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7/18/2021 2:17 pm  #81


With my apologies for the delay, we continue ALTCAR with the Las Vegas 400!

The Quebec Owls earned their first win of the year while their teammate the Vancouver Caribou scored 3, sandwiching the Invaders on the podium. It was an absolute wreckfest, with only 15 cars at the end of the race. The Owls also take the points lead, followed by the Spirits, Caribou, Jackalopes, and Galactics. Edgeworth's KS Motorsports becomes the first team to break 1000 points and takes the lead over the 2-car KF11 Racing. Chevy continues their absolute domination, leading Ford by 933 points.

Full results here.

I'll be making some adjustments to the cars so that they're all more reliable and we don't have 20+ cars dropping out each race. Continue to look forward to the dirt race!

7/18/2021 4:56 pm  #82


0 for 3 on qualifying. You love to see it.

7/20/2021 11:04 pm  #83


And the Quebec Owls continue their dominance with their second straight win at Phoenix. The Stallions, Guardians, Cyborgs, and Flyers round out the top 5.

Full results here.

The Owls take the points lead, followed by the consistent Grizzlies and the Founders. KF11 Racing takes the lead in the team championship, followed by KS Motorsports and Burmy Motorsports. Chevrolet continues their dominance, over 1400 points ahead of second-place Ford.
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7/20/2021 11:20 pm  #84


The Emperors, my favorite designed car, has yet to see the track. We're going to assume it's because we're trying to keep the paint scheme pristine.
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