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12/28/2019 12:41 pm  #1

Shake Down the Thunder (An Alternate College Football Post-2003)

In today's college football landscape, we tend to ask why does Nebraska play in the Big 10, why does Missouri play in the SEC, and why does Louisville play in the ACC? The simple answer is that these schools wanted more money. A more complex answer is the increased dependence on large conferences to secure recruits and more money. Well what I want to explore is the idea; what if Notre Dame joined the Big East for football in the first major re-alignments of the 2003 - 2005 seasons that would see over 20 teams move around in the FBS.

My plan is cover through the 2019 season from the perspective of Notre Dame giving their record each season as well as the standings for the Big East, the conference's final AP rankings, and bowl game scores all based on existing match-ups and

I will post the 2003 season and some more backstory in the coming days.


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