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9/07/2021 1:24 pm  #131

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

Hey everyone, since I'm starting university just now, time between posts will probably be longer, as I adjust to this new stage of life. Don't be alarmed if I don't post for a bit.

Slapshot Kirby wrote:

Also, with the NERC having a new commissioner, I wonder if once the league has its image cleaned up after this gambling scandal, if there will be expansion? Maybe even beyond the New York Metropolitan area? Not that I am saying that you should, but I was just saying, especially since when all the suspended teams return, there would be an odd number of teams.

Bit of a spoiler, but there will be a 3-team expansion starting in 1960, and yes, one of those teams will indeed be outside of the NYC area. That should be fun.

1956 Champions Cup Semifinal

(2) Manhattan Archers vs (3) Brooklyn Devils [scoreworms]

Date: July 28, 1956
Location: Presidents Park, Manhattan, NY
Weather: 86℉ (30℃), Cloudy
Wind: Moderate Breeze from W

Presidents Park was buzzing on a hot July afternoon. They were hoping to see their heavily-favoured Manhattan Archers destroy their opponents, the playoff debutant Brooklyn Devils. Despite the Archers handily finishing ahead of Brooklyn, the Devils actually won their season series, 2-1. Nevertheless, it was going to be tough to play a playoff game in Manhattan, as the Archers were arguably the team with the most playoff experience in the league.

The first part of the quarter saw both teams try and get a feel for how their opponents were playing, so there weren’t any real chances. The game’s first score came 6:14 in, a point from Brooklyn’s Bertrand Fite. A couple minutes later, Peter Stan scored the game’s first goal for Brooklyn, putting them up 5-0. The game slowed down after, and despite some chances, there would be no scoring for the next 10 minutes. Eventually, with 5:21 to play, Van German got the Archers on the board with a dribbling goal. The Devils replied right back to retake their 5-point lead, but German would reply back 2 minutes later, putting the Archers within 1 again. Manhattan had a great chance to take the lead right after, but a punch from Leonard Jones just missed wide for a point. After 24 minutes of play, the two teams were all tied up at 9.

AFTER 1: Manhattan 9-9 Brooklyn

After the torrid pace to close out the first quarter, the second quarter seemed unbearably slow. The Archers kicked a point to take the lead 6 minutes in, but that was the only real chance of the first 18 minutes of the quarter. The quarter mainly consisted of rushes being broken up in the midfield, with excellent tackling from both sides. Eventually, with 4:21 to play in the half, the Devils kicked a point to tie the game back up. The pace picked up considerably after, as the Archers’ John Schmidt kicked a goal. Fite had a great chance to tie the game back up late, but his shot was excellently saved by James Ove, and the rebound went wide for a point. Through 48 minutes of play, the Archers held a slim 3-point lead. The game was far from over.

AT THE HALF: Manhattan 14-11 Brooklyn

Brooklyn came out firing in the second half, getting a point from Perseus Whitney and a goal from Manny Ramirez within the first three minutes. This gave them their first lead since the first quarter. The Archers replied with some rushes of their own, but all they could muster was one point, putting them within 1. Gil Littlewood made them pay for not capitalizing on their chances, as he drew a penalty and converted, making it a two-score game. The Archers controlled the ball for the remainder of the quarter, but the Devils did well to prevent any Grade-A chances. In the final 16 minutes of the third quarter, all the Archers managed to get was a point from Vern Chamne. While that did make it a one-score game again, They were disappointed that they couldn’t get anything more. After 3, the Devils surprisingly held on to a 1-goal lead.

AFTER 3: Manhattan 16-20 Brooklyn

The first 12 minutes of the final quarter were incredibly boring. The Devils successfully slowed the game down to almost a grinding halt, and there was little action. Eventually, Littlewood scored his second goal of the game, increasing the Devils’ lead to 8, the largest lead either team had had so far. Manhattan responded with a quick goal from Ove, but the Devils would follow that up with Whitney’s first goal of the game. With that, the Devils had a 2-goal lead with 9:13 to play. Manhattan would have two perfect chances to get right back on their next two rushes, but both of their efforts were routinely turned away by Brooklyn’s Leonard Perry, only getting points. The Devils would successfully run out the clock, getting a late point to win by 7. As the final whistle went, Presidents Park was left stunned. The Archers had once again lost to the Devils, who in turn had just won their first ever playoff game, and booked a date in the Champions Cup with the Buffalo Panthers.

FINAL SCORE: Manhattan 22-29 Brooklyn

Champions Cup Final Preview:
(1) Buffalo Panthers vs (3) Brooklyn Devils, at New York, NY

Regular Season Matchups: Buffalo 30-20 Brooklyn, Brooklyn 25-29 Buffalo, Brooklyn 27-35 Buffalo, Buffalo 36-33 Brooklyn
Previous Playoff Meeting: None
Playoff Record: Buffalo 0-0 Brooklyn

After their upset win over the Archers, the Devils find themselves up against a super-strong Panthers team that won all 4 games against them in the regular season. Paired with the fact that the Devils would have to win 2 consecutive games to claim the Champions Cup, there is virtually no chance that they’ll be able to pull it off. However, if they miraculously win, it’ll be a story talked about for years.

Analyst Prediction: Buffalo claims their second Champions Cup, winning Game 1 32-27.


9/07/2021 2:05 pm  #132

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

Well I got the matchup I wanted, so bring it on Brooklyn! Not in our backyard! (Assuming the game is in Buffalo)
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9/07/2021 3:35 pm  #133

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

Eh, I really hoped that will be another Archers' big season, but congrats to Devils.


9/08/2021 4:32 pm  #134

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

Lets Go Devils


Yesterday 7:29 pm  #135

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

1956 Champions Cup Final (Game 1) [scoreworm]
Date: August 4, 1956
Location: New York Runty Park, New York, NY
Weather: 83℉ (28℃), Cloudy
Wind: Gentle Breeze from W
Attendance: 30,000

It was a little on the warm side, but it was still a great day for runty, in the heart of New York City. New York Runty Park was packed as always, as spectators couldn’t wait to see how the 1956 edition of the game’s biggest stage would play out. On one side of the field were the #1 seed Buffalo Panthers, looking to claim their second league championship. On the other end were the Cinderella Brooklyn Devils, making their first ever appearance in the Champions Cup. Despite the Panthers being farther away, they actually had more official supporters at the game than Brooklyn, with Panthers fans taking up a third of the stadium compared to a quarter for Brooklyn. The remaining 40% fans were neutrals, though a majority of those were Archers supporters, cheering against their archrival Panthers.

Buffalo won the jump-ball, but couldn’t do anything with their first few rushes. It would be the Devils that opened up the scoring, getting a goal from Gil Littlewood, who was starting to become known as the league’s best playoff performer. However, Des Samuel would tie the game up soon after with a goal of his own. The Panthers added two points, and were up 6-4 at the midway point of the opening quarter. The pace would die down for the next few minutes, as both defense did a good job of stopping their opponent’s rushes. Eventually, with 4:05 to play, Brooklyn RU Theo Garbo drew a penalty shot, getting a defender to tackle him low. He converted, and Brooklyn took the lead again. Soon after, Manny Ramirez deflected a penalty shot past Buffalo’s Ross Stone, putting the Devils up by 6. This score held to the end of the quarter. After 24 minutes, Brooklyn was looking pretty impressive.

AFTER 1: Buffalo 6-12 Brooklyn

The start of the second quarter could’ve just been named the Gil Littlewood show. He was a machine in the midfield, barely letting any rushes on his side of the field get past him. He was also doing amazing in the transition game, getting his teammates into good position. At the 8:13 mark, he scored an amazing solo goal, one that commentator Scott Joseph dubbed “The finest goal I’ve ever seen”. He stopped Des Samuel outside Brooklyn’s penalty arc, then carried the ball himself down to Buffalo’s end, where he beat Stone with a picture-perfect shot. Some Buffalo fans even gave a standing ovation for that play. Brooklyn was now up by 10, and they held that margin until Peter Simon scored with 6:36 to play, putting the Panthers within 6. The rest of the quarter was pretty quiet, with the only other point being a shot from Peter Stan that just missed wide for a point. At the half, Brooklyn was surprisingly still ahead, and were going a great job at handling Buffalo’s potent offense.

AT THE HALF: Buffalo 10-17 Brooklyn

Just 33 seconds into the third quarter, Brooklyn almost scored another goal, but Ross Stone did very well to deflect the shot off the post and in, resulting in a point. Realising that they would likely have lost the game if that went in, the Panthers offense started picking up the pace. Des Samuel would kick a rocket of a shot for a goal, and the Panthers were now within 4. They kept up the pressure, and added two points, putting them within 2. A goal would give them the lead. However, the Brooklyn defense did very well to make sure this didn’t happen for the rest of the quarter. Samuel, who was usually very calm, started to get frustrated that neither he nor his teammates could get that valuable lead-taking goal. This frustration directly led to a Buffalo turnover, which Brooklyn brought upfield, and kicked a point. It looked like it would be a one-possession game heading into the fourth, but Brooklyn LB Albin Yonker made a great read, stole a pass, and kicked a goal. Brooklyn had restored the 7-point lead they entered the quarter with, and were 24 minutes away from forcing a winner-take-all second game.

AFTER 3: Buffalo 16-23 Brooklyn

The fourth quarter started slower than the others, but after an opening point from Buffalo, the pace ramped up quickly. Perseus Whitney kicked his first goal of the game, and the Devils’ lead was now 10. Artie Booth had a great chance to reply with a goal of his own, but his shot just missed wide, a wasted opportunity. Knowing that the game was pretty much in the bag, Brooklyn started slowing things down, and when they had chances, they intentionally kicked two points, to show Buffalo that they weren’t trying since they were so confident about their victory. It was an interesting strategy, but since they were up by 11 with 3 minutes to go, there was little chance Buffalo could actually come back. Samuel scored a consolation goal with 20 seconds to play. As the final whistle blew, the New York Runty Park was stunned. The 4-7 Brooklyn Devils had actually forced a winner-take-all second game of the Champions Cup, to be played one week later.

FINAL SCORE: Buffalo 22-29 Brooklyn

Next post will have the deciding second game of the Champions Cup!

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Yesterday 7:48 pm  #136

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

Uh, you have the Archers jersey and logo for the results
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Yesterday 8:55 pm  #137

Re: American Runty Championship: 1956 Champions Cup

Rugrat wrote:

Uh, you have the Archers jersey and logo for the results

welp, not sure how that went by me. the site isn't letting me edit that post either. fun.

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