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Re: Quebec Amateur Hockey League

1949/50 QAHL Regular Season

The Sherbrooke Miners were back on top of the regular-season standings this season after an infusion of youth brought the team back to their winning ways. After finishing 4th last year, Drummondville bounced back and finished 2nd and surprisingly wouldn’t face Montreal this year. Indeed, the team finishing third would be Shawinigan who were dealing with injuries almost all season and finished 5 points behind the Defenders. Taking 4th and the last place in the playoffs was the Quebec Explorers, who jump from 6th place to the playoffs this year, partly because the injury bug did not affect them much this year. After a return to the playoffs last year, Trois-Rivières finished in 5th place, a whopping 13 points behind the 4th-place Explorers. The story of the year was the complete collapse of Montreal. After winning it all last year, the Metros were hit hard by the loss of their captain Jacob King who was a somewhat big piece of their offence and finished in a distant last place. This would be the first time in league history that the defending champions wouldn’t be able to defend their title. It also meant that Montreal and Drummondville would not face off after 3 consecutive first-round match-ups between the two teams.

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Re: Quebec Amateur Hockey League

1950 QAHL Playoffs

Sherbrooke Miners (1) vs Quebec Explorers (4) 
The Miners were disoriented by two quick goals from Quebec in the second period in Game 1, as they were only able to score one goal late in the third period as Quebec won the game, giving them a 1-0 series lead. Game 2 was intense for Sherbrooke and they scored first but were outscored twice within the first twenty minutes. A Miners goal put the game at 2 in the third period, which held until the end of regulation. It would also hold through 20 minutes of overtime but early in the 2nd overtime, Sherbrooke would take a costly penalty. On the ensuing powerplay, Quebec would find the back of the net to take a surprising 2-0 lead in the series. In Game 3, the Miners came out swinging in the first two periods, as they scored two goals and after Quebec tied things up at two in the middle period, they would score three unanswered goals to seal the deal by a score of 5-2. After two periods in Game 4, Sherbrooke led the Explorers 1-0 and looked to clinch victory when in the third period, Quebec was able to tie the game at 1 then 6 minutes later, the Explorers took their first lead of the game. With two minutes left in the third period and the game looking likely to go Quebec’s way, the Miners stole the puck and forced overtime in front of their fans. With barely a minute left in overtime, Shawinigan would eventually break the tie to tie the series at two. The Miners dominated the Explorers in Game 5, shutting them out while scoring three of their own to take the series. Halfway through the third period in Game 6, Quebec scored first. Three minutes later, Sherbrooke tied the game at one. With the game on the verge of going to overtime, the Explorers scored just before the final buzzer to tie the series at three. The first goal would be scored early in the 2nd period by the Explorers, but the Miners would score the next goal within 9 minutes to tie it at 1. Two minutes later, the Explorers would take the lead and push hard to prevent another equalizer. That strategy wouldn’t work as the Miners would tie it again with 2 minutes left in the period. Early in the third period, the Explorers would score a goal and the Miners wouldn’t be able to reply with one of their own. The final buzzer sounded and the Explorers celebrated as they had become the 1st 4-seed to make the Cartier Cup Finals. The shocked Miners fans at Sherbrooke Arena couldn’t believe that their team had lost and some riots were started with properties around the stadium being damaged. The police were called and many arrests were made. Meanwhile, the Explorers looked forward to the finals where they hoped to shock the league again by winning the title.

Drummondville Defenders (2) vs Shawinigan Power (3) 
Drummondville started the semi-final with a dominant Game 1 in which they were able to score one early in the 1st round and add two goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods while allowing only one goal to the Power to take a 1-0 series lead. Shawinigan would respond with a dominating performance in Game 2, scoring four times and allowing one goal to the Defenders to tie the series at one. The Shawinigan crowd would be enthusiastic early in Game 3 with two quick goals in the first period and two more in the second period. Drummondville would eventually reduce the deficit back to two, but three minutes later, the Power would make it 4-1. Midway through the third period, Drummondville gained hope with a goal, then with 2 minutes left, they would get another goal. Sadly, that would be their last, and their comeback would fail, giving Shawinigan the 2-1 series lead. It was a very defensive game in Game 4, the only goal was scored with 7 minutes left in the third period by the Defenders to tie the series at 2. Game 5 was yet another Drummondville victory, this time shutting out Shawinigan again with a single goal, taking the series lead.  In Game 6, the Defenders would open the scoring in the first period, followed by the Power scoring the equalizer early in the second. Five minutes after Shawinigan’s goal, the Defenders would score what would prove to be the game-winner to send the Power home. They would have to wait to know their opponent in the finals. A few days later, the Defenders learned the identity of their opponent as the Quebec Explorers knocked off top seed Sherbrooke. 

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Re: Quebec Amateur Hockey League

1950 Cartier Cup Finals
Game 1: QUE 3 @ DRU 2  The Quebec Explorers were looking to surprise the Defenders and they accomplished that by scoring the first goal of the finals early in the 2nd period. Drummondville wouldn’t let that go unnoticed and replied with a goal of their own a few minutes later. 5 minutes after the equalizer, Quebec took back the lead but Drummondville would tie it again early in the third. Quebec would reply with another goal a few minutes later to take back the lead. They would hold on to that lead and take a 1-0 series lead.

Game 2: QUE 3 @ DRU 2 2OT Drummondville would get at it early, scoring the game's first goal barely 20 seconds into the game, but Quebec would reply barely a minute later to tie it at 1 after barely 2 minutes of action. Midway through the period, the home team would take the lead off a well-placed shot that beat the Quebec goalie below the glove. Early in the third, Quebec would tie it at 2 again and the tie would hold until the end of the regular season. The 1st period of overtime would go by without a single goal. 5 minutes into the second period of overtime, Quebec would score the game-winning goal and take a surprising 2-0 series lead

Game 3: DRU 2 @ QUE 1 2OT The first goal of the game would come to  Quebec late in the first period. 2 minutes later, Drummondville would tie the game and hoped to get the lead to keep themselves alive. Those would be the only goals in regular time and for the 2nd consecutive game, we would go to overtime. For the 2nd consecutive game, the game would head to second overtime after no goals were scored in the first period of overtime. Midway through the period, a Drummondville forward would find himself on the breakaway and score the game-winning goal to bring the series to 2-1.

Game 4: DRU 2 @ QUE 1 OT Early in the 3rd, Quebec would score their first goal of the game, but Drummondville would score the equalizer late in the period to send this game to overtime for the third game in a row. 6 minutes into overtime, the Defenders would score the game-winning goal to tie the series at 2.

Game 5: QUE 1 @ DRU 3  Early in the 1st period, the Defenders would give their home crowd hopes with a goal, but a few minutes later, Quebec would tie the game at 1 apiece. Late in the period, the Defenders would take the lead again. Drummondville would confirm their victory with a late goal to go up 3-2 in the series.

Game 6: DRU 4 @ QUE 1  The Quebec crowd would be ecstatic early when their team score within the first minutes, but a few minutes later, Drummondville would tie the game at 1. Almost midway through the 2nd period, the Defenders would take the lead with a magnificent goal and then would add another one to go up by 2 goals. Midway through the third period, Drummondville would add another goal and bring their lead up to 4-1. That would be the last goal of the game and the series as the Drummondville Defenders took home the victory and claimed their 2nd championship.


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Re: Quebec Amateur Hockey League

Congrats to the Defenders


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Re: Quebec Amateur Hockey League

Congrats Drummondville Defenders, 2 time Cartier Cup champions.


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Re: Quebec Amateur Hockey League

 Nothing of note happened in the 1950 offseason so let's roll with the next season
1950/51 QAHL Regular Season

After winning their 2nd title last year, Drummondville looked to repeat as champions and made good on their promise by finishing in a distant first place. In 2nd place, we find Quebec who, after collapsing in the finals last year as the 4th seed, hope to finally win their first championship. Facing them is Montreal who had a great rebound season after last year’s disastrous season and hoped to get back to the finals. Finishing 4th was Trois-Rivières who bounced back this season and would face the dominant force that is Drummondville in the semis. Despite finishing with the same number of points as the Loggers, Shawinigan was excluded from the playoffs mostly due to having fewer wins than the Loggers. For the second year in a row, the team that had finished 1st the previous year would finish last. This year, that team would be Sherbrooke whose season would be derailed by major injuries to key players and would collapse and finish in a distant last place.
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