field. Ideally no one will know who the designer is when they are voting.
3.) No Campaigning! We have had people campaigning behind the scenes over the last few design processes and it has ruined the experience for a lot of people. Please be respectful of the community and the process. 

How It Will Work: 
STEP 1 - Owners will submit their Redesign Briefs. (Use this FORM)
STEP 2 - Gritty will post the teams and the briefs that will be the subject of the redesign. 
STEP 3 - Designers will then do their best to upgrade the identities of the teams. 
STEP 4 - The community will vote on the submissions. 
STEP 5 - The winning design + the original design will go to the owner. They may either decide to keep the original OR move onto the new design. 

The brief is due Monday, July 25 at NOON ET

PS - There has been some discussion about Miami / Hartford. For now, we are going to exclude that element of this redesign. That may come later. 

PPS - There was talk about adding 'fourth' jerseys for each team. That is not what we are doing at this time. That will come later as its own thing. We are focusing on subtle changes to tweak each identity. 

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7/27/2022 5:36 pm  #79

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

It is time for AltFL Redesign Process: 

We have had two owners submit redesign briefs. 

The first are the Carolina Reapers.

From the desk of QCS:

"While I enjoy the classic look for the Reapers I'd like to give them a modern flair for a new era. A new design based on heat and the flames found in the logo is in order, inspired by classic stock cars. That said, it shouldn't be tacky. Nothing like massive flames all over and certainly no monochrome.  I do still want pants of every color, I just won't make the jersey and pants match. I'd like to have my red helmet be the primary with an alternate green helmet. In addition, anytime the primary logo is on red, the pepper itself (any part of the logo that's red) should be green so that it stands out against the background. Red primary jersey, white road, green alt. just like the current set.

The second team to fill out a brief are the Miami Hammerheads.

From the desk of Andy: 

"I want more uniformity all around. Better separation between pink and blue, and adding black to the home and away are the big ones. I'm open to pretty much anything, I know the talent you guys have. As much as I enjoy yokes, the are not required. I'd rather see lots of different styles than different takes on a yoke. Blue needs to stay as the primary and either black or pink for an alt. preferably."

I am not going to be typing it again but please refer to the post above about the rules and understand the threat of the Balu Hammer. 

No Campaigning
No Pre Submission Feedback
Keep It Positive

Designs are to be completed on a 2-D template and emailed to Gritty by Saturday, August 6 @ NOON ET.

If you have any questions please reach out to me. 

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7/29/2022 4:09 pm  #80

Re: The AltFL Season 2022

One final redesign request...for the Philadelphia Brawlers I'd like to be able to use the Brawlin' Ben logo on the white helmet. I did not think it merited it's own design process. If there are any objections please let me know. 

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