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3/22/2022 7:29 pm  #1961

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I love seeing both my teams winning, especially when it clinches a playoff spot for one of them


3/23/2022 4:28 pm  #1962

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Trade Deadline Preview

Trade Bait
1 - OL Benedict Benedicto - PIT - Age: 28 - Contract: 1Y, $14,000
2 - OL Richard Justice - TOR - Age: 30 - Contract: 1Y, $17,000
3 - DL Lawrence Armstrong - TOR - Age: 33 - Contract: 1Y, $24,000 - NTC
4 - DB Peter Lee - OTT - Age: 30 - Contract: 1Y, $10,000
5 - WR Sam Nash - BOS - Age: 30 - Contract: 1Y, $12,000
6 - LB Killian Reed - BOS - Age: 32 - Contract: 1Y, $12,000
7 - DL Theo Conte - IND - Age: 32 - Contract: 1Y, $14,000
8 - DL Remington Hart BOS - Age: 32 - Contract: 1Y, $12,500
9 - RB Stavros Black - PIT - Age: 32 - Contract: 1Y, $15,000 - NTC
10 - RB Ronald Kociba - IND - Age: 28 - Contract: 1Y, $10,500
11 - LB Damien Savoie - MTL - Age: 29 - Contract: 1Y, $9,000
12 - OL Brian O’Leary - LI - Age: 30 - Contract: 1Y, $17,000
13 - RB Lukas Ivarsson - TOR -  Age: 28 - Contract: 1Y, $14,000
14 - WR Max Sutton - LDN - Age: 32 - Contract: 1Y, $25,000 - NTC
15 - QB Robert Humphrey LDN - Age: 34 - Contract: 1Y, $12,000

Boston Independents - Reluctant Seller - Cap Space: $8,000
Boston’s season had not gone their way, so they may be faced with trading veterans to get picks
Wants: Young WR, Young OL, Young DL, Draft Picks

Buffalo Blue Wings - Quiet Buyer - Cap Space: $10,000
The current front runners feel pretty good about their roster, they will likely be looking for a DL to help with depth with Dennis Hughes done for the season.
Wants: DL Depth, DB Depth

Halifax Mariners - Aggressive Buyers - Cap Space: $4,500
Halifax’s 4-4 start is not great, but they know Lyle Painter is getting older, and they want to win now, so they could be looking for anything to add to their team
Wants: Starting DL, Backup RB, Depth LB

Indiana Victors - Buyer disguised as a Seller - Cap Space: $32,500
Indy’s tough start does make it seem like they could sell, however, they have some strong assets which could turn into helpful pieces for a push this season.
Wants: Starting OL, Backup QB, Young DB

London Tigers - Aggressive Buyer or Content Seller - Cap Space: $28,500
GM Joseph Johnson could go either way at this point, but with Kiernan getting older, it may be the right time to make an aggressive push.
Wants: Starting/Young DL, Depth DL, Starting/Young WR, Depth OL, Draft Picks

Long Island Raiders - Aggressive Buyers - Cap Space: $9,500
The Raiders have already made a big move, but with the team looking like the favourite to come out of the East, they may find themselves looking for more.
Wants: Starting/Young OL, Depth LB, Depth DB, Depth RB

Louisville Thunder - Aggressive - Cap Space: $9,000
GM Robbie Wilson is likely going to be aggressive, just whether that means buying for a playoff push or selling to continue the rebuild.
Wants: Starting OL, Starting DL, Depth DB, Draft Picks

Montreal Rouge - Quiet Buyer or Quiet Seller - Cap Space: $38,500
GM Martin Gagneaux showed that he wanted to do a slight retool, however, the team remains in playoff contention, at this point, it is expected Montreal will be pretty quiet.
Wants: Defensive Depth, Young Defensive Players, Draft Picks

Ottawa Royals - Buyer - Cap Space: $114,500
GM Jon Neal hoped the team would be in contention for a playoff spot after 3 rebuilding seasons. If they feel like the group has a shot, they could easily make some moves to improve the team.
Wants: Starting DL, Depth LB, Depth OL, Backup QB

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - Busy Seller - Cap Space: $112,500
Pittsburgh has a lot of veterans that could be favoured targets at the deadline which may lead to a plethora of phone calls coming their way.
Wants: 1st-3rd Round Draft Picks, Promising Prospects

Providence Gold Stars - Buyer - Cap Space: $6,500
The Gold Stars have been up and down, but it is no secret the team wants to be at the top. If HC Garrett Boone wants someone, I am sure GM Peter Brooks will be making some calls.
Wants: Starting OL, Backup RB, Depth LB, Clear Cap Space

Toronto Steelheads - Seller - Cap Space: $62,500
It is clear that the rebuild has begun in Toronto, so they will be a team looking to move veteran pieces at the deadline to pick up draft capital and young players.
Wants: Draft Picks, Young WR, Young DB

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Did Indiana not sign Xerxes? Thought he would serve as backup qb.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Enigmajones wrote:

Did Indiana not sign Xerxes? Thought he would serve as backup qb.

He's currently on the Victors' Reserve List. Most QBs that get drafted start on the reserve, especially in a somewhat weaker QB class, Martin Keller was the only QB to make an active roster and even then is still the 3rd string in Ottawa. Xerxes was a 3rd Round Pick and so he's not the best rated, and currently sits behind QB Tom Applewhite, QB Jimm Kidd, and QB Nikolas Diakos in the depth chart. 

I know you mentioned Xerxes getting a chance earlier, and I just had the thought of, oh man he is a long way from seeing the field. Not only for being on the reserve but also since Indiana is pretty set on Applewhite who is tied for the league lead in passing touchdowns, so it's not his fault, and he's a 3rd overall pick so he's the franchise guy for now. 

Xerxes still has time to grow and I believe he has a shot at being a starter one day if not a consistent backup, but he's got some growing to do. Luckily, being on the reserve does mean he can sign with a semi-pro team so he's currently playing with the Toronto Brawlers and getting chances to start. 

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Trade Deadline Build-Up - Part 1
***Trying something different with this deadline. We got a bit of an insight on some of the inner dealings as we approach the deadline, would love to hear thoughts on this format. Also, I set the record for most trades in a season with this deadline, so there's lots more to come.***

Sunday, August 13, 1967 - 8:09 PM - 1 Hour After Toronto’s Win over Boston - Toronto, ON
DL Lawrence Armstrong had been dealing with a dilemma throughout the weekend. Would he agree to get traded? If he did, where would he go? Of course, he had heard some rumours, but he knew he could be moved when HC Ronald Martin gave him a pretty casual message about him being talked about in deals. He was told to visit GM Howard Stinton’s office after the game, but he took his time and had arrived as late as possible dreading the whole thing. 

Stinton: “Hi Lawrence, I see you aren’t the most pleased, but we believe that moving you could be the best thing for this team to get younger and better.”

Armstrong: *Doesn’t even make eye contact*

Stinton: “Look, you have an NTC, we can’t move you without your permission. However, we feel it would be best for you to go and compete and for us to get younger.”

Armstrong was not too pleased following Stinton’s comments, but sighed and asked, “Where?”

Stinton: “Well, there’s interest, but two teams have really made a push. That would be Ottawa and Halifax. More so Halifax. Could be a really good return, we’re talking 1st Round Pick.”

Armstrong was a little ticked off at this point, especially with the lack of information from Stinton and Ronald Martin. He had gone in expecting to just say no to trades. However, the whole situation was just frustrating. So, Armstrong made a decision.

Armstrong: “Send me to Ottawa”

Stinton (Shocked): “Really? I mean Halifax has offered a much better…”

Armstrong: “Ottawa. That’s final”

Armstrong not only wanted to force Toronto to get a lesser deal but also, Ottawa was still close and he could still see his family while finishing the season in Toronto.

Stinton tried to get more out of the Royals, but ultimately they came to an agreement that saw the Royals get DL Lawrence Armstrong in exchange for a 3rd Round Pick and WR Luc St. Cyr. They would have likely gotten a 1st and a prospect from the Mariners. 

The deal helps the Royals significantly boost their D-line for the homestretch at a pretty cheap price.

Monday, August 14, 1967

1:45 PM ET - Conference Room in Pittsburgh, PA
There had been a lot of talk about OL Benedict Benedicto getting moved. 5 teams had made offers. Those clubs were Boston, Indiana, Long Island, Louisville, and Providence. The Victors came really close to re-acquiring Benedicto after losing him to the expansion draft, however, GM Robbie Wilson was able to sneak in and give a slightly better offer to grab the OL. 

Pittsburgh GM Cooper Ellington: “I’m liking what Indy’s offering, a 3rd and (OL Andrew) Parsley is a solid offer, do we call Louisville back one more time?”

Assistant GM Hal Johnston: *Nods* “Let’s give it a shot at least”

Ellington: “Okay here we go”

Louisville GM Robbie Wilson: “Hello?”

Ellington: “Hey Robbie, we got another deal we may take from Indy, but I wanted to give you one last chance to talk before we go through it”

Wilson: “What are they offering??”

Ellington: “A 2nd plus a decent OL prospect, It’s gonna be pretty tight.”

Wilson: “Okay we can do a 2nd… *Mumbling* …and how about the rights to Wide Receiver Sergio Flores…we took him with the first pick in the 4th Round this year…he’s very athletic, lots of promise… of course, along with Randy (OL Randall Graham) still”

Ellington was pleased to get the 2nd along with some young help and would go on to accept the deal giving the Thunder a starting OL to help with the playoff push, while the Blacksmiths got younger.

3:30 PM ET - Boston Independents' Front Office, Richardson Stadium, Boston, MA
GM Allen Hutchinson of Boston was one of the many that was trying to land Benedicto, but after that deal fell through, he changed the plan and Boston went into seller mode. However, it was a very mild sale. The team only made one trade during the deadline, which was with the Blue Wings. 

Hutchinson and Buffalo GM Reginald McMahon stayed on the phone for 30 minutes trying to work out the deal which originally was going to be a 4th for DL Remington Hart, but by the end of the deal, it would be a lot more than that. Buffalo would acquire both DL Remington Hart and LB Killian Reed, both Boston natives, in exchange for a 1969 3rd Round Pick, WR prospect Jimmy Franks, and LB Brady O’Connor. This deal helps Buffalo with their depth. Reed could step in to improve the LB core, while Hart will fill the roster spot of the recently injured DL Dennis Hughes.

4:24 PM ET - Office of GM Peter Brooks, Providence, RI
GM Peter Brooks was facing some pressure to make moves from his head coach, Garrett Boone. Unfortunately, the Gold Stars were not in any position to make anything happen due to their bad cap situation. Brooks was looking to move some high-cap-hit players. This included LB Wilson Rockwood-Barnes, who they traded for at the draft, and veteran DL Calias McDonough. He had worked all day Monday with the Royals to have a deal in place, that would send both players to Ottawa in exchange for WR Stuart Smalls, DL Keith Gavelstein, and a 4th or 5th round pick. The only thing he had to do was get McDonough to waive his no-trade clause. McDonough arrived in his office just after the team’s Monday practice.

McDonough: “Hey Petes!”

Brooks: “Hi, so um…I’ve got a tough situation here… we need cap-space and well I’m looking to move some expensive pieces. You would be one of them. I’ve got a deal in place with the Royals, it just needs your approval.”

McDonough: “Okay, I know last time we talked you were going to be looking for deals…I have talked with my family and well I think as much as I know it would help, I don’t think we want to go anywhere. We love it here in Providence, so I’m going to have to say no.”

Brooks: “Sure. Okay thanks for letting me know, glad to still have you here then”

Brooks was both frustrated from the pressure but relieved he didn’t have to trade a former teammate of his. He sat back down and had to call Ottawa again.

No Other Trades were made ahead of the deadline day.

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I love this, Wallflower. It's nice to see the story. And it's always nice to see my boy Benedict Benedicto be wanted.

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3/24/2022 5:52 pm  #1967

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

I really enjoy the conversations here, it adds a little bit to the world. Interesting stuff, sad to see Providence couldn't make their situation better.


3/26/2022 4:59 pm  #1968

Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

Trade Deadline Day - Radio Program hosted by Jerry Goldbridge 

9:30 AM ET
Jerry Goldbridge: “Good Morning Football fans! Welcome to what is expected to be a crazy day in the world of football. I am Jerry Goldbridge and I am at the NAAF’s main office in Ottawa, Ontario, today, and I am going to be breaking the trades that happen as they come, not only for the fans of the game but for the teams, so they know what is happening around the league. I am also joined by former NAAF players, OL Kevin Holcombs and QB Angelo Medina. Now let’s start the day with the trades from yesterday…” 

10:03 AM ET 
Goldbridge: “Alright here we go, our first trade of the day. The Ottawa Royals have acquired LB Wilson Rockwood-Barnes from the Providence Gold Stars in exchange for WR Stuart Smalls. Quite interesting to see the one-for-one deal here.”

Medina: “It certainly is, I like this move for both teams. For Ottawa, it helps fill the spot left open by LB Sam Wheeler’s injury, but also allows them to make room to keep the surprising rookie of WR Ferdinand Matthews on the roster with WR Piers Key expected to return to the lineup this week. As for Providence, it just opens up some cap space and adds some depth to their receiving core.” 

Holcombs: “See I agree with that, but I get concerned here with Providence and their GM Peter Brooks, since they gave up the 6th overall pick just to bring Rockwood-Barnes to the team and now give him up for an alright depth receiver. That seems a little concerning to me.” 

Goldbridge: “Well, the Gold Stars did still get the 11th pick in return in the earlier Rockwood-Barnes deal, so it is not the worst move in the world if you look at it that way.” 

10:32 AM ET
Holcombs: “Look, I’ll admit when I was in the league, I ate burgers all the time. You know, this one time…” 

Goldbridge: “Okay Kevin, I will stop you there. We have our second trade of the day and this is a shocker. The Indiana Victors have acquired OL Richard Justice, in exchange for OL Andrew Parsley and their 2nd round pick in 1968. There were talks that Indy was in on OL Benedict Benedicto, who was traded to Louisville yesterday, so it seems they went for plan B.” 

Holcombs: “Wow, you said Andrew Parsley?... That’s a big guy for Toronto. He was taken 13th overall just last season, so he is young and has potential. Not to mention, I remember Toronto being quite high on him, but just didn’t have the pick to get him. You add the 2nd rounder and that’s a good haul.” 

Medina: “I agree for sure, but also a great move for Indy as well. With OL Taylor Alexander done for the season, they need a solidified starter to step up on the line and that’s what Justice brings to this team. However, I do get worried about moving such a high-profile prospect in this move." 

Holcombs: "I would agree, but they have taken a lot of offensive linemen over the years, including TJ Overton in the first round this year, so they got some wiggle room at that position I would say.” 

11:15 AM ET 
Medina: “Like I never thought anyone would have thought to do that with the McCallister Cup, but well it happened.” 

Goldbridge: “Kuregs, was quite the personality…however, we do have a trade to announce. *ahem* The Halifax Mariners have acquired LB Collin Knight from the London Tigers in exchange for DL Martin Garfield and a 4th Round Pick in 1969. Well, the first thing I pick out is the higher salary of Garfield heading out of Halifax.” 

Holcombs: “That’s exactly what I was thinking. The move should open up more space for the Mariners to make moves. I don’t think they are done yet today.” 

Medina: “Well it is a good cap-freeing move, but it still helps the Tigers. These guys have needed so much help on the D-line, so they are getting that help along with taking on the cap-hit, in addition to the pick they’re getting as well.” 

1:08 PM ET 
Goldbridge: “Wow Kevin, you really enjoyed that burger…you got a lot of sauce still on your face.” 

Holcombs: “ *laughs* I always say, a good mess, means good food.” 

Goldbridge: “Alright, we have another trade that must be announced. We got the Raiders’ acquiring LB Damien Savoie from the Montreal Rouge in exchange for a 3rd Round Pick in 1968 and LB Greg Manson. Interesting move from Montreal moving a starting LB for a backup and a pick.” 

Holcombs: “I’m scratching my head, Jerry. These guys are 5-3, they’re 1-point back of the division lead and they are downgrading? It doesn’t make sense. Mr. Gagneaux has got to be in a real comfortable spot as the GM as they are throwing away a title window.” 

Medina: “There’s got to be more to it than that. Montreal has clearly been in a transitional period with getting younger on the defence. While the older guys are still filtering out. I think Gagneaux saw the writing on the wall and has decided to take action instead of letting his team fall into a slow decline, as we have seen from veterans like DB Quentin Xavier and LB Sam Fitzroy.” 

1:34 PM ET 
Goldbridge: “Okay, we got a small move here. The Ottawa Royals have acquired QB Robert Humphrey from the London Tigers in exchange for a 4th Round Pick in 1968 and DB Billy Bass. Looks like Ottawa is grabbing some extra insurance behind Michael Benedict with this move.” 

Medina: “It's a small move, but it’s a smart one from Ottawa. Look, they don’t feel confident in the younger guys behind Benedict, but they don’t want to bring a young QB like Magnus Torrensen to upset Benedict, so they bring in a veteran in Humphrey that isn’t going to cause drama.” 

Holcombs: “It’s a good move, I’ll agree, and well, the Royals have spent their picks well too. Despite trading a 3rd and 4th so far this week, they still have a 3rd rounder from Buffalo and a 4th rounder from Montreal in this year's draft so they have the extra picks to spend.” 

3:30 PM ET - An Hour and a Half to the Deadline 
Meanwhile in Pittsburgh… 

GM Cooper Ellington: “Hey Stavs, How’s it going?” 

RB Stavros Black: “Good, good…I presume you asked me here to talk trades?” 

Ellington: “Yes... as we discussed before I would look to see if there was interest for you in the league and hope to find a competitive team to send you to. There’s a bit of interest for a leader like you, but we have narrowed it down to 3 teams with offers. That would be: Halifax, Long Island, and Providence…Obviously, all 3 are teams trying to win, so in any case, they all offer you that much. Sure there are deals I prefer, but the decision is yours.” 

Black: “Thank you for being so upfront about this, Coop. Give me a few minutes to talk to my wife and I’ll let you know.” 

Ellington: “Sounds good, we just got to make a call soon.” Black steps out of the room where his wife is waiting in the hallway. 

Black: "Hey Honey. So we got 3-ish options: Long Island, Providence, and Halifax.” 

Mrs. Black: “You really want to go to Providence?” 

Black: “Haha, yeah, not really. Honestly, Long Island gives the best shot to win I suppose.” 

Mrs. Black: “But you loved Halifax and want to go back there?” 

Black: “You know me a little too well. Haha. Yea, I think that just feels right. *Sigh* Okay, well I’ll let Coop know.” 

3:40 PM ET - Back on the Radio Show 
Holcombs: “*YAWN* Anything new Jerry?”

Goldbridge: “I haven’t seen our friend here in a minute. It has been now 2 hours since we have seen trade and only an hour and 20 minutes to the deadline… Oh, excuse me... thank you… well looks like we have some excitement. Ahh, Kevin, your prediction that Halifax was not done today has come true…The Halifax Mariners have acquired DL Theo Conte and a 5th Round Pick in 1968 from the Indiana Victors in exchange for a pair of prospects in WR Perry Francoise and LB Buddy Harwick.” 

Holcombs: “Ah Jerry, I know what I’m talking about. Honestly, a bit of an underwhelming move from the Mariners. Conte is a good, cheaper option, but you think they would get a better player with the space they made with the Garfield trade earlier.” 

Medina: “Well, let’s not discount Conte here. This guy is pretty sturdy and has been solid throughout his career. I think it’s a slight upgrade over Garfield who has struggled this season. We got to remember that Halifax is not a guaranteed playoff team, so this is a pretty safe move.” 

3:55 PM ET 
Holcombs: “I don’t know Angelo, I just think Halifax has so much potential and they got to go for it while they got the team to win.” 

Goldbridge: “Okay okay, sorry to interject, but we have yet another trade to announce. Once again, the Halifax Mariners are making moves. The Mariners have re-acquired RB Stavros Black from the Pittsburgh Blacksmiths in exchange for RB Alex Warren and a 4th Round Pick in 1968.” 

Holcombs: “Well, that trade still does not tell me that you're a contender. I do think Stavros Black brings that leadership and experience to the team, but they need to make something bigger happen.”  

Medina: “I do agree with Kevin, that this trade probably doesn’t make Halifax that much better overall, but I do think that Stavros Black is one of the most underrated running backs in the league. He works hard and keeps leading even from the sideline, hence why he still was wearing the "C" for the Blacksmiths this season.” 

4:30 PM ET - Meanwhile in Providence 
Providence HC Garrett Boone: “How are we so behind the curve on all of these trades?” 

GM Peter Brooks: “I’m struggling Garrett. I don’t know how to get more pieces without throwing away players you like. I’ve tried to go after (OL Benedict) Benedicto, (LB Killian) Reed, and (RB Stavros) Black. I even tried to get more from Ottawa, but Calias wanted to stay so I couldn’t move him. I’ve done what I can, but again we have a good team, I don’t think we need to sacrifice everything just to add one or two guys, especially when we are 4-4.” 

Boone: “Yea, but we are 4-4, we need more to be better, Pete. There’s gotta be someone out there, a team that wants to move somebody, just for anything. We have a bit of a hole within the LB core without Rocky (Wilson Rockwood-Barnes), at least get me a linebacker.” 

Brooks: “Okay I’ll see what I can do, but I got to act quick, no promises.” 

4:59 PM ET 
Goldbridge: “Well, we are a few moments from the deadline passing. There could be a couple of trades being processed by the league yet, so we will stick around for a bit until we have all the trades covered…. it appears to be 5 PM and the deadline is passed… oh and here comes some trade information…
 Alright, we got a small trade between the Steelheads and Tigers. Toronto has acquired DL Peter Mongoose from London in exchange for WR Russell Leman.” 

Medina: “Seems like a roster move here between these two teams. I was looking over the Tigers roster and noticed they had an extra defensive lineman after acquiring Martin Garfield earlier today. So, moving Mongoose to Toronto for at least something prevents London from losing him through waivers.” 

Holcombs: “It’s been quite a day, but the one thing is on my mind. Where is Providence? I can’t believe they would move Wilson Rockwood-Barnes to clear cap-space and not make another move.” 

Goldbridge: “Well Kevin, I do have the final trade of the day that has just come in and Providence has made a move. The Gold Stars have acquired LB Caruso Robinson from the Steelheads in exchange for WR Antonio Falcone and a 5th Round Pick in 1969.” 

Holcombs: “That’s it? Huh. I mean they’re not spending much, but I suppose that adds a cheaper linebacker to the lineup.” 

Medina: “I think this is a pretty lateral move overall for Providence. They got rid of Wilson Rockwood-Barnes for WR Depth, and then replaced him with Robinson, who is yes younger, but also not anything spectacular or game-changing. I suppose we do have to remember they are still only 4-4 and a dramatic move could be catastrophic for the future." 

Goldbridge: “Alright, well anyways, I hope everyone out there listening in enjoyed the show. Only 4 weeks remain in the NAAF season. Everything is just getting more exciting. The next game is this Friday. The Tigers will host the Royals on Friday Night Football, as an all-Canadian battle will kick off week 9 of the NAAF season. On behalf of Kevin Holcombs and Angelo Medina, I am Jerry Goldbridge, and we are signing off.”

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 Week 9

Roster Moves
BOS: DL Perry Karl - Reserve List -> Active Roster
BUF: DL Nicolas Patterson - Active Roster -> Waivers
IND: DL Ron Prumple - Reserve List -> Active Roster
LDN: LB Willis Patrick - Reserve List -> Active Roster
LDN: QB Jimmy House - Reserve List -> Active Roster
OTT: WR Piers Key - Injured Reserve -> Active Roster
OTT: LB Sam Wheeler - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
OTT: DL Leoric Rensfield - Active Roster -> Waivers
OTT: QB Martin Keller - Active Roster -> Reserve List
PIT: DB Howard Janney - Reserve List -> Waivers for Purpose of Release
TOR: LB Ronald Palmer - Reserve List -> Active Roster

LOU: DB Howard Janney - Waivers -> Reserve List

London Tigers - 23, Ottawa Royals - 14 - Western Fair Stadium - August 18, 1967 - 7 PM ET - FNF - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain
1st Q
3-0 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
3-3 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
2nd Q
10-3 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> TE Tranquille Rousseau
10-4 OTT - Single K Ira Foster
10-11 OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
3rd Q
17-11 LDN - RTD RB Austin Andrews
20-11 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
4th Q
20-14 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
23-14 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth

The Tigers ended their 4 game slide with an important win in the rain over the Royals.
The game was a bit of a kicking battle between Nimrod Handsworth and Ira Foster, but the true difference ended up being RB Austin Andrew’s touchdown in the 3rd quarter.
Kiernan didn’t have an interception in the game for one of his better performances of the season, while QB Michael Benedict did struggle a little with a pick and a fumble on the day.
Ottawa was still able to cause some issues for the Tigers with 3 forced fumbles, LB Enzo Morello, DB Jerome Caldwell, and DL Zane Tannith were the ones to knock the ball loose.
Unfortunately, the Royals had 4 turnovers in total which pretty much negated the fumbles.

Boston Independents - 35, Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 20 - Richardson Stadium - August 19, 1967 - 12 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Evan Clanton
14-0 BOS - RTD RB Tresean Jones
2nd Q
14-3 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
21-3 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Evan Clanton
21-10 PIT - RTD RB Carter Roy
3rd Q
21-13 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
28-13 BOS - DTD INT DB Oliver Langstrom
4th Q
28-20 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Jack Duncan
35-20 BOS - RTD RB Tresean Jones

The Independents continued their somewhat consistent stretch of win-loss-win-loss over their last 8 games.
Braddock looks calm and collected throughout this one, which may have been due to playing the struggling Blacksmiths’ defence and being ahead from start to finish.
QB Louis Vaughn was back to starting over QB Magnus Torrensen after back-to-back losses for Torrensen.
Vaughn still had 2 interceptions, but he was playing one of the best secondaries in the league for what it's worth; Vaughn still threw for a touchdown in an attempt to get the team back into the game late. 

Indiana Victors - 20, Providence Gold Stars - 31 - Victory Stadium - August 19, 1967 - 3:30 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 IND - RTD RB Raymond Green
7-3 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
7-10 PRO - PTD QB Connor O’Rourke -> WR Owen Paisley
2nd Q
10-10 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
17-10 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Denis Langlois
3rd Q
17-17 PRO - PTD QB Connor O’Rourke -> WR Cedric Peterson
20-17 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
4th Q
20-24 PRO - RTD RB Rashed Smith
20-31 PRO - PTD QB Connor O’Rourke -> WR Cedric Peterson

Providence rolled into Indianapolis and came away with a massive win over the Victors. 
Connor O’Rourke’s 3 touchdowns help the Gold Stars improve to 5-4 and keep themselves right in the hunt for the playoffs and give them an upper hand on Indy for a potential crossover spot.
Indiana did keep it close, but a 4th quarter interception by DB Neville Falkner allowed the Gold Stars to take the 31-20 lead late in the game.
It’s overall a tough loss to take for Indiana, another frustrating one that will certainly put them in a deep hole where winning is mandatory from here on out.

Buffalo Blue Wings - 27, Long Island Raiders - 16 - Milton Charles Stadium - August 19, 1967 - 7 PM ET - SNF - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
2nd Q
7-3 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
14-3 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Zachariah Pembroke
14-10 LI - RTD RB Dareion Fields
3rd Q
17-10 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
20-10 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
20-13 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
4th Q
20-16 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
27-16 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden

A game many figured would be a good look at a McCallister Cup preview did not go as well as hoped.
The Blue Wings controlled the game from start to finish, holding onto the lead following a touchdown on their first offensive position.
The Raiders’ defence did what they could against one of the most consistent offences in the league, but were no match while their offence sputtered.
QB Stanley Troyer really struggled in this one, especially late when the team needed to start to throw the ball more; he ended the game with 2 interceptions and 112 passing yards.
The loss for the Raiders only makes the East that much closer with 3 weeks to go, no one is guaranteed to make the playoffs.
As for Buffalo, they are just a Louisville loss away from locking up the West Division.

Louisville Thunder - 19, Halifax Mariners - 14 - Thunder Stadium - August 20, 1967 - 1 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy/Light Rain
1st Q
7-0 LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Lloyd Lane
2nd Q
10-0 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
10-7 HFX - RTD RB Ronald O’Sullivan
3rd Q
10-14 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> WR Jav Kerrigan
4th Q
12-14 LOU - Safety DL Bjorn Sigmarsson
19-14 LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Carter Henderson

Louisville got an important win at home to prevent the Blue Wings from clinching the West Division.
A huge safety from DL Bjorn Sigmarsson shifted the game heavily in their favour, as they would go on to score a touchdown on the following drive to put the game out of reach. 
The Mariners suffered a bone-crushing loss that will put them on the back foot heading into the final 2 games of the season, but they aren’t out of the running yet.
Their defence was still solid overall creating 3 turnovers, but their offence had their own troubles late that prevented them from answering the Thunder safety and touchdown.

Montreal Rouge - 17, Toronto Steelheads - 3 - Mount Royal Stadium - August 20, 1967 - 4 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
2nd Q
14-0 MTL - RTD RB Hugo Hughes
3rd Q
4th Q
14-3 TOR - FG K Bob Randall
17-3 MTL - FG K Athur Kettinger

The Rouge handed the Steelheads their 7th loss of the season while jumping themselves to the top of the East Division.
The Sunday afternoon battle was certainly not an exciting one, as the Steelheads’ offence had one of their worst performances of the season mainly due to their now even weaker OL due to the loss of OL Richard Justice. 
Montreal’s D-line had a field day chasing after veteran QB Todd Baker on almost every pass attempt, frankly it was a miracle Baker was able to get the team into scoring range in the 4th quarter.

Injury Report
LB Garrett Larson BOS - 2 Weeks
S Jack Simon BOS - Day-to-Day
DB Ezra Power BUF - Day-to-Day
WR Orlando Barrack IND - Day-to-Day
LB Mike Francis IND - 4 Weeks
LB George Yokoi LDN - Day-to-Day
WR Kyle Hatherly TOR - 3 Weeks
TE Jesse Butler TOR - 1 Week

Players of the Week
OFF: QB Connor O’Rourke PRO - 3 Passing Touchdowns, 245 Passing Yards

DEF: DL Bjorn Sigmarsson LOU - 1 Safety, 2 Sacks, 5 Tackles

Buffalo 8-1 -x
Louisville 5-3-1
London 4-5
Indiana 3-6
Pittsburgh 2-7
Toronto 2-7

Montreal 6-3
Long Island 5-3-1
Ottawa 5-4
Providence 5-4
Halifax 4-5
Boston 4-5

Power Rankings
1 - Buffalo - 
2 - Long Island -
3 - Louisville +1
4 - Montreal +2
5 - Halifax -2
6 - Providence +1
7 - Ottawa -2
8 - London +1
9 - Boston +1
10 - Indiana -2
11 - Pittsburgh -
12 - Toronto -

Week 10 Games
BUF (8-1) @ OTT (5-4) - AUG 25 - 7 PM ET - Friday Night Football
*BUF Clinches West Division with Win
LI (5-3-1) @ HFX (4-5) - AUG 26 - 12 PM ET
*LI Clinches Playoff spot with Win + BOS Loss + LDN Loss
MTL (6-3) @ IND (3-6) - AUG 26 - 3:30 PM ET
*MTL Clinches Playoff Spot with Win + HFX Loss + BOS Loss + LDN Loss
LDN (4-5) @ LOU (5-3-1) - AUG 26 - 7 PM ET - Saturday Night Football
*LOU clinches playoff spot with Win
PIT (2-7) @ TOR (2-7) - AUG 27 - 1 PM ET
BOS (4-5) @ PRO (5-4) - AUG 27 - 4 PM ET

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Re: North American Association of Football - NAAF

1967 Week 10

IND: LB Mike Francis - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
IND: LB Buddy Harwick - Reserve List -> Active Roster
TOR: WR Kyle Hatherly - Active Roster -> Injured Reserve
TOR: WR Antonio Falcone - Reserve List -> Active Roster

Ottawa Royals - 31, Buffalo Blue Wings - 34 - Royals Stadium at Brewer Park - August 25, 1967 - 7 PM ET - FNF - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-7 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Zachariah Pembroke
7-7 OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
2nd Q
7-10 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
10-10 OTT - FG K Ira Foster
3rd Q
10-17 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
10-20 BUF - FG K Ryan Perch
17-20 OTT - RTD RB Corbyn Knight
17-27 BUF - RTD RB Jimmy Golden
4th Q
24-27 OTT - PTD QB Michael Benedict -> WR Colby Bancana
31-27 OTT - PTD QB Michael Benedict -> WR Piers Key
31-34 BUF - PTD QB Charles Lemieux -> WR Jimmy Jack

An intense Friday Night battle came down to the wire between the Royals and the Blue Wings.
The first half was back-and-forth, with the teams trading scores to leave the game tied at 10 heading into the second half.
The offence turned up in the second half with RB Jimmy Golden scoring a pair of touchdowns in the 3rd quarter to give Buffalo a significant lead heading into the final quarter.
Ottawa made a march back in the final quarter, with a huge play made by WR Colby Bancana to pull the Royals within 3.
Then, it was DB Sergio Alvarez that picked off QB Charles Lemieux that allowed WR Piers Key to score his first touchdown of the season. 
Ottawa did their best to hold onto the lead late, however, Lemieux was just too good.
The Buffalo QB marched down the field to score the game-winning touchdown to WR Jimmy Jack.
With the win, the Blue Wings have officially locked up the West Division crown.

Halifax Mariners - 14, Long Island Raiders - 26 - Atlantic Stadium - August 26, 1967 - 12 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-3 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
7-3 HFX - PTD QB Lyle Painter -> RB Ronald O’Sullivan
2nd Q
7-10 LI - PTD QB Stanley Troyer -> TE Christopher Gist
7-17 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
7-20 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
3rd Q
14-20 HFX - RTD RB Ronald O’Sullivan
14-23 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher
4th Q
14-26 LI - FG K Henderson Schumacher

The Raiders topped the Mariners for the second time this season in what could be a season-ending defeat for the Mariners.
With the loss, the Mariners have dropped their past 3 contests and are now 4-6 and could find themselves almost too far back depending on the results from other games this week.
The team as a whole is scratching their heads over the second half of the season once again, as in games after week 6 over the past two seasons the Mariners are 2-8.
As for the Raiders, they keep themselves in the fight with Montreal for the East Division crown with the win.
K Henderson Schumacher, along with 4 turnovers caused by the defence, would be the big difference-maker in this showdown.

Indiana Victors - 38, Montreal Rouge - 29 - Victory Stadium - August 26, 1967 - 3:30 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Orlando Barrack
7-7 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Taylor Karis
7-10 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
2nd Q
7-13 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
10-13 IND - FG K Ross Poindexter
10-20 MTL - RTD RB Hugo Hughes
3rd Q
17-20 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards
17-23 MTL - FG K Arthur Kettinger
24-23 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Ed Edwards
4th Q
31-23 IND - RTD RB Raymond Green
31-29 MTL - PTD QB Gene Bishop -> WR Yahui Sun
38-29 IND - PTD QB Tom Applewhite -> WR Orlando Barrack

The Victors rebounded from their tough loss to the Gold Stars last week to pull off a strong win over the East Division-leading Rouge. 
Montreal seemed in control in the first half, but their defence collapsed in the second half with the Victors turning up the heat.
QB Tom Applewhite had a field day, throwing 4 touchdowns in the win, including an important score to start the second half on a 67-yard Edwards score.
Indiana’s win does keep them alive in the playoff hunt, but they are going to need some help to get themselves out of the hole they are in.
As for Montreal, the loss does sting as Long Island retakes the top spot in the East, but they still have a leg up on the other teams in the East.

Louisville Thunder - 30, London Tigers - 33 - Thunder Stadium - August 26, 1967 - 7 PM ET -  SNF - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
0-3 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
7-3 LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Lloyd Lane
7-10 LDN - RTD RB Austin Andrews
2nd Q
10-10 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
10-17 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Max Sutton
17-17 LOU - PTD QB  Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
3rd Q
17-20 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
20-20 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
20-27 LDN - PTD QB Riley Kiernan -> WR Joshua Lafleur
4th Q
20-30 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth
27-30 LOU - PTD QB Buck Murphy -> WR Casey Coleman
30-30 LOU - FG K Frank Hughes
30-33 LDN - FG K Nimrod Handsworth

Saturday Night Football provided some spectacular fireworks in Louisville.
The first half was back and forth, with both teams putting up 17 before the half, as QB Buck Murphy was feeling it with a pair of touchdown passes.
The Tigers jumped out to a lead in the 3rd quarter with a Kiernan touchdown pass and Handsworth field goal.
Handsworth would extend the Tigers’ lead to 10-points in the final quarter, but Buck Murphy would lead the Thunder on a chargeback with a Casey Coleman touchdown and a game-tying field goal. 
However, QB Riley Kiernan would get the last laugh flashing his old self to lead the Tigers on a game-winning drive to prevent the Thunder from locking up a playoff spot and pull themselves within 1 point of Louisville in the standings.

Toronto Steelheads - 14, Pittsburgh Blacksmiths - 16 - Anderson Stadium - August 27, 1967 - 1 PM ET - Weather: Partly Cloudy
1st Q
2nd Q
7-0 TOR - PTD QB Todd Baker -> WR Al Allmendinger
7-7 PIT - PTD QB Louis Vaughn -> WR Nathan Murray-Lawrence
3rd Q
7-10 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
7-13 PIT - FG K Al Highlander
4th Q
14-13 TOR - RTD RB Max Tracy
14-16 PIT - FG K Al Highlander

Pittsburgh got their 3rd win of the season in a pretty sloppy battle of the league’s two bottom teams.
QB Todd Baker managed to throw just his second touchdown of the season, finding rookie WR Al Allmendinger for his first career touchdown.
QB Louis Vaughn was able to respond with his own touchdown and then managed to keep the Blacksmiths ahead up until the 4th quarter. 
The Steelheads took the lead in the final quarter, but Vaughn bounced back with a game-winning field goal drive. 

Providence Gold Stars - 17, Boston Independents - 28 - New Providence Stadium - August 27, 1967 - 4 PM ET - Weather: Cloudy
1st Q
7-0 PRO - RTD RB Rashed Smith
2nd Q
7-7 BOS - RTD RB Tresean Jones
10-7 PRO - FG K Elvis Franklin
3rd Q
10-14 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Alexei Dubois
10-21 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Felix Fontaine
17-21 PRO - RTD RB Rashed Smith
4th Q
17-28 BOS - PTD QB Nathaniel Braddock -> WR Alexei Dubois

Boston got their revenge on the Gold Stars to win back-to-back games for the first time this season. 
The second half was owned by Nathaniel Braddock, who threw for 3 touchdowns en route to the win over the Gold Stars.
In fact, the 4th quarter touchdown would prove to be important with Boston obtaining the tie-breaker on total points 42-41, adding on the fact they beat Ottawa earlier, Boston jumps from last in the East and into a playoff spot.
It was a tough game for QB Connor O’Rourke who didn’t have a touchdown pass in the game, but the team did see a strong output from RB Rashed Smith which helped them stay in the game.
DB Oliver Langstrom would pick up his 7th interception bringing him even with DB Neville Falkner on the season, the two DBs sit just one interception back of the league lead held by S Garet deVale of the Rouge.

Injury Report
WR Justin Dubuque PIT - 2 Weeks

Players of the Week

OFF: QB Tom Applewhite IND - 4 Passing Touchdowns, 367 Passing Yards

DEF: LB William Washington II LI - 11 Tackles, 1 Forced Fumble

Buffalo 9-1 -y
Louisville 5-4-1
London 5-5
Indiana 4-6
Pittsburgh 3-7
Toronto 2-8

Long Island 6-3-1
Montreal 6-4
Boston 5-5
Ottawa 5-5
Providence 5-5
Halifax 4-6

Toronto is the only eliminated team, yes, Pittsburgh has a chance, but here is what needs to happen:
1 - Pittsburgh must Win both games against LDN and IND
2 - LDN must lose to TOR in Week 12
3 - IND must lose to LOU in Week 11
4 - BOS loses their remaining games
5 - PRO loses their remaining games and OTT beats HFX or OTT loses their remaining games and PRO beats HFX

That would put the Blacksmiths as the 3rd seed in the West and no East team would cross over due to a tied record. It’s a small chance, but it is one.

Power Rankings
1 - Buffalo -
2 - Long Island -
3 - Louisville -
4 - Montreal -
5 - London +3
6 - Boston +3
7 - Ottawa -
8 - Indiana +2
9 - Providence -3
10 - Halifax -5
11 - Pittsburgh -
12 - Toronto -

Week 11 Games
PIT (3-7) @ LDN (5-5) - SEP 1 - 7 PM ET - Friday Night Football
*LDN clinches playoff spot with Win + 2 of BOS, OTT, or PRO to Lose
OTT (5-5) @ LI (6-3-1) - SEP 2 - 3 PM ET
*LI clinches playoff spot with Win
*LI clinches East Division with Win + MTL Loss
MTL (6-4) @ BOS (5-5) - SEP 2 - 7 PM ET - Saturday Night Football
*MTL clinches playoff spot with Win + OTT Loss or PRO Loss
HFX (4-6) @ PRO (5-5) - SEP 3 - 2 PM ET
TOR (2-8) @ BUF (9-1) - SEP 4 - 2 PM ET - Labour Day
LOU (5-4-1) @ IND (4-6) - SEP 4 - 6 PM ET - Labour Day
*LOU Clinches playoff spot with Win + LDN Loss

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