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3/16/2022 3:35 pm  #61

Re: The AltBA Season 2021

Thehealthiestscratch wrote:

Dan O'Mac wrote:

In news unrelated to the AltBA Playoffs, Pittsburgh Hammers owner Dan O'Mac has called a press conference in... Wilmington, Delaware? Why would he be there? What could he possibly be doing? What sport is this even in regards to? You readers should know, you clicked on a link to get here!

 Things have shifted in the world of Alt Sports. With Wisconsin State's campus in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the city was already stretched thin in being able to support both the AAltHL's Green Bay Foxes and the AltG-League's Green Bay Papermakers. With the AAltLB adding the Green Bay Tailgaters, which is an odd name since we don't have a big tailgating culture in the city, I felt that it was too much for the city to handle. Then, an offer came from Wilmington, Delaware, providing a financial windfall to the Hammers organization to move our AltG-League team to their fine city. It was both a simple choice, and a difficult choice. Simple in that we want our AltG-League team to succeed both on the court and with the city they plan in, difficult because Green Bay is my home. But O'Mac Entertainment Enterprises will still be headquartered in Green Bay. The Foxes will not be moving. But the Papermakers are no more. Following one season in Green Bay, they will be moving to Wilmington, Delaware. We knew that there needed to be a connection to the area, and the team will be named after the Delaware state fish, the weakfish. Another name for the weakfish is the tiderunner, which was simply a slam dunk as the name for this team.

We have formed a partnership with Wilmington's own Elena Delle Donne, and she will be working with the team, and will be part of our front office or coaching staff when her playing career concludes. She's here today to show off our brand new Tiderunners jerseys. Without further ado, your Delaware Tiderunners!

With that, Dan concludes his press conference as the asymmetrically designed jerseys are shown off.

Dan, be careful with this fish related fun. I love it, but hate the idea of challenging murderfish's superiority.

How could I possibly be challenging Mike Murderfish when:
a) he's dead
b) this fish is based on the weakfish

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4/11/2022 8:02 am  #62

Re: The AltBA Season 2021

Congratulations to Scratch and the Atlanta Devils for winning the AltBA Championship. They become the first AltBA team to join the Alt-Universe Realm of Champions. A shout out to Jam and the Kansas City Marshals for their Western Conference Championship. 

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7/19/2022 2:17 pm  #63

Re: The AltBA Season 2021

I know there was interest shown in the AltHL and AltFL groups for jersey redesigns, and I'd like to put the Hammers jerseys in that group as well for a potential jersey redesign.

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