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5/06/2022 7:37 pm  #2001

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

LETS GO! Buffalo wins! What a game ! What a performance from Charles Lemieux! Back-to-back Baby! If I'm not mistaken, Lemieux now has 1 less McCallister Cup than Jean Matieau, right? Also, I spotted 6 of my guys in the championship roster, the Blue Wings love Vincent Desjardins' boys it seems.

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5/06/2022 7:46 pm  #2002

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Kingsfan11 wrote:

LETS GO! Buffalo wins! What a game ! What a performance from Charles Lemieux! Back-to-back Baby! If I'm not mistaken, Lemieux now has 1 less McCallister Cup than Jean Matieau, right? Also, I spotted 6 of my guys in the championship roster, the Blue Wings love Vincent Desjardins' boys it seems.

Yep. Lemieux is only 1 back of Matieau. They clearly do, and it is working out for them.

***Also I added the field graphic to the post now***

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5/07/2022 5:16 pm  #2003

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF


Back to back babyyyyyy


5/08/2022 6:20 pm  #2004

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 Award Winners

Most Valuable Player - S Garet deVale MTL
One of the closest votes yet for the MVP, but with the commissioner’s decision with the tie-breaker, Garet deVale becomes the second defensive player and the first Montreal player since RB Élisée Marchal in 1951 to win the MVP. deVale defined exactly what it means to be the most valuable player on a team, being easily one of the best secondary players in the league while playing on a fairly weak Montreal defence. His league-leading 10 interceptions and 3 defensive touchdowns were outstanding and he absolutely deserves the MVP award.

Playoff MVP - DB Rutherford Winters LI
There were 3 guys who were considered for the playoff MVP: Winters, Charles Lemieux and  Théodore Lemieux, but in the end with 3 interceptions and a forced fumble in just 2 games, Winters was the standout player in the postseason. His play throughout helped the Raiders to their win over the Gold Stars in the East Final and his interception in the McCallister Cup allowed the team to get their lone touchdown of the game. 

Offensive Player of the Year - RB Jimmy Golden BUF
Golden has continued to show he is the Running Back of his generation. Another strong season ends with Golden leading the way in rushing stats with 20 touchdowns and the most rushing yards overall. This is Golden’s first Offensive Player of the Year win, which he will add to his 3 championship rings and MVP win in 1964.

Defensive Player of the Year - LB William Washington II LI
Washington continues to be a dominant defender in the NAAF, and easily the best player on the Raiders’ defence. He took home his second Defensive Player of the Year award, after winning his first in 1965. In 1967, he did lead the league in tackles and had 7 forced fumbles to tie for the league lead.  

Special Teams Player of the Year - K Henderson Schumacher LI
Schumacher won his first STPOY Award since 1959. This is his 3rd win as the league’s best Special Teams player. He came just one field goal away from tying the record for most in a season held by K Nimrod Handsworth. 

Rookie of the Year - DL Bernhard Hartmann OTT
Hartmann was a consistently good player for the Royals throughout the season. His ability to be an impact player throughout the season outshined his competitors, who both had moments of greatness, but also struggled throughout as well. Hartmann is the first Royal to win the Rookie of the Year.

Coach of the Year - Maurice Evanson BUF
Evanson earns his first Coach of the Year award, becoming the 3rd Blue Wing to win the award. While he is gifted with a stellar team, it takes a captain to lead them and Evanson has done that excellently. Following the team’s championship win, he has become the first coach to lead a team to back-to-back 10+ win seasons while winning the championship in both seasons. 

Breakout Player of the Year - QB Buck Murphy LOU
Louisville had a big question going into this season with their QBs, but Buck Murphy came through to answer the question. He exploded into a very strong starting QB in the NAAF leading the 1-11 Thunder to a 6-5-1 finish and playoff appearance in his first season as the starter. Murphy shattered his career-high in pretty much all statistical categories, most notably Passing Touchdowns going from 5 in a season to 26.

50th McCallister Cup Host - Richardson Stadium - Boston, MA - Capacity: 45,265
The 1968 McCallister Cup will be the 50th edition of the historic game. In honour of this, Boston has been selected as the host. The first-ever McCallister Cup or the New England Championship Game, as it was known at the time, was held in Boston’s Terrence Park, and so Boston felt like the only right choice for the 50th game. The 50th McCallister Cup will be the 19th time the game has been played in Boston and the 14th played at Richardson Stadium.

1967 All-Stars

QB Tom Applewhite IND (1)
RB Jimmy Golden (3) 
OL Erik Nelson PIT (1)
OL Taylor Forbes LOU (4)
OL Viktor Stahl IND (3)
OL Jean-Baptiste Desjardins IND (4)
OL Emil Jennings LDN (3)
WR Lloyd Lane LOU (1)
WR Ed Edwards IND (6)
WR Julius Drake BUF (2)
TE Paul Arturberry BUF (2)

DL William Sanderson BUF (11)
DL Bjorn Sigmarsson LOU (5)
DL Johnathan Ellison TOR (1)
DL Lonnie Vincent BUF (6)
LB Dallas Dillard LDN (5)
LB Orion Carter (1)
LB Marshall Langenbrunner IND (2)
DB Ezra Power BUF (2)
DB Cameron Taylor IND (2)
DB Jayden Mills LOU (1)
S Johnny Berger LOU (7)
K Ryan Perch BUF (1)

QB Nathaniel Braddock BOS (2)
RB Corbyn Knight OTT (1)
OL Graham Chambers BOS (10)
OL Forrest Green LI (3)
OL Joseph Samberg PRO (1)
OL Elliot Barrett MTL (1)
OL Ward Briscoe HFX (6)
WR Taylor Karis MTL (4)
WR Cedric Peterson PRO (4)
WR Alexei Dubois BOS (1)
TE Tobias Lindholm BOS (1)

DL Wayne Baxton HFX (5)
DL Pionk Bjorkkstrand LI (2)
DL Craig White PRO (6)
DL Lucas Kipling MTL (3)
LB William Washington II LI (3)
LB Conrad Kurst MTL (1)
LB Enzo Morello OTT (1)
DB Neville Falkner PRO (7)
DB Oliver Langstrom LI (4)
DB Sergio Alvarez OTT (1)
S Garet deVale MTL (7)

K Henderson Schumacher (5)

1967 League Leader Stats

Passing Touchdowns
T1 - QB Tom Applewhite IND - 26
T1 - QB Buck Murphy LOU - 26
3 - QB Nathaniel Braddock - 24
4 - QB Gene Bishop MTL - 22
T5 - QB Charles Lemieux BUF - 17
T5 - QB Lyle Painter HFX - 17
T5 - QB Connor O’Rourke PRO - 17

Rushing Touchdowns
1 - RB Jimmy Golden BUF - 20
2 - RB Raymond Green IND - 17
3 - RB Austin Andrews LDN - 16
4 - RB Corbyn Knight OTT - 15
5 - RB Dareion Fields LI - 14

Receiving Touchdowns
1 - WR Lloyd Lane LOU - 14
2 - WR Taylor Karis MTL - 13
T3 - WR Alexei Dubois BOS - 10
T3 - WR Ed Edwards IND - 10
5 - WR Cedric Peterson PRO - 9

1 - S Garet deVale MTL - 10
T2 - DB Oliver Langstrom BOS - 9
T2 - DB Neville Falkner PRO - 9
T4 - DB Cameron Taylor IND - 7
T4 - DB Rutherford Winters LI - 7
T4 - DB Sergio Alvarez OTT - 7

Forced Fumbles
T1 -  LB William Washington II LI - 7
T1 - DL Lucas Kipling MTL - 7
T2 - DL Wayne Baxton HFX - 5
T2 - DL William Sanderson BUF - 5
T2 - LB Conrad Kurst MTL - 5

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5/09/2022 3:41 am  #2005

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Wow, one of my guys winning both MVP and Breakout Player? Awesome! Great year for my players, it's a shame neither of them got a ring to go with it.

5/12/2022 10:17 am  #2006

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1968 League Meetings - Part 1

The 1968 NAAF league meetings entered a new format this offseason. The first day or so was dedicated to members of the league, owners, players, and coaches, proposing potential changes to the league’s rules and regulations. After discussions on the topics over the week, they will be voted upon at the end to decide which rules to take into effect. (yes, that means you guys will have a chance to vote on these rules).

Here were the main proposals and news to come from the first day of meetings.

Last offseason, the University of Minneapolis and potential football team owner Kris Matheson had put together a proposal for a new stadium at the city’s largest university. The proposal was a strong one, but still wasn’t a sure go, however with the NAAF’s help in producing some funds, the city approved the new building. Over the last year, the stadium had been under construction and should be complete for the University to play some games this season. 

At this point, it seems already set in stone that the NAAF will be adding a Minneapolis team in the near future. However, Jameson is not keen on expanding by 1 team again and would rather have a pair of teams to go forward with. Jameson is hoping to add a team that is also out west to help grow the game along with Minneapolis. However, it has been difficult to find a city with the stadium and potential to have a team, especially with the GLFL taking up most major Midwestern cities. Most proposals the league has seen, have not been all that strong. Most need to build a stadium but may not have the financial backing. The NAAF would normally step in, but they are already running a bit low following the Minneapolis deal.

However, here have been the strongest proposals

Grand Rapids, MI - Back in the 1957 expansion process, David Harrison had been looking to have football return to the city, but a new stadium was very much needed and Harrison was not willing to make it happen for an NAAF team. A decade later, and now his son Daniel Harrison is making a push for the return of football. This time, there is a greater willingness to build a new stadium to house a team, however, Daniel isn’t quite as well off as his father was, so there will certainly be a need for financial support to make it happen.

Des Moines, IA - This proposal is a long shot at this point, however, because of its proximity to Minneapolis, Des Moines has stayed in the conversation. They do have a potential ownership group led by Duncan Brown, but they are not quite as invested in getting a football team to the city. They seem to be more on the safe side and would not be willing to eat too many losses if the team does struggle. However, if it does work then it could be a very interesting spot.

Kansas City, KS/MO - Kansas City is probably the biggest market that is up for grabs at the moment. It also appears to have the best backing behind it. The potential owner Jacob Cross is hoping to bring the team to the city. Despite the city already had a baseball park, they will need a new stadium as the baseball team doesn’t want to have the field changing during the summer season. Luckily, a farming company, Powell Mills, is coming to assist Mr. Cross in helping the funding of the new stadium, however, there are still some concerns behind the overall bid with Powell Mills being a fairly young company, and not the most influential sponsor at this point. 

Omaha, NE - This bid has been a bit more under the radar, but there is a proposal to have the team play out of Major Nebraska University. Harry Colson is a Dean at the university and has a pretty cost-effective proposal, with the school’s stadium that is relatively new and able to field the NAAF’s larger field. As a whole, Omaha is not the biggest market for sure, but it still holds a candle over locations like London and Halifax, which have had success. The best part is, that this proposal could be the cheapest and could even fast-track the expansion to 1968 rather than waiting until 1969 by having the stadium ready to go.

Quebec City, QC - While a move out west is the most likely, there are still the usual suspects out East that may be able to sneak their way into the conversation if the Western markets fail. Quebec City has been a hybrid football heartland that would no doubt support a team. They do still have a good stadium, which has been used for hybrid football for many years now. The stadium is still on the smaller side, but it’s still an option, similar to Omaha, that could fast track the expansion to next season. The downside for Quebec at this point is the concern that a professional team could harm the strong semi-pro/college culture in the city which has been a major help to the development of players of the year. 

Portland, ME - Portland has always found itself in strong contention for a team, but the desire to bring a team to the city has subdued over the years from both the NAAF and the likely ownerships, mainly led by Phillip Dockson, but it remains an option in Jameson’s book. The faltering interest is likely due to the NAAF’s growth and the several failed attempts from the city in the past. This is still a location that does need a new stadium to really be able to house a team long-term. 

I won’t be having an actual vote for the expansion city, but feel free to give your feedback and thoughts, I will still take those into account when making the final decision. 


The players and coaches came together with a proposal to look at adding a regular bye week to the regular season. The players specifically stated that they liked the bye weeks that were present during the 1964 season when the league had an odd number of teams. They specifically noted how the game is getting faster and more dangerous, and with that comes more injuries. The hope is a week off for teams could help to give a bit more time to recover and some time to see family during the season. A majority of the voting members are in agreement to add a bye week, however, they are not sure when the week should occur. 

There are several options that were looked at which still need to be decided:

Option 1 - Mid-Season Break - The first option would be a simple break between weeks 6 and 7. This would mean there would be no games played during the week and the season would resume in week 7. 
Pros: Simple for Scheduling, Overall fair with everyone having the same week off. Plus more of the league members could take the week off as well.
Cons: Could be a tough one to pass with TV deals

Option 2 - Mid-Season Half-Break - The second option would be a similar break, except week 7 would be split into 2 weeks with half of the teams getting the first week off, and then the next week would be off for the other 6 teams. 
Pros: Still relatively fair, Still games every week, could lead to a higher watch rate with teams having the week off.
Cons: Not quite as fair as the complete break, league members will not be able to have the week off. 

Option 3 - Rolling Bye Weeks - The third option would see a rotation of 2-4 teams getting a bye week between Week 4 and Week 9. (This is similar to how the NFL does it)
Pros: Keeps the most games going throughout the season. 
Cons: Less fair, some teams have early by week while others have later weeks, tougher to schedule.

Option 4 - Trade Deadline Break - Like the first option this would be a hard break with every team getting a break, however, this time the break occurs over the trade deadline.
Pros: Fair week off and allows traded players to have more time to adjust to new teams, better to help players heal later in the season.
Cons: Could be a tough week off for those potentially getting moved instead of being a proper break.


The NAAF currently has a rule in which a player can call for at least a $500 raise in annual salary if they are to have their contract extended prior to hitting the open market. There are some players that wish to have that raise amount increased to $1,000 for this season. It does seem like a good idea as a whole to help players be paid better, however, there are some other players that feel as though the rule could cause more of those fringe players to enter free agency more frequently and could lead to less stability which isn’t necessarily a good thing for those players. It would help if the salary cap does increase allowing teams to spend more, the new cap is yet to be determined. The existing rule rarely affects the higher paid players as they usually exceed the rise by a significant amount anyway, so there may not be very many benefits to making this change. 


There is a potential rule change that would see the removal of the traditional coin toss at the start of games. It will likely be replaced with giving the home team the first choice as if they won the coin toss. Of course, the traditionalists in the league are against a change to the classic pre-game event. However, there are just as many who wouldn't mind the change, which just adds to a team having home-field advantage.

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5/12/2022 3:42 pm  #2007

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Definitely some interesting options for the votes!   Removing the coin toss does seem rather sacrilegious and that's why I voted to keep it, but nobody ever said this league had to run exactly like the NFL.  I do like the added bonus letting the home team "win" the right to choose first, home field advantage should mean something for sure!

As for the other expansion team to join Minneapolis... I'd imagine the NAAF would probably want to avoid adding more teams in the eastern part of the country, seeing how many they already have, so that likely would punt Quebec City and Portland.  Des Moines doesn't seem interested as the other 3 Midwest choices, all of whom are at least somewhat close to Minneapolis (especially by plane).  So maybe not them either.

Omaha seems good and I've always thought it'd have made for a passionate fan base (if a little on the smaller side, population wise), but it's even further west than Minneapolis, so those 2 would look like they're on their own little island far away from everyone.  Although the quick rate that they could be introduced is very nice! 

Kansas City has the biggest market, and that alone makes them a solid bet, (though with Halifax and London having teams, bigger markets aren't always needed it seems). 

Grand Rapids is pretty close to several teams, bridging that weird gap so that it doesn't look like the 2 new teams are isolated from the rest of the league.    They don't have the money the other two do, but seeing as two generations of owners have tried to get a team in Grand Rapids, you could argue they may end up being the most dedicated owners of the bunch.  Also, I'm biased towards Michigan, lol!

Definitely excited to see what comes up from this!

5/12/2022 4:14 pm  #2008

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Glad to see NAAF expansion on the horizon once again, I think Minneapolis will be a hit for sure. The second market is more interesting, there are some good options. I agree that a team in the east isn't really what the NAAF should go for, so Quebec and Portland are out for me. I don't think going for mid-level markets like Des Moines or Grand Rapids is what the NAAF should be aiming for either. For me, Kansas City and Omaha are the only markets that make sense.

KC is certainly bigger, but the hurdle of needing a new stadium with financing from a relatively unproven source is worrying. The distance from every other team is also of concern as it'd be at least 400 miles to the nearest teams whereas Omaha is half the distance to Minneapolis. Similar to how Indy and Louisville joined together to move the league's footprint west, I think the safer option in Omaha will make the most sense to pair with Minneapolis.

5/12/2022 5:55 pm  #2009

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I can’t imagine football without a coin toss (unless it’s the OG XFL), so hard no on that one.

For expansion, I’d say the NAAF should expand to the bustling metropolis of Mesa, Arizona! (I’m just kidding).

For real though, like Stickman and QCS said, the NAAF should keep expanding more to the Midwest, so no on Quebec City and Portland (assuming Minneapolis does get added). I think Des Moines could be too small and no mention of a stadium spells trouble. Omaha would make a good spot, but it’s kinda out in the middle of nowhere so it’s a longshot. Grand Rapids is definitely a spot I like for the NAAF, but like Des Moines, it’s pretty small and could be a problem for the league moving forward. That leaves Kansas City. I think this probably the obvious pick for a team, considering how big the city is compared to some other markets (I.E. Providence, London) and the stadium and sponsorship seems good. Only problem seems to be don’t go with the obvious.

Very interested to see where this ends up!

5/13/2022 12:25 am  #2010

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Quebec City or Portland would be my choices. I like both but I doubt that Portland will get a team. If not Quebec City, then Des Moines.

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