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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Staff Changes

Joseph Curry’s retirement left Ottawa with a hole they have not had to fill since 1954. However, everyone knew the man that would replace the league’s longest-serving head coach. Once Jean Matieau had been hired as the Offensive Coordinator right out of retirement, it seemed pretty obvious that the team was aiming to have Matieau be the eventual successor to Curry. So within a week of Curry’s retirement, the Royals introduced Matieau and the team’s 3rd Head Coach. 

Around the rest of the league, many coaches and GMs were extended. Maurice Evanson extended with the Blue Wings, GM Joseph Johnson and HC Roy Aguirre are staying with the Tigers, GM Peter Brooks and HC Garrett Boone are continuing with the Gold Stars, HC Jimmy Sargent earned a new contract with Montreal, and Toronto is bringing back GM Howard Stinton and HC Ronald Martin.

There were not many coaches being let go, but there were still some changes. The biggest being out of Halifax. The Mariners officially let go of HC Urick Wilkins, despite the 3-year extension he signed last season. The firing comes after back-to-back seasons where the team has struggled in the second half of the season, which led to the team missing the playoffs this past season despite being looked at as a championship contender. Halifax’s search for a new coach took a little more effort than the Royals’. They interviewed several candidates: their own OC Alfred Denieu and DC Phillip Little, Buffalo coordinators OC Soni Dionne and DC Steve Pallard, and a pair of free agents in Ben McMillan and Perry Powell. The finalists for the job ended up being Denieu, Dionne, and McMillan. Denieu certainly had the disadvantage over the other candidates, having not had any head coaching experience, but the Mariners still really like him as a coach. However, in the end, the Mariners would go for a coach that absolutely deserves a job in the league and has surprisingly been out of the loop for a couple of seasons, Ben McMillan

McMillan has quite the resume as he served as the head coach of the Independents for 6 seasons where he had a 45-25-2 regular-season record. He was able to win a championship with the team, but his continued playoff losses led to his firing in 1965. There will be questions about whether or not McMillan can get the team success in the postseason, but they need to get there first, which their previous coach was unable to do.

Urick Wilkins would not stay unemployed for long as a spot would open up in a dramatic fashion in Indiana. Johnathan Fox has been one of the most controversial coaches in the NAAF over the past couple of seasons. Fox joined the NAAF as a well-known college coach as the DC of the Victors. After just one season, Fox was hired as the Head Coach of the Independents. Fox’s season with Boston was brutal and he would be fired after having several outbursts with his coordinators and posting a horrid 2-10 season. He returned to Indiana, but this season did not go as smoothly as his first. Over the first half of the season, Fox and HC Dannell Willis reportedly continuously butted heads which did not help the Victors during their 1-5 start. Eventually, Willis cut down on Fox’s contributions as the team rolled back to 6-6. Fox quit immediately after the season where he said he would not return to the NAAF. Within a few days of Wilkins’ firing, the Victors would announce the former Mariners’ coach as their new Defensive Coordinator. Wilkins does have an old connection to Dannell Willis, as he was his Defensive Coordinator in Buffalo during the late 1950s.

The remainder of coaches stayed put, leaving Jean Matieau to fill his Offensive Coordinator role. As he began his search, he would find out he also needed a Defensive Coordinator as Matthew Carson decided to take a head coaching role in college after 9 seasons with the Royals. Matieau personally thanked Carson, a coach he worked with over all 9 of those seasons and wished him the best of luck in his new endeavours. 

Matieau refocused on the job at hand and quickly began interviewing for the roles. He ended up interviewing 7 coaches for the Offensive Coordinator role. Those coaches were former NAAF Head Coaches Perry Powell and Dean Parrish, former NAAF Offensive Coordinators Kent Winters, Theodore Ortiz, and Wayne Ball, and finally a pair of former players, Johnnie Stafford and Jean Mathieu-Baptiste. Overall, Matieau was looking more for a coach that would be able to focus more on the development of players, while Matieau himself would be focused on the play-calling and strategy. That cut a few out of the mix, but the finalists became Ortiz, Stafford, Ball, and Mathieu-Baptiste. After deliberation, Matieau finally went with Wayne Ball. Ball had previously spent a couple of seasons with the Halifax Mariners in 1963 and 1964, where he helped a struggling QB Caldwell Higgins III to easily one of his best seasons. Ball should provide a good level of development for younger players and be able to support Matieau’s offensive game-plan. 

As for the defensive spot, there would only be 5 coaches interviewed. Those coaches are former NAAF Defensive Coordinator Jerome Morris, a younger college coach in Colton Forrest, and 3 former players in Olaf Viktorsson, Aengus Lynch, and Frazier Brooks. With the rumours of Viktorsson being interviewed, the rumblings that Matieau’s former teammate had the job locked down started to spread. However, the world would be shocked when former London Tiger, Aengus Lynch was named the Defensive Coordinator. Lynch was known for being a general on the field, directing the Tigers’ defence over his long career with the team. Matieau saw that as the key difference-maker in the decision and hopes that Lynch can translate that ability to a building a great defensive strategy with one of the best young defences in the league.  

“Look, I love Olaf just as much as everyone, but I have to make the best decision for this team, and I felt that Aengus brought that extra element to the team,” said Matieau in response to some of the outrage that he didn’t give Viktorsson the job. Of course, this was before the public found out that he had hired Viktorsson as a Defensive Development Coach.  


HC Urick Wilkins
HC Ben McMillan - from Rhode Island State University (previously BOS)

DC Johnathan Fox
DC Urick Wilkins - from HFX HC

HC Joseph Curry
DC Matthew Carson
HC Jean Matieau - from OTT OC
OC Wayne Ball - from Haynes University (previously HFX)
DC Aengus Lynch - former LDN Tiger


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I like the McMillan hire for Halifax, he should be able to bring the team some success. The changes in Ottawa are interesting, I guess we'll see how well Matieau will do as the head of the team.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Dont know if you're accepting team names, but the Kansas City Twins or Mohawks would be cool. Twins in honor of Kansas City MO and Kansas City KA. And Mohawks in honor of the state of Missouri (MO) and Jayhawks for Kansas. This isn't originally my idea, Mohawks is what the Kansas City Scouts of the NHL originally wanted to name themselves.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Enigmajones wrote:

Dont know if you're accepting team names, but the Kansas City Twins or Mohawks would be cool. Twins in honor of Kansas City MO and Kansas City KA. And Mohawks in honor of the state of Missouri (MO) and Jayhawks for Kansas. This isn't originally my idea, Mohawks is what the Kansas City Scouts of the NHL originally wanted to name themselves.

Haha, yea I already do have a name in mind, but I appreciate you giving an idea or 2. I typically have ideas, but I would likely ask if I ever am looking for ideas as well if you are ever unsure. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Re-Sign Stage

1968 Salary-Cap: $630,000
The cap was increased an additional $5,000 in order to accommodate the minimum salary of the additional roster slots for this season.

The Independents seem to be heading for another large overhaul this offseason, as they head into free agency with the fewest players under contract. The biggest bit of drama coming out of Boston was surrounding RB Tresean Jones. The former 8th overall pick was looking to make starting RB money this offseason, but Boston did not have the confidence to give him the significantly higher salary, so the two sides were at a stalemate heading into free agency.

Roster: 21/42
Cap Space: $245,500

QB Oscar Rigano - 1Y, $17,500
TE Tobias Lindholm - 1Y, $17,500
DL Timmy Kerr - 1Y, $20,000 - NTC
DL Allen St.Benson - 1Y, $15,000
DL Moses Abraham - 3Y, $16,000-$17,000
S Jack Simon - 1Y, $14,000

The cap crunch caused some issues for the NAAF Champions. The team was able to lock up several key pieces in OL Johannes König, DL Lonnie Vincent, and DL William Sanderson, however, they are also losing some key pieces in DL Tournel Guay, WR Zachariah Pembroke, and RB Théodore Lemieux. Lemieux is still keeping Buffalo in consideration, but after his breakout playoff performance, he is aiming to see if there is a good opportunity out there.

Roster: 27/42
Cap Space: $160,600

QB Jack Owens - 1Y, $16,000
OL Garth Brooklyn - 2Y, $12,500
OL Johannes König - 2Y, $15,000
WR Jimmy Jack - 2Y, $15,000
TE Paul Arturberry - 2Y, $17,000
TE Jean-Pierre Beaumont - 1Y, $8,500
DL Lonnie Vincent - 2Y, $30,000-$25,000 - NTC
DL William Sanderson - 1Y, $35,000
LB Billy Frederick - 2Y, $10,000
DB Michael Cornell III - 1Y, $10,000
S Manuel Ray - 1Y, $8,500
K Ryan Perch - 3Y, $14,500 - NTC

The hiring of HC Ben McMillan helped the Mariners keep some important players with the team through the extension period. The most important signings being OL Flint Boyer, LB Bear Donnelly, and DB Aquilio Ruiz. However, there are still going to be some holes to fill with players like OL Harrison Ward and DB William Quincy hitting free agency.

Roster: 28/42
Cap Space: $133,000

QB Jace Beleren - 1Y, $14,500
RB Adam Zingaro - 2Y, $10,000
OL Flint Boyer - 2Y, $17,500
WR Dwayne Alexander - 1Y, $15,000
TE Dylan Chowder - 2Y, $12,000
LB Bear Donnelly - 2Y, $21,000
LB Hector Greenville - 1Y, $10,000
DB Aquillio Ruiz - 2Y, $22,500
DB Finnegan Pike - 1Y, $10,000
S Frankie Munster - 1Y, $10,500

Indiana had an easy offseason last year with the fewest expiring contracts, but this season, they had a lot more to do. GM Everett Henderson did a good job at keeping the bulk of the team together, inking up his two top WRs in Ed Edwards and Silas Peyton, and keeping several important young defenders in DL Brandon Hall and LB Marshall Langenbrunner. However, the toughest decision was surrounding the run game, where the Victors have a strong RB in Raymond Green, but they also have a former 6th overall pick in Reggie Whitehead who is itching to see the field. In the end, the team decided to extend Green, having more confidence in the veteran, but it could mean that Whitehead is at risk of walking away next offseason.

Roster: 29/42
Cap Space: $138,500

RB Raymond Green 2Y, $27,000
OL Jimmy McKay - 1Y, $17,000
OL Taylor Alexander - 2Y, $12,500
WR Ed Edwards - 2Y, $30,000 - NTC
WR Silas Peyton - 1Y, $22,500 - NTC
TE Emmanuel Hines - 1Y, $17,500
DL Ilya Mikaelov - 2Y, $21,000
DL Brandon Hall - 2Y, $18,000
DL Douglas Jackson - 1Y, $10,000
LB Marshall Langenbrunner - 2Y, $17,500
LB Lucas Gladwell - 1Y, $10,000
DB Kelly Kirkland - 1Y, $26,000 - NTC
DB Adam Levesque - 2Y, $14,000
DB Tim McGovern - 2Y, $12,000
S Tom Parrish - 2Y, $18,500

The Tigers had a tough decision to make at QB. The question for GM Joseph Johnson was: Do we go with a younger option Ulysses Lawyer or stick to the veteran in Riley Kiernan? In the end, Johnson would go with Kiernan on a 1-year contract at a much cheaper cap hit, over the younger and inexperienced QB. Due to the Kiernan signing, Lawyer decided to walk away and enter free agency. Outside of the QB decision, the Tigers did lock up several other important veterans in WR Joshua Lafleur, DB Jackson Miles, and of course K Nimrod Handsworth. 

Roster: 28/42
Cap Space: $183,500

QB Riley Kiernan - 1Y, $34,000 - NTC
OL Jeffery Uduike - 3Y, $19,000
OL Terrence Patterson - 1Y, $10,000
WR Joshua Lafleur - 2Y, $20,000
WR Max Sutton - 1Y, $16,000
WR Lannor Doris - 1Y, $7,500
TE Bob Friesen - 1Y, $9,000
DL Teddy Piper - 1Y, $10,000
LB Gideon Jura - 1Y, $17,500
DB Jackson Miles - 1Y, $28,000 - NTC
DB Jacques Gaul - 1Y, $14,500
DB Rob Risker - 1Y, $12,500
S Neil Graham - 1Y, $18,000
K Nimrod Handsworth - 4Y, $17,500 - NTC

More QB drama was occurring in Long Island ahead of free agency. QB Stanley Troyer has been a solid QB for the team over the years being a part of the team’s run of 3 McCallister Cup appearances in 4 years. However, GM/Owner Wayne Tillman has not been all that impressed with the QB’s play. With the success that the team has had with Troyer, it is no surprise the QB wants a raise in salary. However, Tillman does not have any interest in increasing Troyer’s pay by a significant amount. In the end, the two sides could not come to terms on a new deal, leaving Troyer out of Long Island. Tillman did still sign QB Landon Ross to an extension, feeling like he isn’t much different than Troyer and is much cheaper. Ross will likely compete with 3rd-year QB Ivan Sanchez for the starting job.

Roster: 30/42
Cap Space: $147,500

QB Landon Ross - 1Y, $18,000
RB Dareion Fields - 1Y, $30,000 - NTC
OL Elliot Winterbottom - 1Y, $20,000
OL Leroy Hankins - 1Y, $10,000
WR Chad Anderson - 2Y, $16,000
WR Otto Washington - 1Y, $14,500
TE Christopher Gist - 1Y, $15,000
DL Abraham Evans Jr. - 1Y, $12,000
LB Deon Wiggins - 1Y, $18,000 - NTC
LB Ed Krzano - 2Y, $18,000
LB Damien Savoie - 1Y, $10,000

Louisville ended up signing 3 huge extensions this season. They first brought back DL Bjorn Sigmarsson on a 2-year deal. Then, they focused on their duo of young WRs. Breakout WR Lloyd Lane would ink a 4-year deal while WR Casey Coleman was convinced to stay with the Thunder on a new 3-year deal. The rebuild looks to be continuing in the right direction for GM Robbie Wilson and company.

Roster: 26/42
Cap Space: $171,000

RB Lando Blake - 1Y, $8,500
OL Bernhard Altermann - 1Y, $14,000
OL Benedict Benedicto - 1Y, $16,000
OL Jordan Bryson - 2Y, $12,000
WR Lloyd Lane - 4Y, $25,000 - $27,500 - NTC (in Year 3)
WR Casey Coleman - 3Y, $27,500 - NTC
TE Davis Langer - 1Y, $8,500
DL Bjorn Sigmarsson - 2Y, $27,000 - NTC
LB Dolph Vindslow - 2Y, $7,500
DB Jayden Mills - 1Y, $25,000
S Tom McDougall - 2Y, $17,500
K Frank Hughes - 2Y, $13,000

The Rouge were pretty quiet during the re-sign stage. They made a couple of important signings in bringing back MVP S Garet deVale for 2 more years, DB Jayson Klyde for a couple more, and breakout LB Conrad Kurst. They didn’t do a whole lot on the offensive side of the ball, but they could be big hunters in free agency having the 2nd largest amount of cap space.

Roster: 22/42
Cap Space: $261,500

OL Ross Guillebeaux - 1Y, $11,000
WR James Hess - 1Y, $12,000
TE Hunter Ziegelbauer - 2Y, $15,000
TE Sylvain Leblanc - 1Y, $9,000
DL Albert Kirk - 1Y, $8,500
LB Conrad Kurst - 2Y, $19,500
LB Greg Manson - 1Y, $9,00
DB Jayson Klyde - 2Y, $25,000
S Garet deVale - 2Y, $28,500
K Arthur Kettinger - 1Y, $16,000

A lot of familiar faces will be returning to Canada’s capital for this upcoming season. Youngins like LB Sam Wheeler and OL Amos Sewell inked new deals while some veterans like Captain S Randall Green and Alternate Captain WR Marshall Leonard are also re-signed. The most interesting piece might be DL Lawrence Armstrong, who many thought would retire after last season. However, the DL was out to prove to his old Steelheads squad that he was not done yet. He also liked the atmosphere in Ottawa and wanted to give it one last go. 

Roster: 30/42
Cap Space: $174,000

QB Tyrion Gainsborough - 2Y, $12,500
RB Robert Jack - 1Y, $11,000
OL Amos Sewell - 2Y, $14,000
WR Marshall Leonard - 2Y, $22,000 - NTC
TE Wayne Bruce - 1Y, $10,000
DL Lawrence Armstrong - 1Y, $20,000 - NTC
LB Sam Wheeler - 2Y, $17,500
LB Aristofane Zuccaro -2Y, $14,000
DB Wesley Nires - 1Y, $19,500
S Randall Green - 1Y, $24,000 - NTC
S Clancy Scott - 1Y, $10,000
K Ira Foster - 2Y, $16,500

The Blacksmiths made a lot of solid signings, although they needed to overpay a little on some players in order to keep them around. They do bring back most of the key building blocks from the team with DL Sammy Pickett, LB Red Clarkson, and most importantly OL Erik Nelson. They still have a lot of cap room which should help them in the hunt for players in free agency. 

Roster: 26/42
Cap Space: $252,500

QB Travis Jackson - 1Y, $12,000
RB Ed Finley - 1Y, $12,000
OL Erik Nelson - 4Y, $22,000 - NTC (in Year 3)
WR Justin Dubuque - 1Y, $13,000
TE Bobby Clark - 1Y, $10,500
DL Sammy Pickett - 1Y, $20,000
DL Tyrone Powers - 2Y, $14,000
DL Austin Antonio - 1Y, $15,000
LB Red Clarkson - 2Y, $22,000
LB Patrick Hamilton - 3Y, $18,000
LB Dylan Hill - 1Y, $14,000
DB Ike Vander Waal - 1Y, $15,000
DB Corey Ross - 1Y, $16,000
K Al Highlander - 1Y, $13,000

Providence is hoping to make it back-to-back playoff seasons, so GM Peter Brooks and HC Garrett Boone were busy trying to bring back the best of the best from their team last season. It would take a bit of negotiation, but they were able to bring back OL Joseph Samberg, as well as WR Cedric Peterson to keep the offence intact. Then they would bring back DL Craig White and DL Ryan Sargent on lucrative deals to keep their strong defence rolling. 

Roster: 27/42
Cap Space: $159,000

QB Terry Bourbon - 1Y, $18,500
OL Joseph Samberg - 4Y, $20,000
OL Nicholas Waller - 1Y, $17,500
OL Ted Cole - 2Y, $12,000
OL Byron Foster - 1Y, $11,500
WR Cedric Peterson - 1Y, $27,500 - NTC
WR Leonard Green - 1Y, $8,500
TE Ronald Orwer - 1Y, $10,000
DL Craig White - 2Y, $30,000 - NTC
DL Ryan Sargent - 2Y, $22,000
LB Caruso Robinson - 1Y, $14,500
K Elvis Franklin - 2Y, $13,000

The front office of the Steelheads are in a position they are not used to being in. In the OFU, this was the place to play, so now that they are a bottom dweller in the NAAF, they have to work a bit harder to keep players around. They did an okay job with this, however, most of the big names returning are the veterans, who have been in Toronto for a while in DL Allen Barrera, DB Orville Blake, and LB Sebastian Andrews III. They were able to keep S Charles Clerk on a big 4-year deal worth $100,000, however, 2nd round LB Quinn Masters has decided to not even consider signing with the Steelheads and will walk after the end of his contract. Toronto did voice some concerns with the league on key younger players just walking away after their rookie contracts. 

Roster: 22/42
Cap Space: $263,000

QB Matt Fletcher - 1Y, $17,500
RB Lukas Ivarsson - 1Y, $17,000
OL Evan Kilgore - 1Y, $10,000
OL Elliot Owen - 1Y, $12,000
WR Kyle Hatherly - 1Y, $12,000
DL Allen Barrera - 2Y, $22,000
LB Sebastian Andrews III - 1Y, $23,000
DB Orville Blake - 1Y, $25,000 - NTC
S Charles Clerk - 4Y, $25,000 - NTC (in Year 3)

Top 25 Free Agents
1 - WR Zachariah Pembroke BUF
2 - DL Tournel Guay BUF
3 - OL Richard Justice IND
4 - QB Stanley Troyer LI
5 - RB Théodore Lemieux BUF
6 - OL Harrison Ward HFX
7 - LB Quinn Masters TOR
8 - RB Tresean Jones BOS
9 - WR Russell Wilcox LDN
10 - LB Calvin Hardy LOU
11 - LB Joe Larkin OTT
12 - LB George Yokoi LDN
13 - RB Rodney Clark LOU
14 - DL Dexter Barbarcos
15 - DB William Quincy HFX
16 - DB Nick Ulbach BUF
17 - WR Derek Cross MTL
18 - DB Ty Boone PIT
19 - QB Magnus Torrensen PIT
20 - OL Wolfgang Vander Waal HFX
21 - WR Orlando Barrack IND
22 - QB Ulysses Lawyer LDN
23 - S Peter Sellers PRO
24 - QB Lee Rogers HFX
25 - OL Brian O’Leary LI

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Free Agency

Free agency opened up with a lot more talent than usual due to the tightened cap. However, that didn’t seem to stop teams from offering out big money, especially for the top players. 

1 - WR Zachariah Pembroke
Pembroke had spent the last 6 seasons with the Buffalo Blue Wings where he won 3 McCallister Cups. Now, he was easily the best player available in free agency. Of course, there were several teams making bids for his services. Boston, Indiana, Long Island, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Toronto all made an offer to Pembroke. As the bidding for Pembroke’s services continued the price just went up to the point where only Boston, Pittsburgh, and Toronto were willing to pay Pembroke that high of a salary. Pembroke still wanted to compete along with getting paid, so the decision was much easier simply looking at the rosters, where Boston, despite missing the playoffs, had a better foundation. Pembroke would ink a 2-year, $52,000 contract with the Independents. Boston has been in desperate need of a top-tier WR and Pembroke should absolutely provide that. Pembroke also makes a return to Massachusetts, having played his first 3 seasons as a member of the Worcester Athletics. 

2 - DL Tournel Guay
Guay was the next player to leave the Blue Wing Dynasty. With defensive line being a high-demand position, there were many teams in the hunt for Guay, and even some that just threw a deal in just to be considered. London, Montreal, and Toronto would be the highest bidders, but the veteran DL would decide to head home and sign a 2-year contract with the Montreal Rouge. The Montreal native should be a great addition to the Rouge defence, who will be looking to improve on last season. 

3 - OL Richard Justice
Justice ended the 1967 season in Indiana after his longtime team, Toronto, had traded him at the deadline. For a while, many linked Justice to be one to return to Toronto this offseason, however, it appears that Justice was not interested in going back. Despite getting a pretty significant offer from the Steelheads, Justice elected to take a different route and signed with the London Tigers. Justice had enjoyed his time around London the few times the Steelheads played there, and thought it would be a great place to end his career. Justice will likely take recently-retired OL Magnus Gunnersson’s spot on the line for the 1968 season. 

4 - QB Stanley Troyer
Troyer was unable to ink a new deal with the Raiders prior to free agency. He has started almost every game for the Raiders over the last 5 seasons, leading them to 3 McCallister Cup appearances and 1 win. However, GM Wayne Tillman was not confident in his abilities to be counted on in big moments, so he was not looking to pay the QB anything more than what he was making. Troyer of course wanted a raise. Unfortunately, outside of the Raiders, there were not any NAAF teams all that interested in Troyer, at least for a starting role. Tillman offered a cheaper deal in free agency, hoping that Troyer did not get many good offers and would just sign back with the team. Pittsburgh was the only other team rumoured to be making an offer in hopes of adding a little veteran stability behind QB Louis Vaughn. Neither of the contracts Troyer got were anywhere close to being what he wanted. However, he got a very good deal from outside the NAAF. In a shocking move, Troyer would ink a 3-year contract with the GLFL’s Cleveland Captains. Troyer is expected to be the starter for the team next season and will be paid $28,000 a season, $3,000 more than his NAAF salary. Captains' owner, Jack Attwood, was very excited about poaching an NAAF QB to the GLFL.

5 - RB Théodore Lemieux
Running backs were getting a lot of offers from several teams in the NAAF. Whether teams were looking for a new starter or some insurance as a #2 option, big offers were being sent to any of the top RBs available. Théodore Lemieux’s breakout performance in the 1967 playoffs made him the most sought-after RB. He would receive deals from Boston, Buffalo, Long Island, Louisville, Montreal, and Pittsburgh. Boston and Louisville stood out as teams looking for a starter, while Buffalo remained in the conversation due to the potential desire to keep playing with his brother. However, Louisville kept making a push to try and get Lemieux on their team. After all, they got to see what he could do firsthand when he scored 3 touchdowns against them in the West Division Final. In the end, Louisville would sign Lemieux to be their new starting RB on a 2-year, $46,000 deal. 

6 - OL Harrison Ward
Ward was traded to the Mariners last season to be given a chance at winning the McCallister Cup. Unfortunately, the Mariners failed to make the playoffs. Ward was considering retirement but still wanted to go for the cup. He would return and get a few offers, even one to return to Montreal where he spent his entire career up to last season. However, Ward’s hunt for the cup would top the desire for familiarity and he would sign a new 1-year deal with the defending champs in Buffalo, who add Ward to probably their weakest position.  

7 - LB Quinn Masters
Masters’ situation seemed to create controversy in Toronto after the former 19th overall pick decided to not even consider the Steelheads’ offer following the expiration of his rookie deal. Masters entered free agency knowing exactly where he wanted to go. The Pittsburgh native grew up with the dream to be on the Pittsburgh Hammers but had decided to head to the NAAF following many controversies surrounding the ACFL and the Hammers. He still hoped he could play for the NAAF's new Pittsburgh team at some point in his career. He took the risk this offseason to enter free agency and it would pay off, landing a 3-year deal with the Pittsburgh Blacksmiths.

8 - RB Tresean Jones 
Following Lemieux’s signing, many of the remaining RBs started to find contracts fairly quickly. Jones had not played up to par for the Independents over his rookie contract, so he was left out of a deal despite being a former 8th overall pick. Jones got a lot of the same teams as Lemieux did interested in his services, but he would decide to head to Pittsburgh on a new 2-year deal. Jones will pair up with RB Carter Roy as a tandem in Pittsburgh. The interesting thing here is Jones’ contract is worth more than Roy’s which may not sit well with the current starting RB. 

9 - WR Russell Wilcox
Wilcox is easily one of the more underrated WRs in the league. He has spent his entire career with the Tigers, and has been arguably their best WR the past couple of seasons. Only Indiana and Montreal offered contracts to Wilcox. Both were very enticing with both teams needing a 3rd WR. In the end, Montreal was offering a slightly better contract and better position as likely the #2 WR for the team, so he inked a 2-year deal with thwm.

10 - LB Calvin Hardy
The last member of the top 10 was the most hotly sought-after linebacker. Hardy has been the Thunder’s top LB for a couple of seasons, and along with a high demand for LBs, Hardy became a very valuable piece. Many teams made offers, but a team with only 1 true starter on their roster, the Montreal Rouge, would land the linebacker. Hardy would sign a new 1-year contract with the Rouge worth $18,750.

The Rest
Montreal would continue to be busy, signing LB George Yokoi to pair up with Hardy and Conrad Kurst to form a strong LB core for next season. They would also sign DB William Quincy, DL Theo Conte, OL Paul O’Doherty, and WR Denis Langlois

Boston was aggressive as well, especially after missing out on some of the other high-end targets. They would give LB Joe Larkin a lucrative deal, and then would add RB Rodney Clark as their new starting RB. Clark has spent the last 7 seasons with the Thunder and has done quite well, although he did see a decline in production last season. Boston would also add DL Chuck Charleston III and OL Brian O’Leary to shore up the lines. 

The last of the busy teams would be Toronto. They did struggle to get any of the top free agents, due to their 2-10 finish last season, but they got some solid pieces in DL Dexter Barbarcos, OL Fabrice Beaufort, and OL Wolfgang Vander Waal. They would also get WR Samuel Petri to return to Toronto after 1 season in Louisville. 

Some other interesting moves would see DB Nick Ulbach swap from the Blue Wings to the Raiders, WR Orlando Barrack would bring his speed to the Blacksmiths’ offence, and DB Ty Boone would sign quite a large contract with the Gold Stars, which many view as an overpay. 

There were also a couple of QBs changing teams with Lee Rogers heading to Indiana to back up Tom Applewhite and QB Magnus Torrensen hoping to potentially take advantage of a Kiernan retirement by joining the Tigers for a pair of seasons. 

Top 25 Free Agents - Format: OLD TEAM -> NEW TEAM Length (Y), Annual Salary ($)
1 - WR Zachariah Pembroke BUF -> BOS 2Y, $26,000
2 - DL Tournel Guay BUF -> MTL 2Y, $26,000
3 - OL Richard Justice IND -> LDN 1Y, $16,500
4 - QB Stanley Troyer LI -> GLFL CLE 3Y, $28,000
5 - RB Théodore Lemieux BUF -> LOU 2Y, $23,000
6 - OL Harrison Ward HFX -> BUF 1Y, $15,000
7 - LB Quinn Masters TOR -> PIT 3Y, $17,500
8 - RB Tresean Jones BOS -> PIT 2Y, $20,000
9 - WR Russell Wilcox LDN -> MTL 2Y, $18,250
10 - LB Calvin Hardy LOU -> MTL 1Y, $18,750
11 - LB Joe Larkin OTT -> BOS 1Y, $19,000
12 - LB George Yokoi LDN -> MTL 1Y, $18,000
13 - RB Rodney Clark LOU -> BOS 1Y, $20,000
14 - DL Dexter Barbarcos LI -> TOR 1Y< $17,500
15 - DB William Quincy HFX -> MTL 1Y, $17,500
16 - DB Nick Ulbach BUF -> LI 1Y, $18,500
17 - WR Derek Cross MTL
18 - DB Ty Boone PIT -> PRO 2Y, $19,000
19 - QB Magnus Torrensen PIT -> LDN 2Y, $17,000
20 - OL Wolfgang Vander Waal HFX -> TOR 2Y, $17,500
21 - WR Orlando Barrack IND -> PIT 2Y, $20,000
22 - QB Ulysses Lawyer LDN
23 - S Peter Sellers PRO
24 - QB Lee Rogers HFX -> IND 1Y, $14,500
25 - OL Brian O’Leary LI -> BOS 1Y, $16,000

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 Hall of Fame Class Vote

Hey everyone, time for you to have a say in who shall be inducted into the NAAF this offseason. 

So here is how it works:
- You will get to pick up to 8 players to vote into the Hall of Fame.
- The top 5 most voted for will automatically be voted in, however, more may make it if they get enough votes.
- I may add a 6th member of my choosing especially if I feel a player deserves getting in that doesn’t get the vote.

The link to the vote form is below. A google sheet link is at the top. That sheet includes the list of current Hall of Famers, and then a sheet of eligible players. The list looks similar to the retirement sheet with all the same information. I have also included their retirement blurb to get a better idea about the player, though you may need to scroll through it. You can use that information to help decide which players you wish to vote for. 

In terms of which players I have made eligible. I had the stipulation that a player had to either win an award or be an All-Star at some point as well as be retired for at least 5 seasons. Also with All-Stars note that some positions are easier to get an All-Star, like OL where there are 10 All-Stars each year versus RB and QB where there are only 2 each. So a RB or QB with multiple All-Stars is quite impressive.

Either way, I hope you have fun voting and we will see how this all shakes out.


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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 College Hybrid Football Results
Ahead of the 1967 College season, there was a change in the America East Hybrid Conference. After back-to-back seasons of being unable to field a team, Hempstead University dropped out of the conference. To take their place, Upstate University, based out of Albany, would move from the Atlantic Coast Athletic Conference to the AEHC. Upstate has stronger relationships with Haynes, Western New York, and Vermont Republic in comparison to the ACAC schools, so it made sense for them to make the shift over. 

Canada East Hybrid Conference
(1) Hamilton Howlers
(5) Toronto Dukes
Rideau Rams
St. George Maples
London Foresters
Kitchener-Waterloo Provincial Beavers

(6) Majeure Montreal Insulaires
(9) St-Laurent Cavaliers de Riviere
(10) Montreal Provincial Panthers
Nova Scotia Armada
New Brunswick Pirates
Mont-Bellevue Geais Bleus

CEHC Playoffs
WF (1) UHAM 34-21 (5) TORU
EF (6) MMTL 14-17 (9) ST-L

CEHC Championship
(1) UHAM 40-10 (9) ST-L

America East Hybrid Conference
(2) Western New York Whitetails
(3) New England Cardinals
(4) Rhode Island State Bulldogs
(7) Haynes Colonials
(8) Maine State Acadians
Cambridge of Boston Cubs
Upstate Bluebirds
West Mass State Rangers
Concord-Manchester Fighting Pike
Vermont Republic Mountaineers
Erie Sailors
WNY-Rochester Eagles

AEHC Playoffs
(2) WNY 24-13 (7) HAY
(3) UNE 20-17 (4) RISU

AEHC Championship
(2) WNY 24-21 (3) UNE

Hybrid Football Championship
(1) UHAM 30-20 (2) WNY

1968 Draft Preview
The University of Hamilton Howlers dominated this College Hybrid Football season. They claimed their second straight Hybrid championship in a more dominating fashion than last season. They were led by 2 bright stars in LB Judge Barrett and QB Drake Young. Barrett is the perfect leader for the defence. He is extremely intelligent, knowing all the rules and plays by heart. That knowledge he uses to gain any advantage he can, even some that are a little on the edge of the rules. Regardless, he has immense talent and will make for an important piece to any defence. As for Drake Young, some are saying this is the next big QB coming into the NAAF. Young has played extremely well over the past two seasons, leading UHamilton to the back-to-back titles. He’s got all the things you want skill-wise, but there appears to be that extra edge to his game, especially in crucial moments where he can make something out of nothing. Young also appears to be as humble as they come, often giving his teammates credit before himself. Young will certainly be a tempting player for a few teams this draft. Hamilton also has some other talents in Judge Barrett’s cousin OL Ty Barrett, and one of Young’s favourite targets in WR Jake Aberdezzi.

While Judge Barrett looks to be a great defensive acquisition, it was DL Arthur Bradshaw, who had a standout season with Western New York, that topped the Gains Report. He set a new school record for sacks in a season, en route to the team’s first Hybrid Football Championship appearance. Bradshaw is a threat on the line and should not be on the board for long, especially with the demand at the position. Western New York’s season was also helped by good play from S Jarrett Sutherland, whose loud style of play often set the tone for many games this season. Offensively the school also had a great season from WR Jessie Lambert, the younger brother of Blue Wings LB Randall Lambert, and a breakout year from RB Shannon West. West is a grinding back that can just pound the rock down the field. There are some concerns about his health due to his style of play. However, West isn’t worried, “I’m the best there is, nothing stops Shannon West,” he says.

New England had a down season this year, but the school still has a couple of solid prospects in OL Kane Warwick and DB Lamar Brown. Warwick is easily the best OL prospect in the draft. While he isn't the biggest OL, he keeps fighting and improving with every snap and it's clear he's got a high ceiling. They did have a strong season out of RB Neil Bradley who could make an impact at the next level. Unlike Shannon West, he isn’t able to pound the rock, having a lot of runs be stopped at the line, but if he gets out of the backfield he can create problems for teams with his agility. He also never fumbled the ball at all during his senior year, earning him the nickname “Lobster” for his claw-like grip. There was one other RB in Jasper Dickerson who led the Dukes to a solid season, being the main focus on offence throughout the year. He’s got explosiveness and a bit more strength than Bradley has which makes him a more complete back compared to the others. 

Rhode Island State has some interesting prospects in OL Alan Farquharson and LB Daniel Timothy. Former RISU, and current Providence Head Coach, Garrett Boone, raved about Timothy, from recruiting him to the school in one of his last seasons. Timothy played well for both the school's football team and baseball team, his batting ability had led him to get drafted into baseball out of high school, but decided to continue with college. He was quiet on the football field at first, but he put more time into football in his last couple of seasons which showed on the field boosting the 2-sport athlete to the top of the Gains Report. There is some concern with Timothy potentially jumping to baseball instead of the NAAF, however, due to focusing on football, his baseball abilities have dwindled pretty much shutting the door on a long-term professional baseball career.

The last player to mention out of the top 10 is WR Sterling Underhill, who had a very strong season for the Haynes Colonials despite having an inexperienced QB this season. He often made catches that were not accurate at all and used his smarts to make things easier on his QB. It is those small things that make Underhill stand out player. 

Now outside of the potential franchise-changing QB of Drake Young, there really isn’t anything to look for in this season’s draft at the position. The next best-ranked QB is Mac Ennis. Ennis took over for last year’s 1st round QB David Simmons at Cambridge of Boston. Ennis jumped up the rankings late after a strong 3-touchdown performance against 3rd ranked New England, however, most of his other games were forgettable.

Some may put QB Daryl Plum above Ennis, as he is much more consistent, leading the Upstate Bluebirds to a respectable season while adjusting to the new rule set. The main reason Ennis is put ahead of Plum is that he showed an ability to improvise, a few times this season. Either way, Ennis seems to have some unlocked talent.

The lowest-ranked is a Division 2 QB in Emmitt Jackson. There’s not much on him, but he’s coming all the way from Virginia and set several school records including the most rushing yards in a game for the school as a QB. However, many take that with a grain of salt being from a Division 2 school.

Overall a lot of talented defenders early on with some nice offensive pieces that could make a difference for several teams. 

The Gains Report’s Top 25
1 - DL Arthur Bradshaw - Western New York - Brad Cumberland - DireBear
2 - LB Judge Barrett - UHamilton - Sterling Brantley - Darknes
3 - LB Daniel Timothy - Rhode Island State - George Stefanakis - Dan O’Mac
4 - QB Drake Young - UHamilton - Barry Williams - ZO82
5 - OL Kane Warwick - New England - Sterling Brantley - Darknes
6 - WR Jake Aberdezzi - UHamilton - Timmy Bjarnathan - NoE38
7 - WR Sterling Underhill - Haynes - Kenneth Jones - Enigmajones
8 - S Jarrett Sutherland - Western New York - Vincent Desjardins - Kingsfan11
9 - OL Alan Farquharson - Rhode Island State - George Stefanakis - Dan O’Mac
10 - RB Shannon West - Western New York - George Stefanakis - Dan O’Mac
11 - OL Doyle MacInnis - Haynes - George Stefanakis - Dan O’Mac
12 - DB Lamar Brown - New England - Vincent Desjardins - Kingsfan11
13 - RB Jasper Dickerson - Toronto - Vincent Desjardins - Kingsfan11
14 - DL Mo Kahn - Maine State - Johnny Armando - Stickman
15 - DB Zed McLaughlin - Nova Scotia - Ivan di Marco - idm
16 - OL Ty Barrett - UHamilton - Sterling Brantley - Darknes
17 - DB Oswald Murray - Louisville State* - Jayson Hawkins - Jayhawk
18 - OL Shane Willis - Toronto - Travis Ronnigen - Edgeworth
19 - WR Jessie Lambert - Western New York - Brad Cumberland - DireBear
20 - OL Kash Wilder - Louisville State* - Barry Williams - ZO82
21 - RB Neil Bradley - New England - Timmy Bjarnathan - NoE38
22 - TE Luiss de Brands - Rideau - Timmy Bjarnathan - NoE38
23 - OL Bobby Shields - West Mass State - Brad Cumberland - DireBear
24 - DL Alan Frankjovic - Toronto - Barry Williams - ZO82
25 - DB Carl Odebell - Indiana Tech* - James Herr-O'Nark - JamHeronArk
27 - TE Sid Sydney - UHamilton - Wally Flowers - Wallflower
34 - OL Geno Aranda - King’s* - Vlad Valasiuk - vladee
44 - QB Mac Ennis - Cambridge of Boston - George Stefanakis - Dan O’Mac
47 - QB Daryl Plum - Upstate* - Brad Cumberland - DireBear
50 - LB Donte Chino - St.Paul* - Roger Roy - Scratch
56 - S Bennett Drill - Concord-Manchester - Jimmy Yamamoto - QCS
67 - QB Emmitt Jackson - Petersburg College (DIVII) - Wally Flowers - Wallflower

Draft Order
1 - Toronto Steelheads - OL, LB, DL
2 - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - DL, WR, OL, TE
3 - Ottawa Royals - QB, LB, DL
4 - Louisville Thunder (from Boston) - LB, DB, OL
5 - Halifax Mariners - OL, RB, LB
6 - Indiana Victors - WR, OL
7 - Montreal Rouge - DB, DL, LB
8 - London Tigers - DL, LB, WR, QB
9 - Louisville Thunder - LB, DB, OL
10 - Toronto Steelheads (from Providence) - OL, LB, DL
11 - Long Island Raiders - OL, DL, LB
12 - Buffalo Blue Wings - OL, RB, DB

Boston Independents - 1st Pick: 16th - RB, DL, OL
Providence Gold Stars - 1st Pick: 22nd - OL, WR, QB

Feel free to drop some mock drafts below and let me know who you are most excited to see go.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Since I only have one horse in the race, I wouldn't mind Underhill in Indiana, but my choice would be London. I think Kiernan could really use a workhorse receiver and he might be the key to bring them back to the top.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 NAAF Draft

Round 1

1 - Toronto Steelheads | LB Judge Barrett | UHamilton - Hamilton, ON - Darknes
Judge Barrett becomes just the second linebacker to ever be selected with the #1 pick, following Scotty Williams, who was the first pick back in 1952. Barrett is also the first Canadian picked 1st overall since OL Jean-Baptiste Desjardins in 1962. The Steelheads have desperately needed a new defensive leader. They hoped to get that from LB Sebastian Andrews III, but he has not gotten it done. Barrett is a great piece to build a defence around. He’s extremely intelligent and knows the plays inside and out, having a perfect idea of where everyone is supposed to be. On top of that, Barrett knows the rules just as well, knowing where to bend them to give him any advantage he can. While his brain is impressive, his physical abilities are just as great, being a great open-field tackler, while also having the athletic ability to move quickly on the field. It would be shocking if Barrett was not a franchise player for the Steelheads.

2 - Pittsburgh Blacksmiths | DL Arthur Bradshaw | Western New York - Batavia, NY - DireBear
For the second year in a row, the Blacksmiths take a Defensive Lineman with their first pick of the draft. Matthias Hartmann was not quite as great as his brother and rookie of the year Bernhard Hartmann, but adding a talent such as Bradshaw may help to create a strong duo on the line as the two develop. Bradshaw brings excellent skill to the line. In his final season in college, he had set a school record for sacks using his great hands and speed to cause many issues for offensive linemen in college. Bradshaw seems like raw talent and should hopefully give the Blacksmiths a long-term leader on the line.

3 - Ottawa Royals | QB Drake Young | UHamilton - Brantford, ON - ZO82
Despite drafting QB Martin Keller 7th overall last season, the Royals decided they could not pass up the opportunity to draft Drake Young. It appeared that the Royals were not very impressed with Keller in his first season after trading for QB Robert Humphrey at the deadline and sending Keller to the reserve list. Either way, they get one of the best college QBs over the past few years in Drake Young. Young brings a lot to the table, being an accurate passer, a good decision-maker, with a solid arm. However, the most important element of his game is his poise in the pocket and ability to improvise and not let the pressure get to him. Those traits are often what separate the great QBs from the good. Hopefully, the Royals finally have a long-term answer at QB. 

4 - Louisville Thunder (from Boston) | LB Daniel Timothy | Rhode Island State - Bristol, RI - Dan O'Mac
The Thunder were jumping for joy when the Royals passed on LB Daniel Timothy. GM Robbie Wilson immediately hung up on GM Joseph Johnson of the Tigers after the Royals picked Drake Young. The Thunder were eying one of the linebackers but didn’t think one would be there and had been looking at potential trade options. However, they do land the 2-sport linebacker out of Rhode Island State. Timothy is looked at as a little more raw than Barrett, but his senior season showed that he was good at coverage over the middle. His smaller frame for a LB, due to being a baseball player as well, allows for more mobility, but he does need to hit the gym to help with his tackling. He’s also quite smart and can be a signal-caller for a defence. Louisville lost their #1 LB in Calvin Hardy to Montreal, so they are hoping Timothy will be able to fill those shoes someday soon.

5 - Halifax Mariners | OL Kane Warwick | New England - Sleepy Hollow, NY - Darknes
The Mariners made a strong choice in Kane Warwick at 5th overall. After losing OL Harrison Ward and OL Wolfgang Vander Waal, the team had a hole on their O-line. Luckily, they were able to snag the top OL prospect in the draft. Warwick is not all that big, but he never quits. His junior and senior years at New England were very impressive standing out as one of the best blockers in college. Warwick is a passionate player that should be a great addition to the Mariners’ locker room this season. 

6 - Indiana Victors | WR Jake Abbredezzi | UHamilton - Niagara, ON - NoE38
The Victors had a choice of the top 2 WRs in the draft. After losing WR Orlando Barrack to Pittsburgh, the team desperately needed a #3 option. In the end, they chose Jake Abbredezzi out of UHamilton. Abbredezzi was Drake Young’s favourite target this past season, catching 12 touchdowns this past season. This was with Abbredezzi missing 2 and a half games with injury. Abbredezzi has the physical traits of a solid all-around WR. He’s quick and had great ball carrier vision from his time as a RB in high school. He also played QB making him a very versatile piece for an offence. The big concern with Abbredezzi however, is his health, as he had missed at least a couple of games in each one of his years at UHamilton.

The first round had been pretty quiet, but by pick 7, the first trade of the draft occurred. Montreal knew that there was a market for a team to move up to take the other WR, Sterling Underhill, so they took advantage and traded back. They had fielded offers from Pittsburgh, Providence, and Toronto. In the end, the Steelheads would send the 10th overall pick and the 18th overall pick to the Rouge in order to move up to 7th overall. 

7 - Toronto Steelheads (from Montreal) | WR Sterling Underhill | Haynes - New Haven, CT - Enigmajones 
Toronto would grab Underhill with the newly acquired pick. Toronto has desperately needed a new star in the WR core to help with their offensive struggles from last season. Underhill seems like a great fit for the Steelheads. He still thrived in a Haynes offence that did not have any consistency at QB this season. Underhill has a great catch radius which is very helpful for a team that may have the QB under pressure a lot. Toronto certainly had that last season with easily the worst O-line in the league. Hopefully, Underhill can make the quick transition to the next level and help the Steelheads quickly.

8 - London Tigers | DL Mo Kahn | Maine State - Portland, ME - Stickman
London toyed with the idea of trading up to get QB Drake Young, but the Royals beat them to it. Fortunately, they still landed a guy they liked with the 8th overall pick. Mo Kahn should bring a boost to a very weak D-line that London has struggled to improve in the last couple of seasons. Kahn may be considered a bit of a reach, being projected as an early 2nd round option, but clearly, the need for DL was much more important. Kahn has the makings of a very good D-lineman, with great strength and speed to get around the O-line, however, a big concern is his injury history having only played a full season once in college. His knee issues could start eating into his skill which may make this pick not look too great in the long run.

The second trade of the draft saw the Steelheads make another jump back into the first round. They would make a swap with the Louisville Thunder to move up to 9th overall. In return, the Thunder would receive picks 13 and 27.

9 - Toronto Steelheads (from Louisville) | OL Alan Farquharson | Rhode Island State - Warwick, RI - Dan O’Mac
After taking a LB and WR with their first two picks, the Steelheads would aim to solve one of their biggest issues, the offensive line. In order to do that they would take Alan Farquharson out of Rhode Island State. Farquharson is a big guy, got lots of strength, and he often bullied O-linemen. Well, bullying also extends to his past, being suspended a few times in high school, which may mean a not-so-friendly personality, but Toronto should get a solid O-lineman out of Farquharson. 

10 - Montreal Rouge (from Providence via Toronto) | DB Lamar Brown | New England - Concord, NH - Kingsfan11
Montreal finally came up to pick and they would grab Lamar Brown out of New England. They were in dire need of depth in the secondary, especially after DB Quentin Xavier retired. Brown is on the larger side of DBs, at least in terms of his frame and muscle. He uses his body to punish wideouts but does have the agility to be strong in coverage as well. If Brown can bring his physicality to the NAAF, he could be a game-changer for the Rouge defence.

11 - Long Island Raiders | OL Doyle MacInnis | Haynes - Rockland, ME - Dan O’Mac
The Raiders had a weaker O-line over the past season, so they would look to add some help with MacInnis. MacInnis is a strong interior lineman, who is a specialist in creating holes for running backs. His specialty is what makes him a great fit for the run-heavy Raiders offence.

12 - Buffalo Blue Wings | OL Ty Barrett | UHamilton - Hamilton, ON - Darknes
With the final pick of the first round, the Blue Wings drafted Judge Barrett’s cousin, Ty Barrett, to help out on the O-line. Buffalo’s weakest position was easily on the line, so the addition of Barrett should help out. Barrett is a muscle man who likes to overpower his opponent in blocks rather than use technical skill. He did that very well in college, but there are some worries that he may not stand up to the stronger NAAF D-lineman and could become penalty prone. 

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