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11/06/2021 4:15 pm  #1

AltCAA Legacy Project

Welcome to the AltCAA Legacy Project!

Here is where we begin to build the history of our AltCAA universe. For 20+ seasons our 34 schools are going to compete for the AltCAA National Championship. If you are new to our Alt-Universe, welcome! We are happy to have you on board. This post is the first of two that will kick off our legacy project. This post will provide some background information and structure to the project. 

To review: 
-Our legacy project will run for 20 seasons, from the year 1995 to 2015. 
-Each of our schools will be matched up with a school IRL. Their record will be your record. 
-The difference is that our conferences and playoffs are different. So what ultimately happens to them will be different than what happens to you. 
-This is just a simulation to provide some history for each of our programs. It is not an indictment on your prowess as an owner. So don't take losses too personally. 
-Next season we will be playing a fantasy college football season. That is known as the 'modern era'. That's when it really counts.

The Format:
I didn't want to waste our time bickering over things like conference names and bowl game names and instead wanted to get to the action. So I apologize if the stand-in names are not up to your standards. We will have a chance later on if we want to stick with the traditional legacy project names or tinker with them as we move forward. But they are not in stone and instead placeholders for now. 

The 34 schools will be broken up into four conferences. Every year of the legacy project the conference champion will go to the conference's designated bowl game. It is a big honor to represent your conference at that game. There they will host one of the at large teams in the first round of the playoffs. More on that to come...

The first conference is the EAST COAST CONFERENCE or commonly known as the ECC. This conference goes from the province of Quebec all the way down the coast to Orlando, Florida. Every year the ECC champion goes to the Heritage Bowl. Figured a traditional name for the ECC. 

Next, we have the Great Lakes Athletic Conference otherwise known as the GLAC (said like it's a word). This tight knit conference features schools that border the Great Lakes. Therefore each year, the GLAC champion will head to the Beacon Bowl which pays homage to the many lighthouses throughout the region. My thought was that the trophy could be the Rust Belt (WWE style). 

Moving west, we run into the Heartland Conference which is named for large region in the middle of the continent. To that end, this region's dedication to farming feeds much of the nation. Therefore the annual bowl game is simply the HARVEST BOWL.

Finally, on the west coast is the SUPER WEST CONFERENCE. It spans from BC all the way down to Southern California. The champion each year will play at the AVOCADO BOWL.

Now obviously, now all of these helmets are true to that of their designers preferences. Once they communicate what they'd like in their legacy they will begin to see that reflected in the ongoing posts. The ones with logos were the people who submitted them to me so far. 

Matching Teams:
The next post is going to be about the matching process that we will take for the legacy project. In the past we simply matched up one team from NFL with one from the AltFL. And since the leagues had similar number of teams that was easy to do. But obviously there are a great many more college teams IRL than there are in our universe. Therefore we want to make sure that as we match up teams that the conferences are evenly stacked. Meaning, we don't want a conference of 8 teams to have 4 undefeated teams in a year. 

So...the next post is going to have the LEGACY DRAFT ORDER. This is something we have never done before. So please pay attention! I am going to do our normal lottery (completely random due to no design process). We will then slot teams based off of their conferences. So the number 1 team in the lottery will get the number one draft slot. But the number 2 draft slot will be given to the top lottery team from a new conference. Then so on and so forth. It sounds confusing but it'll work. This is designed so that we have balanced conferences. If you have any questions about that just reach out to me and ill explain further. 

Once I post the DRAFT ORDER. The number one team can pick ANY D1 college program that they'd like. We will then draft down from there. Eventually we plan on doing a legacy project for college basketball. In that event the draft order will simply be flipped so that whoever gets team #34 will get team #1 next time. Another thing to remember, is that there are 34 solid programs to choose from. So unlike our other legacy projects where you may have gotten stuck with the Islanders or Bengals you won't be stuck with an awful team. Also remember that team success is cyclical in college sports. For example one of the worst teams from the 90s was Stanford. But believe it or not Stanford was only 2nd to Alabama in wins for the 2000s. 

By giving you all choice during this Legacy Project you have the ability to decide what kind of team you want to be. What kind of narrative do you want to have. I know some people wanted to be up and coming teams like TCU while others may want to be someone more classic like Notre Dame. The choice is yours and yours alone! 

Once I post the order the first person is on the clock. We will give you time to make your decision. If you feel like you will not be around to make it send me your options and I will pick for you so that we can keep it going. We will skip people if need be. But people must keep their heads because this is where people usually throw inexplicable tantrums. So be patient. 

It's time for the AltCAA Universe to take shape! 


11/06/2021 4:21 pm  #2

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Hello everyone! I've been trying to collect legacy information to create this helmet chart. If anyone feels that their team is incorrect, let me know!

I  l I K E  t H I S

11/06/2021 4:51 pm  #3

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

The Legacy Draft
As we begin the Legacy Draft. Here are a few things to consider: 
1.) You don't have to choose the BEST team but rather the one that matches the story that you'd like. 
2.) Remember that if you are low on this list you will be at the top of the basketball one. 
3.) Consider style of play, types of players you want to have as alumni, etc. 
4.) If any other users decide to join they will get to pick from the un-drafted schools. 
5.) Full Disclosure I was picked 2nd. Therefore I knocked myself down to the bottom of the third round. 
6.) Every four picks should have each conference represented once. 

Additionally remember to reach out to me with your logos as you develop them and I will update your legacy helmets. H-Town is keeping track of modern era helmets and your legacy match up team. 

The Draft Order: 
1. Great Lakes 
2. Austin Tech
3. Arizona College
4. Hershey
5. UC Orange
6. Wisconsin State
7. Chicago Christian
8. Florida Orlando
9. Lone Star
10. Southern Colorado
11. Western NY
12. Penn Commonwealth
13. WIT
14. Charlotte
15. Central Arizona
16. Denton State
17. Minnesota A&M
18. Western Penn
19. Chula Vista
20. Southwest Ohio
21. Twin Cities
22. Victoria
23. St. Brendan's
24. Ohio A&M
25. Wichita A&M
26. Johns Island
27. Semiahomoo
28. MCI
29. St. Laurent
30. Inland Empire
31. Riel
32. Piedmont State
33. Kansas City
34. Asnerbrook

The Great Lakes Bay State Skippers are officially on the clock! Have fun everyone! 

I'll be keeping track of the picks on our AltCAA sheet

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11/06/2021 6:36 pm  #4

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

A brief history of Great Lakes Bay State University:

Founded in 1950 as a branch of Michigan Collegiate Institute in Saginaw Michigan during the boom of the city's population.

In 1990, MCI-Saginaw parts ways with MCI becoming their own independent mid-major college, Great Lakes Bay State. Due to this, the Skippers had some growing pains on the football field, but things may be looking up in the future. 

The Skippers' early days on the gridiron will be highlighted by the Bowling Green State Falcons.

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11/06/2021 7:19 pm  #5

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Austin Tech's real-life analogue will be Texas A&M University.


11/06/2021 7:19 pm  #6

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Hey Gritty, you've got Chula Vista on the list twice (19 and 22) and no Victoria. In addition, is Semiahomoo a misspelling? Everything I've seen has it as Semiahmoo. Possibly just a mistake?


11/06/2021 9:40 pm  #7

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Could catch. Will correct misspelling. And Victoria is at 22

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11/07/2021 8:00 am  #8

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Arizona College will be selecting Louisiana State University
And if anyone still needs helps with logos, message me and I can probably chip in!

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11/07/2021 9:33 am  #9

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

mf aint wrote:

Arizona College will be selecting Louisiana State University
And if anyone still needs helps with logos, message me and I can probably chip in!


If you have a second, want to whip up a Super West Conference logo? 

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11/07/2021 12:29 pm  #10

Re: AltCAA Legacy Project

Hershey = VT

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