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12/05/2021 2:41 am  #131

Re: It's College Game Day!

12/05/2021 3:25 am  #132

Re: It's College Game Day!

Awesome job on the infographics Dan! Getting to know the history of our biggest rivals is always fun, and even though I don't like the school, I will admit that they look really sharp!

Anyways, We Hate State, Go Lakers!


12/05/2021 3:29 am  #133

Re: It's College Game Day!

Crazy Rider wrote:

Some questions:

1. Are there any special resonings for the arena/stadium namesakes? 

2. What's the tune of the fight song so I can hear it with the lyrics? 

1. The only two that have any deeper meaning other than me just liking the name are Pigs Eye Stadium, which comes from St. Paul's original name of Pigs Eye, and Snelling Arena "The Fort" which is named after nearby Fort Snelling. 

2. The tune of the fight song is from my IRL school, Bemidji State University


12/05/2021 10:01 pm  #134

Re: It's College Game Day!

I assume it's too late to join because the Legacy Project has already started and probably conferences have been made but if it's not too much trouble could I make one?

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12/05/2021 10:32 pm  #135

Re: It's College Game Day!

GregTheWolf144 wrote:

I assume it's too late to join because the Legacy Project has already started and probably conferences have been made but if it's not too much trouble could I make one?

I believe you can still join, but I don't know how that will work with Legacy (that would be a question for Gritty). You can put a team anywhere, but our Super West Conference is one short of the other three conferences.

12/17/2021 1:03 pm  #136

Re: It's College Game Day!

Gritty, congrats on Ron Dayne’s heisman, also, 2004, is available on sheets.


3/30/2022 9:32 pm  #137

Re: It's College Game Day!

Great Lakes Bay State have released their uniforms for the big 4 North American Sports. 

Let's start off with Football:

The Skippers will be donning their Bay Blue home uniforms featuring one of the greatest elements of a uniform, yokes. The primary anchor logo is on both the helmet and sleeves of the home and away, with simple striping on the pants. The road is a simple color flip of the home. 

Bay State also has 2 alternate uniforms. One navy blue and one gold, the navy is technically Alt 1, but the two can be used interchangeably. 

The fifth uniform is a special theme Bay State uses. In 1950, Great Lakes Bay State was born as a branch off of Michigan Collegiate Institute (MCI). They were known as the MCI-Saginaw Skippers. Bay State has an MCI-Saginaw throwback for every sport. They are pretty simple, but a fun addition nonetheless. 

Next, let's go to baseball.

Bay State baseball will be donning another great element in sports uniforms, vests. The home uniform is a simple white vest with Skippers written across the front. The helmets and hats feature an S logo as well. The road is a powder blue vest because water is blue, not gray smh my head. Bay State is featured on the chest.

The first alt is a simple traditional baseball look, a color jersey with a logo on the chest. Like football, Bay State's primary alt is navy blue.

So when did MCI-Saginaw become Bay State? 1990. And they wore those wonderful gold beauties. 

Per usual, we also have a 1950 throwback. Simple and clean, a fan favorite.

Basketball time baby!

Basketball, like other Bay State uniforms, features a rather unique design element. This time, the text is arranged in a circle, and you'd bet your bottom there's a yoke. 

The home is White with a blue yoke, gold letters, and blue numbers with the anchor logo on the shorts. The road is a color flip of the home.

The navy alt will be the Skippers' primary home alt. This features the team name arched above a number on the chest, with a bay blue yoke. Most design elements are the same as the other two uniforms.

The gold alt will serve as the primary road alternate jersey. This gold nugget features Bay State across the chest and a bay blue yoke. 

The fifth jersey is a throwback to MCI-Saginaw, and that is where the circled text element came from, now implemented in the home and road uniforms.

Let's do that hockey.

Bay State hockey, unlike the others, features only four uniforms. Home, Road, Alt, and Throwback. 

For the home, the Great Lakes Bay Area community put their thoughts into the uniform, so they have especially taken a liking to them. The home features the anchor logo on the chest over a gold stripe. The shoulders feature a patch of Michigan's Lower Peninsula with a star at Saginaw, Bay State's location. 

The road is a color flip of the home for the most part.

The home alt is a collegiate-style text jersey on a navy base with simple striping. 

The road alt is also the MCI throwback featuring the fun striping! One of the community members remembered watching Skippers hockey in the early days with that striping and wanted it implemented in the regular home and road uniforms. Above the striping is the classic MCI-Saginaw logo. 

Feel free to leave comments and feedback.


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