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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Week 12

Roster Moves
BUF: OL Rick Patterson - Waivers -> Reserve List
LDN: DB Jackson Miles - Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
LDN: DB Gord Honk - Active Roster -> Waivers
LDN: WR Joshua Lafleur - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
LDN: WR Jessie Lambert - Reserve List -> Active Roster
LDN: K Nimrod Handsworth - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
LDN: K Ray Bough - Free Agency -> Active Roster
MTL: OL Elliot Barrett - Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
MTL: OL Harvey Stephenson - Active Roster -> Waivers
PRO: DL Terry Lynch - Waivers -> Reserve List
TOR: OL Andrew Parsley - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
TOR: OL Benoit Leduc - Reserve List -> Active Roster

Montreal Rouge - 29, Halifax Mariners - 26 - Mount Royal Stadium - September 6, 1968 - 7 PM ET - FNF - Weather: Clear - Game of the Week
1st Q
3-0 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
3-7 HFX - RTD RB Ronald O’Sullivan
10-7 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Yahui Sun
2nd Q
13-7 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
16-7 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
16-14 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> WR Edward Webb
3rd Q
16-17 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
19-17 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
19-20 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
4th Q
22-20 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
22-26 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> WR Shane Steadman
29-26 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis

The Montreal Rouge appeared to be rejuvenated following their first win since week 5, as they looked up to par with the Mariners throughout the first half.
Halifax still was able to score a pair of touchdowns, but their team was struggling to stop the Rouge offence from scoring.
The 3rd would see both defences step up, with only field goals being scored.
In the final quarter, it appeared that the Mariners would be in line to get their first win in a few weeks by scoring a touchdown to give themselves the 4-point lead.
Montreal, however, would manage to drive the field before Gene Bishop would find WR Taylor Karis to win the game and give Montreal their second win in a row.
*With HFX’s loss, the Royals have clinched the East Division for the first time since 1959

Ottawa Royals - 30, Boston Independents - 20 - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - September 7, 1968 - 12 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-7 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Zachariah Pembroke
7-7 OTT - PTD QB Tyrion Gainsborough -> WR Piers Key
2nd Q
10-7 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
10-10 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
17-10 OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
3rd Q
17-17 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Felix Fontaine
20-17 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
4th Q
20-20 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
27-20 OTT - PTD QB Michael Benedict -> WR Marshall Leonard
30-20 OTT - FG K Ira Foster

Despite clinching the division the night before, the Royals would still come out swinging against the Independents.
While Boston did jump out to a 7-0 lead, the Royals would come back and take a 17-10 lead.
Boston would eventually get the game tied by the 4th quarter, but the Royals would manage to break away at the end with QB Michael Benedict under centre, giving Gainsborough a rest.
The Royals would close out the game with a big interception from S Marc Bellecourt off of a deflection from DL Bernhard Hartmann, which would set up their final touchdown.

Buffalo Blue Wings - 38, Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 24 - Milton Charles Stadium - September 7, 1968 - 3:30 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
2nd Q
14-0 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Tracy Driscoll
21-0 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
21-7 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Orlando Barrack
3rd Q
21-14 PIT - RTD RB Tresean Jones
24-14 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
4th Q
24-21 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Nathan Murray-Lawrence
31-21 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Jimmy Jack
31-24 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
38-24 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden

Buffalo got off to a great start in a vital home game against the Blacksmiths, as Charles Lemieux would lead the Blue Wings to a 21-0 lead in the first half.
Louis Vaughn would finally get a scoring drive going near the end of the first half and would get one touchdown back before the break.
Pittsburgh inched back into the game in the 3rd with a touchdown compared to Buffalo’s field goal.
Vaughn would throw his second touchdown of the game to pull the Blacksmiths back to within 3 points, however, Buffalo would have enough of the comeback attempt and would put up 2 more touchdowns in the 4th to win handily 38-24.

Indiana Victors - 20, Toronto Steelheads - 31 - Victory Stadium - September 7, 1968 - 7 PM ET - SNF - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
0-7 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
0-10 TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
7-10 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Silas Peyton
2nd Q
7-17 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
10-17 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
3rd Q
17-17 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Evan Clanton
20-17 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
4th Q
20-24 TOR - PTD QB Todd Baker -> WR Edmund Landry
20-31 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy

The Steelheads aimed to put an end to their 3-game skid and would jump out to a 0-10 lead early in the first.
QB Tom Applewhite was back in action for the Victors and managed to get a touchdown back, but the Victors would be in a 10-17 hole heading into halftime.
In the 3rd, the Victors would take over the game with the offence putting up 10 points while the defence managed to hold off the Steelheads attack with LB Marshall Langenbrunner getting a rare forced fumble on RB Max Tracy.
Luckily for the Steelheads, Tracy would bounce back along with the rest of the offence and grab a pair of touchdowns in the 4th to make the playoff race in the West Division just that much crazier.

Louisville Thunder - 24, London Tigers - 17 - Thunder Stadium - September 8, 1968 - 1 PM ET - Weather: Clear
1st Q
7-0 LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Lloyd Lane
7-7 LDN - RTD RB Austin Andrews
2nd Q
14-7 LOU - RTD RB Théodore Lemieux
3rd Q
14-10 LDN - FG K Ray Bough
4th Q
17-10 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
17-17 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Cole Fletcher
24-17 LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman

The Thunder hoped to end their league-high 6-game losing streak and would start their game against the Tigers with a pair of touchdowns in the first half.
The Tigers certainly were not falling too far behind as a RB Austin Andrews touchdown would keep them in the game.
After each team grabbed a field goal in the 3rd/start of the 4th, Riley Kiernan would get the Tigers down the field before tossing a game-tying touchdown to Cole Fletcher.
However, Louisville had another great drive in the 4th leading to a Casey Coleman touchdown to give the Thunder their 4th win of the season.
On top of that, they have definitely set up one of the most interesting final weeks of an NAAF season yet.

Long Island Raiders - 24, Providence Gold Stars - 14 - Long Island Stadium - September 8, 1968 - 4 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-7 PRO - RTD RB Rashed Smith
7-7 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
2nd Q
10-7 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
10-14 PRO - PTD QB Connor O’Rourke -> WR Owen Paisley
3rd Q
17-14 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
24-14 LI - PTD QB Landon Ross -> TE Christopher Gist
4th Q

With all the results of the earlier games, the battle between the Raiders and Gold Stars would be a must-win game for both teams; whoever wins the game has a shot at the playoffs next week and whoever loses is out.
The Gold Stars would be the first to strike with a Rashed Smith touchdown, but the Raiders countered quickly with a rushing touchdown from Dareion Fields.
Henderson Schumacher would give the Raiders the lead to start the 2nd, but the Gold Stars countered with a touchdown following a DB Neville Falkner interception.
In the 3rd, the Raiders’ offence took over with QB Landon Ross, in his second straight start, leading the team to two touchdown drives. 
In the final quarter, the Gold Stars would make several attempts to score, but the Raiders’ defence held them off to give the Raiders a fighting chance at the postseason.

Injury Report
S Clarence Sale IND - 3 Weeks
RB Raymond Green IND - Day-to-Day
DB Jackson Miles LDN - 4 Weeks
DL Lawrence Armstrong OTT - 6 Weeks
RB Ronnie Byers PRO - 9 Weeks

Players of the Week

OFF: RB Jimmy Golden BUF - 3 Rushing Touchdowns, 117 Rushing Yards

DEF: DL Ilya Mikaelov LI - 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Sack, 5 Tackles

Buffalo 6-5
Indiana 6-5
Pittsburgh 6-5
London 6-5
Toronto 6-5
Louisville 4-7

Ottawa 9-2 -y
Halifax 6-5 -x
Long Island 5-6
Boston 4-7
Montreal 4-7
Providence 4-7

Power Rankings
1 - Ottawa -
2 - Buffalo +4
3 - Indiana -1
4 - Pittsburgh -1
5 - Toronto +3
6 - Halifax -2
7 - Long Island +2
8 - London -3
9 - Boston -2
10 - Montreal +1
11 - Louisville +1
12 - Providence -2

Week 13 Games
MTL (4-7) @ LI (5-6) - SEP 14 - 12 PM ET
*LI Clinches Playoff Spot with Win
OTT (9-2) @ HFX (6-5) - SEP 14 - 3:30 PM ET
BOS (4-7) @ PRO (4-7) - SEP 14 - 7 PM ET - Saturday Night Football
PIT (6-5) @ TOR (6-5) - SEP 15 - 12 PM ET
IND (6-5) @ LDN (6-5) - SEP 15 - 3:30 PM ET
BUF (6-5) @ LOU (4-7) - SEP 15 - 7 PM ET - Season Finale

It’s pretty crazy the different ways this could go so I will try to run through each team’s possible scenarios, and hope that it makes some sense, either way, it is going to be a crazy final week of the season (while the East mostly gets to just relax).
First, if any of the 6-5 teams in the West win, then they have a ticket to the postseason, and their opponent will be hoping they have the right tiebreakers.
Clinches playoffs with Win or TOR Win or IND Win or LI Loss
*The only way Buffalo misses the playoffs is if PIT + LDN + LI Wins and BUF Lose
Clinches West Division with Win + TOR or IND Loss
Clinches Playoff with Win or LI Loss + PIT Loss
Clinches West Division with Win + PIT Win + LOU Win
Clinches Playoff with Win or LI Loss
Clinches West Division with Win + BUF Loss
Clinches Playoff with Win
*Pittsburgh is in the worst spot, they will not make it if they don’t win, and they are unable to win the division (they are 1-4 against the division with their only win coming against LOU)
Clinches Playoff with Win or LDN + LOU Win or LI Loss + LDN + BUF Win
Clinches West Division with Win + IND Win

The Raiders are simple, they win and they are in, preventing the crossover due to a tied record, however, if they lose then they will be watching the playoffs from the couch.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I’m holding on to a glimmer of hope….. there’s just a glimmer, but there’s  still hope….. 🤦🏻‍♂️


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

So here is the finale of one of the closest NAAF seasons thus far as the remaining 4 tickets to the postseason are given out.

1968 Week 13

Roster Moves
IND: S Clarence Sale - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
IND: S Chase Penrod - Reserve List -> Active Roster
LDN: DB Jackson Miles - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
LDN: DB Gord Honk - Waivers -> Active Roster
OTT: DL Lawrence Armstrong - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
OTT: DL Buddy Hibbert - Reserve List -> Active Roster
PRO: RB Ronnie Byers - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
PRO: RB Henri Létourneau - Reserve List -> Active Roster

Long Island Raiders - 31, Montreal Rouge - 18 - Long Island Stadium - September 14, 1968 - 12 PM ET - Weather: Clear
1st Q
7-0 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
7-3 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
2nd Q
14-3 LI - PTD QB Landon Ross -> WR Larry Mossholder
21-3 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
3rd Q
21-10 MTL - PTD QB Mike Key -> WR Denis Langlois
4th Q
21-16 MTL - PTD QB Mike Key -> WR Moe Schafer
21-18 MTL - 2PT QB Mike Key -> WR Denis Langlois
24-18 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
31-18 LI - RTD RB Scott Norton

The Raiders needed a win on Saturday afternoon to lock in their 5th straight playoff appearance, or else they were going home.
They would get a bit of help with the Rouge starting QB Mike Key and many other younger players.
The Raiders continued with QB Landon Ross under centre and the QB led them to a 21-3 score in the first half. 
QB Mike Key would get Montreal back into the game in the second half, throwing a pair of touchdowns to make it 21-18 in the 4th quarter.
After losing their massive lead, the Raiders would tighten up their play and would hold off the Rouge to win the game and clinch a ticket to Halifax next week.

Halifax Mariners - 23, Ottawa Royals - 26 - Atlantic Stadium - September 14, 1968 - 3:30 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-3 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
3-3 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
3-6 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
2nd Q
10-6 HFX - RTD RB Adam Zingaro
10-9 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
3rd Q
13-9 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
13-16 OTT - PTD QB Martin Keller -> WR Julian Santiago
16-16 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
4th Q
16-19 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
23-19 HFX - PTD QB Jace Beleren -> WR Troy York
23-26 OTT - PTD QB Martin Keller -> WR Colby Bancana

A battle of the backups in Halifax would see the starting QB duties shift to Jace Beleren for the Mariners and Martin Keller in his first career start for the Royals.
The first half would end up being a slow field goal duel with RB Adam Zingaro scoring the only touchdown.
The second half would see QB Martin Keller get more comfortable under centre as he would throw a touchdown to get the Royals back in front.
In the final quarter, the Royals would get a 3-point lead, but QB Jace Beleren would throw a touchdown to Troy York to give the Mariners the lead.
However, Martin Keller would lead his first career game-winning drive to get the Royals back in front to win their 8th game in a row, while Halifax drops their 5th straight finishing a disappointing 6-6 on the season.

Providence Gold Stars - 16, Boston Independents - 37 - New Providence Stadium - September 14 ,1968 - 7 PM ET - SNF - Weather: Clear
1st Q
0-7 BOS - PTD QB Joel Joeson -> WR Sam Nash
7-7 PRO - PTD QB Ulysses Lawyer -> WR Leonard Green
2nd Q
7-10 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
7-17 BOS - RTD RB Rodney Clark
10-17 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
10-20 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
3rd Q
10-27 BOS - PTD QB Oscar Rigano -> WR Jimmy Franks
13-27 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
16-27 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
4th Q
16-34 BOS - RTD RB Rodney Clark
16-37 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock

The final Saturday Night game would be another duel of backups with QB Joel Joeson starting for Boston against his former team, and QB Ulysses Lawyer getting the start for the Gold Stars.
Both QBs threw touchdowns in the opening quarter, but the Independents would start to pull away in the 2nd quarter.
Unfortunately for Joeson, he would take a hit late in the 2nd quarter and would be taken out of the game, leaving QB Oscar Rigano to finish the contest.
Rigano did well with a passing touchdown in the second half and led the Independents to hold on for a 16-37 win.
As for Lawyer, he would struggle with the rest of the backup crew on offence for the Gold Stars only having one truly strong drive in the 1st quarter.

Toronto Steelheads - 17, Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 14 - Anderson Stadium - September 14, 1968 - 12 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Game of the Week
1st Q
7-0 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
2nd Q
10-0 TOR - FG K Vic Greatwood
3rd Q
10-7 PIT - RTD RB Tresean Jones
10-14 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Taylor Austin
4th Q
17-14 TOR - RTD RB Lukas Ivarsson

The much more exciting Sunday would kick off with last season’s bottom-2 teams duelling for a ticket to the playoffs.
The game would start in the favour of the Steelheads who scored a touchdown with RB Max Tracy.
Defensively, the Steelheads were able to shut down the Blacksmiths in the first half, leading to some frustration from the Pittsburgh sideline.
However, in the 3rd, the Blacksmiths bounced back with a pair of touchdowns to take a 10-14 lead heading into the final quarter.
On top of that, RB Max Tracy would leave the game with a scary injury, and had to be carried off the field.
Toronto rallied without their star running back and managed to get back down to the endzone and backup RB Lukas Ivarsson got into the endzone to take the lead.
The Steelheads’ defence would hold off the Blacksmiths’ attack and they would clinch a playoff spot.
*Toronto clinches playoff spot
*Buffalo clinches playoff spot
*Pittsburgh is eliminated from contention

London Tigers - 12, Indiana Victors - 24 - Western Fair Stadium - September 14, 1968 - 3:30 PM ET - Weather: Clear
1st Q
3-0 LDN - FG K Ray Bough
2nd Q
3-7 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards
6-7 LDN - FG K Ray Bough
3rd Q
6-14 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards
6-17 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
4th Q
12-17 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Max Sutton
12-24 IND - RTD RB Raymond Green

A pair of roller coaster seasons would come to a close in London, Ontario, as the Tigers and Victors battled for a ticket to the postseason.
The Tigers managed to get a lead in the first with K Ray Bough getting an early field goal in his second career start in relief for Nimrod Handsworth.
The Victors would bounce back with a touchdown in the 2nd and would be able to keep the lead heading into the half up 6-7.
In the second half, the Victors’ offence continued to roll with a second WR Ed Edwards touchdown in order to give the Victors an 8-point lead.
Indy would add a field goal, but the Tigers finally would see some success on offence as QB Riley Kiernan drove the field to get the Tigers in scoring range.
Kiernan would end up finding long-time teammate WR Max Sutton to pull within 5, but they were unable to secure the 2-point conversion to make it a 3-point game.
The Tigers’ injuries started to finally take a tole as the Victors would easily drive once more to extend their lead and secure their ticket to the playoffs
*Indiana clinches playoff spot
*Toronto clinches West Division
*London is eliminated from contention

Louisville Thunder - 13, Buffalo Blue Wings - 40 - Thunder Stadium - September 14, 1968 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
0-3 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
0-10 BUF - DTD INT DB Ezra Power
2nd Q
3-10 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
3-13 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
3-20 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Jimmy Jack
3rd Q
3-27 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
3-34 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Sebastian Dassler
10-34 LOU - RTD RB Neil Bradley
4th Q
10-37 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
13-37 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
13-40 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch

The final game of the season was certainly the least interesting of the Sunday matchups as the Blue Wings would thrash the Thunder in order to clinch a home playoff game next weekend.
The first 2 and a half quarters would be played by the starters, and Charles Lemieux would shred a mostly backup defence to get up 3-34.
Buffalo would flip to QB Jack Owens and the rest of the backups to close out the game.
Louisville did start QB Rider Wandrey, however, the QB would get hurt on a run play in the 1st quarter which would lead to QB Leonidas Dumont stepping in and helping the Thunder to score 13 points throughout the rest of the game.
Rookie RB Neil Bradley would score his first career touchdown in the 3rd quarter to get Louisville’s lone major.

Injury Report
QB Joel Joeson BOS - Day-to-Day
RB Richard Morin LDN - Season
QB Ivan Sanchez LI - Day-to-Day
WR Nick Nacker LOU- Day-to-Day
QB Rider Wandrey LOU - 3 Weeks
RB Max Tracy TOR - 11 Weeks

Players of the Week

OFF: RB Rodney Clark BOS - 2 Rushing Touchdowns, 142 Rushing Yards

DEF: DL Richard Blunt TOR - 2 Sacks, 4 Tackles, 1 Knockdown

Toronto 7-5 -y
Buffalo 7-5 -x
Indiana 7-5 -x
London 6-6
Pittsburgh 6-6
Louisville 4-8

Ottawa 10-2 -y
Halifax 6-6 -x
Long Island 6-6 -x
Boston 5-7
Montreal 4-8
Providence 4-8

Power Rankings
1 - Ottawa -
2 - Buffalo -
3 - Indiana -
4 - Toronto +1
5 - Long Island +2
6 - Pittsburgh -2
7 - Halifax -1
8 - London -
9 - Boston -
10 - Montreal -
11 - Louisville -
12 - Providence -

1968 Division Semi-Final Preview
East Division Semi-Final - Halifax Mariners VS. Long Island Raiders
Head-to-Head: W6: LI 17-25 HFX, W11: HFX 17-20 LI

The Mariners and Raiders will meet for the 3rd time this season in the postseason. This will be the first playoff game to be played in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and their first home playoff game since 1956. The Mariners are coming into the match having lost their last 5 games, while the Raiders are riding 3 straight wins to close out the season. Momentum would suggest the Raiders would have the advantage, however, QB Landon Ross is making his first career start in the postseason so the Mariners can take advantage by pressuring him. I think it’s going to be a close game, but I still see the Mariners finally waking up and clicking in the postseason and moving on to the next round.
My Pick: Mariners
*Lyle Painter (I believe) is the only QB to start a playoff game for 3 different teams (LI, IND, HFX).
*EDIT: I forgot that Painter also started for the Mariners in the 1966 playoffs, however, he still remains the only one to start for 3 different teams.

West Division Semi-Final - Buffalo Blue Wings VS. Indiana Victors
Head-to-Head: W1: BUF 28-18 IND

Buffalo and Indiana met in the first game of the season. Since then, both teams have had wild rides to get to the West Division Semi-Final. Neither team has looked perfect this season, but the Blue Wings have had a stronger finish to the season, putting up 30+ points in 4 of their last five games. The Victors certainly won’t back down without a fight, but beating the 2-time defending champs, in Buffalo, is going to be a tall task. I think Buffalo is getting hot at the right time and should be able to claim another playoff victory and move onto the second round.
My Pick: Blue Wings

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

What a season from the Royals. Time to take back the crown as Kings of the NAAF.


7/22/2022 9:22 pm  #2105

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

you know what, as awful of a season as this was, at least we got to finish by kicking the everloving patooey out of the providence gold stars. feels good


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Division semis can’t get here fast enough, so Lawn Guy Land can stick a fork in our nearly finished Goose

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Well RaysUp, you are going to have to wait a little my friend because we got some award votin' to do.

Also, I did forget to post the end-of-season graphic yesterday so here it is. Special shoutout to Toronto for winning the West Division despite being outscored by 38 points all season, and Boston for having a +30 point differential and missing (I hope kicking the everloving patooey out of Providence is enough to swallow that pill).

1968 NAAF Award Nominations


QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS
While the Independents didn’t have overall success, Braddock managed to have himself a heck of a season, throwing a league-leading 25 passing touchdowns, while only throwing 4 interceptions all season. Braddock also had to deal with a coaching change midseason and still managed to be an elite QB and one of the only reasons Boston was able to still remain competitive throughout the season.

DL Bernhard Hartmann OTT
Hartmann may not have outclassed fellow defenders in terms of statistics, but Hartmann was a key factor in the league’s best defence. He often found his way into the backfield, blowing up run plays, or grabbing sacks, for which he was 3rd in the league. Even when he didn’t get to the backfield, Hartmann was one of the best when it came to batting and deflecting passes at the line, causing a lot of QBs to often second guess their throws.

RB Max Tracy TOR
Right from the start of the season, Tracy was easily the best player on the resurgent Steelheads team, scoring at a rate of almost 2 touchdowns a game. While he did finish the season with a crushing leg injury, he still put up 22 touchdowns (2 off of RB Jimmy Golden’s record), and led the Steelheads to a 7-5 record after having gone 2-10 last season.

Offensive Player of the Year

QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS - 25 Passing Touchdowns (1st), 1st in Passing Yards, 4 Interceptions (1st)
Once again, Braddock was easily the best QB this season statistically, leading in all 3 of the most important categories. Clearly, he is out to prove to the world that he is still one of the best in the game.

QB Charles Lemieux BUF - 21 Passing Touchdowns (T-3rd), 3rd Passing Yards, 6 Interceptions (2nd)
Lemieux didn’t have as dominant of a season, but down the stretch, the QB led the Blue Wings to score 30+ points in 4 of their last 5 games to get the Blue Wings to the postseason. He also made an impact in the lack of mistakes, only throwing 6 interceptions all season.

WR Ed Edwards IND - 12 Receiving Touchdowns (2nd), 1st in Receiving Yards
Edwards certainly was not in the spotlight when compared to Zachariah Pembroke, Casey Coleman, or Taylor Austin, but he had a strong season for the Victors. He quietly climbed his way to the top after a tough start to lead the league in receiving yards this season.

RB Max Tracy TOR - 22 Rushing Touchdowns (1st), 1st in Rushing Yards
Tracy was an explosive running back this season with his 22 touchdowns. He also had a long lead on the rushing yard total this season being one of the strongest rushing seasons in NAAF history.

Defensive Player of the Year

DL Wayne Baxton HFX - 6 Forced Fumbles (1st), 1st in Sacks
Baxton was the runaway winner at the start of the season being a lethal force off the edge for the Mariners, however, his second half was pretty average. He still maintained the league lead in sacks and forced fumbles being a key part of the Mariners’ defence.

LB Dallas Dillard LDN - 4 Forced Fumbles (T-2nd), 1 Interception, 1st in Tackles
Dillard did not get boatloads of recognition, but he was easily the best and most consistent part of the Tigers’ defence this season. He created 5 turnovers and ate up a lot of tackles this season edging out LB William Washington II for the league lead.

DL Bernhard Hartmann OTT - 3rd in Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles (T-8th), 1st in Knockdowns
Hartmann again will not wow statistically, but in only his second season, he was one of the best D-linemen in the league and should continue to be a dominant force on the Royals' D-line.

DB Neville Falkner PRO - 8 Interceptions (1st), 1 Defensive Touchdown, 3rd in Passes Defended
Falkner continued to be the king of the hill when it came to DBs in the NAAF, once again leading the league in interceptions. While teams have continued to throw away from the star DB, he still managed to have the 3rd most passes defended in the league.

Special Teams Player of the Year
I have decided to award this to the kicker with the most points scored this season as that has been the winner almost every year. Here were the top 3 without points written to give some suspense.
K Albert Wickerweaver HFX
K Henderson Schumacher LI
K Ira Foster OTT

Rookie of the Year

DB Lamar Brown MTL - 2 Interceptions (1st Rookies)
Brown was not one of the guys many expected to be here, but the young DB was a key factor for the Rouge defence this season, especially after the team traded DB William Quincy at the deadline. Brown caught a pair of picks and was consistently making key open field tackles.

DL Arthur Bradshaw PIT - 4th in League in Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles (T-8th in League)
Bradshaw’s impact on the Pittsburgh defence was immediately seen, often ploughing through his block to get into the backfield. He put up enough sacks to be 4th in the league this season. He also caused 3 fumbles to help his offence with great field position. The fans of Pittsburgh have already fallen in love with Bradshaw as one of the stars of the team.

LB Judge Barrett TOR - 3 Forced Fumbles (T-8th in League), 1st in Rookie Tackles
Barrett didn’t become quite the fan-favourite that Bradshaw had become, but he still had a strong season in the Toronto defence filling a hole that had been left by Daniel Carpenter 2 seasons ago. Barrett would rack up the tackles and fumbles to show that he is ready to be an NAAF star and a defensive leader for the Steelheads.

Coach of the Year

HC Roy Aguirre LDN - Record: 6-6
Writing off the Tigers this season was more of a mundane task for reporters this season, as many saw them as old and dysfunctional, but in spite of injuries, players being traded, and the doubters, Aguirre led the Tigers to a respectable 6-6 record this season, just narrowly missing out on the postseason.

HC Jean Matieau OTT - Record: 10-2
Everyone knew Matieau would one day be the head coach of the Royals, but very few expected that he would take the Royals, who missed the playoffs each of the last 4 years, to the top of the league with a 10-2 record. Matieau’s knowledge of the game served him well as he did boost the Royals' offensive output with a new QB under centre, but also help to craft the league’s best defence this season. The Royals appear to be back and Matieau is the main reason why.

HC Ronald Martin TOR - Record: 7-5
There’s lots of credit that has to go to Ronald Martin who for the 4th time in the last 5 seasons managed to lead the Steelheads to defy expectations. After the rough 2-10 season, Martin got the Steelheads back to the top of the West Division despite having a patchwork defence. RB Max Tracy certainly gets a lot of credit, but Martin’s coaching has always made this Steelheads team a threat.

Breakout Player of the Year

S Marc Bellecourt OTT - 4 Interceptions, 1 Defensive Touchdown
Bellecourt slowly took over the starting S spot from team captain S Randall Green this season. While Green is an excellent player, Bellecourt earned it with 4 interceptions and a defensive touchdown as well as a Defensive Player of the Week in Week 6. He also was one of the best tackling safeties in the season. He could have easily risen to the top had he not split as much time with Green, but clearly, the Royals have their future safety in Bellecourt.

WR Taylor Austin PIT - 11 Receiving Touchdowns (3rd), 4th in Receiving Yards
Austin finally showed why the Blacksmiths traded up for him in the 1966 draft. Austin’s speed and route running helped create a lot of scoring chances for the Blacksmiths this season. His chemistry with Louis Vaughn is clear as day as the two helped turn the Blacksmiths' offence from one of the lowest scoring to one of the highest.

QB Louis Vaughn PIT - 22 Passing Touchdowns (2nd), 2nd in Passing Yards
Vaughn was asked all season if he could step up and be the guy for the Blacksmiths after they had taken him 1st overall in 1966. Vaughn answered with a stellar 3rd season, getting to 2nd in the league in passing touchdowns and passing yards. He still had some interception issues, but the young star is clearly making a name for himself and showing a bright future for the Blacksmiths.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Division Semi-Finals

Roster Moves
RB Max Tracy TOR - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
RB Dylan Robertson TOR - Reserve List -> Active Roster

East Division Semi-Final
Halifax Mariners VS. Long Island Raiders - Atlantic Stadium - September 21, 1968 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Clear - 25ºC | 78ºF

1st Q
The Halifax Mariners had much to prove in their first home playoff game since moving to the city. There was a quiet intensity from most of the players, showing little to no emotion throughout warmups. They knew they had to win the game, or many jobs would be in jeopardy. As for the Raiders, they were quite loose, thriving in being the underdog this season, after coming back from a 2-5 start to make the postseason. Both offences struggled to move the ball out of the gate, with the opposing defences showing up to lock them down. By the 5-minute mark of the opening quarter, there was a total of 31 yards of offence between the teams. Finally, a play would cause the silence to break. RB Dareion Fields looked to pick up a first down on 2nd and 6, only to have DL Pat Butler shed his block with speed and hit Fields just after getting the handoff from QB Landon Ross. Fields didn’t have a full grip on the ball and it popped right out. OL Forrest Green jumped to get onto the ball, but it slipped out of his clutches and DL Bernard King would come up with it for Halifax. QB Lyle Painter only had 22 yards to reach the endzone, so it was a couple of quick plays before WR Shane Steadman was able to get separation from DB Lauri Hayha to score the first points of the contest.
HFX 7-0 LI

2nd Q
The Raiders bounced back from their mistake with a field goal early in the 2nd quarter. Their defence also stepped up again to keep the Mariners’ offence quiet. Eventually, the Raiders would get their own defensive break with Mariners’ QB Lyle Painter facing pressure from DL Ilya Mikaelov, he would make a poor throw that would flutter into the arms of DB Lauri Hayha, who would take it back into Mariners’ territory. The Raiders would march the rest of the way down to the 6-yard line before the Raiders decided to throw the ball instead of making the obvious handoff to RB Dareion Fields. The Mariners’ defence was not prepared and WR Larry Mossholder would catch QB Landon Ross’ pass to give the Raiders the lead.
HFX 7-10 LI

3rd Q
The Mariners came out of the break and looked like a completely different team. After receiving the kickoff, the offence made up 33 yards on 2 plays to get to midfield. The Raiders' defence would be able to hold them up there, but they would be pinned deep in their own territory. The Mariners would force a quick 2 and out and get the ball back near midfield. The offence continued to click and they moved down to the 4-yard line before RB Ronald O’Sullivan would take a pitch around the edge and into the endzone to give the Mariners the lead again. The Raiders’ offence continued to sputter after DL Wayne Baxton would crush QB Landon Ross on 2nd down to force another punt. Lyle Painter went back to work and got the Mariners back into Raiders’ territory. From the 42, Painter would finally take a big shot down the field to WR Jav Kerrigan, who had been quiet all game. Kerrigan, while having one of the best DBs in the game, Rutherford Winters, right on him, was able to come down with a stellar grab to put the Mariners within 10-yards of the endzone. “JAV! JAV! JAV!” shouted the crowd as Kerrigan returned to the huddle. From there, Painter would then find former Raiders’ WR Troy York in the endzone to extend the Mariners’ lead to 11.
HFX 21-10 LI

4th Q
The Raiders just had no answers for the Mariners’ 3rd quarter resurgence. QB Landon Ross was certainly feeling the pressure, especially when needing to pass more. Ross would be sacked 2 more times in the game, giving him more reason to be frantic. With the struggling QB, the Raiders would decide to switch in Ivan Sanchez for plays here and there. They would eventually pin the Mariners deep before they would catch a break when WR Shane Steadman would lose the football on a hit from LB William Washington II. The Raiders would get excellent field position, however, their offence couldn’t get any further and would get just a field goal off of the play. The game was now at 8-points, and the Mariners looked a bit nervous despite having the lead. Their offence became more conservative as they would run the ball a lot more, and passes would be short or just tossed out of bounds. While this did give the Raiders many possessions, the Mariners’ defence was playing like they had at the start of the season and was stopping everything from the Raiders. The game would crawl to a finish as the Mariners would win just the 2nd playoff game in the franchise’s NAAF history. Their last one had come at home in Worcester in 1956 against the Gold Stars.

HFX - 16 WR Jav Kerrigan
LI - 54 LB William Washington II

West Division Semi-Final
Buffalo Blue Wings VS. Indiana Victors - Milton Charles Stadium - September 22, 1968 - 7 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy - 19ºC | 67ºF

1st Q
The Blue Wings entered their first West Division Semi-Final since 1961 with hopes of topping the Victors to get to their 4th West Division Final in 5 years. QB Charles Lemieux and company got off to a strong start, as they drove the field on their first drive of the day. RB Jimmy Golden would be the one to get into the endzone, running over DL Brandon Hall for the score. To make matters worse for the Victors, Hall would not return to the game following the play. The Victors' offence was not as sturdy out of the gate, as they would only pick up 11 yards before being forced to punt. Buffalo kept up the pressure in the first, picking up a field goal to take a 10-0 lead into the second.
BUF 10-0 IND

2nd Q
Indiana aimed to get their offence going in the second quarter. QB Tom Applewhite decided to finally take a shot down the field and it would work with WR Ed Edwards making a great catch before breaking away from DB Ezra Power. Luckily for the Blue Wings, S Wesley Jones was able to stop Edwards from scoring. However, Indiana would be in the endzone a few plays later with WR Evan Clanton diving over the goa. Buffalo’s offence kept up their production, getting themselves back into Indiana territory, but once again was stopped after DB Kelly Kirkland broke up a pass intended for WR Sebastian Dassler, and would settle for a field goal. Time winded down in the quarter, but the Victors would get a break when rookie WR Jake Aberdezzi would return a punt all the way into Buffalo territory. The short field would be taken advantage of by Applewhite and the Victors as RB Raymond Green would power his way into the endzone to give Indiana the lead at halftime.
BUF 13-14 IND

3rd Q
The Buffalo fans were a little shocked to find themselves down at halftime, but they had faith the team would bounce back in the 3rd. Especially after their defence would force Indiana to a 2 and out. WR Tracy Driscoll would receive the Victors' only to lose the ball while being tackled. Indiana was on top of the fumble and would add to their lead just a few plays later with a field goal. Driscoll rebounded from the fumble with a solid return on the next drive. Buffalo’s offence got up the field as well and was back in scoring range. However, another mistake on Buffalo’s behalf would cost them points. QB Charles Lemieux would be looking to take a shot at the endzone, however, WR Jimmy Jack would make an error on his route, cutting out instead of in. DB Cameron Taylor read it and had no contest for the ball, grabbing the interception. Indy would push the ball out of their end, before kicking it back to Buffalo, but a couple of drives later, they would be in the endzone again with RB Raymond Green’s second of the game. 
BUF 13-24 IND

4th Q
There was a nervous energy at Milton Charles Stadium as the Blue Wings reeled from a 24-3 run by the Victors over the last two quarters. Lemieux aimed to ease those nerves with a strong drive early in the 4th. Once again, the Blue Wings were in scoring range and this time they would get into the endzone with Lemieux finding Jimmy Jack on what appeared to be a very similar play as the earlier interception. Buffalo would go for 2 to try and make it a 3-point game, but RB Jimmy Golden was unable to get in being held up by LB Marshall Langenbrunner. Indy took advantage of the momentum off of the stop and had another strong drive themselves to get another field goal to extend their lead to 8. Buffalo still had time to work with, but the Victors’ defence was not letting up. Stalling out back-to-back Blue Wings’ drives. The Victors’ offence would push the ball close to midfield before K Ross Poindexter would pin the Blue Wings at their own 12. QB Charles Lemieux would go to work with just under 3 minutes to go. Slowly the Blue Wings found ways to gain yards. Just past midfield, the Victors would get the Blue Wings to 3rd and 7. Lemieux would stare the pressure in the face and toss the ball 17 yards to WR Sebastian Dassler to pick up the first down. Buffalo continued to roll now and would get down to the 8 with 43 seconds left. On first, RB Jimmy Golden would be stopped on the screen pass for a gain of 2. Second down, Lemieux would see an open WR Julius Drake for a slant, but as the ball got into his hands, LB Mike Francis stepped up and hit him, knocking the ball away for an incomplete pass. On 3rd down, needing to score, Lemieux would take the snap before getting away from DL Fred Webster and would toss it towards WR Sebastian Dassler, but the WR couldn’t grab it and DB Kelly Kirkland would interfere enough to cause an incompletion and a turnover on downs. Indiana would run the clock out and seal the win and hand Buffalo their first playoff loss since 1961.

BUF - 7 QB Charles Lemieux
IND - 19 DB Cameron Taylor

Injury Report
DL Brandon Hall IND - 3 Weeks
DL Howard Grant IND - Day-to-Day
DL Keith Gavelstein LI - 3 Weeks

Players of the Week

EDSF: DL Pat Butler HFX - 1 Forced Fumble, 6 Tackles

WDSF: DB Kelly Kirkland IND - 3 Passes Defended, 4 Tackles

Division Final Preview
East Division Final - Ottawa Royals VS. Halifax Mariners
Head-to-Head: W13 - HFX 23-26 OTT

The Mariners will have a chance to exercise the franchise’s demons when they take on the Royals in the East Division Final. The two teams have met twice in the postseason, and both games were won by the Royals. One of those games, of course, being the ‘56 McCallister Cup which the Royals won in overtime. In terms of this game, this will be a battle of two of the league’s best defences. There are expectations that this game could be a close, but low-scoring affair. However, the advantage could come on offence and the Mariners have more experience under centre with QB Lyle Painter, while QB Tyrion Gainsborough is entering his first career playoff game. The Mariners look to have a slight advantage and I think they will squeak out a win.
My Pick: Mariners

West Division Final - Toronto Steelheads VS. Indiana Victors
Head-to-Head: W12 - IND 20-31 TOR
One of these two teams will get their first shot at the McCallister Cup. Toronto this season was one of those teams that seemed to be able to win games, even when they were outmatched at times. Unfortunately, the key reason for that was RB Max Tracy who is out for the remainder of the season. Toronto will have a tough task to take down the Victors who shocked the Blue Wings this past week. Indiana is one of the hottest teams remaining having won 7 of their last 9 games. Indy’s defence did a fantastic job against the Blue Wings and if they can shut the Steelheads down, I think they can easily take this one and get to the cup.
My Pick: Victors

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Damn, Buffalo lost. Oh well, I knew the streak of consecutive playoff wins had to end someday. On the other hand, Buffalo continues their streak of either losing their first playoff game or winning it all (I think, I could be wrong).


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

the Blue Wings lost?



Go Mariners as well! Glad they won too.


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