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11/22/2021 11:02 pm  #41

Re: The AltBA Season 2021


22 November 2021

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - With today's news from the AltBA that (as expected) LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart will be suspended for 1 and 2 games respectively, the Albuquerque Invaders have decided to make yet another personnel addition. We'll be bringing in Lance Stephenson as the team's Behavioral Counselor, as we believe his presence will help improve our internal relationships in the locker room and prevent future incidents like Sunday's from occurring in the future:

And while we're announcing personnel changes, we have yet to officially announce the hire of our new Spiritual Advisor, Olivia Rodrigo. So, we'd like to officially announce the hire of our new Spiritual Advisor, Olivia Rodrigo:


11/23/2021 5:54 am  #42

Re: The AltBA Season 2021

Spiritual Advisor, eh?   

The New Orleans Revelers, (in typically over the top dramatic fashion involving Party Gras, the Gator Boys, Nancy the Leprechaun, the Crockettes, and an annoyed Dick Dingleberry announce today that they've also hired a Spiritual Advisor, selecting Televangelist Kerney Thomas to be their advisor.

"I heard him screaming in tongues one day while watching TV and felt so moved by his spiritual prowess that I had to hire him immediately once it was determined that he was available", Basketball Owner Stickman was quoted.   "He'll be very vital to our team by giving us pep talks and praying for victory!  Also, he's generously made his Personal Prayer Packages available for us to purchase before each game to guarantee our victory!"

(Note:  If you've never heard of Kerney Thomas before, look up highlights of him on Youtube, he's a hoot!)

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