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6/08/2022 9:22 pm  #2051

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Enigmajones wrote:

Not trying to annoy with countless questions, but who is the starting QB for Toronto?

It's all good. I'd rather answer countless questions than just have no interaction at all. It means you are interested and I appreciate it. 

Steelheads have QB Todd Baker and have had him since they joined the league in 1964.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I’ve quietly followed this since it started, and started pulling for Worcester when they debuted, then when they moved to Halifax, I followed. Such a disappointment to the end of our season this year, but hoping for better next season, although we haven’t made many moves which worries me.

At any rate, this has been an amazing series and I can wait for ‘68.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

RaysUp wrote:

I’ve quietly followed this since it started, and started pulling for Worcester when they debuted, then when they moved to Halifax, I followed. Such a disappointment to the end of our season this year, but hoping for better next season, although we haven’t made many moves which worries me.

At any rate, this has been an amazing series and I can wait for ‘68.

Hey, welcome aboard! 
Thank you, I'm glad you have enjoyed this series.

Yea Halifax has had it's ups, and well a lot of downs, but they're still a solid team and should compete for a playoff spot this season. But yea that is what you get with them, not a lot of dramatic moves, mostly just build through the draft.

Also, for everyone else, I'm getting close to finishing the offseason, so that should be up soonish, just been taking a while with some of the new things I am trying and a bit of burnout from other things.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Free Agency Part 2
Following the NAAF draft, the offseason quieted down. The remaining top 25 free agents would sign with long-time Rouge WR, Derek Cross, signing with the Raiders, joining Robert Lang and John Rivera as WRs who have played for both teams. QB Ulysses Lawyer would land in Providence in hopes of being in the running for the starting job when Connor O’Rourke calls it a career. The last top 25 player was S Peter Sellers who would land with the Mariners to shore up their depth in the secondary.

There would be only a couple of trades. After sending RB Reggie Whitehead to Boston, Indy was in need of a running back to help out Raymond Green. They would head over to Pittsburgh and would acquire RB Ed Finley in exchange for their 1969 3rd Round Pick and prospect DL Raymond Pushor. 

A second RB trade would also occur between the Thunder and Raiders with the Thunder sending RB Lando Blake to the Raiders in exchange for a 5th Round Pick in 1969. 

Many other moves were made, but the biggest development was the introduction of the next step of the NAAF’s partnership with the semi-professional leagues in the North East. Those of course are the New England Semi-Pro Football Championship and the Eastern Canadian Semi-Pro Football League. Over the past couple of seasons, players on NAAF reserve lists have been allowed to sign contracts with the semi-pro teams to continue to play while not being dressed in the NAAF. The system has helped a lot of younger players continue to have game experience and improve their chances of getting a full-time spot in the NAAF. However, it has also helped players in the semi-pro leagues take on better talent and improve themselves. So, the next stage of their partnership will allow teams to offer tryouts to players in the semi-pro leagues to join training camp and have a shot for the roster. It will be interesting to see how the players fair at training camp and if any can crack a roster this season.

*** As an aside, I have been trying to figure out how to go about the next few posts. I was wondering if there was any interest in seeing the rosters in full for teams, just like a list to see who is on each team. Let me know if that is of interest.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Hall of Fame Class

As training camps were getting underway, the 1968 Hybrid Football Hall of Fame class was announced. 6 new members would be joining the original 12 members. So without further adieu here is the class of 1968.

Member #13: QB Bruce Woodard - Providence, RI - Votes: 6 of 11
Woodard’s career began with the Providence Gold Stars in 1939. He was the backup QB for a season before he took over as the starting QB in 1940. He would lead the Gold Stars to a New England Championship in 1941, after winning as a backup in 1939. Unfortunately, his career was interrupted by the USA’s involvement in World War 2. However, once he returned to the field he would lead the Gold Stars to 3 straight championship appearances. However, he was unable to beat Boston in all 3 games. He made the shift to hybrid football in 1949, where he was able to get back to the championship again, but still fell to the Independents in the final. After a couple of early ends to the season, Woodard would have a career year in 1953, leading the Gold Stars to their best NAAF season to date and earning his lone MVP. Despite the great season, Providence fell short in the McCallister Cup again. He would only play one more year with his hometown team before they let him walk to make room for the younger QB Connor O’Rourke. Woodard would land in Ottawa as the backup to QB Jean Matieau. He would only play one game for the Royals, but he earned player of the week in that final game of the season. He would get his 3rd Cup win as the backup for the Royals later that season. The next season, he would play for the Rouge where he would make several starts but was eventually sat in favour of the younger QB Rigobert St-Hilaire. Woodard would call it a career after that as one of the league's first star QBs.

Member #14: RB Arthur Conner - Buffalo, NY - Votes: 5 of 11
Conner was a bright star in the Blue Wings' offence throughout the 1950s. In the early years of the NAAF, Conner was often overshadowed by the play of RB Élisée Marchal and RB Joel Bonner. He would finally make his mark on the league in the 1952 season, helping the Blue Wings to secure their first McCallister Cup title, rushing for 146 yards and a touchdown, earning him McCallister Cup MVP and Playoff MVP. Following the ‘52 season, Conner became a staple at the top of the rushing categories for the next 6 seasons. In that time, he would win both of his Offensive Player of the Year Awards (1955, 1957), and have 3 of his 4 All-Star seasons. In 1957, he would win his second McCallister Cup with Buffalo after being named an alternate captain. He would play just one last season before calling it a career. Conner, on top of his excellent play, was a very kind person who many teammates loved. In retirement, he continues to give back to the city of Buffalo helping many of the less fortunate.

Member #15: WR Peter Brooks - Taunton, MA - Votes: 5 of 11
While Brooks never got the individual accolades that most of his Hall of Fame counterparts did, he was still an excellent player throughout his career. Early in his career, he would rise to the top of the Gold Stars’ receiving core, ultimately leading to the team trading veteran WR Eugene Burns, and become the team’s #1 target. He developed great chemistry with both QB Bruce Woodard and later QB Connor O’Rourke and was the only WR that was able to hold his own against the Royals’ WR Allen Atkins. Unfortunately, Brooks was never able to win a championship with the Gold Stars through 10 seasons with the club. He would go cup-hunting with a new team in 1959, signing with the Long Island Raiders. He was unsuccessful in the venture and retired after the 1960 season. Brooks was an excellent WR and will likely be one of the best players to never win the Cup.

Member #16: DB Oscar Patterson - Buffalo, NY - Votes: 5 of 11
Patterson’s career in the NAAF was not a very long one, having spent more seasons in the NYFL with Buffalo. Patterson spent his entire career with the Blue Wings through both leagues and was easily a fan-favourite. His fun-loving personality helped him connect with fans, often seen interacting with them hours after a game. He made his mark on the NAAF in the 1952 season, when he famously painted a pair of white wings on his usually all-blue helmet. In the ensuing game, Patterson would have 2 interceptions, including a pick-6 to get a huge win over Montreal. The rest of the team started following suit adding wings to their own helmets. The look became a bit of a superstition as the Blue Wings would not lose another game en route to their first-ever McCallister Cup. The helmet design would stick and inspire other teams to add logos/designs to their helmets the following season. Patterson’s legacy was strong with his play, but he is also honoured for his revolutionary idea.

Member #17: RB Laurent Brazeau - Montreal, QC - Votes: 5 of 11
Brazeau entered the NAAF as a complete underdog. He had a strong season in 1949 with a Quebec City-based amateur team. The performance caught the eye of Joseph Johnson, the GM/Head Coach of the Toronto Tigers. Johnson brought Brazeau on and the power back instantly became a star for the team. He would win Rookie of the Year in the 1950 season, helping the Tigers improve on their 0-8 ‘49 season. The very next year, he would win the Offensive Player of the Year Award. The league finally started to catch up with Brazeau, but he continued to be a strong force for the Tigers over the next 4 and a half seasons. In 1956, Brazeau would be traded to the Providence Gold Stars as the Tigers went to retool. Brazeau would help the Gold Stars into the playoffs and would score in his only career playoff game. Following the ‘56 season, Brazeau would be drafted by the Indiana Victors in the 1957 Expansion Draft. He would spend his final 2 seasons with the Victors being reunited with his Tigers’ QB Duane Logan and being named Alternate Captain. Brazeau was unable to have much team success, but he was still a very strong player in his own right.

Member #18: HC/GM Guy Clarke - Montreal, QC - Votes: 5 of 11
Clarke was the Head Coach and General Manager of the Montreal Rouge for what seemed like forever. His brutal, bone-crushing defences dominated Quebec football for many years. It was that defence that helped give the Rouge their name, based on their reputation of having opponents bleeding after their games. His defensive mind carried over into the NAAF where he continued to make the Rouge one of the toughest teams to play against. Clarke’s schemes would be the first to stop the Boston Independents, ending their historically long win-streak in the NAAF’s first season. Clarke and HOF HC Peter McDuffin duelled it out over the early years of the NAAF, meeting in the McCallister Cup 2 times. In 1951, Clarke would lead the Rouge to the first and only unbeaten NAAF season. They would go 9-0-1 in the regular season before winning back-to-back playoff games to win the McCallister Cup. 2 years later, the Rouge would be back in the McCallister Cup where the defence would shut down QB Bruce Woodard and the Gold Stars to upset them in Providence. Clarke would slowly lose interest in the team after the age started to show following their second McCallister Cup win. He would finally step away from the team after a rough 1955 season, ending a long and memorable career.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 NAAF Season Preview

1968 Schedule
The 1968 schedule has a new look to it with Week 7 being split into two weeks. Half of the teams will get a bye week in Week 7, the other half in Week 8. The season will kick off in Buffalo between the defending champs and the Indiana Victors. This will be the first time the Victors will play in the season opener. Friday Night will kick off with a classic, London-Long Island duel. Saturday will see the Royals head to Providence before Halifax and Louisville will battle on Saturday Night. The double header on Sunday will start with Pittsburgh hosting Boston and then finish off with Montreal heading to Toronto.

As for other notable games, Canada Day will feature the Royals and Tigers in Week 2. The 4th of July game will be played in Week 3 between Boston and Long Island. The first official Thursday Night Football game will be played in Week 5 between Halifax and Toronto. Rivalry Week will still happen in Week 6, with Buffalo and London continuing their back-to-back tradition with their rematch in Week 7. Labour Day will feature 2 games starting with Toronto and Ottawa, before the classic Indiana-Louisville matchup. Finally, Week 13 makes a return and will be played the weekend the Division Semi-Finals are usually played. The season finale will be between the Thunder and the Blue Wings on the 15th of September.

1968 Preseason Power Rankings

1 - Buffalo Blue Wings
1967 Record: 10-2 (1st West)
1967 Result: Won McCallister Cup

The 1968 season looks like it could be a very competitive season as ranking the teams 2-12 was difficult. The only easy pick was the Blue Wings as the top team in the Preseason Power Rankings. Despite losing a few key pieces in the offseason in DL Tournel Guay and WR Zachariah Pembroke, it doesn’t look like the Blue Wings are going to be slowing down. They feel confident that the much younger WR core led by Jimmy Jack, Sebastian Dassler, and Tracy Driscoll should make up for Pembroke’s loss while some younger pieces in DL Albert Sullivan and DL Ned Hedman should help fill the hole left by Guay on the D-line. On top of having young reinforcements, they still boast some of the best players in the league with QB Charles Lemieux, RB Jimmy Golden, and DL William Sanderson, who should continue to make the team easily the best in the league.

C - QB Charles Lemieux
A - DL Lonnie Vincent
A - DB Dean Hawkins*

2 - Louisville Thunder
1967 Record: 6-5-1 (3rd West)
1967 Result: Lost West Division Final

The Thunder have quickly gone from being a McCallister Cup finalist to the worst team in the league and then back to a team that should be able to compete for the McCallister Cup again. The emergence of QB Buck Murphy last season gives the Thunder a lot of hope heading into this season to improve on last year. On top of that, they made some key moves in re-signing both WR Lloyd Lane and WR Casey Coleman which should make the Thunder offence as electrifying as last season. They also should get some more help out of the backfield with RB Théodore Lemieux stepping in as a starter. While the Thunder offence should be quite strong, they do have some concerns with a much weaker LB core this season after losing LB Calvin Hardy. They will be relying on some younger talents in LB Le’Darius Wynn and LB Brian O'Flaherty to fill the hole. Louisville is an exciting young team that could very well be a contender with the Blue Wings this season.

C - DB Jayden Mills
A - S Johnny Berger
A - OL Taylor Forbes

3 - Long Island Raiders
1967 Record: 8-3-1 (1st East)
1967 Result: Lost McCallister Cup

The Raiders are not dramatically different from last season. Many of the key pieces are back in RB Dareion Fields, LB William Washington II, and DB Rutherford Winters. They did lose a veteran in DB Alexander Bradley but added a sturdy replacement in DB Nick Ulbach. The defence should be just fine, but all eyes will be on the QB position. The Raiders moved on from QB Stanley Troyer after 5 seasons and are going to be looking to two younger QBs to carry the load. 3rd year QB Ivan Sanchez has been deemed the starter for the season, a player that GM Wayne Tillman has liked right out of college making some smart moves in the 1966 draft in order to get him. He’s got a good arm which may allow the Raiders to open up the playbook this season and escape the run-first mentality. QB Landon Ross, a former starter for the Royals, will be there to help Sanchez if he struggles, being a very similar QB to Troyer which may work for the Raiders if need be. If Sanchez works out, the Raider could easily be back in the McCallister Cup again, but it will be his first season of professional experience, so there also could be some growing pains.

C - RB Dareion Fields
A - LB William Washington II
A - OL Elliot Winterbottom

4 - Boston Independents
1967 Record: 5-7 (5th East)
1967 Result: Missed Playoffs

The past couple of seasons have been very rocky for the Boston Football Club, with multiple staff changes and back-to-back playoff misses. This season, there should be more stability as Levi Bray enters his second season as the team’s head coach. In the offseason, they did add a new weapon for QB Nathaniel Braddock in WR Zachariah Pembroke, who should give Braddock more to work with. Along with Pembroke, the Independents have a revamped backfield with RB Rodney Clark and RB Reggie Whitehead stepping in. It’s likely that the younger Whitehead gets more snaps, but the pair should be a significant upgrade for the Boston run game. On defence, Boston is still strong in the secondary with one of the best crews in the league led by DB Oliver Langstrom, however, their weakness will still be on the D-line as they have one of the weakest in the league. With Boston’s strong secondary, it is very likely teams will run the ball a lot against the Independents this season which may be tough for them to manage. The revamped offence should make up for the deficit on defence as Boston does look prime for a return to the postseason.

C - QB Nathaniel Braddock
A - OL Graham Chambers
A - S Ernie Osborne

5 - Indiana Victors
1967 Record: 6-6 (4th West) 
1967 Result: Missed Playoffs

Indiana had a disappointing start to the season last year going 1-5, but they still were competitive having lost 4 of those 5 games by less than a score. They were able to recover to a 6-6 record by the end of the season as they finally started to finish games. The team as a whole doesn’t see a lot of changes this offseason, but the addition of WR Evan Clanton in the WR core should help them out. They showed last season that they could compete, but the pressure is starting to mount for QB Tom Applewhite as he enters his 3rd full season as the starter. The big question will be if the 26-year-old can be the guy to close out these tight games for the Victors. If Applewhite can take the next step, the Victors could easily see themselves as a contender for the Cup this season.

C - DB Kelly Kirkland
A - OL Viktor Stahl
A - LB Terrence Patton

6 - Providence Gold Stars
1967 Record: 7-5 (2nd East) 
1967 Result: Lost East Division Final

The Gold Stars are hoping to improve on last season’s East Division Final appearance. They bring back probably the league’s 3rd best defence, behind Long Island and Buffalo, with many young stars in LB Kurt Warlock, DL Bartolo Cruz, and S Paul Christopher. Of course, they still have the vets like DL Craig White and DB Neville Falkner to round out the defence. Offensively, however, is where the Gold Stars could have some concerns. QB Connor O’Rourke is 37 years old and his arm is not what it used to be. On top of that, star WR Cedric Peterson is also starting to slow down hitting the age of 32. The team will likely have to rely a little more on RB Rashed Smith to carry some of the load. Smith did have a stronger season last year but will need to maintain that this season to keep the Gold Star offence rolling. Although if things are not going great under O’Rourke, there will be some pointing to the 25-year-old QB Ulysses Lawyer to potentially step in as he is looked at to be the future for the Gold Stars.

C - QB Connor O’Rourke
A - DB Neville Falkner
A - LB Victor Falkensteig*

7 - Montreal Rouge
1967 Record: 7-5 (3rd East)
1967 Result: Lost East Division Semi-Final

For many, last season was a bit of an overachievement for the Rouge. However, great coaching from Jimmy Sargent helped a barebones defence be considerably strong last season. In the offseason, GM Martin Gagneaux looked to make improvements and did a fine job bringing in DL Tournel Guay from Buffalo and several other key veterans in LB Calvin Hardy, DB William Quincy, and LB George Yokoi. The new defensive pieces should certainly give Sargent a lot more to work with this season, however, all of those players mentioned are getting older and could start to see some decline in the next season or two. Offensively, the team is still solid with the arm of QB Gene Bishop leading the way and the legs of RB Hugo Hughes taking it out of the backfield. They do get a nice upgrade in the WR core with WR Russell Wilcox replacing the aging WR Derek Cross. Montreal is certainly a bit of a wild card this season both having the potential to be a strong contender, but also the potential to completely miss the postseason.

C - OL Mathieu Roy
A - WR Taylor Karis
A - S Garet deVale

8 - Halifax Mariners
1967 Record: 5-7 (4th East)
1967 Result: Missed Playoffs

The Mariners have been disappointing over the last couple of seasons. So, this offseason they made a change at the coaching position. Ben McMillan is in and as a head coach, McMillan has never missed the postseason. McMillan will be given a very similar team to what the Mariners fielded last season, but the team hopes that he can bring some more consistency to the defence which has some strong pieces in DL Wayne Baxton, DL Pat Butler, DB Joe Robinson, and DB Aquilio Ruiz. The Mariners’ defence has been very inconsistent in the last couple of seasons having some games where they look like a top 3 defence and then others where they are almost not even there. Offensively, nothing much changes other than OL Kane Warwick stepping in to replace OL Harrison Ward. It could be a breakout season for WR Edward Webb as he is expected to start at the WR3 position, after being drafted in the 2nd round in 1966. If McMillan can step in and point the Mariners in the right direction, then they should easily be fighting for 1st in the East, but after the last two seasons, it’s not unreasonable to be skeptical of the team.

C - OL Ward Briscoe
A - DB Joe Robinson
A - DL Pat Butler

9 - Ottawa Royals
1967 Record: 5-7 (6th East)
1967 Result: Missed Playoffs

The Royals could easily be a dark horse contender this season. Their young defence headlined by DL Bernhard Hartmann, DB Sergio Alvarez, and LB Sam Wheeler has the potential to be a top-tier defence this season after showing flashes of it last season. Their defence was a huge reason the team jumped out to a 4-0 start last season. Of course, the bigger focus will be on offence for the Royals, which was the reason they failed to make the playoffs after the 4-0 start. The Royals have great weapons in WR Marshall Leonard and RB Corbyn Knight, as well as a strong, young O-line led by OL Amos Sewell and OL Matt Helmut. However, their big issue last season was at the quarterback position. QB Michael Benedict was serviceable but ended up leading the league in interceptions, so the Royals were open to looking at other options, in fact, they had 5 QBs all fighting for a starting job. QB Michael Benedict, rookie QB Drake Young, 1967 1st rounder QB Martin Keller, 1966 2nd rounder QB Michael Miranda, and the undrafted QB Tyrion Gainsborough. It was a very close battle according to Head Coach Jean Matieau, but the team would land on the undrafted Tyrion Gainsborough to be the starter in Week 1. It’s a shocking decision considering the younger talent and the amount they are paying Benedict, but if it pans out it will be a great decision. Gainsborough will be the first undrafted QB to start a game since the draft-era began, as well as the first non-North American to start a game, as he was born in London, England. Gainsborough is also the grandson of "The Gains Report" creator Lawrence Gainsborough. 

C - S Randall Green
A - WR Marshall Leonard
A - LB Sam Wheeler

10 - London Tigers
1967 Record: 7-5 (2nd West)
1967 Result: Lost East Division Semi-Final

Last season was pretty strong for the Tigers, however, entering the 1968 season, they look like they could take a huge step backwards. QB Riley Kiernan is 38 years old and could be on his last legs in the league, the WR core has been declining over the last few seasons, while the defence is becoming more barebones than ever. The Tigers are likely on the verge of a full rebuild with a lot of their veterans on the verge of retirement. However, we have seen GM Joseph Johnson be able to pull a team out of nowhere so it’s not a complete lost cause. There are still some younger pieces in WR Cole Fletcher, DL Mo Kahn, and DB Bernard Wilkins who could all bring a little life to the team. If some of the younger players take a step forward, and the veterans can maintain form, the Tigers still have playoff potential.

C - QB Riley Kiernan
A - DB Jackson Miles
A - OL Emil Jennings

11 - Toronto Steelheads
1967 Record: 2-10 (6th West)
1967 Result: Missed Playoffs

Toronto was aggressive in the offseason following their worst season since joining the NAAF. They ended up with 3, 1st round picks, adding LB Judge Barrett, WR Sterling Underhill, and OL Alan Farquharson. The rookie will be a great injection of youth into the team next to RB Max Tracy, DB Dwayne James, and S Charles Clerk. While the young talent is good, Toronto did a good job of fixing easily their worst position, the O-line. They boasted easily one of the worst O-lines in league history last season, but this offseason they bring in the rookie in Farquharson, as well as OL Wolfgang Vander Waal and OL Fabrice Beaufort. Those players next to veteran OL Gregory Farrell should provide a lot more protection to QB Todd Baker and open up the run game for their star RB Max Tracy. Toronto certainly has potential, but they are still likely another season away from being a true playoff team, but they should be better than last year.

C - QB Todd Baker
A - OL Gregory Farrell
A - DB Orville Blake

12 - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths
1967 Record: 3-9 (5th East)
1967 Result: Missed Playoffs

It’s going to be a make-or-break season for Ted McMahon at the helm of the Blacksmiths. Pittsburgh had a strong season in 1966 but took a step back in 1967. Fans in the city are starting to get a little restless with the team, as they have not had success in far too long. So, Coach McMahon will be riding the hot seat this season. While the coach will have some pressure, there is a lot of pressure falling onto QB Louis Vaughn will be looked at the most to take a big step this season. The former 1st overall pick is in his 3rd season and needs to prove that he was worth that selection. Elsewhere other young players are going to have to step up with WR Taylor Austin needing to be a true #1 threat, as well as younger defensive pieces in DL Matthias Hartmann and LB Patrick Hamilton. In the end, Pittsburgh has potential, it is just a matter of if they can take the step forward to become a playoff contender.

C - QB Louis Vaughn*
A - OL Erik Nelson*
A - DL Sammy Pickett

Wally’s 1968 Predictions
Buffalo 10-2 -y
Indiana 7-5 -x
Louisville 7-5 -x
Pittsburgh 5-7
Toronto 2-10
London 2-10

Boston 8-4 -y
Halifax 7-5 -x
Long Island 7-5 -x
Providence 6-6
Ottawa 6-6
Montreal 5-7

LOU over IND
HFX over LI

LOU over BUF
BOS over HFX

50th McCallister Cup - Boston
LOU over BOS

Buffalo holds the West hostage all season, but the Thunder upset them in the Division Finals
Boston narrowly wins a very competitive East, they get back to the McCallister Cup at home but fall short against a red-hot Thunder team.
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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I like your optimism for HFX, let’s hope the Mariners don’t squander another good opportunity to be a contender!!

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I’m getting the feeling Kiernan makes his last deep playoff run. Something about this team makes me think we’ll execed expectations. (Probably wishful thinking, but I still see us winning more than 2 games even if we don’t end up making a run .)

6/24/2022 12:40 pm  #2059

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Week 1

Buffalo Blue Wings - 28, Indiana Victors - 18 - Milton Charles Stadium - June 20, 1968 - 7 PM ET - Kickoff - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Julius Drake
2nd Q
7-7 IND - RTD RB Raymond Green
14-7 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
3rd Q
21-7 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Sebastian Dassler
21-10 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
4th Q
21-16 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards
21-18 IND - 2PT RB Raymond Green
28-18 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden

The Blue Wings’ journey to go for the 3-peat began with a strong win over their divisional foe in the Indiana Victors.
Lemieux had a good start with a pair of touchdowns to his old favourite target in Julius Drake as well as the younger threat in Sebastian Dassler.
Indiana made a comeback push in the 4th on a big touchdown from Ed Edwards. 
RB Raymond Green would be able to make it a 3-point game on a 2-point conversion. 
Indy would have another chance to tie the game, but Applewhite would throw an interception to DB Ezra Power.
The interception would set up RB Jimmy Golden’s second touchdown of the game, sealing the win for the Blue Wings.

London Tigers - 20, Long Island Raiders - 29 - Western Fair Stadium - June 21, 1968 - 7 PM ET - FNF - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-3 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
0-6 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
7-6 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Cole Fletcher
2nd Q
7-13 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
10-13 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
10-16 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
3rd Q
17-16 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Cole Fletcher
17-19 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
4th Q
20-19 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
20-22 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
20-29 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields

The Tigers’ 1968 season got off to a really rocky start with turnovers on the first two drives.
Kiernan threw a pick on the first drive to DB Lauri Hayha, while RB Austin Andrews had the ball knocked loose by LB William Washington II.
The Tigers bounced right back after falling behind 0-6, as Kiernan found Cole Fletcher behind coverage for a big score.
The Raiders answered back in the second with Dareion Fields’ first of the season and would take the lead into the break.
Fletcher would double-dip in the 3rd giving the Tigers back the lead while QB Ivan Sanchez made some mistakes, including throwing an interception to DB Jacques Gaul. 
The two teams would be duelling down to the final minutes, but a huge fumble created by DL Pionk Bjorkkstrand would give the Raiders the ball deep in Tigers’ territory and allow them to put the game out of reach.

Providence Gold Stars - 14, Ottawa Royals - 21 - OT - New Providence Stadium - June 21, 1968 - 3 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
2nd Q
7-0 PRO - RTD RB Rashed Smith
3rd Q
14-0 PRO - PTD QB Connor O’Rourke -> WR Owen Paisley
4th Q
14-7 OTT - DTD INT DB Jerome Caldwell
14-14 OTT - PTD QB Tyrion Gainsborough -> WR Marshall Leonard
14-21 OTT - PTD QB Tyrion Gainsborough -> WR Piers Key

It was a defensive duel early on as neither offence was getting much going.
A DB Neville Falkner interception would set up the first score of the game in the second to give the Gold Stars the 7-0 lead.
QB Connor O’Rourke would extend that on a pass to WR Owen Paisley.
QB Tyrion Gainsborough was struggling in the first 3 quarters with a pair of interceptions and a fumble, but he pulled it together in the final quarter.
DB Jerome Caldwell would ignite the comeback for the Royals with a huge pick-6 before Gainsborough would lead the offence to tie the game on a clutch 4th quarter drive.
In overtime, DB Sergio Alvarez would make a great interception to set up the Royals to get the lone score of the period on a great play by Gainsborough to find WR Piers Key.

Halifax Mariners - 33, Louisville Thunder - 10 - Atlantic Stadium - June 23, 1968 - 6 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
3-0 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
6-0 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
2nd Q
13-0 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> RB Ronald O’Sullivan
13-3 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
3rd Q
16-3 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver
16-10 LOU - RTD RB Théodore Lemieux
23-10 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> WR Shane Steadman
4th Q
30-10 HFX - RTD RB Ronald O’Sullivan
33-10 HFX - FG K Albert Wickerweaver

The Mariners’ defence looked refreshed with their new coach Ben McMillan at the helm.
They would completely shut down what looked like a strong offence in Louisville only allowing 10 points.
Offensively the Mariners were also making things happen consistently finding themselves in Louisville’s end.
It was a brutal start to the season for Louisville who lost two key players in DL Bjorn Sigmarsson and WR Lloyd Lane.
On top of that, they had 4 turnovers in the game and were only able to find the endzone once with RB Théodore Lemieux’s first touchdown with his new team.

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 27, Boston Independents - 20 - Riverfront Stadium of Pittsburgh - June 23, 1968 - 1 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Taylor Austin
7-3 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
2nd Q
7-10 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Zachariah Pembroke
10-10 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
3rd Q
17-10 PIT - RTD RB Tresean Jones
17-13 BOS - FG K Woody Woodstock
4th Q
20-13 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
20-20 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Felix Fontaine
27-20 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Taylor Austin

The Blacksmiths took it to the Independents early with QB Louis Vaughn not being scared by the Boston secondary and finding Taylor Austin for the season's first score.
Boston was able to counter in the second quarter on Braddock’s first touchdown pass of the season. 
Pittsburgh was able to tie it up at the break, but they would soon take the lead after DL Arthur Bradshaw would get his first career forced fumble off of RB Reggie Whitehead, and RB Tresean Jones would get a bit of revenge on his former team with a touchdown.
Braddock was able to orchestrate a strong drive to tie the game in the 4th, but Vaughn would get the last laugh, showing some elite play and finding Taylor Austin for a second time to win the game.
The Pittsburgh crowd was very happy with the performance.

Toronto Steelheads - 35, Montreal Rouge - 34 - Anderson Stadium - June 23, 1968 - 4 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy - Game of the Week
1st Q
0-7 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
0-10 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
7-10 TOR - PTD QB Todd Baker -> WR Samuel Petri
2nd Q
14-10 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
14-17 MTL - RTD RB Hugo Hughes
3rd Q
14-24 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
21-24 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
21-31 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Yahui Sun
4th Q
28-31 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
28-34 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
35-34 TOR - PTD QB Todd Baker -> WR Edmund Landry

It was an offensive battle in Toronto with the Rouge jumping out to a quick 10-0 lead in the first before Toronto would pull back with WR Samuel Petri’s first TD back with the Steelheads.
In the second, both running backs would find the endzone to keep the game at 3 points.
In the 3rd, WR Taylor Karis would add his second of the game before Yahui Sun would join in on the fun.
RB Max Tracy would have his own hat trick early in the 4th to go along with his 139 rushing yards.
Montreal would extend their lead to 6 after a DL Lucas Kipling forced fumble, but Toronto would still get one more chance.
With time winding down, the Steelheads had to rely on Todd Baker’s arm and it would come through with a late score to Edmund Landry to win the game.

Injury Report
TE Jean-Pierre Beaumont BUF - Season
WR Edward Webb HFX - Day-to-Day
DB Aquilio Ruiz HFX - Day-to-Day
WR Silas Peyton IND - 1 Week
DL Abraham Evans Jr. LOU - 5 Weeks
DL Bjorn Sigmarsson LOU - 1 Week
WR Lloyd Lane LOU - 2 Weeks
DL Lawrence Armstrong OTT - Day-to-Day

Players of the Week

OFF: RB Max Tracy TOR - 3 Rushing Touchdowns, 139 Rushing Yards

DEF: DB Jerome Caldwell OTT - 1 Interception, 1 Defensive Touchdown, 2 Tackles

Buffalo 1-0
Pittsburgh 1-0
Toronto 1-0
London 0-1
Indiana 0-1
Louisville 0-1

Halifax 1-0
Long Island 1-0
Ottawa 1-0
Montreal 0-1
Providence 0-1
Boston 0-1

Power Rankings
1 - Buffalo -
2 - Long Island +1
3 - Halifax +5
4 - Indiana +1
5 - Ottawa +4
6 - Louisville -4
7 - Boston -3
8 - Providence -2
9 - Pittsburgh +3
10 - Montreal -3
11 - Toronto -
12 - London -2

Week 2 Games
LOU (0-1) @ LI (1-0) - JUN 28 - 7 PM ET - Friday Night Football
PIT (1-0) @ IND (0-1) - JUN 29 - 3 PM ET
MTL (0-1) @ BOS (0-1) - JUN 29 - 7 PM ET - Saturday Night Football
HFX (1-0) @ PRO (0-1) - JUN 30 - 1 PM ET
BUF (1-0) @ TOR (1-0) - JUN 30 - 4 PM ET
LDN (0-1) @ OTT (1-0) - JUL 1 - 6 PM ET - Canada Day

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