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6/24/2022 6:50 pm  #111


Next is our beloved admin Steelman and his Halcyon Racing Group! He painted the Grizzlies, Mustangs, and Sidewinders cars.

6/24/2022 6:52 pm  #112


Next up is the only team running Ferrari, Osgiliath Guard's Ancient City Motorsports!
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6/24/2022 6:53 pm  #113


Next is n00bthtpwnz's PWNZ Motorsports!
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6/24/2022 6:54 pm  #114


Our final one-car team, sportsfan7's SportsFan Racing!
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6/24/2022 6:56 pm  #115


Our penultimate team, Kingsfan's KF11 Racing!
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6/24/2022 6:57 pm  #116


And finally, we end with ANDY!'s Kroonkles Racing!
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6/24/2022 6:59 pm  #117


Alright, that's 96 cars across 30 teams! Now I have one request for you all - fill out this survey. I'm curious to hear which cars people like the most. The ones that get chosen will get something special! (Yes, please fill this out even if you answered my question on the Discord.)

If you don't want to scroll through the thread to find your cars, use this folder to see all of them!

I'll be back soon with the rules for the season and the schedule!
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6/30/2022 9:53 pm  #118


Finally, we have the schedule for the 2022 ALTCAR season. It consists of 20 points-paying races plus an All-Star race at the halfway mark. Take a look!

New to this season is the concept of home tracks! Each track acts as a home to some teams. At these races, those teams, if they have one, will be running their alternate scheme. Aside from that there's no advantage, but it does help me spread out the tracks geographically. Here are the teams that are tied to each specific track:
1. Daytona - ORL, TB
2. Mexico City - MXC
3. Texas World - DAL, SA, HOU
4. Pikes Peak - DEN, UTA, WPG
5. Portland - POR, SEA, VAN, ALA, CGY, SSK, EDM
6. Ontario - HON, LA, LV, SC
7. Zen Joltis - ABQ, PHX
8. Sonoma - SF, SJ, OAK
9. Kansas - KC, STL, OKC, OMA
10. Talladega - BIR, ATL, NO
11. Indianapolis - IND, CIN
12. Road America - CHI, MKE, MIN
13. Michigan - DET
14. Bristol - NSH, MEM, LOU
15. Steelback - PIT, PHI, WSH, BAL
16. Sanair - MTL, QUE, HFX
17. MoSport - TOR, BUF
18. Eight Bowl - BOS, NY
19. Homestead - MIA, HAV
20. Charlotte - CLT, RAL

You may notice some oddball choices on the schedule as well. Texas World was demolished 15 years ago! Three tracks are completely fictional! I wanted to have a little more fun with the schedule so that's why. The All-Star Race, competed in by any winners of the season so far, will be held in Monaco again. Exact race lengths are yet to be determined.

Onto the format of the season itself. The 96 cars competing in ALTCAR have been split into three series: the Ally ALT Series, the GEICO CA Series, and the Coca-Cola R Series. Cars will be competing for both the Series Championship but also the ALTCAR Championship. Each Alt League owner with multiple teams has their cars split up, meaning if you have three or more teams you have at least one in each league. The way the cars were divvied up was random. This way, every car runs every race and most owners are invested in every race. Teams will be competing for the Owners Championship by combining the points of all of their cars across all three series. Here are the cars that are competing in each series:

Now comes the big question: am I going to stream these? The best answer I can give you know is... maybe. I will definitely be streaming big races like Daytona or Charlotte but I don't how feasible it to stream all of them or if there's anyone actually interested in watching them all. So that'll be a case-by-case basis.

Either way, I'm glad to finally get the design part of this project finished for now and to begin the racing part. Look forward to it!
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6/30/2022 10:02 pm  #119


Now, as for that something special I promised...

That's right. Brand-new, high-quality render scenes! I developed these over the past two weeks and I'm super happy with how they turned out. Much better, more realistic and dramatic lighting and more dynamic camera angles make a much better scene. If you've got requests, hit me up and I'll render 'em.

P.S. Look forward to the alternate scheme reveals - they'll happen before I run the respective race.
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