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11/30/2021 12:49 pm  #51

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1974 First Round
Game 1: #1 Desherd City Dachshunds 80, #4 Irving Ricos 72
The Dogs came out and dominated the first half of the game, with Brian Williams posting the first 10 points of the contest for Desherd City. Irving fought back, cutting the deficit to three points before halftime. The Ricos even took the lead briefly in the second half. Williams then took over and closed the deal for the Dachshunds. The DCMR erupted as the final horn sounded, solidifying one of the spots in the OCS Finals. Fans rushed to the ticket booth to secure their seats for the championship game.

Game 2: #3 The Bay Bishops 82, #2 The Team of the River Galloway 74
It was a tale of two halves in Gilroy. The home team jumped out to a spectacular 20-8 start, captained by the efforts of Andre Oz. The Team held a 14-point lead at the half, but the Bishops had none of it. Slowly chipping away at the lead, The Bay skirted through the defense and drew foul after foul. Conversely, The Team struggled to hit their free throws with consistency. After a monster shooting barrage from deep for the Bishops, that 14-point deficit turned into an eight-point lead for the newcomers. In their first year as a member of the OBA, The Bay Bishops are heading to the OCS Finals!

Who do you think will win the OCS Finals? Will it be the rookies from The Bay? Will the Dachshunds assert the dominance they've held over the years? Let us know!!

3/15/2022 4:22 pm  #52

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1974 OCS Finals

The Desherd City Dachshunds took claim to their second championship over The Bay Bishops! Brian Williams erupted in the first half, posting 43 points en route to receiving the MVP trophy. The Bay hung around, with the deficit at halftime being only 4. However, it was not enough to overcome Williams' stellar performance. Mike Beck added 12 points to go with 7 boards. Bubba Ruiz was perfect from the free throw line, where 10 of his 14 points came from.
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3/15/2022 4:26 pm  #53

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Desherd City Dachshunds - 1974 Championship Banner
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3/15/2022 5:20 pm  #54

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1975 Off-Season
Expansion -
The league voted unanimously to add four teams for the upcoming 1975 season. Their logos, uniforms, and courts will be posted in subsequent posts.
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3/15/2022 6:04 pm  #55

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Luva Mountaineers
The Luva Mountaineers are based out of the far northeast corner of the country. Luva is a mountain village along the edge of the Edgeworth Mountain Range. Culturally proud of the beauty around them, the team named themselves the Mountaineers. The green mountain rams that inhabit the area inspired the logo, drawn courteously by the Horrible Woeful Unsatisfactory Logo and Apparel Company.

The Mountaineers went all out with their uniforms, with alternating striping along the ribbing. The trim will be a lighter brown. The home uniforms will also include a mountain rage along the stomach area, with the ram on the shorts. The away uniforms will be brown.

Luva will play their home games at Edgeworth Court.
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3/15/2022 6:37 pm  #56

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Remolvo Choristers
Remolvo is a city just south of Luva and northeast of McQuelsey. A very musical city since its founding in the 1500s, the players voted to honor the many cathedrals of the city. The award-winning National Oneioea Choir holds their practices in Romolvo every Monday, and holds performances every season. The Choristers, opting for bright red and blue, designed their logo with an angel.

The Choristers will sport white uniforms with blue ribbing and red trim at home. They will have an R on the shorts. The font is an Old English that may be slightly difficult to read. The away uniforms will be blue, with a red R and the logo on the chest.

They will play home games at the Remolvo Arena, a multipurpose venue. The court will have a blue apron.
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3/15/2022 7:48 pm  #57

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Mescudi Moonmen
The city of Mescudi was proud to sponsor a team this year and gain entry into the OBA. Mescudi is a northern city right by Luva. The city was named after Scott Mescudi, famed musician known as KiD CuDi. The official colors of the Moonmen will be purple and cream. The Moonmen logo features an astronaut, with the moon in the reflection of their mask, with an "M" emblazoned in their chest.

Both jerseys will have the numbers in front of a moon on the back of the jersey. The astronaut will make an appearance on the front, underneath the number. The home jerseys will be cream, with the away jerseys in purple.

The Moonmen will play at Scott Stadium, one of the largest venues in the country. They will also have a unique court design, with a purple apron and the astronaut creeping up from the sideline. The halfcourt circle is encompassed by the moon.
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3/15/2022 8:00 pm  #58

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

Gin City Porkers
Gin City is a rough-and-tough city just on the other side of the Schism River, across from Boothtown. Gin City is known as one of the largest exporters of pork in the country. As such, the town's club will be known as the Porkers. The logo features a pig, branded with a purple "GC" on the ribs. The official colors will be purple and pink.

The Porkers home jerseys will be white with purple ribbing, pink trim and the full team name. The aways will be purple and pink, with black trim, and the logo.

Gin City will call home the Landmore Meats Community Center. Landmore Meats is the largest employer in the city.

That's all for the 1975 expansion! Who is your favorite team across the whole league?
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3/15/2022 10:22 pm  #59

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1975 Season
Trying something new with this standings template. Let me know what you think!

While The Team of The River Galloway took the top spot in the table, the remaining three playoff spots were occupied by new blood in 1975. Luva took the second position, led by PF Winston Burns. Mescudi's PG Hitts Weckerthaul took home MVP honors en route to a playoff appearance in their first year in existence. The Mobsters of Boothtown battled down to the wire for the final wild card, defeating the Ensylvan Drakes in the final week to secure it.

The Drakes rebounded from the previous season's last place finish. Although they fell short of a playoff appearance, there was plenty to be excited for in Ensylvan. Desherd City, Gin City, the Murdlock Razors, and The Bay all had identical records to Ensylvan. Fans of the league were pleased with the competitiveness in the middle of the league.

The Ricos started out strong but faltered in the last few weeks of the season. McQuelsey, despite a great season from Deacon Moss, failed to make the postseason for the third consecutive year. The Irving Crows had a similar campaign, with Kermit Duvall carrying the team with little success elsewhere. The Choristers struggled mightily in their inaugural outing. The Monocles held up the rear, eclipsing only eight wins on the year.

 With that being said... let's get to the playoff bracket!
The Team of the River Galloway will face the Boothtown Mobsters, while Luva and Mescudi will look to advance to the OCS Finals in their first year. Who do you think will win?
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3/16/2022 7:11 pm  #60

Re: Good If It Goes: The Story of the OBA

1975 - First Round Results

#1 The Team of The River Galloway - 71
#4 Boothtown Mobsters - 77

An upset for the ages! The Boothtown Mobsters came out the gate swinging, scoring well over half of their points in transition. Darnell Donald of the Mobsters and The Team's Andre Oz displayed one of the greatest back-and-forth battles in the league's short history. Donald finish the game with 33 points, going along with a handful of dishes. He also scored the Mobsters last six points to maintain the lead. Boothtown will be headed to their first OCS Finals!!

#2 Luva Mountaineers 77
#3 Mescudi Moonmen 80

Luva might have been the loudest city in the country as the Mountaineers hosted the rival Moonmen. The fans were tailgating three hours prior to packing Edgeworth Court. "LUUUUUUUUUUUVAAAAAAA" reverberated throughout the countryside. As the sun sank beneath the peaks of the mountains, the game tipped off after much anticipation.

It was worth the hype. League MVP Hitts Weckerthaul dominated on both ends of the floor. He picked up a couple steals in addition to a 28 point performance. Luva's Winston Burns ate on the glass, picking up 8 rebounds in the first half alone, which ended in a 40-40 tie.

It came down to the wire. With two seconds left on the clock, Hitts Weckerthaul curled around a screen and knocked down the clinching three-point basket. The Mescudi crowd erupted, while the Luva faithful were simply stunned. All season, the Mountaineers firmly believed they would be the team of rookies advancing to the OCS Finals. However, it was not meant to be.

Who do you have taking the OCS Finals between the Boothtown Mobsters and the Mescudi Moonmen?
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