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7/14/2021 5:17 pm  #1

North Antarctica

Welcome to North Antarctica!
What is the purpose of the country? To provide some serious compition in sports and seriously become a great country with a clean area and a great reputation for being clean and green.
Favorite Sports? Hockey, Football, and Soccer
Shape? Covers half the area of Antarctica and has the width that covers from 100 miles north of Antarctica to around 50 miles south of Ushuaia. The length is from Cape Town to Ushuaia.
Capital city? Penguin town, a city based off the protection of Penguins and it currently has a population of almost 10 million and it’s growing rapidly every single day.
Languages? Any language, but English is the main language in this country.
Big Cities? Currently the major cities in population are: Penguin Town, Southern Cape Town, Summit City, Racine, Escolia, Hope, Lake Century Town, Escald, South City, Wexlia, South Ushuaia, Nature City, and Nogu.
Government state? Very stable. The country is well run and very few people have any complaints in the country about wars against other countries.’
Weather? 45 degrees Fahrenheit max during summer, and 0 degrees Fahrenheit at the minimum in the winter.
The cities are all unique and have extremely different stories behind all of them.

                Near Survivor lake is the capital of North Antarctica, Penguin Town. The capital of this nation has a very creative core. The main jobs there are penguin care, working on staying the most Green country in the world, government affairs, so on. The city is very welcoming with many unique cultures that fit surprisingly well. It was founded in 1900 as the first city founded in the country. The name comes from the first life spotted in the area, there were so many penguins. Now, it’s the center of world culture and the key for the world in global warming protection and Antarctica animal protection. The lake nearby contains many animals that live in peace and you cannot swim in it. But, how is it able to stay so clean? Simple, so many invisible tubes lead to the centers of pollution control, where all air is trapped, frozen, then smashed. Penguin Town is about to have the 100th pollution control center in their existence.
Next up: We head over to the island to talk about Southern Ushuaia! Thoughts along with C&C are appreciated!

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Re: North Antarctica

Southern Ushuaia is a very interesting city. This is a city near a hill, making it a very popular skiing location and has very high reviews in their ski resorts. They also have a good seafood economy, but they don’t go over endangered fish, they only go for those that are in a good state and ones they could use without using the endangered fish. The city has a high population and is very key because it is one of the very few fishing areas in the country.
They don’t have a lot of Pollution control centers, 25 to be exact, but they don’t need them because many of the people there would prefer no technology instead of having a chance to be a polluted city. The city was founded in 1865 and quickly became North Antarctica territory in 1944 because of debt by Argentina, and no, this isn’t from the world war, it’s from how poor the country is. There are some disputes on who should own the land, but it’s clear for now that the one that owns it is North Antarctica.

                Next Up: we go to the city of the dead forest, Escald! C&C appreciated!

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Re: North Antarctica

Welcome to Escald!
Population: 2,000,000
Significance: A very middle-class city that has key economic points, like Castle Avenue (Wall Street), the main pollution control center, and the most ancient-like big city in the world, making it a very-low technologiacal place, but that's the charm of the city.
Facts: Only city with plans to rebuild the identity of the city. Only city to have a major crisis since the independence battle in 1950. Major source for the economy of the country. The country's version of wall street is in this city. 

Escald was once home to a beautiful forest, until a home caught fire in 1960 which burnt down the entire forest. The people that lived on number 16 on Beacon Avenue didn’t make it out alive that night. There is a memorial currently where the house was in memory of the fallen family. The city otherwise is a not interesting city with a high population and some odd smells. The city since it’s founding in 1932, when it was known as the city of life. Ironically the city has very few life around it now, but a plan is in place to make sure the city has it’s roots grown back again. The plan will finish in 2024 along with the hope that it can remove the recent history out of the way.

                Well, we go up to the Heavenly Heights Ski resort to talk about Mount Condor next. C&C Appreciated!

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