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6/02/2021 2:04 pm  #1

Name ideas for smaller cities

So I've made a couple of other posts/topics about other parts of this on these boards, but my brain doesn't like to stick to working on one part of the overall project, which means that I have about 5 different things in this project that are unfinished and that I need to work on, but enough about that.

To put more of a backstory on this whole project, I've been working on a fictional sport called Trampolineball (I know, very unoriginal name. I came up with it in middle school) for well over 6 years, although my initial concept of it is about 8 years old. Think of Olympic Handball, but on a Trampoline and you've pretty much got Trampolineball.

Sorry about all the rambling, now onto the main reason for this post. I'm kinda working ahead in terms of expansion for my sport, but I'm running into a bit of trouble with some names for the smaller market teams that I was going to include and I'm looking for some help. I'll include a Google Spreadsheet that has the list of teams and the years that they will be formed. The ones with Red text and a Question Mark are the ones that I'm having trouble coming up with names. Also feel free to make suggestions for other teams on the document (expect for the 8 teams with colored background and texts, those are finalized).

(Quick side note: For some of the larger cities, I took inspiration from user's suggestions for Alt League teams in those cities. If you see your suggestion on my list and don't want me to use it, just let me know and I'll change it.)

Since the ones I'm worried about are in smaller cities, I feel like it will be more difficult to come up with something that is more unique and I'll probably have to just use something more generic, but I will greatly appreciate any suggestions that you come up with if you decide to help out. If you have any questions as well about why I named certain teams, feel free to ask.
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8/12/2021 9:24 pm  #2

Re: Name ideas for smaller cities

Sorry Man, I’m as Stuck as you. Hopefully you can come up with something good.


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